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7 Best Hair Waver For Short Hair 2022 | Boosts the volume of your hair instantly!

Check out my reviews of top hair waver for short hair. I’ve included mini wavers for short hair, mermaid wavers, hair wavers and crimpers for medium hair and fine hair, and so much more!

Are you looking for the best hair waver for short hair? Well, I got you covered, read further to get yourself the top wavers that are easy and amazing to use.

Having short hair is bliss as you can experiment with a lot of different styles like curling, straightening, waving, etc. with a little maintenance.

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I have shoulder-length hair and I keep experimenting with my hair and I am never bored.

I’ve used many different hair wavers for short hair in the past but I found T3 BodyWaver to be the best one for its technology, usage, and functions.

Best Hair Waver For Short Hair : Summary

Best Hair Waver For Short HairBest For Highest Temperature
T3 – BodyWaver 1.75” Styling Iron for Waves and Loose CurlsBoosting volume 410°F
Remington S7280 2” Wet2Waves StylerDry hair type420°F
ghd Curling Irons, Curl & Wave WandsMoist hair type 365°F
Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go Adjustable Hair Waver for Multiple WavesReducing frizz400°F
Shinon Ceramic 3 Barrel Hair Waver and Curler IronThick Hair type410°F
Conair MiniPRO Deep Wave Ceramic StylerSpiky, bob hairstyles375°F

It’s always a good idea to invest in hair tools like straighteners, blow dryers or waver machines for different hair looks.

Over time, I’ve tried some of the best hair waver for short hair as I like to change and try new machines. 

I’m surprised that most of these wavers machines are extremely good and do not ruin the quality of hair.

So, here I have a curated list of the best hair waver for short hair for you!

How to create beachy waves on short hair?

Beachy waves is one of the most popular hairstyle for short hair. And if you want to know how to create these gorgeous S shaped waves here are some handy tricks.

There are several heatless methods to create waves on short hair. The easiest one is to use a silk ribbon to braid your hair overnight and open it in the morning.

And while this gives you beachy waves without damaging your hair, the waves won’t last long unless you’re using a strong hold hairspray.

Another way to create beachy waves on short hair is to use a flat iron. This is a bit tricky as you need to wrap your strands around the flat iron and pull it in a way that creates waves. And this can get difficult if you have short hair.

So in my opinion the easiest way to create wavy texture on short tresses is to use a hair waver. A hair waver gives you long-lasting waves, it’s very easy as you don’t need to manipulate your strands too much, and it takes less time.

Also with a hair waver you can get a barrel size that matches the length of your hair. So it “waves” your hair more effectively.

How I tested the best hair wavers for short hair?

I tried out some of the top hair wavers in the market and then rated them on a scale of 1-5 based on the following factors.

Safety and Gentleness – I firstly looked for a waver that wouldn’t burn or damage hair. So I checked if it had a tourmaline-ceramic coating that protects hair.

Size Suitability – Of course, the barrels on a hair waver should be short enough to easily style short hairstyles.

Versatility – This usually co-relates to the number of barrels in the hair waver. Is it a 3 barrel waver that you can create different wave hairstyles with? Or is it a double-barrel one that is only good for deep marcel waves

Best Hair Waver For Short Hair 2022

T3 – BodyWaver 1.75” Styling Iron for Waves and Loose Curls

Best hair waver for short hair for boosting volume

best hair waver for short hair

The first hair waver I reviewed was the T-3 BodyWaver. And the results?

Welll I can safely tell you it gave me the best hair waves and also boosts the volume on my hair making it look fluffy and bouncy.

I also liked how it also gives the look of blow dry after you use it.

With this T3 BodyWaver, you can get a salon-worthy look at home without overexposure to heat and damage.

It perfectly polishes the hair and style them into waves that look classy. It can be used while going to a glam-party, casual hangouts or for a beach day.

best beach waves for short hair

You can achieve soft and romantic natural waves by just rough drying your hair, curling a section onto the deep hair waver, and waiting for the curls to cool.

Finally, you need to lightly comb through it with your fingers. Undoubtedly, this is the best hair waver for short hair.

My only issue is that it’s a little tough to use initially with time, you’ll get the hang of it.

Oh and the plates have a ceramic coating, which is great news for curly hair or damaged hair as the plates don’t get hot enough.

But on the downside… the plates don’t get hot enough!

So you might end up spending more time styling your hair when using this product, despite the fast heating.


  • Fast heating to save you time in the mornings
  • Suitable for all hair textures as it’s made of ceramic-tourmaline
  • Adjustable temperature helps prevent damage
  • Insulated wand tip prevents any injury or accidents
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  • Plates don’t get hot enough due to the ceramic coating

My Ratings:

  • Safety and Gentleness – 4.5/5
  • Size Suitability – 4/5
  • Versatility – 5/5

Remington S7280 2” Wet2Waves Styler

Best hair waver for short hair for dry hair type

mermaid hair waver short hair

Remington’s waver is one of the best waver tools for dry hair type. My hair was dry so I used it for a very long time until my shine was restored. 

This waver helped my hair look naturally beautiful with perfect waves. This waver machine is easy to use on short hair and you can wave your hair by dividing them into layers or sections. 

You can also choose the heating temperature according to your hair type. 

Remington wavers do not overheat or dry out hair instead they are known for making hair more shiny, healthy and beautiful and this is what makes it one of the best hair waver for short hair. 

All you need to do is dry and detangle your hair, divide it into sections, hold the waver’s steam vents away from the scalp and move the waver according to you.

Start from the roots and then clamp it down. Repeat it with all of your divided sections of hair. 

So is there a downside to this hair waver? Unfortunately yes. I noticed the barrels gripped my hair too tight and tugged them while I was using it. So it can get uncomfortable to use.

Also, the cord gets heated up too after a while. So you don’t want to use it for long periods at a stretch.


  • Heat control sensor to help you prevent hot spots on hair
  • Ceramic tourmaline plates prevents damage by preventing extra heating
  • Adjustable temperature helps you use waver on all hair textures


  • Tugs on hair as the barrels get too tight
  • Cord gets hot so it can get uncomfortable while using

My Ratings:

  • Safety and Gentleness – 4/5
  • Size Suitability – 3.5/5
  • Versatility – 4/5

ghd Curling Irons, Curl & Wave Wands

Best hair waver for short hair for moist hair type

best hair waver for medium length hair

I wanted to review this Ghd waver as I had heard so much about. I was also intrigued as this curling wand works more like a curler but also does a great hair waving job and I’ve heard is amongst the best deep wavers for moist hair. 

So did it pass my expectations? Absolutely.

The first thing I noticed was how it is designed for loose VS model-style waving but it is extremely easy to use.

I also liked how the Ghd waver’s optimum heat temperature is 185 degrees celsius and can be controlled according to one’s need. 

But perhaps the best part about this waver is that it works well in both thick and thin hair and does not cause any damage to the texture of your hair.

You can use this waver machine three-four times a week and still find no heat damage. It is one of the best hair waver for short hair that is also moist.

I love how ghd waver just gives a perfectly natural and loose look which is quite tough to pull when you’re using different waver tools.

You can try a multi-barrel tool instead if you want waves with minimal effort.

Oh, and the ceramic material releases ions that help with hairstyling by reducing static that leads to frizz.

how to use hair wavers for short hair

All you have to do is dry your hair, separate them into sections and run the waver from where you want your waves.

Also, keep the waver away from your scalp to avoid burns. Ghd is one of the most loved wavy hair tools. 

The only downside to this product is that it’s a lot more expensive. And I didn’t feel comfortable spending this much on a product when I could just get the T3 or Conair at similar or lower prices.


  • Multipurpose tool as it can be used for curling hair or adding waves
  • Doesn’t dry hair as negative ion technology prevents moisture loss


  • Expensive compared to other hair wavers depsite having no extraneous features
  • Waves don’t hold for longer as it doesn’t use too much heat to “set’ hair

My Ratings:

  • Safety and Gentleness – 4/5
  • Size Suitability – 4/5
  • Versatility – 5/5

Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go Adjustable Waver

Best hair waver for short hair for reducing frizz

best hair waver for beach waves

If you have frizzy hair, this is probably the best hair waver for short hair that will keep your hairstyle smooth and settled.

It has multi-heating settings with 400 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and auto-off. 

This deep waver has adjustable waver plates for different kinds of waves like tight, defined, loose or tousled.

It can be used for various purposes like curling, crimping etc. It is great to use for curly hair.

This was my first buy of hair waver and I was really amazed to see the results of it. The waves are long-lasting, shiny and look natural. It has a ceramic barrel that results in healthier hair and loose waves.

The machine is lightweight and can be easily carried along while travelling. It is the best hair waver for short hair which is multi-functional.

best bed head waver for short hair

Here’s how you can use this waver on short hair. Dry your hair fast and divide it into sections. Next up, take a section of hair and pass it through the waver. 

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Make sure if the hair passes from the above in the first barrel, it is below in the second one to get a wave.

Heat the barrels that are suitable for your hair type and run your fingers through it after using the waver.


  • Multiple heat settings so you can use it for all hair thickness
  • Adjustable waver barrel to help create different types of waves
  • Adjustable temperature that helps use it for damaged or fine hair


  • None

My Ratings:

  • Safety and Gentleness – 4.5/5
  • Size Suitability – 4/5
  • Versatility – 5/5

Shinon Ceramic 3 Barrel Hair Waver and Curler Iron

Best hair waver for short hair for thick hair type

best hair waver for short thick hair

This 3 Barrel Hair Waver works wonders on thick hair and heats up in just 1-2 minutes. The heating temperature for this waver tool up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit and the heat settings are adjustable. 

You can use this short hair waver to create naturally and shiny waves that last all day long.

So, there is no need for you to use a hair setting spray after you’ve used the waver. This is the best hair waver for short hair for thick hair.

3 Barrel Hair Waver is equipped with anionic hair care technology that doesn’t let your hair damage and maintain its original quality. 

Make beachy waves with this wand to attain beautiful hair locks and finish it with a clip-on top.

All you need to do is pick a bunch of hair under the waver and choose the right temperature for your hair type.

Use one hand to hold the waver and use the other to press it tightly. Run your fingers through your hair after you’re done.


  • Heats up quickly
  • Prevents frizz thanks to the negative ion technology
  • High temperature range so people with curly/Afro hair can use it too


  • Harsh on fine hair as barrel can get too hot sometimes

My Ratings:

  • Safety and Gentleness – 3.5/5
  • Size Suitability – 4/5
  • Versatility – 4/5

Conair MiniPRO Deep Wave Ceramic Styler

Best 3 barrel hair waver for short hair

best deep waver for short hair

The small size of this Conair Mini hair waver is perfect for getting wavy hair when you’re travelling.

It’s a 3 barrel hair waver with a ceramic coating that prevents hot spots and consequently hair damage.

The device heats up to 375 degree F, so you can create your waves and curls pretty quickly. In fact, this waver heats up in just 30 seconds.

It’s great for adding tight waves, body, texture, and on-to-go touch-ups for your hair.

I would suggest going for this tool if you have a very short bob or fine hair.

The barrel is just perfect for those short, spiky locks that slip through most other wavers.


  • Multipurpose tool that you can use for crimping and straightening
  • Heats up in seconds so it saves you time
  • Prevents hair damage thanks to the protective ceramic coating
  • Travel friendly due to smaller size


  • None

My Ratings:

  • Safety and Gentleness – 4.5/5
  • Size Suitability – 5/5
  • Versatility – 4/5

Revlon Salon Ceramic ¾” Hair Waver Iron

Best hair waver for thin hair

best hair waver tool for short hair

This is a great beach waver for short hair! It’s 3/4th inch groove barrels make it easy to create waves on the short hair as well.

The hair waver has upto 30 heat settings and can go upto 450-degree F.

What I liked most about the hair waver is the barrels are very thin and they can lock together when needed.

This feature makes the Revlon Salon Beach Waver very travel friendly.


  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology that protects hair and reduces frizz
  • 30 heat settings so it can suit straight, curly and coily hair
  • Ergonomic grip that makes it easier to use


  • None

My Ratings:

  • Safety and Gentleness – 4.5/5
  • Size Suitability – 4.5/5
  • Versatility – 4.5/5

I’ve used many different hair wavers for short hair in the past but I found T3 BodyWaver to be the best one for it’s technology, usage and functions.

What is the best hair waver for short hair?

T3 BodyWaver is the best hair waver for short hair for boosting the volume of the hair. It gives a salon-worthy look at home without overexposure to heat and damage. The best hair waver polishes the hair and gives it a smooth and shiny look. T3 hair waver is equipped with single-pass radial technology and has five adjustable heat settings. T3 BodyWaver is available on Amazon for sale.

How to select the best hair waver for short hair

Before you select a hair waver for short hair, you need to consider the following factors.

Barrel Size: You can choose a Deep waver as an ultimate savior for short hair, giving you the results you deserve and need.

The barrel size or thickness will decide the type of waves you’ll get. For beach waves, a thinner waver would be good.

And a deep waver will give you vintage-style marcel waves. For short hair choose a hair waver with barrel size 0.5-1 inches.

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Lightweight: Wavers it might be slightly heavier when compared to a regular curling wand.

They are still a more effortless way of creating uniform waves and styling your short locks that makes use of a single big lump.

So select a lightweight waver that is easy to work with.

Number of barrels: You need to wrap your short hair around a barrel, so it will be able to curl your luscious locks swiftly.

But the hair wavers for short hair need to work well with pixie cuts, bobs, etc. So a regular 3 barrel hair waver wouldn’t be the best.

Also, you need to position the tool at the right spot as you move it down your short length in order to give you that nice S Shape you want.

So you’ll have to get a one barrel hair waver. They are also much easier to work with, so with practice, you will be able to create beautiful voluminous curls and beach waves.

Stylist Tip: With a little brushing to soften those gorgeous curls, rub your fingers gently, and top it off with a teeny bit of hair spray, and voila- you will be turning heads when you walk through any door!

Did you know hair wavers have existed since the First World War era?

FAQs – Best Hair Waver For Short Hair

  •  What is a hair waver?

    A hair waver is a device that is used to create naturally textured waves.
    The working of the appliance is the same as a curling iron except for the structure that it aims at achieving are waves rather than curls.
    So the dents on the hair waver are horizontal. 
    You can also use a hair waver to create chunkier curls that have a different structure when compared to when using a automatic hair curler or a flat iron.

  • How to use a waver on short hair?

    Hair wavers are very easy to use on short hair. All you need to do is make sure your hair is dry and untangled. Next, divide your hair into small sections so that they are easy to wave using the machine. 
    After dividing your hair into sections, pull out one section of hair and clamp your hair in a way that it creates an effect of waves. Pull it down after you’re done heating your hair with the waver. 
    Smooth and shiny waves will be made in your hair. You can run your fingers through it to adjust your wavy hair accordingly. 

  • What is the difference between curling tongs, wands and hair wavers?

    Curling Tongs come with a straight barrel that opens and clamps the hair as you curl your hairlocks. It is used to make curlier and bouncier ringlets.
    Curlings wands are straight, bubbled with multiple bobbles in a row and tapered barrel. It doesn’t clamp your hair but wraps your hair around the wand to create a wavy effect.
    Hair Wavers come with three barrel that clamps and presses to style your hair in shape. It is used to create the wavy S shape known as beachy waves or mermaid waves.

  • How to do beach waves on natural hair?

    You can attain beach waves on your natural hair just by smoothening and applying a curl cream while your hair is drying.
    Brush your hair and twist it into small sections around your fingers. Use a bobby pin to secure the twisted locks in your head.
    Keep it over night and open them the next morning. Enjoy your beach waves naturally.

  • How to do beach waves with a wand?

    Attaining a hairstyle where you look like you just stepped out of a beach is dreamy but it is possible with a wand.
    Spray your damp hair and then wrap your hair around the wand. Let the heat create its effect and gently remove your hair from the wand.
    Run your fingers through it and use a texturising spray for the best result.

Summary on Hair Wavers For Short Hair

If you’re wondering what hair waver to pick for your short hair length, I hope this article gave you a better idea.

You need to look at the size of the barrels as a wider barrel won’t be able to clasp short hair effectively.

Also, the material coating on the barrels should suit your hair texture. Remember, go for titanium if you have thick, coarse hair, ceramic if you have damaged or fine hair and ceramic-tourmaline if you have frizzy locks.

Wavers are one of the best ways to attain natural yet stylish looks. Go for it and feel sassy everywhere you go.

Hope this article helped you choose the best waver for your hair type.

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Revlon Salon Beach Waver

The best hair waver for short hair helps adds natural, deep, and beachy waves on short, bob hairstyles. The Revlon Salon Beach Waver is has over 30 heat settings and is travel friendly too!

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