1990s Hairstyles For Women

Coolest 1990s Hairstyles For Women | “The Rachel” And Other Styles Making A Comeback In 2023

The 90s hair was the epitome of glamour – “The Rachel” and other iconic haircuts are proof of this! So these 1990s hairstyles for women can help you get back into that groove.

The 1990s is an iconic era for fashion and hair was no exception. To this day, many of the 90s hairstyles for women remain timeless classics that continue to be reworked, inspiring many to explore the world of alternative hairstyles. 

Whether you’re a fan of sleek bobs, grunge-inspired locks, or of course, the ever-popular Rachel Green, it’s no wonder that many of us look back fondly at the exceptional hair of the 90s. 

With all the variety available, anyone could express their unique style and have some fun with their hair. It’s time for us to reflect on the unforgettable 90s hairstyles for women that made 

1990s Hairstyles For Women

The early to mid-1990s saw a revolution in hairstyles for women. From extreme razor cuts to sleek bobs and everything in between, there was something for everyone. While some embraced the ’90s with chunky highlights and wild curls, others kept it simple with sleek sleek updos and long layers.

One of the most iconic looks of the decade was the Rachel Cut, made famous by Jennifer Aniston in the show Friends. It was a shoulder-length style with cascading layers, the bangs cut into an angled shape that accentuated the face. 

Women everywhere were hopped on the 90s style bandwagon and the Rachel Cut was one of the more popular looks to hit the salons.

For a more grungy finish, women’s short crop cuts were the edgy look to go for. In true ’90s style, it was all about flicking and gelling the ends of short locks for an effortlessly cool, messy look. This style was often topped off with a spritz of hairspray for added hold.

For those who wanted to keep their locks long, crimping was cemented as the go-to style of the decade. From subtle wave to a full-on ’80s throwback, the key was to emphasize the texture. Classic perms were also kickstarted back into style, perfect for creating volume, bounce and dynamic shape. 

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No 1990s-era sartorial look was complete without big hair. For those after a daring look, nothing said ’90s better than voluminous waves, curly locks and body-boosting backcombing. 

A moussed and sculpted blowout with rollers, backcombs and tongs also provided a great statement finish and a guaranteed head-turner. 

Whatever their sense of style, ’90s hairstyles for women gave everyone a chance to experiment with a variety of looks. From sleek, straight hair to crimped waves and spiky cuts, the ’90s gave women the freedom to express themselves with great hair.

The Rachel

This iconic hairstyle made famous by Jennifer Aniston on the show Friends became an instant classic. It’s the perfect combination of charming and sexy. 

The High Wedge


A favorite of many celebrities, this style was all about volume and adding drama to your look. It also had a romantic feel to it.

The Knot Ponytail


This edgier style was a favorite of many grunge rockers. It had a cool, slightly disheveled feel that many young women in the ’90s were attracted to. 

Ponytail with Cornrows

Cornrows are a classic 1990s style that can be styled in a variety of ways. The trendiest way to style them was with a long, high ponytail cascading down the back.

Sleek and Straight


The 90s was all about sleek and straight hair. If you wanted to make a statement, leave your hair long and straight with a center part.

Top Knot Durags

This contains an image of:

The top knot durag was a high, angular and twisted updo, popularized by the What’s Love Got to Do With It Music Video. It’s been making a huge comeback in 2023, so why not bring it back from the 90s?

 The Crimped Look

From Gwen Stefani and Bjork to the Monistat Girls, crimped haircuts were the look of the moment. It could be done with a flat iron for a more polished look, or with actual crimpers for a wilder take on it.

The Bob 


This classic hairstyle was all the rage in the ’90s. Its flattering to all face shapes, and you can change up your look with a variety of styling options.

The Lob

Bubble Braids

Messy Curls

What Hairstyle Was Popular In 90s For Women?

The ’90s was an era of experimental hairstyles for women. Think crimped curls, basket braids, and sun-kissed highlights – embracing the ever-changing trends of the decade, ladies went all out with creative styles. 

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Scrunchies were all the rage, adorning pigtails, topped knots, low ponytails, and cascading hair-dos. To show off the permed locks of the time, many women opted for high ponytails, for a more upbeat, contemporary look. 

90s hairstyles for women

The classic side-swept hairstyle made its comeback in the decade, as well as feathered layers, which textures could easily be dressed up or down depending on the function. Volume was also incredibly popular, with plenty of teasing and backcombing used to create an abundance of body and movement. 

Colourful streaks of rainbow and neon hues were also seen all over the music scene, while sleek center-parted locks and long, straight, tousled layers accented the looks of the most influential female superstars. 

This particular time period was a period of experimentation and inspiration, with women finding new and daring ways to express themselves. From classic to modern, there truly was something for everyone to enjoy when it came to ’90s hairstyles for women.

How Do I Style My Hair Like Women From The 90s

If you’d like to style your hair like the women of the 90s, you’re in luck: there are so many iconic looks to choose from! Whether you’re into sleek, voluminous curls, sleek and straight locks, or something a bit funkier, you can recreate your favorite 90s hairstyle. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the perfect 90s-inspired hairstyle. 

Begin by spritzing wet hair with some light hairspray, perhaps adding a texturizing spray to give your hair more body.

Gently scrunch your locks with your fingers and then separate your hair for some waves. If you want to recreate a half-up, half-down look, use some small bobby pins to secure the top section of your hair, fastening the hair at the nape of your neck. 

To add more body to your locks, fan out pieces with a curling wand or an iron. To add a bit of extra fun, use small clips to keep sections of hair from getting in your face.

For a grunge style, allow your natural texture to prevail and wear your hair down with a middle part. Then, to complete your 90s look, simply add a scrunchie or a velvet ribbon to tie the look together. 

Why Is The 90s Hair Making A Comeback In 2023

The 90s aesthetic has had a major resurgence over the past several years, but this trend is reaching new heights in 2021.

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From the iconic step cuts of the late 90s to baby bangs paired with shoulder-length hair, 90s hairstyles for women remain as stylish now as they were then. So, why is the 90s hair making a comeback in 2023?

When it comes down to it, the answer is simple: nostalgia. The 1990s were a time of unbridled optimism. Pop culture was full of post-feminist, go-getter vibes, with the ultimate “Girl Power” message from Spice Girls to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This style of women’s hairstyle is a throwback to this era of empowerment.

But beyond just the romanticizing of the past, there’s also the element of practicality that is driving the 90s hair trend. Many of the hairstyles popular in the 90s are low-maintenance, easy to care for and easy to style. 

Pieces like the iconic bob have remained popular over the decades and require minimal effort, allowing women to focus on their accomplishments—instead of their hair. 

Finally, there’s the incredible versatility and range of 90’s hairstyles. From high-volume perms to the sleek lines of the bowl cut, there’s a 90s hairstyle for every occasion and style preference. With the range of available cuts, any woman can create a look that’s uniquely her own.

Overall, the 90s are making an especially big comeback in 2021. With nostalgic romanticism, practicality, and versatility, women of all ages can add a bit of fun to their style with these iconic 90s looks.

The 90s were definitely a decade of experimentation and boldness when it came to hair. Women were trying out more and more trends, taking their haircuts and hairstyles to new heights. 

From crimped hair to feathered cuts, to high ponytails and even more, there were so many styles to choose from and experiment with. These hairdos will never go out of fashion, as the 90s were an era of style, attitude and identity. 

So next time you need some inspiration for that special haircut or hairstyle, take a nostalgic look at the amazing hairstyles from the 90s!

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