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5 Amazing Beeswax Benefits For Hair 2023 | Uses, DIY And More

If you’re asking yourself, is beeswax healthy for hair, then here is a list of the top beeswax benefits for hair that will answer your question. 

Beeswax is used by numerous manufacturing lines that make use of it in their products. You can take so many products, from candles to lip balms; beeswax is used in a wide variety. 

So, I did my research specifically on natural beeswax and found that it is used so widely in our cosmetic routines is its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Also, it is a great moisture-sealing and hair-holding wax for hair.

So, here I am with the list of benefits that beeswax has to offer for your hair:

Benefits of Beeswax For Hair:

  • Moisturizes Your Hair
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Seals Split Ends
  • Helps in Smoothening Your Hair
  • Can Soothe Your Scalp Issues 

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Beeswax Benefits For Hair

Beeswax is an art of the worker bees, and as the name states, it is the wax created by these bees from the honeycomb, which stores honey of their entire colony. 

The natural ingredient has a history that dates back to the ancient Egyptians and even the Chinese. 

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While the ancient Egyptians used beeswax to treat their joint pains, burns, and even wounds, Chinese people have mentioned the use of it in their medicine books.

This is because beeswax is antimicrobial and antibacterial. So it is used for a dozen things, especially for anti-ageing and diet purposes. (Filippo Fratini, Giovanni Cilia, Barbara Turchi, Antonio Felicioli, Beeswax: A minireview of its antimicrobial activity and its application in medicine, Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, Volume 9, Issue 9, 2016, Pages 839-843, ISSN 1995-7645)

Also there are traces of Vitamin A in beeswax which makes it beneficial for skin as Vitamin A proves to be an excellent moisturizer.

Adding to that, this natural ingredient is safe to use for almost everyone as the chances of causing clogging of the pores and irritating the skin are rare. 

Moisturizes Your Hair

beeswax hair mask

One of the most important reasons why I and a million others prefer beeswax for their hair is because of its moisturizing properties. 

As mentioned earlier, beeswax comes with an abundance of Vitamin A in it. So, it is the vitamin that helps keep your hair, as well as your scalp, moisturized.

Adding to that, beeswax’s overall formula aids in locking that moisture in so that your hair and scalp can get the best of it. 

This natural ingredient is also known to keep your hair strands moisturized as well, which I believe is particularly beneficial for people with high consistency hair, as it loses moisture quite rapidly. 

So, consistent use of beeswax with the apt method is going to keep your hair and scalp moisturized for longer and hence, healthy too. 

It Promotes Hair Growth

beeswax benefits for hair growth

Beeswax is also used by numerous people for the purpose of hair growth. 

While there is yet a green signal to come from the science, there was this study done in 2016 to find if beeswax does help in the growth of hairs. 

Well, the study came to a conclusion that was positive. Adding to that, it also states that beeswax has proven to promote your visible hair growth in a span of just 30 days. 

The study used a wax that had a composition of cannabis Sativa seed oil and propolis. Also, the latter is made up of resin-like materials from the buds of cone-bearing trees and poplar by the bees. 

So, as the ingredients were not solely beeswax and neither was it a placebo effect study, so it is a bit tough to conclude that beeswax is the only reason for hair growth. 

But then, as it was present in a certain amount, there is no denying that it won’t affect the length of your hair. 

It Seals Split Ends

beeswax for hair edges

Another great benefit of adding beeswax to your hair care routine is that it seals the split ends of your hair.

Although, the way to get rid of these split ends permanently is to chop off your hairs from the bottoms a bit. But meanwhile, you can use beeswax to hide and actually seal your split ends. 

What it does is hold your hair in place along with sealing your hair, so till you decide on getting rid of them, it protects your hair from getting any worse. 

By sealing the split ends, beeswax makes sure that the split doesn’t move further up the hair shaft.

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Beeswax Aids in Smoothening Your Hair

organic beeswax benefits for hair

Another amazing benefit that you can avail of by using beeswax is getting rid of the dryness in your hair. 

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I mean, if you are one of those people who are always stuck managing their flyaway strands, keeping in place their hairstyles, and even are working hard on getting your hairs straight, then mark my word, beeswax is going to be your savior. 

The texture of this bee’s byproduct makes it a great product for smoothening your hair and getting rid of frizz. 

Also, if you keep your natural hair or even the braided and twisted styles, beeswax is going to be particularly magical for you people. 

Although, I would recommend not to use it too close to the scalp as it might make your hair look greasy. 

It Can Soothe Your Scalp Issues 

how to melt beeswax for hair

So, last but definitely not the least in the list of benefits beeswax provides is that it can soothe or help heal your scalp issues. 

Beeswax, along with having vitamin A has anti-bacterial as well as antifungal properties in it, which can, of course, provide aid in dandruff and even scalp infections. 

Adding to that, as this bee’s byproduct is a great moisturizer as well as has anti-inflammatory properties to it, it can help get rid of your itchy, dry scalp and then keep it moisturized and healthy. 

Also, this isn’t a bluff as there has been proper research on beeswax’s effects on certain scalp issues, and the results came out as positive. 

The study showed that consistent use of beeswax along with olive oil and honey could help cure your scalp issues like eczema, dandruff, and even psoriasis.

So, basically, beeswax is a magical natural bee’s byproduct that helps your hair in every way possible. 

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Tips and Precautions For Using Beeswax For Hair

So, now that we are all aware of the benefits that beeswax has to our hair, there is some stuff that you need to know before proceeding to use it. 

For one, beeswax is particularly for textured hair, be it coily, curly, or kinky. Honestly, it is quite heavy, so people with fine hair need to move ahead with the product with a few cautions. 

Adding to that, if you are using beeswax, one thing that you will always want to keep in mind is to not use the product directly on your scalps. The reason being it has the potential to clog your scalp’s pores, leading to more issues. 

Another thing to consider before applying beeswax is to always start with a smaller amount, though you can always use more afterward but using less is the key. 

Then lastly, people with fine hair, or people with hair that gets greasy easily, need to avoid its use and if somehow you still want to, then always using a meager amount is advisable. 

How to Use Beeswax For Hair

The easiest and most recommended way of adding beeswax to your hair care routine is to start using it as a styling balm. 

But, adding to that, you also require to keep in mind that after applying, you would need a good cleansing shampoo or a great clarifying alternative because you cannot let it clog your pores and create an issue. 

Also, as mentioned before, you would need to go with the smaller amounts at first and then move on to the exact quantity your hair needs. So, depending on the texture and need of your hair, there are quite a few ways to use beeswax. 

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The following are the most popular ones and usually what I recommend.

DIY your own pomade

If you desire to make the best from beeswax for your hair, the best way is to make a DIY with a carrier oil of your choice, like olive oil or coconut oil. I used the pure yellow organic beeswax as shown below:

All you will require to do is apply it all over your hair and then make sure to cover it well with silk or satin clothing. This way, you can keep it longer in your hair. So, this basically will save your reapplying time. 

Also, this DIY will also help a great deal in styling your beards. But remember not to pour too much at once. 

You can make the beeswax into small pellets that make it easier to melt the beeswax.

Do a DIY to smoothen and control your hair frizz

For smoother and frizz-free hair, you can certainly DIY your own agent using beeswax. 

All you have to do is, take jojoba oil, shea butter and mix it with, of course, beeswax and get the best product that can tame your frizz, take control over your flyaways, and definitely give you shinier hair. 

Here’s the pomade after mixing in the oils with the beeswax.

It can also be used as a lotion if you have rather dry skin. 

Use beeswax for your locs 

There are many people who use pure beeswax to either keep their locks intact or frizz-free and at times for both. 

But here’s a curve, and that is you should not use this every day to prevent the grease build up in your hair. 

So, you too can use a pure beeswax product to keep your locks in place and prevent your hairs from frizzing. If you don’t want to use pure beeswax, you can try conditioners or styling gels with beeswax for hair braiding.  

The Bottom Line On Beeswax Benefits For Hair

So, at the bottom line, all I have to say is beeswax does wonders to your hair, from making it shinier to keeping it frizz-free, and the list is a bit long.

Beeswax has plenty of ingredients to make your hair go healthy and fantastic. Not only it has moisturizing properties, but it is antifungal, anti-bacterial and even works as a perfect barrier for your hair. 

The presence of vitamin A moisturizer as well as seals it in your hair, saving it from dryness. It also smoothes your flyaways and aids in your hair growth. 

Adding to all the benefits, you also need to keep in mind that beeswax is not particularly made for fine hairs and never for direct application on your scalp. 

Mainly people with textured hair, be it kinky, curly, or even coily, can use it, and for fine-haired people, necessary precautions are always prescribed. 

Also, to avoid the unnecessary build-up, you should start applying from quite a minute quantity and then move to more if needed. But remember not to apply the product more than twice a week so that you don’t have to work extra on clearing the build-up. 

Finally, I would always recommend you to use this magical natural byproduct of bees always with a carrier oil of your choice. It could be anything, from olive oil, jojoba oil, to even coconut oil. 

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