Is It Possible To Have A Bleach Bath Recipe Hair Without A Developer

Is It Possible To Have A Bleach Bath Recipe Hair Without A Developer?

Wondering if is it possible to have a bleach bath recipe hair without a developer? In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process of how to make a bleach bath recipe hair without a developer.

Would you like to know how to bleach bath your hair without a developer? If you want that gorgeous hair, bleaching your hair is the best way to go about it.

So if you would like an amazing transformation, then bleaching your hair would be the answer. I can help you with step-by-step instructions and how you can safely do this at home itself. There is absolutely no risk of damaging your hair or scalp so don’t worry, you will get fabulous results.

Is It Possible To Have A Bleach Bath Recipe Hair Without A Developer?

What Is A Bleach Bath?

Are you wondering what a bleach bath is for hair? In a nutshell, it is a hair treatment that involves soaking your hair in diluted bleach with the aim of stripping your hair of color.

Here’s how the technique works.

A typical bleach bath recipe for your hair involves the use of hydrogen peroxide mixed in shampoo to lighten your hair color.

 Do not worry as this will not remove the natural protective layer of each strand, keeping your hair very healthy and glowing.

How does a bleach bath for hair remove the color?

If you are tired of your old hair dye color and would like to strip away the unwanted tones, then getting a bleach bath is a fantastic solution for you.

This technique gets rid of the unwanted color and leftover dye. But, if you want to get the right shade that you want, you will need to repeat this procedure.

A bleach bath for hair is a much gentler and kinder option for your hair as compared to the usual chemical processes seen in the salon.

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I personally find it a very convenient option because it blends through wet strands and makes it easy for shampooing.

Bleach bathing is all about one or two levels and gradually lightens, and removes unwanted colors one shade at a time.

A bleach bath is all about diluted substances so if you suffer from scalp or skin problems, you may need to search for a gentler option.

What Is A Developer? 

A hair developer is a bleach lifting and hair dye agent that contains hydrogen peroxide with a simple role: it opens up the outermost layer of the hair cuticle and allows the chemicals in bleach or hair dye to penetrate deeply and oxidize. 

Why Is It Used In Bleach Baths?

Without using a developer, the bleach powder will not do what it’s supposed to do. It will not lift your hair color to a lighter shade because the peroxide oxidizes the existing melanin pigments found in your hair roots which is responsible for giving you that light shade.

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You can even lighten hair with a developer and no bleach with the right volume and strength. 

A developer comes in different volumes or strengths, to help you indicate just how much hydrogen peroxide it contains.

The most common developer volumes are 10, 20, 30, and 40 and if you want the eBay results, I recommend using either 20 or 30 volume developers to lighten your hair.

Bleach Bath Recipe With Developer

If you are wondering how you can do a simple bleach bath, then here is a quick and easy recipe for you. All you will need is:

  • Bleach powder
  • Shampoo
  • Developer

The bleach powder is responsible to make the mixture light and the shampoo is what makes the bath. First, you will have to mix the bleach powder and developer in equal amounts and up to 50 ml, depending on the length of your hair.

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Next, place the shampoo in the mix. Keep in mind, if you need to dilute the formula then all you have to do is add more shampoo. I prefer to do this until I am satisfied with the consistency.

Finally, give it a good stir and make sure you blend all three ingredients well.

How To Bleach Bath Your Hair At Home?

Yes,  it’s definitely possible. With the right tools, you can perform this bleaching process on your own.

So what do you need? Well, this is what I did. We start with the bleach bath hair recipe( already mentioned above).

The moment you mix it, it has to be applied to your hair, so you need to be quick with it.

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A pro tip: Be confident enough at bleaching your hair consistently or else you might end up with an uneven shade and one side will be lighter than the other.

This is why the developer is so important, just make sure you get it right by mixing it with your water or shampoo. Now that I have already explained the recipe, let’s follow the steps to apply it to get the best possible results:

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-First, and never ever skip this part-You need to wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo simply because it will remove any debris or excess chemicals found in your hair and if you skip out on this step, you will end up hindering the bleaching process.

Not to scare you but it could affect the chemical composition of the hair color molecules adversely.

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-Second, leave your hair wet and part them into sections. You can keep these sections in place using bobby pins or clips.

Grip the section that you want to bleach and with the help of a clip, hold that section at the top and then slowly work your way downwards. Remove your grip from the mid-length and work your way to the ends.

-Third, use vaseline for your ears, eyebrows, and nose because the bleach will likely cause burns on your bare skin so applying vaseline will help protect you before the process and will act as a shield that protects your skin.

-Fourth, you need to expect to have bleach stains on your clothing so make sure you change into something that is old or you wouldn’t mind getting ruined.

Another pro tip: To minimize the staining, you can put Vaseline on the area where the bleach is likely to drip, especially the collars and cuffs.

-Finally, open the windows and do this process in an area that is not in a closed space because the fumes that the bleach gives off can be toxic when you inhale too much and can suffocate you.

So try to work on your bleach bath for hair in an open space or open a window or a door or you can go outside.

Is There A Way To Do A Bleach Bath Without A Developer?

Sadly, it is almost impossible to not have a developer in the bleaching process. Mixing only the shampoo and bleach powder without the developer is a terrible idea.

You will not only jeopardize the health of your hair but also the mixture can weaken or break your hair too. I am not walking about losing one or two strands but you will end up losing in bunches. So, beware. 

How To Activate Bleach Powder Without Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used to lighten hair and as mentioned earlier, it is one of the major ingredients needed for your bleach bath. 

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You can safely use hydrogen peroxide to lighten your hair and even dilute it with some common household ingredients if you like before use such as baking soda and applying it on your hair to lighten it.

Bleach Bath Hair Pros And Cons


  • It is a  gentler way to remove color as compared to regular bleaching.
  • It’s easy to execute and apply at home.
  • Suitable on any type of hair.
  • Inexpensive procedure.
  • Less damaging compared to other bleaching methods.
  • A great option if you only want to remove a small amount of color.


  • Takes longer than regular bleaching.
  • Can irritate your eyes and skin.
  • Not very effective at removing color.
  •  Not suitable for damaged hair.
  • Hair can be left feeling brittle and dry.

Will Mixing Shampoo With Bleach Lighten Hair?

Mixing shampoo with bleach powder without a developer is a big suicide mission. It will only ruin your hair to its breaking point. So, if you wish to lighten it more than three or four tones, I would suggest mixing a developer with a 30-volume bleach powder.

And if you want to lighten your hair one or two tones, you can mix the shampoo with a 20-volume developer every three weeks.

I personally feel that mixing your shampoo and the developer is a much better option because the chemicals are diluted.

I remember one summer, when I dyed my hair dark brown and by the time autumn arrived, it was much darker than I expected so I tried the developer and shampoo mix and the results were quite satisfactory.


As you can see, there are a lot of things you need to take into account when it comes to bleaching your hair.

The most important thing is just to remember if you wish to go for a lighter color, then take extra care of your hair strands and treat them as delicately and as possible without over-processing.

You can always seek an expert professional as your hairdresser will be able to advise on what is best for you based on the condition, texture, and color of your hair. Good luck!

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