360 Frontal Hairstyles For Black Women

360 Frontal Hairstyles For Black Women | Cutest Lace Front Weave Styles!

Here are some cute 360 frontal hairstyles for black women. These lace front closure wigs will give natural hair whatever the style they want without straightening or silk press.

Are you ready to take the plunge and try out something new with your hair? 360 frontal hairstyles are the perfect way to experiment with a fresh look and find a new way to express yourself. 

Black women who are looking to make a dramatic change with their hair can find the ideal style with a 360 frontal. 

These eye-catching and creative looks give you the freedom to try out new styles without sacrificing the health of your hair. From vibrant colored wigs to modern updos, 360 frontal styles are sure to help you make a statement.

360 Frontal Hairstyles For Black Women

Lace Closure with Side-swept Bangs

360 Frontal Hairstyles For Black Women
Source: Instagram@genaestyled_it

For a look that’s both chic and timeless, try a lace closure with side-swept bangs. This look allows some of your natural hair to peek through and adds volume around the face.

Half-up Half-down

How long does a 360 frontal last?
Source: Instagram@toseehairofficalstore

Get a voluminous and polished do with this straight back half-up, half-down style. Easily turn heads with its effortless sophistication.

Deep Side Part Bob

360 frontal lace hairstyle
Source: Instagram@sheisgoddess_hairboutique

Shake up your look with a deep side part bob. A subtle undercut allows you to rock a longer length with ease.

High Bun

360 frontal lace hairstyle natural hair
Source: Instagram@fluffys_artistry

Create a regal look with a high bun created out of your frontal. This look is a great way to switch up your regular hairstyle with minimal effort.

Razor Cut Curls

360 frontal lace curly hairstyle
Source: Instagram@hollygirldoeshair

Get an edgy yet chic look with razor cut curls inspired by your frontal. This look is perfect for turning heads at a special event.

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Bantu Knot Out

360 frontal lace hairstyle
Source: Instagram@teeara_o

Style your frontal into a beautiful Bantu knot out for an eye-catching look. Complete the look with a few caramel highlights for extra dimension.

Kinky curls

360 frontal lace hairstyle body waves
Source: Instagram@hdwigs_wholesale_betty

Some of the most popular frontal hairstyles for black women include kinky curls. This is a sophisticated and stylish look that is perfect for any occasion and is sure to turn heads.

Straightened styles

360 frontal lace hairstyle indian hair
Source: Instagram@thesadittyexperience

For a sleek, polished look, straightened frontal hairstyles are the way to go. Try wearing your hair straight, with a simple part in the middle and the rest of the hair straight and free-flowing.

Bob with twists

360 frontal lace hairstyle curls
Source: Instagram@world.class.salon

Nothing says classic like a bob hairstyle with twists. This look is perfect to add interest to a timeless cut and looks great with a frontal.

Slick back bun

360 frontal lace hairstyle straight
Source: Instagram@chanteonthebeat

This frontal hairstyle is a great way to show off your beautiful features without sacrificing style. The slick-back bun is sure to turn heads and make you feel confident.

Center-parted ponytail 

360 frontal lace hairstyle colored hair
Source: Instagram@hairvendor_abbysun

For a glamorous look with an effortless feel, center-parted ponytails are perfect for black women. This look is sure to elongate your face and add a touch of elegance to any look.

Why Women Should Get 360 Lace Frontal Weaves For Hairstyles?

360 frontal lace hairstyle
Source: Instagram@dolago_hairsvendor_chloe

A 360 frontal hairstyle is an excellent choice for black women who want to look their sharpest. They are incredibly versatile and with endless possibilities, they are ideal for women who love to experiment with their style. 

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By wearing a 360 frontal, black women can dress their best while still letting their individual personality shine through.

The most popular types of 360 frontals hairstyles for black women are wigs, curly wigs, and straight wigs. With wigs, black women can easily switch up their look if they want to, as they can be switched out for new looks daily. 

Curly wigs provide a beautiful, natural look and blend flawlessly with real hair. They also offer amazing volume and lift, perfect for creating updos and other dramatic styles. 

Straight wigs, on the other hand, provide a sleek and polished look and can create an ultra-sleek, high ponytail style.

No matter what your personal style or preference, you can find a 360 frontal hairstyle to match it. 

Whether you want to go for a classic and sophisticated look or something bold and daring, you can find a 360 hairstyle to help you create the style you desire. 

With so many style options, there is truly something for everyone who wants to try something different for their look.

Why You Should Choose 360 Frontal Lace Fronts Hairstyles

Finding the right hairstyle for your little black girl can be a daunting task. It can be even more difficult when you want to take it to the next level with the incorporation of a 360 frontal. 

The 360 frontal is a versatile style that looks chic and stylish, but can be quite intimidating for the uninitiated. Fear not, we’ve got your back with these amazing 360 frontal hairstyles for black girls.

A 360 frontal is a semi-circle shaped piece of natural-looking hair that can be used to create a variety of looks. 

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This awesome hairstyle allows for limitless creativity as you can pull back a part of the front and layer it over the girls’ forehead and around her face. 

You can create a variety of looks, such as a side ponytail, top knot or a loose, natural look. You can also experiment with different hair colors and textures to give her a unique look.

With a 360 frontal, you can get creative with your little girl’s hair, creating an amazing and eye-catching style that sets her apart from the rest. 

From colorful braids with sleek bangs to vivid curly updos, the versatility of the 360 frontal offers endless possibilities. With different lengths, textures, and hues, you can mix and match to find a hairstyle that is unique and beautiful, reflecting your little girl’s individuality.

Whether you opt for a voluminous bob, a funky wig, or a slicked back pixie cut, a 360 frontal hairstyle for black girls can take her hairstyle game to a new level. 

So, go ahead and try out different styles to find the perfect look for your little girl. After all, it’s all about helping her express her inner beauty and self-confidence.

What Is A 360 Weave?

A 360 weave is a versatile, full-head protective hairstyle created with the use of a 360 frontal. It’s often confused with a regular weave but it has a few differences that give it its unique advantages. 

By definition, a 360 frontal is a hairpiece that covers the whole head but with a natural-looking frontal hairline. This provides the wearer with a seamless blend of their natural hair and the hair extensions. 

The overall effect gives the appearance of them actually growing out of the head, creating a more realistic and natural-looking hairstyle.

The 360 weave offers black women a great way to protect their natural tresses, while still enjoying versatile and fashionable hairstyles. This is because, unlike regular weaves, the 360 frontal covers the entire perimeter of the head and scalp, including the edges and temples. 

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By protecting the natural hair, the 360 weave helps prevent damage and breakage due to frequent manipulation. In addition to this, this type of weave also reduces the need for heat styling, which is known to damage and weaken hair.

The 360 weave also allows for many different styles, from short cuts to long wavy looks. It’s a great way for black women to change up their look and express their individual style, while still maintaining healthy hair underneath. 


How Can Black Women Style A 360 Weave At Home?

It’s possible to style a 360 weave at home with some creativity and help from the internet for inspiration! Black women can make sure their weave looks flawless, no matter what style they’re wearing, with these tips. 

For one, preparation is key. Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair thoroughly to ensure that your scalp is clean. Next, brush through your natural hair to detangle any knots, and pat it down with a light hold hairspray. 

With humidity-resistant natural oils, like almond oil and coconut oil, you can be sure that your hair won’t get weighed down by sweaty weather.

Next, think about how much volume you want to achieve with your weave. Section your hair into a four-to-six section pattern and follow the pre-weave instructions online if you’re weaving your own hair. 

Pick your 360 lace frontal according to the needed size, and start from the middle of the top. Make sure you secure it with a bond or needle and thread. 

Make sure to apply your chosen hair products before brushing the wig in place. Weave it tightly in natural direction of your hair and make sure to hide the tracks. 

As you go, slide in as many bobby pins as you can to keep the weave tight and secure. You’re free to style it as you would your natural hair; curling or straightening it. Make sure to not go too crazy with the heat, as heat can damage wigs. 

Once the style is done, your 360 weave will have you looking and feeling your absolute best! So get out there and show it off!

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