About Hair Everyday

Hair is an important part of the body that we don’t seem to care about as much. Or rather, we don’t know to care for it well. 

But that’s about to change with Haireverday! The major goal of this website is to give its users valuable information on how to treat their locks.

From reviews of the best products for your hair types, lengths, colors, and textures, to guides on how to properly care for your tresses, Haireveryday has got it all. 

A major aspect of Haireveryday is to help readers of the African American community understand their hair texture better and find a way to care for it. This was the need of the hour as a lot of readers, especially from mixed and blended families can benefit from the right natural hair care advice. 

The editor of this site hopes our readers gained something useful through it. And that our buying guides, reviews, tips and hacks helped you take care of your locks better.

Leah Marie Priest, Senior Editor

Hi guys I’m Leah, your friendly neighbourhood hair expert! I’ve been a reviewer for more than 12 years. My love for haircare started when I was quite young. 

Every day I would try out new hairstyles on my little sister. Much to the chagrin of my mom! From this, I evolved to be the go-to hairdresser for all the girls in my high school. Guess who was the most popular person when prom came around?

Since haircare and styling was my one passion at this time, I decided to go for a Cosmetology degree. Graduating from the Akron Beauty School, Ohio was a natural next step for me.

After spending a decade working as a hairstylist and beauty consultant I decided to share my knowledge with all you lovely folk. And that’s where the idea of starting Haireveryday came to me.  

In many years I’ve worked as a hairstylist, I’ve noticed not many women (and even lesser men) know how to properly care for their locks. So through Haireverday, I want to give valuable information regarding hair care, hair products, hair wigs and extensions

At Haireveryday, we’ve got a team of trichologists, hair stylists, beauticians, and industry experts to come in and review the products we’ve curated. This usually involves lengthy research into ingredients, formula, and so much more. 

Other Medical Reviewers:

Natalie Bishop


Melissa Tao

MD, Dermatology

Sarah A. Cooper

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN)