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Hair is an important part of the body that we don’t seem to care about as much. Or rather, we don’t know to care for it well. 

But that’s about to change with Haireverday! The major goal of this website is to give its users valuable information on how to treat their locks.

From reviews of the best products for your hair types, lengths, colors, and textures, to guides on how to properly care for your tresses, Haireveryday has got it all. 

A major aspect of Haireveryday is to help readers of the African American community understand their hair texture better and find a way to care for it. This was the need of the hour as a lot of readers, especially from mixed and blended families can benefit from the right natural hair care advice. 

The editor of this site hopes our readers gained something useful through it. And that our buying guides, reviews, tips and hacks helped you take care of your locks better.

Editorial Team

Leah Marie Priest, Senior Editor

Hi guys I’m Leah, your friendly neighbourhood hair expert! I’ve been a reviewer for more than 12 years. My love for haircare started when I was quite young. 

Every day I would try out new hairstyles on my little sister. Much to the chagrin of my mom! From this, I evolved to be the go-to hairdresser for all the girls in my high school. Guess who was the most popular person when prom came around?

Since haircare and styling was my one passion at this time, I decided to go for a Cosmetology degree. Graduating from the Akron Beauty School, Ohio was a natural next step for me.

After spending a decade working as a hairstylist and beauty consultant I decided to share my knowledge with all you lovely folk. And that’s where the idea of starting Haireveryday came to me.  

In many years I’ve worked as a hairstylist, I’ve noticed not many women (and even lesser men) know how to properly care for their locks. So through Haireverday, I want to give valuable information regarding hair care, hair products, hair wigs and extensions

At Haireveryday, we’ve got a team of trichologists, hair stylists, beauticians, and industry experts to come in and review the products we’ve curated. This usually involves lengthy research into ingredients, formula, and so much more. 

Shema Khan, Chief Editor

Hey there! My name is Shema and I’m responsible for maintaining the standards of content quality at HairEverday.com.

My aim is to deliver highly engaging and authentic content to our readers so you can find the right hair care solutions.

I have over 5 years of experience in content writing and I’m very passionate about hair care. So when I got an opportunity at HairEveryday.com, I jumped at it cause it felt like ‘it’s meant to be’. Yes, I’m a total romantic and die-hard fan of Taylor Swift!

Hi there, I’m Amy! I’m the friend you go to for all things hairstyling and beauty-related. 

After discovering that I was happiest giving makeovers to other people (I blame the Princess Diaries!), I thought, “Hey why not make this a profession”. 

So I majored in Cosmetology from The Salon Professional Academy in San Jose, California and ten years of hairstyling later, hair care and beauty gigs later, here I am sharing my knowledge with you. 

I decided to write for Haireveryday as it allows me to combine my hobby of writing with my professional hairstyling expertise. And as this site helps people gain confidence by getting the best hair care advice, this is something I’m proud of doing. 

I’m a dog person and am the proud mom of a lively golden retriever who doesn’t care for my grooming expertise at all!

Our Medical Review Board and Expert Panel

Dr Swati, MBBS, DDV Fellowship in Pediatric Dermatology
Clinical & Aesthetic Dermatologist

With over 10 years of experience in Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, Dr Swati Mutha is a successful hair transplant surgeon.

She loves educating people about skincare and haircare. She regularly posts fun and interesting reels about skincare and haircare.

Dr Bhavika Shah, MD Dermatology

Dr Bhavika Shah has an MBBS and MD from the Grant Medical College & Sir JJ Group Of Hospitals, Mumbai, India where is currently employed as a senior resident and Assistant Professor in Dermatology.

She has a keen interest in all things skincare, beauty, hair and wellness-related and loves to write in her spare time!

Dr. Reva Batra MD 

Dr. Reva Batra has an MBBS and MD from KMC Manipal, India. She is currently working as a Dermatology resident at Kasturba Hospital in India.

Dr. Reva Batra regularly posts on Instagram educating people about skin care.

Other than this, she’s a foodie and loves trying out new cuisines every chance she gets!

Dr Adeela A., General Practitioner with valid DHA, MRCP

Dr Adeela Anees is a General Practioner of Medicine with a valid DHA, MRCP. She has a MD in Internal Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland.

She’s had considerable experience in dealing with issues like Thyroid problems, Hypertension and Respiratory illnesses.

Dr Anees’ is excellent at curating health plans for individuals to help them get the best results.

Dr Natalie Bishop, MD

black hair expert doctor

As a dermatologist, my primary focus is on the health and well-being of my patients’ skin. I am trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of skin conditions, from common issues like acne and eczema to more complex problems like skin cancer.

I am passionate about helping my patients achieve healthy, beautiful skin that they can feel confident in. In addition to treating skin conditions, I also provide preventative care and education to help my patients maintain their skin’s health over time.

My goal is to provide personalized care that is tailored to each patient’s unique needs and concerns, and to help them achieve the best possible outcomes for their skin health.

Sarah A. Cooper
Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN)

Sarah Nutrition specialist

Sarah often work with individuals and groups to develop personalized nutrition plans that promote healthy eating habits and prevent or manage chronic diseases.

Dietitian nutritionists are trained to assess nutritional needs, create meal plans, and monitor progress towards health goals.

Editorial Guidelines

  • We Always Give You An Unbiased Review

The products that are chosen for reviews by Haireveryday are always based on consumer interest and requests. We avoid sponsored reviews, in which a brand pays a publisher in exchange for a review. This enables us to continue reporting objectively and truthfully on the facts.

We only recommend products if there is published medical research supporting the formulation’s efficacy and no additives that are toxic or sensitizing and could be harmful to people’s health.

Also we make it a point to use these products ourselves to test their safety and efficacy before writing the reviews. 

  • All Content Is Backed By Credentialed Medical Experts

All of the articles we post have been written or reviewed by licensed medical professionals. Doctors and PhDs make up our Team, and they use their years of education and expertise to give you the most precise health information possible.

  • We Cite As Many Free Medical Research Resources As Possible

Wherever possible, we cite clinical trials, studies, and research articles. This helps us make a nuanced judgment on the products and their ingredients, and also allows us to help satisfy our readers’ curiosity. 

  • Our Content Is Always Up-to-Date 

If any medical journal or study comes up with information contradictory to our posts, we immediately rectify it by updating the reviews. 

We also add new products, test out the new formulas that brands have introduced. 

  • The Tags Do Not Reflect Medical Claims

The tags we have added to our articles are just a means of making our content more accessible and easy to find. They are not medical claims. 

For example, a tag saying “hair growth tonic” is added to content that has relevant information regarding hair growth. It doesn’t mean the products we have reviewed in the articles are 100 percent effective for hair growth. 

  • We Do Not Select The Ads Shown On Our Website

The ads shown on Haireveryday are not selected by us. We do not endorse the brands, products, viewpoints, beliefs etc. that are reflected in these advertisements. 

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