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Apple Cut Hair For Women | 10 Cutest Styles That Are Back In Fashion

Is the apple cut hair for women back in fashion? Will it suit long hair? And what are some fresh hairstyles you can choose from? Find it all here!

Ah! The 90s! I love how nostalgia is trendy right now so everything that was fashionable in the 90s (and late 80s) is making a comeback. 

And one among these trends is the apple cut hair. 

What is that? Well do you remember the hairstyle you had as a kid. The short, voluminous bob. Yup that one! 

If you look horrified don’t be! This is not the haircut of our pre-pubescent nightmares. It is actually a modified version of it.

This new and improved apple cut has innovations like highlights, layers, fades, etc. So let’s see which of these apple cuts will suit your face shape and hair length. Check it out.

What is an apple cut hairstyle?

An apple cut hairstyle is a short almost bob length hairstyle that is characterized by the volume it has on both sides and the back, giving it an apple-shaped appearance (hence the name!). This hairstyle was very popular in the 80s and 90s. A lot of kids and older Asian women could be seen sporting this haircut, however it is now back in fashion for all generations of people. 

Apple Cut Hair For Women 2022

Here are some of the coolest apple cut hairstyles you can get in 2022. You can choose from the lengths and hair color ideas given below or put your own spin on it. 

Apple Cut With Money Piece

What is an Apple cut hairstyle
Source: Instagram@onlyryandoesmyhair

The apple cut is one of the more nostalgic hairstyles out there. But combine it with this uber-modern highlight style and you get the best hair combination ever.

I love how the money piece frames your face. If you have a heart-shaped face or a smaller face and feel that the apple cut will hide your face beneath all the volume, the money piece is a good idea to make your face pop.

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I recommend getting the money piece in a color that will bring out your eyes. And also, going for a lighter color than your natural hair color is a good idea. 

Apple Cut With Tapered Hair

apple cut hairstyle for long hair
Source: Instagram@hairbylissar

If you have longer hair and still want to try out the apple cut without compromise on the length, you should try getting layers.

The added advantage of getting the apple cut with tapered hair is that it adds to the voluminous look of the bob. 

However, this look is sustainable only if your hair length is not longer than shoulder length. It’s not possible to get the bouncy bob look with longer hair, even if you get layers. 

Apple Cut with Babylights

apple cut hairstyle 2022
Source: Instagram@the_red_lipped_realtor

Now this is a fantastic hairstyle if you have thinning hair and you want to make your hair appear thicker. The babylights coloring is usually a tone or two lighter than your natural hair and gives a very sunkissed effect. It also helps add dimension to your tresses.

So combined with the volume-adding shape of the apple bob and these babylights, your hair gets the illusion of appearing thicker.

Shaggy Apple Cut Hairstyle

apple cut hairstyle for round face
Source: Instagram@blossomsalonandspa

If you think the apple cut hairstyle is too clean-cut and sophisticated, then try this shaggy apple cut hairstyle. It still gives you the volume and bounce an apple bob does but at the same time it’s very edgy. 

Baby Bangs and Apple Cut

images of apple cut hairstyle
Source: Instagram@samkanehair

As I’ve said above, if you don’t like the traditional, classic version of the apple bob haircut, you can try to spruce it up with things like layers, shaggy cuts, etc. 

But one of the easiest ways to make your apple cut look different while keeping it looking chic is to add bangs to the mix.

You can choose whatever bangs suit your fancy. But I’ve seen that shorter baby bangs suit this hairstyle best, especially if you have a smaller face shapes.

Tousled, Wavy Apple Cut

apple cut hairstyle with bangs
Source: Instagram@brianaguilar

If you thought the apple cut hairstyle is only for people with straight hair, think again. I think this is one of the best styles of apple bobs as the wavy hair gives it more volume. 

Mostly wavy hair bumps at the ends as well. So this gives the apple bobs a very different look. 

You should start off with a longer hair length as wavy hair tends to shrink a bit. So it can turn out your apple bob has a shorter length. 

Medium Length Apple Cut Hair

apple cut hairstyle for long hair
Source: Instagram@hardifia_hairstylist

The longer bobs or “lobs” as they are called have been in style for a long time now. However, the apple cuts of the 90s were almost always chin length or shorter. 

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But if you have a rounder face and do not want a very severe look, then you can definitely choose to get the apple cut with a longer length.

Usually you can get this hairstyle if your hair is between chin length and shoulder length. However, the volume for apple cut is very difficult to create in lengths longer than that. 

Apple Cut With Curly Hair

apple cut with curly hair
Source: Instagram@haarminnaar

I love curly bob hairstyles! So when I saw that the apple cut could be created with curly hair, I was instantly sold. 

If you have soft curls to go with this apple bob, it can add a very feminine touch to your face. A lot of women wonder if the apple cuts are for older women and whether it would suit them. 

So I suggest curling hair if you want a more youthful look with this apple cut. 

Center Part Apple Cut with Straight Hair

long apple cut hairstyle
Source: Instagram@olgakursitis

Center parts are all the rage these days. In fact, it’s become the hallmark of Generation Z! So why not try the center part with your apple cut.

I like the sophisticated and very professional look of the center part and straight hair adds to your short apple bob.

As the apple cut can often be associated with children, I feel like this center part style adds a hint of maturity to the style.

Side Part Apple Cut Hairstyle

Layered apple cut hair
Source: Instagram@passion_carre

If Gen Z has their middle parts, Millennials swear by their side parts. So if you want to combine the best of present and past, then try the apple cut hairstyle with a side part. 

The best part about this hairstyle is that it is versatile. You can add soft curls to the side part and hair clips to give it a very youthful look. Or you can go for straight hair for a chicer style. 

Pixie Apple Cut

apple cut pixie hairstyle
Source: Instagram@Ikhair_chicago

Well, a pixie cut is not a bob. But this hairstyle is a great way to add volume to your pixie hair. If you have thinner hair or want your short pixie cut to look bouncy and not lie flat on your head, this is a great hairstyle for you. 

FAQs About The Korean Apple Cut Hairstyle

Want to know more about the apple cut hairstyles and what’s trending in 2022? I’ve answered a few of your frequently asked questions below to help you find the right hairstyle. 

Is an apple cut hairstyle with bangs possible?

Yes, of course! You can create all sorts of hairstyles keeping in mind that the apple shape of the bob is what’s required for it to be an “apple cut”. I like adding bangs to this hairstyle as I feel it frames the face very well. Baby bangs, short blunt bangs, and even curtain bangs go well with the apple cut hairstyle. 

Will an apple cut hairstyle suit a round face?

Yes, an apple cut will suit a round face if done properly. If you have a round, fuller face you should go for an apple cut with layers with the shortest layer ending at your chin. This will frame your face well and also help it look more elongated, giving the illusion of a slimmer, more oval-shaped face. 

Final Thoughts on the Apple Cut Hair

We might have dreaded the apple cuts as a pre-teen, but surprisingly these hairstyles are now back in vogue. And how!

The apple cut has got a fabulous makeover and is now one of the hottest styles of the season. And I feel we have the Korean fashion scene to thank for this! 

I love how you can try an apple cut with different hair colors or highlights that suit your skin and undertones and also add bangs or layers to make it right for your face shape. 

The apple cut is also very versatile as it suits people with round faces, oval faces and even heart-shaped faces equally well.

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