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10 Best Shampoo To Reduce Grey Hair 2023 | Hair Products For Premature Greying

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a magical fountain of youth? But if you really want to turn back time, just try the best shampoo to reduce grey hair

Most hair problems like thinning and breakage can be easily managed. All you need to do is use the right cleansers, conditioners, and hair growth products.

But premature greying is more difficult to control. Difficult, but not impossible! And the easiest way is to use a shampoo to cover gray hairs. 

These are among the most effective products for premature greying as they contain herbal ingredients that help bring back the healthy tone of your tresses. 

Some of these products (like purple shampoos) coat locks with violet pigments and cancel out the brassy tones while others deposit color to cover gray strands.

There are other natural shampoos too that help reverse the clock and get back the melanin production on your locks, leaving them black and shiny.

shampoos for reducing premature greying
Best Shampoo To Reduce Grey HairBest ForChief Ingredients
Wow Onion ShampooDamaged HairRed Onion, Black Seed Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5
Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Fresh Texture ShampooOily, Dull HairHenna Leaf, Brahmi, Licorice, Ritha
BSY Noni Black Hair Magic Hair Dye ShampooInstant Grey CoverageGinseng, Noni Fruit Extract, Color Pigments
DXN Ganozhi ShampooSensitive ScalpsGanoderma Extract and Vitamin B5
Forest Essentials Japapatti & Brahmi Hair CleanserSulfate-free FormulaHibiscus, Brahmi, Tulsi
Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair CleanserAffordable ShampooRitha, Vitamin E, Sunflower Oil
Grisi Organogal ShampooDarkening greysCactus Extract, Black Walnut Extract
Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with CentauryRemoving brassy tonesCentaury Extracts, Amino Acids

Which is the best shampoo to reduce white hair?

According to our research and reading the grey hair shampoo reviews, we’ve decided that the Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Fresh Texture is the best shampoo to reduce grey strands. Not only does it contain nourishing ingredients like reetha, brahmi, and licorice, but it also helps cover grey hair by leaving reddish-brown highlights on your tresses. Plus, the shampoo is sulfate-free too!

Top Shampoo To Reduce Grey Hair 2023

Key Features and Expert Opinion

I asked our resident medical expert Dr Adeela Anees what are the best shampoos for grey hair and if such a thing is even possible. And here’s what she had to say:

  • Dr Adeela says that “The grey hair is caused by a lack of melanin production in the hair follicle, which is a natural part of the aging process. While some shampoos claim to target the root cause of grey hair, the truth is that they can only provide temporary cosmetic benefits.
  • She also adds that “However, that doesn’t mean that these shampoos are entirely useless. By nourishing and strengthening the hair, certain shampoos can help to improve its overall appearance, making greys less noticeable. Additionally, some shampoos contain ingredients that can help to prevent premature greying by protecting the hair from damaging free radicals.
  • So, I asked her what are the best shampoos to reduce grey hair? And she listed a few options below:
  1. Aveda Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo: Dr Adeela says that “This shampoo contains a blend of Ayurvedic herbs that help to strengthen and nourish the hair. By promoting healthy hair growth, this shampoo can help to reduce the appearance of grey hair.
  2. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo: She also adds that this “…invigorating anti grey shampoo contains tea tree oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. It also helps to prevent dandruff, which can contribute to premature greying.”
  3. Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with Centaury: Another one of her picks is this purple shampoo. Dr Adeela reveals that “Your grey hair can often take on a yellowish tint, which can be unsightly. This shampoo contains centaury extract, which helps to neutralize yellow tones in the hair. It also helps to strengthen and nourish the hair, making greys less noticeable.”
  • I then asked her that criteria to keep in mind when choosing a shampoo to reduce grey hair, and Dr Adeela replies that “It’s important to look for products that contain nourishing ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. These ingredients can help to strengthen and nourish the hair, making it healthier and more resilient.”
  • She also reveals that you need to “…look for shampoos that are free from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens, which can strip the hair of its natural oils and contribute to premature greying.”
  • So in conclusion, while it’s not possible to completely reduce grey hair with shampoo alone, there are certain products that can help to improve the overall appearance of the hair and make greys less noticeable.
  • By choosing a nourishing shampoo that contains the right ingredients, you can help to promote healthy hair growth and prevent premature greying.

How To Choose The Best Shampoo For Reducing Grey Hair – A Buying Guide

There are several shampoos in the market that are good for various hair issues. But grey hair requires a special approach.

Before buying the best shampoo to reduce grey hair, make sure to take into consideration the following factors.

how to select shampoo to reduce grey hair

No Sulfates, Silicones and Parabens:

Sulfates and parabens are not good for you. Period. But they can make your grey hair issue worse.

Harsh surfactants can remove the protective natural oils on your scalp and hair, leaving them vulnerable to damage.

Parabens are known to disrupt endocrine function in humans. There is however no direct link between premature greying parabens. But you can avoid them just the same.

Silicones appear in shampoos commonly as dimethicones. These are added to bring shine and smoothness to your hair.

But they often cause build-up and can clog hair follicles. This prevents the follicle from receiving important nutrition like vitamins. And this in turn makes them weaker and prone to greying early.

Herbal Ingredients

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There is no shampoo that can turn back time. However, some herbs are known to increase the melanin production on hair, supply it with antioxidants, and enough nutrition boost to get them to darken again.

Hibiscus, henna, reetha, Indian gooseberry, and panax ginseng are some herbs that claim to reduce grey hair.

Hair Toning Shampoos

If you have just a few strands of grey peeking out, you might not need a herbal shampoo to reduce grey hair.

You can instead use a purple shampoo to simply brighten up your greys.

These shampoos remove the brassiness and yellow tones from your grey hair, making them seem intentional!

Color Depositing Shampoo

Any shampoo to reduce grey hair needs time to work. No matter how effective the formulation is!

But if you need a more instant solution to your grey hair, you can go ahead and try using a color-depositing shampoo for grey hair.

These shampoos usually contain dye pigments that coat the strands of your hair, leaving them colored.

These come in various shades to match your current hair color (black, blonde, brunette, and even bright jewel or pastel shades).

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How can I reduce my gray hair?

There are several ways to reduce premature greying. The easiest way is to use the best shampoo to reduce grey hair.

We like this method the best because cleansers are so easy to use. And using the natural ingredients that these products contain is also good for the health of your tresses.

But there are a few other ways you can keep your mane from turning grey. These include:

Protect them from the sun: UV radiation is notorious for causing signs of aging like premature greying, fine lines, and wrinkles.

So the best thing you can do, apart from using the top shampoo to reduce grey hair, is to cover your tresses while going out. Use a hat or scarf to prevent direct exposure to the sun. 

Use amla and Brahmi hair oil: Indian traditional medicine has used herbs like amla and Brahmi for centuries to combat premature greying.

Hair oil made of these ingredients is best to remove white hair. You can even add in castor oil, as it is known to turn grey hair black.

Reduce stress: A hectic lifestyle and excessive stress are one of the major causes of premature greying. So, even if you use the best product to reduce gray hairs, it’s always a good thing to keep the stress at bay. 

Get proper nutrition: A balanced diet, when combined with the best cleanser to reduce greys, is a sure shot remedy to keep grey hair at bay.

Eat foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamin B and C. Omega-3 fatty acids are also great for hair and skin health.

Having difficulty in maintaining a balanced diet? Try using supplements instead. 

What ingredients too look for while buying a shampoo for grey hair?

When you are out there looking for a shampoo to reduce grey hair, make sure they contain the following ingredients:

  • Purple/violet pigments – These do not reduce greys but cancel out the yellowness and brassy tones from grey hair. This helps make your grey strands look brighter and less conspicuous.
  • Amino Acids: Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, including hair protein keratin. With age, your hair can get weaker and duller, so these ingredients help keep grey strands elastic, soft, and healthy.
  • Plant-based emollients: Emollients are ingredients that add moisture. When you’re buying a shampoo to reduce grey hair, look for plant-based oils such as castor oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, etc. to help soften your locks.
  • Herbs: There are some herbs used in traditional medicine systems that claim to reduce grey hair. Hibiscus extracts, henna, ritha (soapnut), brahmi, etc. are all used in Ayurveda to great premature greying. Koreans use red ginseng the same way.

What are the best hair products for premature greying?

All the top hair products including shampoo for premature grey hair have natural components.
They are free of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, or mineral oils, as these ingredients are known to damage the strands. 
Most of these products are also enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, so they can help reduce aging.
So when you’re buying the best shampoo to reduce grey hair, make sure it contains herbal ingredients like reetha, amla, bhringraj, and henna.  

Is there a soap that turns grey hair black?

There is no scientifically proven soap or product that can turn grey hair back to its original color. Hair color is determined by melanin, a pigment produced by hair follicles, and the loss of melanin with age results in the appearance of grey or white hair.

While there may be cosmetic products or dyes that can temporarily mask or color grey hair, they do not reverse the natural greying process. Any soap or product claiming to do so should be approached with caution, as it may not be effective and could potentially contain harmful chemicals.

However there are some hair darkening shampoo bars are solid hair cleansing products designed to gradually darken or enhance the color of your hair while cleansing it. These bars often contain natural ingredients like henna, indigo, or other botanical extracts that can add subtle color to the hair with repeated use.

While they may not provide dramatic results like traditional hair dyes, they offer a gentle and more natural way to deepen your hair color while also reducing waste since they come in a solid form and typically require less packaging. It’s essential to choose a reputable brand and follow the instructions carefully to achieve the desired results without over-darkening your hair.

How I tested the top shampoos that help reduce grey hair?

I started greying at the roots a couple of months ago, so I wanted a shampoo can help with this issue. So I tested these products and reviewed them on a basis the following parameters.

  • Cleansing – I firstly and most obviously checked how well the shampoo cleansed hair without leaving it dry or stripping it of moisture.
  • Reducing Grey Hair – I also checked if the products had herbs or other ingredients that help reduce or at least control greying. I also included some products with dye pigments that help cover up grey.
  • Strengthening Hair – The main reason for hair going grey is actually due to weakening hair follicles and loss of melanin. I looked if the shampoos contain any ingredients that help with this.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best shampoo to reduce greying. Take a look!

Wow Onion Shampoo

wow shampoo for premature grey hair

This Wow Onion Shampoo is on our list because it’s not just the best shampoo to reduce grey hair. If you’re worried about breakage, dullness, and itchy scalps, this is the product for you! 

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Another thing we loved about this product is the completely natural formula.

There are no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or mineral oil in this product. Plus, it contains DHT blockers that help reduce hairfall. 

Apart from this, the Wow Onion Shampoo contains red onion seed oil and black seed oil, which help reduce premature greying.

So this is an excellent shampoo to get rid of grey strands. The formulation also contains panthenol that helps soothe an irritated scalp. 

As there are no sulfates here, people with sensitive scalps can also use this product. 


  • Reduces premature greying thanks to the onion extracts
  • Soothes irritated scalps as it contain panthenol
  • Sulfate-free formula that is suited for sensitive scalp
  • Contains DHT blockers for hair growth


  • Can leave hair frizzy as it’s not too moisturizing

Our Ratings:

  • Cleansing – 4.5/5
  • Reducing Grey Hair – 4/5
  • Strengthening Hair4.5/5

Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Fresh Texture Shampoo

best sulfate-free shampoo for gray hair

The next on our list of the best shampoo to reduce grey hair is the Biotique bio henna leaf fresh texture. This product is also one of the best sulfate-free cleanser for grey hair.

It’s mild, natural formulation is super gentle on the scalp. So if you’ve got any sort of inflammation or sensitivity, we think this is the right choice for you. 

As the main surfactant used in this cleanser is the natural soapberry, it can be used daily if you want.

This is an excellent shampoo to cover gray hair as the henna extracts in the formula can leave reddish highlights on greying strands. 

If you’re a natural redhead or brunette, this is one of the best shampoos for white strands for you.

Just one thing, the Biotique product is very mild, so if you have a really oily scalp, you can look for something more clarifying.


  • Controls premature greying thanks to the ayurvedic ingredients
  • Natural surfactants that cleanse hair without removing moisture from hair
  • No sulfates so it won’t strip hair dye
  • Good for sensitive scalp as it doesn’t contains chemicals


  • Doesn’t clean oily scalps well
  • Can leave reddish streaks on blonde hair

Our Ratings:

  • Cleansing – 4/5
  • Reducing Grey Hair – 4/5
  • Strengthening Hair4/5

BSY Noni Black Hair Magic Hair Dye Shampoo

best anti grey hair treatment

We liked the BSY Noni Magic Dye Shampoo for one main reason. It’s the best color depositing shampoo for gray hair.

If you have naturally black-colored hair and are worried about greying, this cleanser turns gray hairs to black. 

This dye cleanser takes only 10 minutes to work its magic. And the amazing thing is that it’s chemical-free. So there is no harmful ammonia here, only natural, herbal ingredients. 

And covering up your gray hairs is not all it does either.

The product comes packed with ginseng and noni fruit extracts that help treat dandruff, thinning, and breakage too. 


  • Instantly covers up greys as it contains dye pigments
  • Ammonia-free dye so it’s safe for sensitive scalps
  • Natural ingredients that soothe your scalp
  • Works in just 10 minutes
  • Helps treat dandruff too


  • Can leave hair dry as it contains natural surfactants
  • Doesn’t control causes of premature greying

Our Ratings:

  • Cleansing – 4/5
  • Reducing Grey Hair – 5/5
  • Strengthening Hair3.5/5

DXN Ganozhi Shampoo

The DXN Ganozhi shampoo is the best shampoo to reduce grey hair thanks to its powerful, vitamin-rich formula.

It comes packed with Ganoderma extracts and vitamin B5 that work wonders in turning your grey hair black. 

This cleanser is one of the most trusted products for premature greying because of it’s gentle, pH-balanced formula.

It suits even the most sensitive scalps and helps maintain the health of your mane. 

If you want something to treat split ends, dandruff, and frizz along with grey hair, this is this cleanser for the job. 


  • Controls premature greying
  • Good for sensitive scalp
  • Vitamin-rich formula
  • Helps repair split ends and dandruff


  • Contains sulfates

Our Ratings:

  • Cleansing – 4.5/5
  • Reducing Grey Hair – 4.5/5
  • Strengthening Hair4.5/5

Forest Essentials Japapatti & Brahmi Hair Cleanser

best men's shampoo to stop grey hair

There is one main reason why we think this Forest Essentials Cleanser is the best shampoo to reduce gray hairs – its ingredient list!

The main component in this product is a herb called Nagarmotha that is believed to help with premature greying. 

And apart from this extract, this shampoo to cover gray hair also contains hibiscus that treats hair fall and premature greying. 

There’s also reetha, which replaces the harsh surfactants like SLS and SLEs. And Brahmi strengthens follicles. 

We were also bowled away by the lovely, aromatic fragrance of this cleanser. And the best part? It gives you value for your money as a little goes a long way. 


  • No sulfates
  • Contains natural, Ayurvedic ingredients
  • Natural surfactants like reetha
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Controls premature greying


  • Leaves hair frizzy
  • Can be drying

Our Ratings:

  • Cleansing – 4.5/5
  • Reducing Grey Hair – 4/5
  • Strengthening Hair4.5/5

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Reetha Hair CleanserCheapest Anti Grey Hair Shampoo

best shampoo to stop grey hair

We believe the best shampoo to reduce grey hair is one that contains natural herbal ingredients. And happily, the Patanjali Kesh Kanti Cleanser isn’t lacking in that department. 

It contains a nourishing blend of herbs, including reetha, that cleanse your tresses while also reducing greying.

If you’ve got a dandruff problem or really oily, greasy scalp, this is one of the best things for controlling white hairs.

The product also promotes blood circulation to the scalp, improving hair fall. It also claims to leave your tresses shiny and soft. 


  • Contains herbal ingredients
  • Removes excess oil from scalps


  • Leaves hair dry
  • Contains sulfates

Our Ratings:

  • Cleansing – 4.5/5
  • Reducing Grey Hair – 3.5/5
  • Strengthening Hair4/5

Grisi Organogal Anti Grey Hair Shampoo

anti grey hair shampoo

Grisi Organogal Anti Grey Hair Shampoo has been a recent addition to my hair care routine, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its performance in reducing the appearance of grey hair. As someone who has been looking for a natural solution to address premature greying, this shampoo has shown promising results.

The key ingredient in this shampoo is Organogal, an extract from the gall oak tree known for its natural darkening properties. While it doesn’t completely reverse grey hair, it does help reduce the visibility of grey or white strands, making them appear darker and less noticeable.

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I’ve been using this shampoo regularly, and over time, I’ve noticed a subtle but definite change in the intensity of my grey hair. It’s become less prominent, and my overall hair color looks more uniform and youthful.

One of the advantages of Grisi Organogal Anti Grey Hair Shampoo is its gentle and nourishing formula. It doesn’t strip the natural oils from my hair, and it leaves it feeling soft and manageable. Plus, it has a pleasant, fresh scent that I enjoy during each wash.

To sum it up, while it may not completely eliminate grey hair, this shampoo has been a valuable addition to my hair care routine. It helps reduce the appearance of grey strands, making my hair look more youthful and vibrant.


  • Contains Organogal extract known for its darkening properties.
  • Reduces the appearance of grey hair.
  • Gentle and nourishing formula.


  • Instantly covers greys
  • Cleanses oily scalps thoroughly


  • Washes out in a few days
  • Contains sulfates
  • Just temporary solution to grey hair

Our Ratings:

  • Cleansing – 5/5
  • Reducing Grey Hair – 4.5/5
  • Strengthening Hair3/5

Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with Centaury

gray reverse shampoo

The Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with Centaury has become an essential part of my grey hair care routine, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

As someone who takes pride in embracing their natural grey hair, I’ve struggled with the common issue of yellow or brassy undertones that can develop over time. This shampoo has proven to be a powerful ally in keeping my grey hair looking its best.

What sets this product apart is its unique formulation with centaury extract, a botanical ingredient known for its natural bluing properties. The shampoo’s purple hue effectively counteracts yellow tones in grey or white hair, leaving my hair looking cool-toned and vibrant.

I use this shampoo a couple of times a week, and it lathers beautifully without stripping my hair’s natural oils or leaving it feeling dry. It also has a pleasant, clean scent that makes each wash a refreshing experience.

One of the standout features of the Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo is its gentleness. It’s free of sulfates and other harsh chemicals, making it suitable for regular use without the risk of damaging my hair or fading my grey color.

In summary, this shampoo has been a game-changer in maintaining the beautiful, cool-toned grey hair I adore. It effectively banishes yellow or brassy undertones and leaves my hair feeling soft, manageable, and looking its best.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Leaves hair shiny
  • Removes brassiness from grey hair leaving them less noticeable


  • Doesn’t reduce greys just brightens them

Our Ratings:

  • Cleansing – 4.5/5
  • Reducing Grey Hair – 3/5
  • Strengthening Hair4.5/5

Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo

shampoo to remove grey hair

Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo has been a game-changer for maintaining the vibrancy of my grey hair. As someone who embraces their natural grey locks, I’ve struggled with the common issue of yellow or brassy undertones that can develop over time. This shampoo has been an absolute lifesaver in combating those unwanted warm tones.

What makes this product stand out is its violet tint, which helps neutralize and tone down any yellow or brassy shades in grey hair. The formula is gentle yet effective, and I use it about once or twice a week as a part of my haircare routine. It not only keeps my grey hair looking clean and fresh but also adds a beautiful silvery shine.

Another advantage of Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo is its sulfate-free and color-preserving formula. It doesn’t strip the natural oils from my hair or fade my grey color. Plus, it leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable, which is crucial for grey hair that can sometimes be coarse.

In summary, this shampoo has been a fantastic addition to my haircare regimen. It helps me maintain the beautiful, cool-toned grey color I love while keeping my hair looking and feeling its best.


  • Effectively neutralizes yellow or brassy undertones in grey hair.
  • Adds a beautiful silvery shine.
  • Sulfate-free and color-preserving formula.
  • Leaves hair soft and manageable.


  • It’s a purple-tinted shampoo, so be cautious about overuse, as it can lead to a slightly purple hue if used too frequently.

Our Ratings:

  • Cleansing – 4.5/5
  • Reducing Grey Hair – 3/5
  • Strengthening Hair3/5

Khadi Shampoo for Grey Hair – best ayurvedic shampoo for grey hair

best ayurvedic shampoo for grey hair

Khadi AMLA VOLUME Ayurvedic shampoo has become a staple in my hair care routine, and I’m thrilled to share my experience with this fantastic product. As someone who values natural and herbal solutions for my hair, this shampoo has exceeded my expectations.

First and foremost, the scent of this shampoo is divine. It’s a harmonious blend of earthy and herbal notes that make every wash feel like a rejuvenating spa experience. The fragrance lingers on my hair for hours, which I absolutely love.

What truly sets this shampoo apart is its Ayurvedic formulation. Amla, often referred to as the “Indian Gooseberry,” is a key ingredient known for its hair-strengthening and volumizing properties. Since using this shampoo, my hair has noticeably more volume and bounce. It’s a game-changer for those with fine or thinning hair.

The texture of the shampoo is rich and luxurious, and a little goes a long way. It lathers beautifully, cleansing my hair without stripping it of its natural oils. I’ve also noticed a reduction in hair fall and breakage, which is a big win for me.


  • Divine herbal fragrance.
  • Ayurvedic formulation with Amla for hair volume.
  • Adds noticeable volume and bounce to the hair.
  • Rich, luxurious texture with excellent lather.
  • Cleanses without over-drying, reduces hair fall and breakage.


  • Some may find the fragrance too strong if they are sensitive to scents.
  • Availability might be limited in some regions, but it’s worth seeking out.

Our Ratings:

  • Cleansing – 4.5/5
  • Reducing Grey Hair – 4/5
  • Strengthening Hair4/5


The greying of strands is a very natural process, but it can be a nightmare for most people, especially if your tresses lose their natural color before time.

It’s a good thing then that we have the best shampoo to reduce grey hair.

It helps restore your hair’s health and keep you looking younger. Among the products for premature greying, cleansers are also the easiest to use.

Pick your favorite from the list above, and let us know how it goes! 

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WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo

Get rid of premature greying using the best shampoo to reduce grey hair. The WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Oil Shampoo is sulfate-free and suitable for all hair types.

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Editor's Rating:


  • The shampoo is sulfate free
  • The shampoo helps cleanse hair without leaving it dry
  • The shampoo smells good


  • Can leave hair frizzy
  • Is not suitable for 4c hair
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