Behairful Brush Curly Hair Review

Behairful Brush Curly Hair Review 2023

Want to know about Behairful Brush Curly Hair review? Look no further than the Behairful Brush Curly Hair review! This brush is made from natural materials that will help you to achieve the curly hairstyle you desire.

If you have curly hair and are wondering why your curls aren’t standing properly, then maybe your hairbrush is not the right one! It could be your hairbrush damaging your curls.

Most hair-detangling brushes often tug on your hair strands, wherein you not only lose hair but you can also lose your natural curl pattern.

Thus, choosing a good branded hair brush can be a good option when you want your curls to look more defined and lustrous.

I heard about the Behairful hairbrush a while ago and immediately decided to try it out because of the good reviews I had seen and heard about this hairbrush.

Behairful Brush Curly Hair

Did it actually work as well as it promised? Well, check out my detailed review below to find out all the details about the Behairful hairbrush.

Behairful Brush Curly Hair Review

What Is The Behairful Brush And Why Is It Popular?

The Behairful hairbrush is a detangling hairbrush that is made from boar bristles. It is one that doesn’t tug on the hair, while it can also massage the scalp when used and can stimulate better blood circulation in the scalp, thus pushing the hair follicles towards hair growth.

Using this hairbrush can also help reduce hair breakage and frizziness to a large extent. It can also help distribute any product evenly all over the hair.

behairful brush for curly hair

The Behairful hairbrush is known to help make one’s curls look more defined and voluminous and give them a natural-looking bounce. It can help give more structure to one’s curls.

You can use this brush on dry hair or even when your hair is wet. It is a brush that works well on any type of hair (but my review is based on the use of this brush on my curly hair).

behairful brush dupe

My Review of the Behairful Brush

It has been over three months since I have been using the Behairful hairbrush and well, I thought this was a fair enough time of usage to be able to give you guys my honest review.

So, I have curly hair, which I feel can be considered 2C or 3A hair in relativity with my curl pattern. For the longest time, I had been noticing that my curls were standing flat and looked extremely dull and lifeless.

best hair brush for curly frizzy hair

I tried out new shampoos and conditioners and even tried using root lift products to help give it a little bounce, but it didn’t really do my hair any good.

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I was pretty much at my wit’s end, my curls stood flat, I was experiencing hair fall and my hair stood frizzy all the time!

Lucky for me, I happened to speak to a friend who had faced a similar problem to me, but now had lustrous bouncy curls. Well, she said her secret was her changing her hairbrush to this “Behairful hairbrush”.

I looked up the internet and didn’t find it on Amazon, so I bought it directly from the Behairful website at a whopping $59.99! Super expensive, I know!

Well, was it worth the price and the hype?

Undoubtedly, yes! This hairbrush was a game-changer for my hair. It actually worked wonders. It brought back life to my flat, dull and lifeless locs.

I found that my natural bounce was back and the frizz had reduced considerably. Also, whenever I combed my hair, I found that the boar bristles of this hair brush were so mild on the scalp and didn’t tug harshly on my roots. The hairbrush has boar bristles at the bottom and classic bristles at the top.

Each time I used this hairbrush, I felt like my head was being massaged while the bristles glided smoothly down my scalp and hair.

I have to say that after three months of me using this hairbrush, I noticed that while my hair fall had reduced, I feel like there is some amount of new hair growth as well. So this is more than I could ask for, from a hairbrush!

I used to find it super hard to detangle my hair every morning. Leaving the house in a rush was not an option for me, because brushing my curly hair would take a good 10 to 15 minutes because I’d have to do it in sections and worry about breakage and hair damage.

Well, the Behairful hairbrush gets my hair detangled in no time, with much lesser hair damage as well. Overall, great product and I’d highly recommend it!

Who Can Use the Behairful Brush?

If you are someone who has flat curls that look very dull and lifeless, then using the Behairful hairbrush is a good option. It can help improve and enhance the definition of your curls.

It is one that helps reduce hair static and thus can decrease the frizz caused while using a hairbrush on curly hair.

Using the Behairful hairbrush is good if your curly hair has been experiencing excessive hair breakage during the detangling process.

This brush is designed for use on wet or even dry hair, while it also works well on any hair type also.

Behairful Brush: Pros and Cons


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·        The quality of the hairbrush is good, with boar bristles at the bottom and classic bristles at the top.

·         Helps detangle the hair very well and doesn’t tug on the hair strands in a harsh manner.

·        It helps reduce hair fall to a considerable extent, especially the shedding after the detangling process.

·        It reduces hair frizziness in a great way and causes lesser static formation while brushing the hair.

·        It makes curly hair look super voluminous and gives the curls a super-enhanced definition and structure like never before.

·         It brings back life to curly hair that was previously looking flat and dull, by making the curls look more pronounced with a natural bounce.

·         This hairbrush can be used both on hair that is wet and dry.

·         It feels very smooth and glides well on the scalp without hurting the scalp. It actually feels like the scalp is getting massaged.


·         As compared to other such hairbrushes (including the other branded ones), the Behairful hairbrush is relatively quite expensive.

·         It isn’t available on common e-commerce shopping websites like Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

Best And Worst Bristled Brushes To Use On Your Hair

The Best: Boar Bristle Brushes

Using a hairbrush (like the Behairful hairbrush) with boar bristles can be one of the best things you can do for your hair.

Boar bristles are mild on the hair and will not tug on the hair strands, thus reducing the damage caused to the hair.

behairful brush wavy hair

These brushes can help reduce hair fall considerably. Also, a boar bristle brush can help reduce static formation and frizziness in the hair.

These brushes can most often be safely used both on wet and dry hair without causing too much damage.

In addition to this, boar bristle brushes can also help distribute the natural oils of the scalp (sebum), evenly all over the hair, while it can also help spread out the products used on the hair more evenly throughout the hair.

They can also help stimulate better blood circulation in the scalp and promote better hair growth over time.

The Worst: Synthetic Bristle Brushes

Using a hairbrush with synthetic brushes is a big no! It spells hair damage, in bold! Hair brushes that have bristles made of plastic, nylon, etc., are those that can damage the cuticles on the hair shaft (and are known to cause microtears) and can also tug on the hair strands, damaging the hair follicles and eventually causing hair fall. They are extremely harsh on one’s hair strands.

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These synthetic bristle hair brushes can also cause static and frizziness. Also, if used on wet hair, they can break the hair strands in no time.

The Always Reliable Option: Wooden Hair Brushes

While using a wooden hairbrush is something lesser heard of and not many people use it, it is a great option for your hair.

Wooden hair brushes feel very smooth on the hair and scalp and can also promote hair growth to a certain extent by enhancing blood flow in the scalp.

behairful brush vs denman

They can also prevent the breakage of hair and can add more shine to the hair as these brushes can also help distribute the hair’s natural oils more evenly throughout the hair.

Also, for those who are allergic to other materials, wooden brushes are always a safe option to use.

Wooden brushes are best for use on hair that is dry. Using a wide-toothed comb is also a good option.

Why Should You Choose the Behairful Brush for Curly Hair?

Well, the reason I would recommend choosing the brand Behairful for their hairbrush is not only because it receives a lot of hype, good reviews and of course, is super popular, but mainly because even though it is super expensive, it is a hairbrush that actually delivers good results. 

More so, it delivers results as it promises and this is something you do not always find in most products.

behairful brush amazon

The Final Takeaway: Do I recommend it to others?

Well, undoubtedly I would recommend this hairbrush to others, especially for those with curly hair because I have tried and tested it! It actually works! I definitely think the expectation meets reality while using the Behairful hairbrush.

It is made of super good quality material and is super smooth and gentle on the scalp and hair. Overall, a great detangling hairbrush!

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