Blonde And Pink Highlights On Brown Hair

8 Different Blonde And Pink Highlights On Brown Hair 2023

Wondering which blonde and pink highlights on brown hair look best? Take a look at these photos and find out for yourself!

Pink and blonde highlights is the latest sensational hairstyling trend followed by numerous influencers and fashion moguls.

To add vibrancy and chicness to your brown hair, you can get blonde and pink highlights that not just make you stand out from the crowd but also depict your boldness and grace. 

With these bright-colored highlights, you’re gonna grab all the attention at parties that’ll make you look like the celebrity of the event.

What’s more remarkable about this hairstyle is, it’s gonna suit all face shapes, and hair types thus there’s no need to fret over what’s going to look good on you. 

We’ve brought some bold and cool ideas of blonde and pink highlights on brunette hair. Check them out below!

Blonde And Pink Highlights On Brown Hair

Brown Hair With Blonde And Pink Highlights

We have to praise our brunette sisters because brown hair in and of itself is one of the mesmerizing hair colors out there.

But if you think your brown hair looks boring or lacks shimmer then it’s about time you revive your hair with bright-colored highlights. Blonde highlights look exceptional on brown hair but do pink highlights suit brown hair?

Blonde And Pink Highlights On Brown Hair
Source: Instagram @theciaobellasalon

Of course, they do. In fact, pink highlights look more phenomenal on brunette hair than any other hair color due to contrasting nuances, and the final result is going to reveal a pop of beaming shades. 

However, there are a few factors you must consider when getting pink and blonde highlights such as your undertone and the hues of your natural hair.

Because these factors are going to aid you in picking the perfect pink and blonde hair colors for your highlights. Your skin tone will also play a major role when it comes to choosing the ideal shades of pink and blonde for your hair. 

Keeping all of these factors in mind let’s take a look at some of the brilliant pink and blonde hair colors that are going to accentuate your brown hair. Furthermore, we’ve also included an array of trendy highlighting ideas for inspiration.

Walnut Blonde

Walnut blonde is one of the most iconic highlights that look exceptional on dark brown hair. This shade is quite parallel to brown hues because it has a woody undertone. Nevertheless, it’s still a blonde hair color that goes perfectly with light pink highlights on brown hair. 

blonde hair with pink highlights
Source: Instagram @hair.whore

If this is your first time getting highlights on your brown hair and you don’t wanna go overboard, then walnut blonde is most likely to be your match.

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With a hint of brassiness that doesn’t look unsightly, you can highlight the outer layers of your strands to make them look outstanding. 

light brown hair with pink highlights
Source: Instagram @impulse_salon231

And following it with highlights of pink hues like pink lemonade or rose gold within your inner hair layers, your locks are going to look multi-dimensional.

If you have warm undertones and a fair skin tone, then these walnut blonde hair highlights are going to accentuate your facial features and grant a natural glow overall. 

Grainy Blonde

Grainy blonde is a hair color that has the nuances of beach sand. If you happen to have light brown hair with hints of black strands hither and thither then this blonde shade is going to elevate your entire mane. 

Giving your hair grainy blonde highlights opens a gateway to your locks that can suit bright pink shades like cotton candy pink, raspberry pink, and neon pink.

You can experiment and be a bit daring on your light brown locks with the grainy blonde shade by coloring most of your mane with this hue. 

pink highlights in black hair
Source: Instagram @hairinfrosting

Furthermore, you could opt to use 2 or 3 shades of pink as highlights and be playful with your hair. Ultimately, the results are going to be mindblowing because now you’ll have contrasting hues on your locks that will make your hair possess beautiful layers of striking shades.

pink highlights underneath hair
Source: Instagram @hairbybriannanickoles

Grainy blonde highlights suit both warm and cool undertones and go well on both light and dark skin tones. Grainy blonde and pink highlights complement short pixie and bob cuts quite remarkably.

Mushroom Blonde

The mushroom blonde shade is the latest and well-received hair trend of 2022. Countless people irrespective of natural hair colors and skin tones have implemented the mushroom blonde highlights on their locks.

This blonde shade leans more towards ashy and platinum blonde hues thus it’s a daring approach to take on your brown hair. 

brown hair with pink balayage
Source: Instagram @aleshasboldbabes

Honestly, the mushroom blonde shade suits light brown hair more than dark brown because, on light brown hair, this shade appears more prominent. Any bright pink shades like neon pink, cotton candy pink, or fuchsia pink complement the mushroom blonde highlights on brown hair. 

pink balayage on dark blonde hair
Source: Instagram @bab_davis_hairstylist

In fact, you can even add a few pink streaks on the highlighted mushroom blonde strands to create a beaming effect. This adds a subtle touch to your locks and makes your mane look unique among the countless pink and blonde hair highlight trends.

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Since the mushroom blonde shade is a cool color it mostly suits people with cool undertones and light skin tones. 

Peach Blonde

Peach blonde falls in the category of warmer hues of blonde that has a slight orangish-pink shade. It’s one of the blonde colors rarely used for highlights but trusts me when I say that peach blonde highlights on light brown hair look out of this world.

What’s impressive about the peach blonde shade is its flexibility since it suits both warm and cool undertones. 

blonde and pink highlights on brown hair
Source: Instagram @coiffurebeautymagazine

You can go overboard with peach blonde highlights on your locks if you wish to complement it with a much brighter pink highlight like raspberry pink and sangria pink.

If you opt to stay minimal with the peach blonde highlights, then you can choose light pink shades like rose gold. 

how to do blonde and brown highlights
Source: Instagram @rosanaborgesbeautylounge

However, this won’t be very contrasting like adding bright pink highlights because the peach blonde color is already going to have a hint of pinkish hues in it.

With the peach blonde highlights, you can slay any party or wedding and all eyes will gravitate toward you. These highlights suit both light and dark skin tones but appear fantastic on tanned skin.

Pastel Pink

Pastel pink is the lightest shade of pink on the color chart and there’s a major misconception that claims pastel pink only suits those with blonde hair and cool undertones.

To put this misconception to rest, numerous social media influencers have attempted to highlight and even completely color their hair with pastel pink. 

different types of highlights on brown hair
Source: Instagram @hairbylalita

Since we’re only looking for highlights let’s see how pastel pink will work on brown hair. Pastel pink highlights can be performed on both dark and brown hair, however, if your hair is too dark it’ll require bleaching in order to ensure the pink shade appears on your locks. 

light pink highlights
Source: Instagram @hushhairbirmingham

If you choose pastel pink highlights then you’ll have to go for a cooler blonde shade like grainy or mushroom blonde.

This will grant your brown hair a combination of cool shades that will create a glass effect on your locks. Pastel pink and blonde highlights suit both light and dark skin tones. 

Cotton Candy Pink

If you loved unicorns as a kid then you probably wanted to have cotton candy hair. Currently, the hair trend is to pair cotton candy and blonde highlights on brown hair.

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Who knew shades like cotton candy and blonde would go so well with each other? Cotton candy pink is quite a vibrant shade and when paired with warm blonde highlights it perfectly brings out a glittering finish to your brown locks.

pink highlights in brown hair
Source: Instagram @drop_dead_hair

You can do this by requesting your hair stylist to highlight the upper layers of your hair in cotton candy pink and color the lower strands of hair with warm blonde shades like walnut or peach blonde.

The bright and warm shades of cotton candy and blonde are going to look magical on your brunette hair. 

blonde hair with pink highlights pictures
Source: Instagram @beautybymassn

Since cotton candy is such a vibrant color it accompanies well with cool undertones and light skin tones. However, if you’re only going for minimal cotton candy highlights on your brown hair then it can suit warm undertones as well. 

Raspberry Pink

Raspberry pink is a pink shade that has a dainty bit of red gradations to it. It looks more like burgundy but is very vibrant.

Not many people have tried out the combination of raspberry pink and blonde highlights on brown hair thus it’s one of the unique highlight trends on this list. 

dark blonde hair with pink highlights
Source: Instagram @donyhairstyles

Attempting this highlight method will definitely draw looks on you because you’re not just going to look fantabulous but are also creating a new hair trend.

The blonde hues that will suit raspberry pink highlights are walnut blonde, peach blonde, and any blonde shades that have a warm undertone. 

light blonde hair with pink highlights
Source: Instagram @boutiquedecheveux

The best way to introduce raspberry pink and blonde highlights to your hair is by highlighting the back and lower hair strands with raspberry pink while blonde highlights can come in the front and even at the top of your hair.

This highlight combination complements those with fairer skin and cooler undertones very well. 

That’s the end of the blonde and pink highlights techniques on brown hair. Hope you were inspired by some of these looks and have an idea of which technique to try out on your brunette hair.

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