Avacado oil for hair benefits

Is Avocado Oil Good For Hair Growth? 7 Amazing Benefits

Here you can learn is avocado oil good for hair growth, what are the benefits of using avocado oil for hair and how to use avocado oil for hair.

A lot of hair care products already list out avocado as a chief ingredient. But you can chose to try avocado oil directly on hair instead.

This particular oil is extracted from the seeds of the avocado fruit and is supposed to be very nutritious and lightweight. 

I used this oil for about 8 weeks and then I started noticing the signs of change on my hair. I’ve listed the benefits my hair experienced in the article below and have also given you a few insights on how I used avocado oil for my hair. Take a look! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Avocado oil is rich in nutrients like vitamins E and B, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants, potentially promoting hair growth and overall hair health.
  • Its lightweight nature makes it suitable for various hair types, offering benefits such as moisturizing, thickening, and protecting hair from UV damage.
  • Avocado oil can be used in different ways, including as a deep conditioning mask, leave-in conditioner, or detangler, applied before showering or left overnight.
  • While direct evidence linking avocado oil to increased hair growth is limited, it may indirectly contribute to longer, healthier hair by preventing breakage and promoting scalp health.
  • Precautions should be taken to avoid allergic reactions to avocado or avocado-derived substances before using avocado oil.
  • This oil poses minimal risks and provides numerous benefits for hair care

Is Avocado Oil Good For Hair Growth

Avocado oil is considered beneficial for hair growth due to its rich content of nutrients, including vitamins E and B, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.

These nutrients are known to nourish the hair and scalp, potentially improving overall hair health. Vitamin E, in particular, is believed to combat oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals that can cause damage to hair follicles.

Is Avocado Oil Good For Hair Growth

The monounsaturated fatty acids in avocado oil can also help moisturize and strengthen hair strands, reducing breakage and making hair less prone to falling out.

While direct scientific evidence linking avocado oil to increased hair growth is limited, its hydrating and fortifying properties may create a healthier environment for hair growth.

For best results, it can be used as a hot oil treatment or a leave-in conditioner to enhance its absorption into the hair and scalp.

Avocado Oil For Hair Benefits

Avocado oil has long been used in hair care and skincare products as it’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and various other nutrients essential for hair care.

It has a wide range of benefits of hair as it contains such a treasure trove of vitamins including Vitamin E that moisturizes hair and Vitamin B5 (or biotin) that thickens and softens your strands.

Is Avocado Oil Good For Hair Growth

As it’s also rich in beta-carotenoids, polyphenol and other compounds with anti-oxidative ability, this oil is your best bet for protection against pollution and damage due to environmental sources.

Here are some hair benefits I noticed ever since I started using avocado oil. 

Breakage, Bye Bye!

My wavy 2a hair is often prone to breakage as it gets dry and frizzy easily. So I started using avocado oil on the ends of my hair to keep them moisturized.

I noticed that it helped control the tangles caused due to frizz and reduced frizz itself. This is probably because avocado oil contains minerals that help close the hair cuticle and make it lie flat.

Also, avocado oil is rich in biotin (vitamin B5) which helps in collagen synthesis on hair strands. This vitamin improves hair elasticity and prevents breakage due to friction. 

Dandruff, Who’s That?

My scalp would often get very dry and this would lead to dandruff and flaking. But I could see a pronounced reduction in dandruff and white flakes since I started using avocado oil on my scalp.

This oil contains a lot of vitamins and fatty acids that help add moisture to your scalp cells and retain that moisture for long. 

So this balances the oil-equilibrium on your scalp and prevents dandruff. 

how to make avocado oil for hair growth

Hello Long, Growing Hair

While there is no study hinting that avocado oil directly increases hair growth. There are several scientifically proven reasons why regular application of avocado oil can indirectly contribute to longer, healthier hair.

The vitamins in avocado oil, especially vitamin D can help with controlling hair loss. There is research to show that vitamin D helps prevent our immune system from attacking the hair follicle which leads to alopecia areata. 

Vitamin D is also linked with controlling androgenetic alopecia more commonly known as male pattern baldness. 

Also, while this is a very indirect effect, massaging avocado oil on scalp regularly can boost blood circulation which in turn increases nutrient absorption by the hair follicle. This helps in boosting hair growth. 

Tangles Don’t Trouble Me 

Using any kind of oil can actually help reduce tangles and breakage during brushing as the substance adds “slip” to your hair or basically reduces friction between the strands, allowing the comb to pass through easily.

But why I like avocado oil best for the job is because it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave my hair greasy after I use it. 

I first use a wide toothed comb to detangle hair as much as possible, and then I add a few drops of the oil directly to my hair brush and then move it gently through my hair. 

I have wavy hair so the ends of my tresses seem to have more knots than the hair near the scalp. 

avocado oil for hair loss

My Low Porosity Hair Loves It

One of the biggest reasons I fell in love with avocado oil is because it is very lightweight and penetrates hair strands quickly and deeply. 

There are several studies that show that oleic acid and other fatty acids increase the chemical permeability of skin and hair. 

So not only do these compounds let avocado oil penetrate your hair shaft till the cortex (the innermost part), it also helps other hair products get absorbed better. 

Shine For Me Baby! 

As I’ve mentioned earlier avocado oil contains beta-carotenes, lutein and polyphenols. Now these are all antioxidants that protect hair from environmental aggressors such as the sun’s harsh UV rays, smoke, etc.

This protection helps reduce sun damage on hair, causing hair to look shinier. 

Also, avocado oil contains a ton of minerals such as potassium and magnesium that helps seal hair cuticles and makes them lie flat on top of one another. This allows light to hit a smooth surface on your scalp, increasing shine. 

how to use avocado oil for hair

How To Use Avocado Oil For Hair

I used avocado oil for my hair in the following ways:

  • Deep Conditioning Hair Mask – I used avocado oil in combination with coconut oil, argan oil and other carrier oils as a hair mask at least once a week. I apply this decoction to my hair 30-60 minutes before I take a shower and then shampoo and condition like usual.
  • Leave In Conditioner – If I’m not deep conditioning my hair, I use avocado oil as a leave-in treatment. I apply a few drops to my hair from root to ends right after I’ve taken a shower and removed the excess water from my tresses.
  • Shine Enhancer and Detangler – If I need to detangle my hair or add shine quickly, I take 2-3 drops of the oil and add it to my ends. I’ve noticed that this instantly adds shine to my locks. 

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FAQs – Avocado Oil For Hair

How long should I keep avocado oil in my hair?

You can leave avocado oil on hair for 2-3 hours before showering as a “pre-poo” treatment or leave it overnight for deep conditioning. As the oil is lightweight you won’t be troubled with hair follicles if you leave it on for too long. So you can also use the oil as a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair. 

Does avocado oil cause hair growth?

Avocado oil contains Vitamin D which is known to promote the growth cycle in your hair follicles. And moreover, avocado oil contains biotin that thickens hair giving the appearance of fuller hair. 
Avocado oil might also indirectly contribute to hair growth by preventing hair breakage. It helps reduce split ends, frizz and other causes of hair damage, allowing hair to grow long and healthy freely. 

Is it OK to leave avocado oil in your hair overnight?

Yes, you can leave avocado oil on your hair overnight. This is a lightweight oil and won’t clog your hair follicles. However, I do suggest using a hair cap and clips to keep your hair away from your face. If the oil from your hair drips down to your face, it can clog the pores on your skin, especially if you already have acne-prone skin

Summary On Using Avocado Oil For Hair

Avocado oil like most other fruit oils is very lightweight. So you can use it for low-porosity hair.

And because of this lightness I could also use it everyday, either as a leave-in conditioner for detangling treatment.

This oil contains a multitude of nutrients such as antioxidants that protect hair from UV damage, biotin that thickens hair, vitamin E that adds moisture to it and so on.

Happily enough, there are very few drawbacks to using avocado oil.  In fact, I could find none!

The only thing you need to be careful about is to check if you have an allergy for avocado or avocado-derived substances before using this oil.

Otherwise, you’re all good to go! 

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