1920s Men Hairstyles

Popular 1920s Men Hairstyles | Stylish Retro Hair Looks For Guys!

If you want to recreate the Peaky Blinders hairstyle for men, here are some stylish 1920s men hairstyles to try today!

The 1920s was a time of great exploration and experimentation, and nowhere is this felt more than in fashion and hairstyle trends.

Popular hairstyles of the time included the slick combed back look, the wavy bob, the curly Caesar Cut, and the French Cut, each of which offered an array of choices for men looking to express a bold statement and make a splash.

From the wildly fashionable to the sophisticated yet dapper look, popular men’s hairstyles in the 1920s were as varied as they were stylish.

Today, I will explore more about the men’s hairstyles in 1920s in my article below. Check it out!

1920s Men Hairstyles

Gangster 1920s Mens Hairstyles

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Gangster culture left an indelible mark on the 1920s, and that included men’s hairstyles. That era of bootlegging, speakeasies, jewelry, zoot suits, and fedoras were accompanied by sharp haircuts that exemplified a certain “tough guy” attitude. 

For men who wanted to emulate the gangsters of the ’20s, hairstyles were typically worn short but still combed and styled for a smart, powerful look. 

Popular cuts included the slick back undercut, which was a shorter style combed straight back towards the neck and closely cropped sides – a look that exuded roguish charm and style. 

Another fashionable cut was the classic slicked side part – the sides and back were closely cropped, while the top was left slightly longer to give a smart and polished appearance.

To finish the look, a generous helping of pomade was applied to the hair to hold it in place. Pomades of the era varied in strength and shine, with some offering more hold and others more sheen – it was up to the wearer to decide which product best suited their look. 

The finished style was guaranteed to turn heads, while also conveying leadership, poise and prosperity. 

1920s men’s hairstyles may have been rooted in a dangerous and illicit culture, but it’s clear to see that the trend was no flash in the pan. Even today, these classic cuts remain popular, proving that a fierce and rugged hairstyle never goes out of fashion.

1920s Mens Hairstyles Peaky Blinders

1920s hairstyles for men

The roaring twenties were a time of great style for men and their hair was no exception. The popular men’s hairstyle of the day was known as the Peaky Blinder, a style that has gained a revival in recent years thanks to the hit TV show.

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This hairstyle was characterized by a short cut at the back and sides, with a longer sweep over the forehead. 

The distinctive part of the hairstyle was the slicked back hair, curled up and over at the back, giving it a signature quiff that was unmistakable. With a nod to the dapper bowler hats of the time, the Peaky Blinder was slick, timeless and oh so cool.

peaky blinders haircut for men

The vogue for the Peaky Blinder look swept across the world in the 1920s, with stylish men and even celebrities embracing the look. Its carefully groomed appeal made it a fashion must-have. 

Of course, it remained popular during prohibition when the bootleggers of the day were keen to show off the sharp look.

thomas shelby hairuct

This enduring style has seen a resurgence in the last few years and is considered the perfect choice for a formal occasion. Its timeless elegance, combined with a hint of rebellion, makes it the preferred look today just as much as in the ’20s.

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1920s Mens Hairstyles Names

1920s Mens Hairstyles Names

The 1920s saw a plethora of men’s hairstyles come into fashion. From short-back-and-sides cuts to luscious, flowing locks, there was something for everyone! Below are some of the most popular and iconic hairstyles from this memorable and exciting decade.

The Finger Wave was one of the most recognisable looks. This style was created by waving the hair with a comb and setting it into soft waves along the front and back of the head.

The Shingle was a sleek and sophisticated cut with a sharp side parting and slicked-back sides. It was favoured by celebrities of the time like Rudolph Valentino and Cary Grant.

The Flapper was a simple, cropped style popular among the jazz musicians and working-class wear. It was significantly shorter than styles of the past, often reaching only up to the ears.

The Helmet was a smooth, clipper cut favoured by the high-flyers and those who wanted the modern look. This short, neat trim was the go-to style of the period, with a close-cropped fringe.

1920s mens hairstyle raglan

The Pompadour was a classic, fashionable style that was triangular in shape, with its length resting around the ears. It was often paired with a forehead-skimming fringe and provided an elegant, glamorous finish.

The Bob was the signature feminine style of the decade, and men embraced it too. It was a short, curled look for those who wanted to make a statement.

The Raglan was the classic look for men, with a deep the side parting and artfully-disheveled long locks.

These are just some of the popular men’s hairstyles of the 1920’s. From the shingle to the raglan, each style has a hint of nostalgia and a timeless elegance that still looks good today!

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1920 Black Male Hairstyles

1920 Black Male Hairstyles

The 1920s were a time of remarkable fashion and style among the African American men, who led the way for cutting-edge trends in all aspects of life. 

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Though the decade may not have been as dramatic as the 1940s, the 1920s were an important decade for the hairstyles of African American males. The most popular 1920s black male hairstyles were slicked back hair, waves and parting.   

The slicked back hair was the most iconic of all 1920s black male hairstyles. This classic look was achieved with the use of a pomade product that was applied to the hair, with a comb used to slick it all back away from the face. 

This style was popular with black men in the 1920s, as it gave them a sense of authority and power. 

1920s men haircuts for black men

The wave hairstyle was another popular men’s hairstyle of the time and it was often seen in popular media with icons like Al Jolson and Rudy Vallee. 

This look was achieved by using a hair pomade and a brush to create permanent waves in the hair. It was cool and sleek, creating a formal but modern look. 

Lastly, the part hairstyle was a classic of the decade for African American males. This look was achieved by simply parting the hair down the middle and slicking it back flat with the help of a pomade product. 

african american hairstyle 1920s inspired

The part was a classic look of power and sophistication, seen in popular movies, such as The Great Gatsby. 

These classic 1920s black male hairstyles were simple, stylish and gave a sense of power and control. Whether it was slicked back hair, waves or parting, African American men set the bar for trendy hairstyles during this decade.

1920s Mens Hairstyles Curly

The 1920s was a big time for haircuts, with the introduction of a number of new men’s hairstyles. Among the most popular looks for men during this era was the curly coif. 

This style was characterized by some length at the top with an outward curl as well as classic finger waves up the sides. Curly hairstyles of the 1920s were kept neat and tidy, usually slicked back with some type of pomade wax.

This particular look was popular amongst some of the most influential celebrities of the day, such as actors, athletes, and musicians. It projected an air of confidence and distinction, making it an easy choice for those wanting to stand out from the crowd. 

It wasn’t just a style adopted by those in the public eye, however – plenty of everyday men loved the look, too. The curly style was easy to maintain and showed off a man’s natural features and masculine frame.

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For men wishing to sport the curly style in the 1920s, there were a variety of ways to wear it. 

Some opted for a full and fluffy look with a generous amount of pomade to hold the shape, while others went for a slicker and more toned-down look with just a hint of product. 

This look was commonly worn with a sharp two-piece suit and classic accessories such as a pocket watch or bolo tie. No matter how one chose to wear it, the curly style of the 1920s was certainly a look that oozed sophistication, glamour and charm.

Undercut 1920s men’s hairstyles

Undercut 1920s mens hairstyles

The Undercut hairstyle for men during the 1920s was one of the most popular and bold looks of the decade. With its sharp and defined appearance, it was the style of choice for men from all walks of life.

It was characterized by a smooth and even cut on the sides and back of the scalp, with a slightly longer top that was often combed back or to the side.

The Undercut was perfect for men looking to make a statement, as its sharp lines drew attention to the wearer and was sure to be a head-turner. It appeared on all types of people, from businessmen, actors and musicians, and gave them all a sense of daring and distinction. 

With its even and severe look, the Undercut was often finished off with a touch of pomade or styling product to keep the sides and top looking slick and stylish.

For the adventurous types, the Undercut could also be designed to include a soft Mohawk or a done-up pompadour, taking the look to the next level. Men could experiment with the length and texture of the top to create the exact hairstyle they wanted. 


Whether it was a look of elegance or rebellion, the men of the 1920s made the most of it with the Undercut.

In conclusion, men’s hairstyles in the 1920s were extremely popular and iconic. From the crop, to the slick back, to the pompadour, these iconic styles embodied the freedom of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ and have since been adopted by modern-day fashionistas. 

Whether you’re embracing the sleekness of the slicked back look, the personality of the pompadour, or the vintage charm of the crop, the 1920s offer a wealth of inspiring and timeless looks to choose from. 

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