How to avoid purple stains when using purple shampoo

How To Avoid Purple Stains When Using Purple Shampoo | Expert Tips For Stain Removal

Bleaching hair? Here’s how to avoid purple stains when using purple shampoo on hair and scalp. Learn how to use purple shampoo the correct way to avoid staining. 

I can bet that every blonde out there has one thing in common, and it is purple shampoo. It is more like calling out on all the blondes, whether you are naturally blonde or colored it that way.

I know that you enjoy it more than us, but at the same time, I am also aware that keeping that purple shampoo stain away becomes one of the annoying tasks. 

People with golden hair know it, like the fact that purple shampoos do wonders for blonde hair. 

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Purple shampoo in blonde hair helps in neutralizing those warm brassy tones. Also, if you want to understand how it exactly works, let’s get into the technicality of this. 

Considering the color theory, yellow stands opposite in the wheel to purple.

So, purple works as a toner to help your orange or yellow hues and transform your hair into an ashy and cool blonde that everyone loves. 

does purple shampoo stain skin

But in the end, anyone who uses purple shampoo understands the hassle that they go through to keep themself away from those purple stains. 

So, that’s why I have compiled a list of the easiest ways you can get rid of the stains and avoid them while using the purple shampoo. 

How To Avoid Purple Stains When Using Purple Shampoo 

While it seems super annoying when you come out of the shower, and your hands are filled with purple stains, I would say it is a positive sign as you get to know that the shampoo is actually working. 

So, you can avoid these stains for once and all by just using gloves while shampooing; you know the ones that we use during hair dyeing?

Yeah, that one. But then again, I feel gloves add to the process, and if any of you is as lazy as me, you won’t wear them. 

does purple shampoo stain hands

So, for those who take gloves as an issue, too, there are a few great ways that can help you get rid of those stains perfectly. You don’t need to stress about it at all. 

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So, all I am gonna do is unravel a few old-school secrets that work superfine for your purple stains.

And besides, you can find them right in your kitchen or bathroom’s cabinet. Without any further due, let’s dig into these life-saving ways. 

Use Oil-Based Products To Remove Stains

how to remove purple shampoo stain from shower

I am sure each household has at least some sort of oil. Even if you are diet conscious or not allowed to add oil to your regular meals, you must have at least one oil-based product or oil itself in your home. 

So, if you have that, go grab it and make the best use of it by removing these annoying purple pigmentations. Also, know that any sort of oil would work, from olive oil baby oil to even essential oils that you keep in your drawers. 

All you have to do is apply it over your hands or affected area and then rub it slowly till it fades fully. The thing is, any sort of oil breaks down the pigments, so it becomes amazingly easy to wash them off. 

Once that is done, you can wash off your hands with warm water using some soap. Your stains will be gone for good afterward. 

Applying Lemon Juice On Skin and Scalp can Remove Stains

how to remove purple shampoo stain from clothes

So, do you know of the proverb where people say that when life offers you a lemon, you make lemonades out of them? 

I would ask you to take that lemon to your advantage instead of making lemonades and get rid of those purple stains that are really causing issues. 

All you require to do is get a lemon and then take out its juice in a bowl. Once done, take that lemon juice and rub it on your hands and the affected areas. You would see the pigment vanishing. 

So, once you are satisfied with the results, wash the lemon juice off using lukewarm water.

You can also wash it with soap if you are not used to the smell of lemons or cannot bear it for longer. Following that, moisturize the areas you used lemon juice on. 

Nail Polish Removers Help Remove Purple Stains From Nails

how to remove purple shampoo stain from nails

Lastly, I know this sounds bizarre, or you would say even stupid, but trust me when I say this, nail polish removers can really do wonders for your stains. 

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Nail polish removers can not only remove your nail enamels but also help you get rid of the purple shampoo’s stain.

So, go ahead, grab that nail polish remover and see how it helps you from a total nightmare. 

It is all easy; all you need to do is take the nail polish remover. A small amount of it will do just fine.

So, take that nail polish remover and apply it to your hands or affected areas. Following that, rub it a bit, and you will see your purple stain coming off easily. 

Once satisfied with the results, use a gentle soap and wash it all off with warm or lukewarm water, whatever suits you.

Following that, take the areas you just washed off, pat them dry and apply a good amount of moisturizers there. 

Your stains will be nowhere to see. 

How To Remove Purple Shampoo Stain From Hair?

So, that was all on how to remove the purple stains off of your hands and nape, but what about your hair? I mean, the stains don’t discriminate, do they? 

Well, I know at times people panic seeing the purple stains and rush to their salons, but what if I said to you that you could get rid of those stains as well and that too without going to your salon and experts. 

So, are you ready to know how easy it is to take care of these purple shampoo stains from your hair? If so, then let’s dig into it fast. 

All I have done is simplified the whole process into three simplified steps that you can follow and get rid of those stains for real good. 

First things first, I would suggest that you should stop using your purple shampoo after you notice the stains on your hair.

Following that, take a sulfate shampoo that also has pH balance in it so that you make sure you are ruining your hair just for the sake of stains that are not even permanent. 

Once done with removing the stains, remember to deep condition or moisturize it properly. 

So, before again you bombard this whole suggestion as I am asking you to use sulfate in your hair, let me explain why I am even suggesting something like that. 

Well, shedding light on what sulfate does, I want you to know that this chemical is corrosive to colors. So, keeping that in the head, you can utilize sulfate-based shampoo to get rid of those purple stains. 

Adding to that, I would suggest you go for a shampoo that is pH balanced. Also, you don’t need to go and buy any expensive shampoo; you can choose the cheapest one around you. 

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Shampoo thoroughly all through your hair, and make sure to pay special attention to the places where you have the stains. Once you are over with the second step, you need to moisturize your hair thoroughly. 

Both pH-balanced and sulfate-based shampoo is going to damage your hair and make it look even drier and dull. 

So avoid these when you’re selecting your purple shampoo!

how to remove purple shampoo stain from shower

How To Use Purple Shampoo?

  • So, every time you go for a shower, the first thing you would need to do is wet your hair thoroughly,
  • Then use the pH balanced shampoo or sulfate shampoo and apply it to the areas affected with stain first and then slowly move to the remaining hair portion, 
  • Following that, you would need to lather it well and leave it for around 2 to three minutes to get rid of the stains. 
  • Once done, wash your hair off thoroughly with warm water. 
  • Once done, apply the deep conditioner or moisturizer to your hair. Then leave the application for nearly 5 minutes and then again wash it off with warm water. 

After the first wash or rinse off, you will notice that the purple and annoying stains have started to fade for good.

So, you would need to wash your hair around three to four times to get fully rid of the stains. 

Once the pigmentation is gone for good, you can again get back to using your purple shampoo.

But this time, try paying attention to the ways in which you can avoid the stains from reappearing again. 

Wrapping Up On How To Remove Purple Shampoo Stains

So, wrapping up, I would like to reveal to you that if your hair gets purple stains, it actually isn’t the fault of your purple shampoo; instead, it’s you. I am sorry if this hurts to hear, but it really is the case. 

The reason you get stains is that the pigmentation accumulates on just one part of your hair. So, basically, you are not applying the shampoo evenly on your scalp. 

Once you start applying the shampoo evenly on your scalp, the chances of annoying purple stains on your hair are going to get reduced to zero. 

It’s all in the application baby!

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