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Best Quiet Hair Dryer Reviews | 13 Products To Buy In 2023

If you’re the kind who hates too much noise, I’m sure you wish your dryer was quieter. So we’ve got these best quiet hair dryer reviews to help you find the right product for your tresses.

A Hair dryer is one of the most important gadgets you can own, whether it is for simply drying your hair on a cold winter morning, or for a nice wavy blow dry for an evening out.

But they don’t have to be annoyingly noisy. So read on for the reviews of the best quiet hair dryers

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Our team has been keen in researching on the most effective but quiet dryers that are available. We have our pick. 

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is the quietest hair dryer which works with a smoothing nozzle with the help of a digital motor. This dryer works very well with coarse, curly and even straight tresses. The air is evenly heated so that your locks is styled easily. The exterior is built in a way that makes it easy for you to hold it and have a grip. 

Quiet HairdryerBest ForPrice
GHD Air Hair DryerBest Overall$199.00
Dyson Supersonic Hair DryerBest Splurge$554.35
Parlux PowerLight Black Hair DryerTravel$209.99
Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe DryerDry hair$99.43
Revlon Salon DryerBudget dryer$29.99
Panasonic Low-Noise IONITY Hair DryerStyling$43.00
BaByliss Super Power 2400 Hair DryerPower$79.99
Remington Ac9140b Proluxe Ionic Hair DryerFrizzy Hair$24.10

Top Quiet Hair Dryer Reviews

 GHD Air Hair Dryer

Quiet Hair Dryer Reviews UK

Dryers by well known and professional brands are always a notch higher than the rest. GHD has been around for enough time to develop their products to bring us a hair dryer that is quiet, but with no compromise on its performance. 

The powerful hair dryer uses negative ion technologies to ensure that you don’t end up with frizzy strands. This is suitable for all types of tresses, but works especially well for curly and unruly, difficult to maintain your locks. 

As it is designed for professionals, the GHD hair dryer comes with a removable lint filter and a sleek handle with a grip that is easy to hold and use. 

The power cords is quite long, giving you ample space to move around. 

There are variable heat settings and speed settings you can choose from, as well as two concentrator nozzles – both for styling. 

Best for : All hair types 

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

best quite hairdyers

Dyson is synonymous with power, regardless of what the equipment is. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer upholds the reputation of the brand with the super powerful digital motor that dries your tresses in a jiffy, and with low to no noise. 

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It uses technology to measure the temperature 20 times every second, so you have evenly heated air blowing at all times. This makes sure that your locks are healthy, smooth and shiny with no frizz. 

The hair dryer comes with 3 attachments that can be magnetically attached, one being a diffuser, one, a smoothing nozzle and the third is a concentrator for styling. There’s also a removable lint filter.

It is suitable for all hair types, all lengths and all thickness. 

The hair dryer also comes with a heating mat and it is designed to be sleek and light, so your arms and palms are comfortable holding this. The only downside to Dyson is the price. Like all Dyson products, this is priced on the higher side.   

Best for : Even heating

Parlux PowerLight Black Hair Dryer

top hair dryers that are noiseless

Parlux Power Light No 385 comes with a built in silencer that helps me dry my hair quietly. It uses negative ion technologies, so your tresses are smoother and shinier and does not leave it dry and brittle. 

The hair dryer is light in weight and compact, perfect for travel. It is designed ergonomically, so it feels comfortable on your arms and wrists even if you are using it for a while. And it also has a removable lint filter.

What I love is the cold air setting. While most dryers simply blow room temperature air or “cooler” air, this one actually has a cool shot button, which is what you need to set your locks. 

It is expensive, but the make is durable and I’m sure it will last a while. 

Best for : Travel 

Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Dryer

noisless hair dryers uk

I can always trust Panasonic when it comes to gadgets, and the EH-NA65-K Nanoe Dryer takes it one step ahead with its quiet technology.

 Apart from the low noise, the hair dryer uses “Nanoe” technology to infuse the tresses with 1000 times the moisture to help the hair stay hydrated, which many dryers fail to achieve. 

The hair dryer comes with 2 speed settings and 3 temperature settings, plus 3 attachments for styling your locks the way you want. 

You get a 9 feet long cords, which is perfect for those who like to move a bit when they are styling their mane.

Best for : Comfortable hair drying

 Revlon Salon

effective quiet hair dryers

Revlon Salon is a powerful, professional hair dryer that I can use on quiet mornings as this won’t be waking up the rest of the household. 

One of the best dryers for maximising volume in your mane, it is also much quieter than most other dryers in the market. 

The hair dryer comes with 3 heat and 2 speed settings, along with a pik attachment and a concentrator for styling your locks. 

The handle is worth a mention as it is made with an anti-slip grip. Revlon claims that it is coated with a material that makes it 20 times more slip resistant.

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 The hair dryer functions on ionic technology, so you get hair that is smoother and shinier, with lesser frizz and static. 

Best for : Frizzy hair

Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

hair dryers for all hair types

The Centrix Q-Zone Dryer is a salon style hair dryer that is so much quieter than most of the dryers out there.

 It is also surprisingly powerful as it dries my hair in no time. This sleek and stylish hair dryer comes with ionic technology and it uses ceramic tourmaline. So my locks turns out to be more voluminous but smoother and less brittle. 

The technology infuses my tresses with plenty of moisture, making it shinier and healthier. The dryer is designed to be light in weight and convenient for use. There’s also a removable lint filter.

The cold shot button can be easily activated from the handle or barrel grip. 

Best for : Dry hair 

Panasonic Low-Noise IONITY Hair Dryer

We have another hair dryer from Panasonic, this one being the uber stylish model – the Ionity. 

This low noise dryer comes in a design that is light in weight, foldable and compact, ready to be carried with you when you travel. 

This is a basic, low priced dryer that does not come with any fancy attachments like a diffuser, but it is very powerful and does the job of drying your tresses very quickly and effectively.

It also does not damage the locks, instead leaves it smoother. The silent hair dryer also comes with a removable lint filter.

 It has different heat settings and includes a cold setting as well to finish your styling. 

Best for : Budget oriented buyers 

BaByliss Super Power 2400 Hair Dryer

BaByliss Super Power 2400 Hair Dryer

The BaByliss Hair dryer checks all the right boxes. It’s got super long cords that make drying easier. The dryer has a powerful 2000 wattage, a removable lint filter and a cool shot button for setting your locks.

It has 3 different heat settings and you can use it at different speeds too. This premium hair dryer also comes with a concentrated nozzle that makes styling your locks easier.

Remington Ac9140b Proluxe Ionic Hair Dryer

While it is true that the more expensive hair dryers are more efficient and come with a lot of features, the budget and low priced hair dryers are also designed these days to serve the purpose. 

Remingtons’s ProLuxe Hair dryer is a powerful model priced to be light on the wallet. It comes with ceramic technologies that reduces static in the locks, leaving it shiny and glossy. Plus, we dig the glitter finish.

This light weight hair dryer has a matte finish, and is compact, perfect for stashing away in your dresser. There’s also a removable lint filter for easy cleaning.

It comes with four heat settings, 2 speed settings plus a cool air button for locking in your style. 

There are two nozzles that can be attached, suitable for styling different kinds and thickness of locks.   

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Best for : Sensitive hair 

Paubea Radiation Free Hair Dryer

hair dryers UK

You can always be a bit safer, and Paubea takes care of that with the radiation free hair dryer.

Suitable for women who are pregnant, for little children and in general for anybody who wants to avoid radiation, this hair dryer does the job as quietly as possible. 

This hair dryer is nominally priced, light in weight, foldable and compact, ideal for travel. It uses ionic infrared and bioceramic technology to give you smoother tresses without the ill effects of radiation. 

It moisturises the locks and leaves it glossier without making it too dry. It comes with 3 different heat settings and a temperature control to ensure even blowing.

There is a smoothing nozzle that accompanies this dryer which can be magnetically attached for convenience. It has also got a removable lint filter for easy cleaning.

Best for : Good texture of hair 


top hair dryers UK

Magnifeko 1875 Wattage hair dryer is a low noise, powerful dryer sold at an affordable price. 

This dryer is safe on the tresses, thanks to its negative ions technology which makes the locks smoother and gets rid of all the frizz. 

There are two speed settings, three heat settings plus a cold air setting to set in the style. It comes with inbuilt safety plugs that prevent electrical shocks. The removable lint filter can be removed and cleaned easily. 

The two attachments included are a diffuser nozzle and a concentrator nozzle for setting different styles. 

Best for : Cleaning the scalp 


hair dryers noiseless

The Berta comes with a built in low noise motor. This is an economically priced, powerful hair dryer that is ideal for traveling with.

 It uses negative ion technology to leave the locks smoother and shinier. It is most suitable for curly tresses.

 The dryer comes with 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings to choose from. There are three attachments for styling, that include a concentrator nozzle, a finger diffuser for voluminising and a straightening comb for sleek and straight locks. 

The dryer has a matte finish and comes with an anti-slip grip for ease of use.  

Best for : Hairstyling 

Deinppa Ionic Hair Dryer

UK quiet hair dryers

Sometimes you need some colour in your life and the Deinppa Ionic Hair Dryer will add that splash with a bright yellow. 

This dryer is not just brilliant in the colour department, though. It comes with nano ion and tourmaline ceramic technology that makes sure that my tresses is in safe hands. It left my locks feeling soft, silky and shiny. 

This low noise, powerful hair dryer is quite powerful and comes with an 8 feet long cords. It comes with 2 speed buttons and 3 heat settings. 

And that’s not all. There is a button that controls the temperature at a constant 135 F. There is an in built high temperature leakage protection for safety of the user. 

Best for : Soft hair