What is amino acid treatment for natural hair

What Is Amino Acid Treatment For Natural Hair 2022 | Benefits, Smoothing Effects And More

What is an amino acid treatment for natural hair? Only the best smoothing solution that repairs damage and strengthens the cysteine bonds, making curls softer!

Natural-haired girls are always on the lookout for making their hair smooth and manageable. 

African American hair is absolutely beautiful and graceful but I think we can all agree that maintaining them is super time-consuming. But the good news is there are so many ways to make it easier to manage natural hair. 

Amino acid treatment is one such solution that helps in making your hair smooth and soft.

I always recommend an amino acid treatment for natural hair if you find your curls feeling weak, brittle, and increasingly frizzy for no reason.

If you want to know more about this amazing treatment, check out the details below.  

What Is Amino Acid Treatment For Natural Hair 2022

What are amino acids for hair? 

What Is Amino Acid Treatment For Natural Hair

Amino acids are naturally present in your hair and it helps in forming the keratin protein. 

Keratin is an important protein that makes your hair strong and shiny. 21 amino acids create the hair protein. 

These amino acids include cysteine, proline, arginine, serine, half-cystine, threonine, cysteic acid, lysine, alanine, glycine, valine, and gluten. 

But your hair can also lose these proteins due to other factors like poor hair care, environmental damage, heat damage, ageing, genetics, chemical damage, etc. 

So, in order to make up for such losses, you can use hair products or treatments that incorporate these substances in their ingredients list. 

You can regain healthy hair and fuller hair by resorting to amino acid treatments. 

Is the amino acid treatment safe?

There are so many treatments like the amino acid treatment including straightening, rebounding, etc. 

But the good thing about amino acid treatment is that it does not include the usage of formaldehyde and its derivatives.

Formaldehyde is a harmful chemical substance that is an important part of keratin treatment and it is carcinogenic. 

So if you are confused between keratin treatment and amino acid treatment, you should obviously go for the safest option. 

Also, there is considerable research showing amino acids (such as alanine) improve the hydrophobicity of bleached, damaged hair. This means the treatment prevents hair’s moisture from leaking out and leaves it soft and hydrated.

Is an amino acid treatment suitable for 4c natural hair?

amino acid treatment on 4c hair

Although amino acid treatments will work on all hair textures and lengths, it works exceptionally well for people with natural hair texture. Natural hair is very vulnerable to dryness, frizziness, and coarse texture. 

I find that it is best suited for such hair textures and you are sure to get some amazing results. You can even do this treatment on chemically treated hair. 

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So if you already have colored, permed, or keratin-treated hair, you can still get the amino acid treatment done. 

If you are looking for a treatment that will actually leave your hair looking natural you can opt for this treatment.

Unlike a regular keratin treatment, it does not make your hair poker straight but makes it smooth and manageable and slightly straighter. If you want to have curls after doing the treatment, you can manually curl your hair.  

Benefits of an Amino Acid Treatment for Natural Hair

If you are debating getting a chemical treatment done to smoothen your hair, amino acid treatment is your best bet. If you haven’t found enough reasons to get it done, let us take a deeper look into the numerous benefits it provides. 

No harmful chemicals– One of the best qualities of the amino hair treatment is the lack of formaldehyde. This substance is deemed life-threatening because of its carcinogenic properties, so you should steer clear of it. 

Your safety and the safety of your stylist should be of utmost importance when doing any such treatment so this is definitely a great innovation for hair styling. 

No waiting time– The amino acid treatment is one of the quickest ways to get semi-permanent smoothness on your hair. For most of the hai procedures, you will have to spend at least half a day to at least two hours to see some amazing results. 

The best part is you do not have to wait for days to be able to wash your hair, you can literally wash it after half an hour of getting the treatment done. 

Makes hair manageable– One of the most important uses of such treatments is to make your hair easier to handle and save your time. You can save up so much of your styling time after getting this procedure done. 

amino acid hair treatment reviews

Controls frizz– Frizz is one of the most annoying hair issues that a lot of natural-haired girls struggle with. 

But this treatment will protect you from the frizz caused by environmental factors. If you live in a humid area 

Vibrant color and more styling options – If you do the treatment over colored hair, your hair color will look brighter and stay for long. 

Most of the chemical treatments will break down the bonds of your hair and make it super sleek. But with this treatment, you can try out different hair textures using styling tools. 

What are the different types of amino acid-based smoothing treatments?

Agave smoothing treatments

Agave smoothing treatment is an in-salon treatment that involves the usage of natural sugars from the agave plant. If you are struggling with frizzy and unruly hair, this will be a perfect treatment for your hair woes. 

This doesn’t really straighten your hair if it is naturally curly hair. Your hair will be wavy after this treatment. But if you have naturally wavy hair, then you can expect your hair to be straight.  

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The active ingredient in the formula of an Agave smoothing treatment is carbo-c which is derived from the agave leaf. This gives you short-term results that will last for about three months.  

If you have a busy schedule and want to reduce the time you spend grooming your hair, this treatment will be a great option for you. It only takes about two hours to do this treatment from the salon. 

This hair treatment is one of the few treatments that can be done after doing other chemical procedures on your hair. In fact, you can get it done after two weeks of smoothing or perming your hair and it will not cause any damage. 

If you are planning to color your agave-treated hair, it is best to do it immediately after doing the treatment. You can also do it before the treatment and it will help in maintaining and nourishing your colored hair for a long time. 

Thermafuse F450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment

Sometimes excessive volume can make it really difficult to manage and style your natural hair. This treatment helps in getting rid of it and relaxes your curls. You can expect the results to last up to 12 weeks. 

The best part is you don’t have to wait for days to wash your hair. You can wash and style your hair after you get the treatment. 

Pravana Perfection Smooth out

This amino acid treatment claims to instantly fix your coarse and frizzy hair. Although the results don’t last as long as the agave smoothing treatments, you can still enjoy sleek hair for about 8 to 12 weeks. 

It straightens out your curls using a nano amino acid complex that penetrates deep into your hair fibers. They also make the hair smooth and shiny by filling the gaps in the cuticle layer. 

If you are planning to get it on colored hair, it is recommended to do the coloring part after you are done with the smoothening. Otherwise, your color might fade off when you do the treatment on top of that. It is safe to do this treatment on chemically treated hair.

amino acid hair treatment cost

The Basic one-step smoothing system

This treatment uses heat and amino acids to treat your hair and make it smooth. Unlike other treatments that break the bonds of your hair, this loosens out your curls temporarily and seals your cuticles. 

A basic smoothing treatment will enable you to style your hair in multiple ways and even make it curly. It is very simple to do this treatment. 

The product is easily customizable to the hair texture of your choice. You can even skip the ironing part if you are not looking to get straight hair. 

Chi Enviro American Smoothing Treatment

The Chi Enviro treatment uses an amino acid complex and protein to strengthen your hair and make it look sleek. It is a great option for people with damaged hair because it helps in healing your hair and realigning the bonds. 

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The treatment gives you a relatively longer result that lasts for up to four months upon proper maintenance. There are two variants of this treatment available that will be suitable depending upon your hair needs. 

The CHI Enviro smooth treatment for virgin and resistant hair is a great choice for people with virgin, untreated hair. The other one is the CHI Enviro Smooth Treatment for highlighted porous hair which is best suited for people with damaged and fragile hair. 

This treatment requires aftercare that is very similar to that of keratin treatment. You cannot wash your hair for the next 48 hours after getting the treatment or tie it up or wear clips for a week.

Texture release system by Avalon

If you have stubborn curly hair that is difficult to comb or style, then this treatment might be the one for you. This is very similar to a hair relaxing treatment but it is much more gentle on your hair than a relaxing treatment. 

The amino acids and conditioning agents are applied to your hair and it is then treated with heat using a flat iron or a blow dryer. You can expect your hair to become straight and easy to manage after this treatment. 

However, the results only last for two months. If you are planning to color your hair after this, you should wait for at least three to five days. 

Design essentials strengthening therapy system

This is one of the safest treatments on the list. It uses smoothening products that will help in making your hair shiny and manageable. If properly maintained, the results can last for up to three months. 


To sum it up, an amino acid treatment for natural hair is very different from a Keratin or silk press treatment. 

It doesn’t necessarily leave your curls silky straight, but instead repairs any structural damage on curls, making them appear healthier and shinier.  

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