best japanese shampoo for hair loss

13 Best Japanese Shampoo for Hair Loss 2022 | For Hair Growth And Thickening

There are numerous hair growth products out there, but the best Japanese shampoo for hair loss stands out because of the ingredients lists.

These Japanese hair products are better than regular shampoos are they do not contain harsh chemicals. The mild formula will leave your scalp healthier than before.

Japanese Shampoos For Hair LossBest ForChief Ingredients
Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair ShampooBest OverallChamomile, Rosemary, Camellia Extract, Vitamin E
NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Volume Shampoo Oily HairBamboo Extract, Keratin
Kaminomoto Medicated ShampooDandruffSophora Extract, Menthol
Oshima Tsubaki Premium ShampooSulfate Free ShampooCamellia Oil
Milbon Plarmia Hair Growth Serum ShampooDry HairJojoba Oil, Soybean Oil
rinRen Scalp Care ShampooGrey HairMint and Lemon Extract
Moist Diane Extra Volume and Scalp ShampooDry, Dull ScalpCoconut Oil, Marula Oil, Keratin
Kunoma Horse Oil ShampooDetangling ShampooArgan Oil
Ichikami Smooth And Sleek ShampooBest Smelling ShampooRice Bran Oil
Shiseido Volume Touch ShampooVoluminous HairCamellia Oil
Cosmeist &Honey Deep Moist Shampoo Damaged HairManuka Honey, Acacia Honey, Japanese Honey
Angfa Scalp-D Shampoo Medicated ShampooIris Florentina Extract, Soy Milk Filtrate
Komenuka Bijin Moisturizing Hair ShampooColor-treated HairRice Bran, Aloe, Coconut, Ginseng

When I wrote about safe and gentle Japanese hair dyes, I noticed that the thing that made them unique was their ingredients, and the same applies here.

Japanese hair loss shampoo has herbal, all-natural ingredients like camellia extract, chamomile extract, seaweed, and many more. They not only cleanse, but also nourish your hair, leaving them thick, strong, and healthy.

Each Japanese hair loss shampoo has a specific purpose and requirement. So no matter what your hair type is, you can be sure you’ll find a Japanese shampoo for your purpose.

How I tested the best Japanese shampoo for hair loss?

After looking at the Japanese shampoos in the market, I tested a few products on the following parameters. With the help of my hair care team, I then rated them on a scale of 1-5.

Herbal ingredients – Japanese shampoos are known for containing natural, herbal ingredients like ginseng, Tsubaki, etc.

Hair growth power – The shampoo must contain ingredients or a formula that boosts new hair growth.

Gentlenesss – It should be gentle and free of surfactants like SLS or SLES.

Top Japanese Shampoo For Hair Loss 2021

If you are looking for suggestions on how to keep thick and healthy strands, check out the list below. It can also help you understand what each bottle offers and guide you in making your next shampoo purchase.

Shiseido Tsubaki Premium Repair Shampoo

Best Shampoo For Hair Loss Overall

shiseido shampoo japan

Repair your damaged hair to the core with Japan’s leading shampoo brand Tsubaki Premium Repair by Shiseido. It gives salon treated results that make hair look more healthy and alive.

If you are experiencing hair loss due to hair coloring treatments and heat styling, this nourishing and repair shampoo deeply penetrates your strands.

It gives deep regeneration from the roots with the help of its natural ingredients like camellia oil extracts, chamomile extracts, royal jelly extracts, and soya bean seed extract.

Amino acids and glycerin bring nourishment, moisture, and protection against external hair stressors.

Its elegant and fruity scents give you a refreshing feeling. To get better results, the Tsubaki Premium Repair Conditioner can complete the clean, strong, and healthy hair care that you are aiming for.

This shampoo allows you to give more attention to your hair’s internal structure and promote healthy growth.

NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Volume Shampoo

Best Japanese Shampoo For Oily Hair

best japanese hair growth tonic

With advanced botanical technology and protein-rich plant extracts, this shampoo from Nature Lab Tokyo helps revitalize your scalp and prevent hair loss. It has a soy protein ingredient that strengthens hair and makes each strand thick enough to withstand breakage.

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The rice protein, on the other hand, builds your hair volume and improves the appearance of thin hair.

Several ingredients such as apple stem cells help maintain a balanced scalp. You can now feel fresh and light with its cherry blossom inspired scent.

As reported by 75% of users, the results of a fuller and healthier hair is evident after just 30 days of using this shampoo. It is also safe to use even for color-treated hair.

Kaminomoto Medicated Shampoo

Best For DandruffRelated Hair Loss

angfa scalp d

Encourage hair growth with Kaminomoto Medicated Shampoo B&P. This shampoo clears the scalp and deeply cleanse the pores from sebum, dirt, and other products build up.

It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects that keep your scalp from itchiness and redness.

Suitable for all hair types, this shampoo contains ingredients that aid in maintaining a healthy scalp that promotes hair growth. It also has natural plant extracts such as isodon roots and pea-flower extracts that wraps hair strands with moisture.

Oshima Tsubaki Premium Shampoo

Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Japan

sulfate free shampoo japan

Did you know that camellia extracts help stimulate hair growth? Oshima Tsubaki Premium Shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp using camellia oil and three other camellia-derived products. It uses the camellia flower as a blended moisturizing agent, camellia ceramide as a hair repair tool, and camellia leaf extract as an anti-inflammatory agent.

This colorant and mineral oil-free shampoo build on a fine lather washes away dirt, oil, and other impurities on the scalp. It makes hair smooth, manageable, and shiny by using naturally derived products. Its organic formula makes it suitable for all hair types and hair textures.

Milbon Plarmia Hair Growth Serum Shampoo

Best Shampoo In Japan For Dry Hair

best shampoo for hair growth and thickening

If you find yourself having dry and coarse hair, then try Milbon Plarmia Hairserum Shampoo. This product developed by the #1 professional hair care in Japan can restore ad rejuvenates your hair structure.

They use hydrolyzed soybean extracts, jojoba oil, evening primrose shampoo, and their CMADK technology to reinforce the resilience of each of your hair strands.

Milbon Plarmia Hairserum Shampoo helps strengthen and fortify your hair natural barrier against external damages from different factors such as heat styling, pollution, UV rays, and harmful chemicals from bleach and other coloring products.

This shampoo helps make your hair always salon-ready and age-proof.

Being a shampoo and serum itself, it does not only cleanses your hair but also gives you the moisture and protection needed to keep healthy hair and scalp without splurging for another hair product.

rinRen Scalp Care Shampoo

Best Japanese Shampoo For Grey Hair

japanese hair growth supplements

Maintaining a healthy scalp is one of the surest ways of keeping all your hair healthy and intact. This shampoo from rinRen specializes in keeping you from having itchy scalp, dandruff, and bad odor.

To ensure proper hair growth this shampoo formula has mint and lemon extracts to eliminate pore build-up. Without using synthetic fragrance, these ingredients allow you to enjoy a cool and fresh scent throughout the day.

It can also be a natural remedy for hair and scalp damage and greying caused by stress and aging. Aside from plant derived ingredients, it also contains natural bentonite clay that absorbs and removes sebum from the scalp. Its natural components make this shampoo safe to use during pregnancy and for those who have a sensitive scalp.

Moist Diane Extra Volume and Scalp Shampoo

Best Japanese Shampoo For Dull Damaged Hair

best japanese shampoo for oily hair

Infused with organic argan oil and keratin this Moist Diane Extra Volume and Scalp Shampoo hydrate your scalp and keeps it in a healthy condition. If you are aiming for a luxurious and lush hair texture this shampoo is the one for you. The rich natural oils deeply penetrate the hair and nourish it from within.

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This shampoo formula allows your hair to be in moisturized and tangle-free conditions at any time of the day. A natural conditioning polymer gives your hair the extra boost needed for hair growth. 

It has alp rose stem cell extract that gives scalp minerals and antioxidants that help protect your hair from damage caused by UV rays and pollution.

The keratin ingredient reduces hair fall by making each strand strong and less prone to breakage.

Thin, dull, and flat hair will be outdated when you use this shampoo. Moisturizing your hair from the roots will significantly reduce split ends and hair roughness. It is also safe to use for all types of hair.

Kunoma Horse Oil Shampoo

Best Japanese Detangling Shampoo

best shampoo in japan

Okay, at first glance, you might find the ingredients in it strange. But what makes this shampoo the best for hair loss is the horse oil formulation. This ingredient is a staple in many Japanese haircare and skincare products.

Horse oil is said to very closely resemble sebum produced by human skin and scalp. So using this Kunoma Horse Oil shampoo leaves your tresses soft and silky.

This product greatly reduces tangles and knots and leaves hair manageable. As breakage due to tangles is one of the top reasons for hair loss, it helps your mane grow longer and stronger.

Ichikami Smooth And Sleek Shampoo

Best Smelling Shampoo

amino acid shampoo japan

When it comes to Japanese shampoos, Ichikami is one of the more popular brands. People love it for a reason too. This sulfate-free formulation is super gentle on your scalp.

The shampoo contains nourishing ingredients such as rice bran extracts, rice germ oil, Japonica seed extracts, and more. They add moisture and strength to your hair strands and helps prevent breakage.

Regular use of this shampoo can leave your tresses soft and silky. The gentle foam formula gives an unbelievable sheen, and that too without the use of any silicones.

Its soft, floral scent and color-safe formula make it one of the best Japanese shampoo for hair loss.

Shiseido Volume Touch Shampoo

Best Shampoo For Hair Loss And Volume

best shampoo for hair loss

Excess hair loss can leave your tresses thin and lifeless. So if you’re looking to add some bounce and volume to your hair, the Shiseido Volume Touch Shampoo is the perfect choice for you.

The product contains a host of nourishing ingredients like Tsubaki and camellia extracts that help with hair fall. They also leave your hair soft, silky, and voluminous.

The Shiseido shampoos have a wide range of products for every hair type. So if you want something more hydrating you can check out the Shiseido Tsubaki Moist shampoo as well.

Cosmeist &Honey Deep Moist Shampoo

Best Japanese Shampoo For Dull, Damaged Hair

best japanese shampoo for hair loss

If you have really dull, damaged hair then this can lead to breakage and hair loss. Why not try this &Honey Deep Moist Shampoo to give your tresses some care and nourishment?

The shampoo contains Japanese honey (20 percent), Manuka honey from New Zealand (50 percent), and Acacia honey from Hungary (30 percent). Together, this super-moisturizing blend leaves your hair silky soft and smooth.

Apart from the honey, this product also contains argan oil and royal jelly. So it is one of the best Japanese shampoo for hair loss if you have damaged, straw-like hair.

Angfa Scalp D Shampoo

Best Medicated Japanese Hair Loss Shampoo

best japanese shampoo for oily hair

The Angfa Scalp-D shampoo is the best Japanese shampoo for hair loss in men. If you’re experiencing male pattern baldness, hair thinning, and excess oiliness, this shampoo is your best friend.

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It contains elderberries, guava extracts, and garden balsam extracts that help treat hair loss naturally. There is also royal jelly that prevents your tresses from getting too dry.

Coconut oil, keratin, and omega-3 fatty acids are some other nourishing ingredients in this shampoo that boost scalp health.

Komenuka Bijin Moisturizing Hair Shampoo

tsubaki shampoo for colored hair

This shampoo has been created with colored hair and sensitive skin in mind. The ultra-mild shampoo doesn’t contain any sulfates or parabens.

In fact, this product is great for sensitive skin types as it’s completely biodegradable and contains natural ingredients only. The active ingredient in this shampoo is the antioxidant-rich rice bran.

This helps with dry scalp and itchiness and even helps relieve dandruff flakes. It gives your tresses a smooth texture and leave them full of volume.

What Japanese shampoo do I use for hair loss?

There are many hair loss shampoos in the market today, but the Japanese are leading the market in top-quality shampoos for hair loss that actually work. And the Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo is the best among them.

The top Japanese hair loss shampoo brands are Shiseido Tsubaki, Naturelab Tokyo, Ichikami, Angfa scalp care, and more.

What To Look For In The Best Japanese Shampoo For Hair Loss

Hair Type and Hair Quality

It is best to identify whether you have oily or dry hair. Certain shampoos have ingredients intended to remove excess oil while some are for adding moisture.

You do not want to get a shampoo that may worsen your hair condition is it not? You must also bear in mind your hair’s quality; shampoos intended for normal straight hair may not work for curly hair.

Cause of Hair Loss

Are you currently taking any medications? Pregnant? Dermatologists and other hair experts say that losing fifty to a hundred strands per day is normal but if you are starting on noticing bald spots, clumps of hair falling out, patchiness it is time to seek medical help.

Hair coloring chemicals, weak hair roots, oiliness, and dandruff can also cause hair loss. Knowing what causes your hair shedding can let you identify what shampoo ingredients are suitable for your hair and scalp.


If your target is hair growth some ingredients that you need to look for are glycerin for hair growth and thickening and biotin for giving your strands a shiny and healthy look.

Don’t forget vitamin E for regeneration and keratin for strengthening hair strands. Most importantly, look for DHT blockers, these ingredients help dihydrotestosterone or DHT from damaging your hair follicles.


For both men and women, hair shedding, bald spots, and patchiness can cause too much anxiety and embarrassment, and honestly, no one wants to stress out and deal with those things.

These Japanese shampoos dedicated to hair loss will surely be beneficial and efficient in giving favorable results.

Many of these brands not only prevents hair fall, but also target other hair problems such as dandruff, oily scalp, and dryness.

So, if you are having doubts about whether you will get a healthy and full amount of hair, hurry and check out these Japanese shampoo brands.

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