Babyliss Curl Secret Review

Babyliss Curl Secret Review 2023 | Is This The Best Curler For Hair

Here is my Babyliss Curl Secret Review. You can find out if this hair curler is good for straight hair, thin hair, thick hair, and other textures. Also learn how to use this curler.

I am someone who has dry, frizzy hair that is neither straight nor curly and I am also totally backward in my hair styling game! So up until now, all I’ve owned is a straightener, and used it for curling my hair as well (such an effort though!).

Well, some months, while on the web, I came across a device that changed my hair curls forever, a device called the Babyliss Curl Secret hair curler, which was an automatic hair curler, yes, fully automatic, which means I had to put in hardly any effort!

Babyliss Curl Secret Review

I was royally intrigued and decided to buy it right away, but sadly it was out of stock for a couple of weeks before I could lay my hands on it.

It has been over four months now since I’ve been using this product on my hair and my curls have never felt better!

Check out all the details you need to know below, along with my review about this product.

Product Specifications: Babyliss Curl Secret

Curl chamber materialCeramic
Automatic curlingYes
Dual voltageYes
Temperature settings2 heat settings
Temperature range210°C and 230°C
Length of the cord2.5 meter swivel cord
Guarantee3 years
Auto shut-offYes

Babyliss Curl Secret: What’s in the box?

·         The Babyliss Curl Secret styling device.

·         A three-timer setting with an audio beep for different curl effects.

·         A heat protection mat for surface safety.

·         A storage pouch for device storage safety.

·         A three-year guarantee.

Detailed Product Features and Specifications: Babyliss Curl Secret

Whenever I rate and review products, I do so based on the various features of the device in question. So let’s get into more of the product features and its specifications in detail.

Features and Specifications: Babyliss Curl Secret

Product design:

The product has a sleek ergonomic design wherein the bottom clamp contains the ceramic rotating curler where the hair fits in and curls up.

The device also has an indicator that shows when the device is heated, along with a temperature control switch. It also has a three-timer setting with an audio beep for different curl effects.

Safety features:

As for the safety features of this device, well, it comes with the automatic shut-off feature along with a heat protectant mat for when the device is kept on surfaces, to prevent surface damage and a safety pouch for when the device is not in use.

Temperature and voltage:

The temperature feature of this device has two heat settings to suit both thinner and thicker hair types. The temperature settings are 210°C and 230°C, which can be changed manually using the switch provided.

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This device is equipped with a three-pin UK plug and supports dual voltage facility, so it can be used universally.

Material of the roller:

Similar to how flat irons have plates, curlers have rollers in which the hair passes through and this device has a ceramic material roller. Ceramic is one of the best materials for use on the hair to reduce frizz and make the hair smooth and silky.

is the babyliss curler good for thin hair

Type and length of cord:

This device comes with a 2.5 meter swivel type of cord. This cord design is super convenient because it doesn’t tangle and rotates with the movement of the user’s wrist.

The cord is also long and the device can be used even when the power source is at a distance.

Ease of use:

Since automatic curlers are used by many for the first time, it can definitely take some time for a person to get the hang of it, but it is not difficult to use if you follow the right technique.

how to use babyliss curl secret on short hair

If you are looking for soft curls or tighter curls, this device can do you good. It also makes the hair look smooth and silky once it’s curled.

Overall Review: Babyliss Curl Secret

Over the last four months of using this product, I can definitely say that it works way better than using a regular hair straightener for curling the hair and it not just made my curls look more defined but it also made my life much easier!

To start off with the appearance of this device, well, I did think it would be heavy because it looked a little bulky. But after I started using it, I didn’t find it bulky or heavy whatsoever.

does babyliss curl secret damage hair

In fact it was convenient to use because it has a long professional length cord, which also worked in electrical sockets which were at a distance.

I really like the swivel feature of the cord because my hair straightener doesn’t have this feature and often ends up getting tangled, which is not the case with this device as it moves along with the rotation of the wrist.

The ceramic material roller makes absolutely smooth and silky curls and adds a lot of definition to the curls.

Review Babyliss Curl Secret

What I also like is that the three-timer setting lets you choose the type of curls you want, along with the two-heat setting in terms of temperature to suit both thick and thinner hair types.

The very first time I used this product, I did struggle a little and it took me a couple of sessions until I got the hang of it and now I find it super simple and easy to curl my hair and of course, in no time it gets my job done too!

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It has the automatic shut-off feature, along with a heat protectant mat for surface safety and also has a safety pouch storage, when the device is not in use.

Overall, I feel like I’ve got my money’s worth using this product and it is still going strong!

Babyliss Curl Secret: Pros and Cons


·         Lets you get different types of curls automatically.

·         Makes the curls look well-defined with a smooth and silky finish.

·         Has a three-timer setting with an audio beep.

·         Comes with a heat protection mat for surface safety.

·         Comes with a storage pouch for device storage safety.

·         Serves dual voltages for universal usage.

·         Has a guarantee of three years.


·         Relatively priced on the higher side (unless got at a discounted rate).

·         The device works best on short to medium length hair.

How to use the Babyliss Curl Secret?

If you’re a first time user, I’m sure you may find it a little hard, but trust me; it gets better after a few sessions!

Here’s how you need to use the Babyliss Curl Secret:

Step 1: Work with dry detangled hair

It is essential that your hair is completely dry and fully detangled before you section it out and begin with the detangling process. This will ensure that there is no snagging while the device is in use.

Note: After you’ve detangled your hair and before you clip it up into sections, you can spritz a good heat protectant spray all over your hair to ensure it doesn’t get damaged due to the heat. This step is optional of course, but I’d personally recommend it to you guys.

Step 2: Making sections of your hair

Since the device cannot work with large sections, you will have to make sections of around 3 centimeters wide and then clip them up, to be able to work with each section easily.

Note: Insert the curl styler into your hair with the open part of the roller facing your head, failing which it can cause the hair to get tangled.

How to use the Babyliss Curl Secret

Step 3: The curling process

In case the hair has got tangled, you must turn off the device completely and after a few minutes, gently pull out your hair from the roller.

To curl the hair: Place the section of hair until the hair stopper and then firmly clamp down the handles together until you notice the hair being drawn into the rolling chamber.

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Then, hold the styler in the same position and wait till all the hair has been drawn into it. Thereafter, you will hear a beeping sound.

Is the Babyliss Curl Secret worth the price

Wait until you hear four beeping sounds in succession and only then you must release the handles.

When releasing, make sure to release fully and gently pull the styler away from the head.

Similarly, unclip and work on one section at a time until all the hair has been curled.

Step 4: Setting the curls

Once all your hair has been curled, then do not comb out or brush your hair as it will ruin the curls.

If you wish to you can spritz some setting spray or finishing spray randomly all over your hair to set your curls in place for longer hours.

Is the Babyliss Curl Secret worth the price?

I bought this product at a local store and paid $70 (while the actual price was $120, as per the Babyliss official website), which I felt was really worth it!

It did a great job in terms of curling my hair (for both soft and tight curls) and was easy to use as well. It was indeed a convenient product for someone like me who likes the easy way out!

Feature-wise rating: Babyliss Curl Secret

Product design4.4/5
Safety features4.4/5
Ease of use3.8/5
Effectiveness on the hair4.5/5

The final takeaway: Do I recommend this product?

For those of you who love the look of curly hair but do not want to go through the effort of using a regular flat iron to curl your hair (just like me), then the Babyliss Curl Secret can be your go to buy!

It is easy to use (after you get the hang of it, of course) and it can give you beautiful curls with hardly any effort because it is an automatic curler! Well, it cannot get any better right?

Personally, I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for styling their hair into curls and looking for a simple and easy way out.

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