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25 Cute Baby Boy Haircuts | Trendy Hair Ideas For Toddlers

Here are cute baby boy haircuts. These are easy to maintain, stylish and can easily be created at home and suit all hair types and textures.

Haircuts are part so important to your appearance right? So why would you not have a cute hairstyle for your baby boy as well?

I’ve compiled a list of some best baby boy haircuts here, you can have a look at a few options to find the best one for your kiddo depending on his hair type, length and texture. Here are a few of my favorites:

Top Baby Boy Haircuts 2024

Crew Cut Baby Boy Haircut

Best baby boy haircuts

A Crew Cut is a classic, it is quick and easy to style. Same as the adult version of this haircut, the hair is left long on the top and cut short on the sides. 

This is a clean yet youthful hairstyle that works for anyone at any age. This looks especially adorable on baby boys. 

This type of cut makes the hair look full. It will give you natural volume and looks super cute tousled on the top. 

You can add product and comb to style for a sharper look. In fact, if your baby has naturally thick hair, there is no need to use any product with this haircut.  

This worked as a great option when my husband had a crew cut to match, looking like a mini adorable version of dad. 

I would say, for sure go for this one, in case the dad or brother has the same cut as this works for all ages. How cute is that! 

Disconnected Cut Baby Boy Haircuts

little boy haircuts 2021

This is a fairly stylish haircut that requires a sharp contrast between the length of hair on the sides and the top. 

The sides are cut very short while the top is left extra long. I would say, this actually works quite well as it offers the best of both worlds. 

The sides being short will make it quite manageable while you still have a cool fringe to style as you like.  

This type of cut works superbly for straight and curly hair alike. The same goes for thick or thin hair types. 

If you are one to dress your boy in fashion-forward clothing, this might be the one for you like the haircut by itself will make your child stand out.  

Fringe Hair Cut 

baby boy haircuts 2021

This one reminded me of the popular 80’s ‘bowl cut’ or ‘mushroom cut’. The fringe cut, however, is a modern take on the same. 

Even with the nostalgia, you will notice the differences being it is identifiably much shorter.  

It is a layered look adding the much-needed dimension, unlike the straight cut that made the hair look like a helmet years ago. 

This is a wonderful option for boys with a fine hair texture.  

Due to the additional layers, the fringe cut is fairly versatile. Using a little bit of product, you can make the look more textured and voluminous. 

Natural Curl Look Baby Boy Haircuts

black baby boy haircuts 2021

Working a boy’s mop of curls is the devil’s punishment. Baby boys at this age are fussy and beautiful curly locks although so magical are not the easiest to manage. 

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You can imagine what a task styling them would be, so the best solution is to leave hair natural and untamed. 

For this to work you would need the natural curl cut. This involves a layered cut but it is more organic than structured.  

It is important to note that curly hair requires a more regular cut than straight hair but that is the end of the hairstyling for you. 

The curls will naturally fall into beautiful patterns without needing to mess with them. 

Since curly hair tangles easily, I would advise going for a shorter cut for a neater look. You need to make sure to keep the ends of his hair moisturized and curly hair dries out quickly. 

This haircut, in my experience, requires zero stylings, all you need to do is run your fingers through to separate the knotted curls and the little guy is good to go. 

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Baby Bun 

5 year old boy haircuts 2021

There was a time when man buns were equated to hipster styles alone. Today, they have slid into the mainstream, and looks like this look is here to stay. 

The look is sharp and one of the trendiest haircuts on this list. It is fairly common to see little boys owning this look. 

Not only is this a fashion-forward look it is also one of the most manageable looks here. The sides are cut very short and the long hair on top is brushed into a topknot. 

This will keep the hair out of the face and also protected throughout the day. For me choosing this haircut meant not having to worry about fixing the hairstyle every few hours. 

I like how this haircut works for all types of clothing. If you feel like styling him preppy or edgy the hair look is versatile enough for it. 

This look made my boy look like the cutest baby Viking. 

Bold Fade Baby Boy Haircuts

baby boy haircuts 2021

The Bold fade is a super fresh look for your baby boy. This haircut is wildly popular among adults being such an athletic aesthetic. 

This hairstyle is trendy and equally stylish and will work well for your child. 

The cut being so short, there is zero worry about maintenance and styling.  

If your kid is the kind that finds it difficult to sit still as is mine. This cut is the best one. 

My boy can look like his hair has never seen a day of care within ten minutes of playtime. This cut has been so very useful in this regard.  

Once the barber has created the bold fade, I try to keep the sides short as best as I can at home with a regular shaver if required. 

Afro Baby Boy Haircuts

black baby boy haircuts

The tried and tested hair cut that just works. With the afro haircut, you can allow your little man’s hair its freedom. 

This is a classic hair look that has been around for ages for a reason. This look is versatile, easy to manage, and really just lets the natural hair breathe, bounce and play.  

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If a full afro seems intimidating to you, you can always choose to shave the sides for a tapering fade. 

Making this look more unique you can include fun designs on the sides, bringing out your little guy’s personality. 

Even though kids’ hair is much smoother than adult hair, it has the tendency to dry out. You need to make sure to keep the hair moisturized. There is nothing cuter than a baby fro. 

Faux Hawk Cut 

long hairstyles for boys

Now, this is the kind of haircut that might not be on the books for everyone. If you are the kind of person who might be interested, let me tell you, so am I. 

This haircut is just plain fun, the look and the process of styling, the whole package.  

This is an edgy haircut. Your boy seems to have the kind who loves to be the center of attention. This one is perfect.  

This haircut involves buzzing down the sides of the hair short, unlike the adult version which requires a close shave. 

Only a little bit of the center is left slightly longer, enough for you to run some pomade through to create the little mohawk. 

This is such a cool and fresh look that really brings out a child’s personality. 

Medium Length Layered Cut 

layered hairstyles for boys

If you are looking to keep your baby boy’s hair at a medium length this hairstyle will work perfectly. To layer, medium-length hair is a fairly straightforward option. 

This will really cut down on the styling requirements of the haircut.  

But if you do wish to style the hair often, this cut will give you the freedom to. 

The medium-length layered look is actually very versatile!  

From being braided to slicked back for a sharper look or casually parted, this hair cut is adaptable to the mood you are going for.  

If your boy, like mine, has loose curls. Your kid is going to look nothing short of an angel with this haircut. 

In case you wish to browse through a few more options, below are 5 more haircuts that work wonderfully for baby boys. These cuts are the top most popular looks of the year-

boys hairstyle

Short Pompadour Baby Boy Haircuts

short hairstyles for boys

Long Side Bangs with Buzzed Sides

buzzed hairstyles for baby boys

Classic Side Sweep Baby Boy Haircuts

1 year old baby boy hairstyles

Short Sides Curly Top

1 year old baby boy hairstyles black hair

Side Swept Fringe Baby Boy Haircuts

bangs hairstyles for little boys

Classic Mushroom Cut

baby boy haircuts
Source: Instagram@maximus_d19

Side Swept Layers

kids hair style boy
Source: Instagram@frondclothingco

Toddler Bun

boys hairstyle
Source: Instagram@ali_and_lucas

Short Spiky and Side Swept

5 years baby boy hair cutting style
Source: Instagram@anneliesbeleeft

Graduated Bangs with Side Part

baby boy haircuts thin hair
Source: Instagram@ralph_rushton

Extreme Side Part and Thin Layers

2 years baby boy hair style
Source: Instagram@darajadetiller

Curly Mohawk with Shaved Sides

3 year old baby boy hairstyles black hair
Source: Instagram@hugsanddreadlocks

Low Fade with Quiff

baby boy hair style
Source: Instagram@hair_by_raimonda

Guide To Boy Toddler’s Haircuts

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Regardless of what hair length, texture, etc. haircuts are plainly meant to be fun. Your little man is just coming out of his shell with a blossoming personality. 

I’ve tried to include as many best baby boy haircuts as I could to help reflect your kid’s unique nature. 

My comprehensive list includes some hair care tips that will help you manage anything that may have worried you before. 

So, I would say, go ahead and have fun picking a look. 

Don’t you worry, hair is so forgiving in nature that you can pick a different look next time with no trouble! 

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