Blonde Hair Shades On Black Girl

20 Different Blonde Hair Shades On Black Girl 2023

Want to learn how to style your blonde hair shades on black girl? Check out our top 20  blonde hair shades that are literally ‘black girl magic.’

Although most dark-skinned girls like me don’t even dream about rich blonde locks, perhaps you have been toying with this idea and are unsure if the golden hue will look right against your skin tone. Don’t worry, sister, I got you!

Thankfully, most women are readily taking advantage and bracing the fashion scene by storm. From Beyonce to Nicki Minaj, let us face it, blonde hair looks amazing on any shade of skin.

There is no such thing as the wrong blonde shade for brown or dark skin. Honestly,  it all depends on your mood so all you have to do is find the best shade of blonde that will match your skin tone perfectly.

Here is a list for all you gorgeous black women who are looking for new blonde hair shades-

Top Blonde Hair Shades On Black Girl

Classic Rich Blonde

Are you a fan of honey? Then, girl this shade of blonde is made for you. It is very similar to golden blonde but is definitely different.

Blonde Hair Shades On Black Girl
Source: Instagram @mocahontas_625

This is the perfect color that compliments many skin tones and I have personally seen this work for most of my friends too. Just, do not over-process the hair because leaving the color on too long may change the shade you may actually desire.

Pink Blonde

Do you want to go funky? Well, fun hair is always in, so why not choose this crazy yet beautiful shade for your hair?

black girl blonde hair natural
Source: Instagram @vivohairnz

Pink blonde hair is everything and is perfectly suited for those looking to revamp their style and take it to a whole new level. And the best part about this is that there are different shades of pink to get your hair on to try.

Lavender Blonde

Similar to its pink sister, lavender blonde hair is just not something you would even dream of doing but you will never know unless you try. Don’t you agree? I encourage you to try something different, and this very light purple-blonde shade will help you accomplish just that.

blonde hair on black girl
Source: Instagram @douglasreidhair

Any black girl can wear this color and can pull it off with the right shade of lipstick and confidence.

Grey Blonde

Okay, before you cringe and roll your eyes at me, this is not your grandmother’s shade of gray. This color slightly varies from ash blonde because it provides a lot of depth and warmth, making you look bolder and more stunning.

black girl hair color chart
Source: Instagram @hairstyle_mikisgiolanta

This color is definitely for those girls who wish to try something different from your traditional shade.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is still one of those silent risks that you might be afraid to try but given today’s trends, you can take anything and make yourself look like an absolute goddess.

best hair color for black women
Source: Instagram @blackandblonded

While this shade of blonde is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is for those willing to take the risk and go against society’s ideals of black hair.

Light Blonde

You cannot help falling in love with this shade of blonde hair, am I  right? The color creates such a gorgeous contrast with your dark skin and is so eye-popping that you just want to sit and admire yourself in the mirror.

black girl hair color ideas
Source: Instagram @c3hairimports

As vain as that may sound, embrace the color shade and wear flawless makeup to complete the look.

Honey Blonde

Depending on the tone of your skin, the classic honey blonde would be the safest choice and probably the best option for black women who need a dramatic change.

how to dye hair blonde black girl
Source: Instagram @stedslayedit

You can even get an awesome hairstyle like bangs to help deliver that sassy look. This hair shade is the epitome of class and elegance so just go for it!

Blonde Highlights On Short Hair

If you are thinking about cutting your hair, light blonde hues may not look very impressive. So, blonde highlights may be exactly what you need.

best blonde hair color to cover dark roots
Source: Instagram @hairkrazy

Don’t hesitate to go a little darker as it will make you look grand and make you fall in love with your skin all over again.

Golden Blonde

Beauty Goddesses like Ciara,  Beyonce, and Tyra Banks, and more totally rock the golden blonde look and now thanks to social media, we are seeing more black girls embracing this shade and killing it. 

can you put blonde on black hair
Source: Instagram @madame_butterfly215

It is a mix of honey hues with no brassiness and the colors totally melt seamlessly through your locks. Try this color with some hair extensions and you are sure to turn heads.

Bright Golden Hues

Bright golden hues on any dark skin tone can make you look stunning and gorgeous and help you achieve the hair shade you always dreamed of.

shades of blonde hair on black girl
Source: Instagram @briaanbarron

If your skin has naturally golden or yellowish hues, then even better, This blonde shade can become your favorite for years to come. It is also the perfect choice for women who hate hair hassle and want something unique.

Beach Blonde

Here is a style for all the black girls out there who wish to show off their rich, long beautiful hair. There are so many styling options here too.

Source: Instagram @blackgirlsdoblonde

A side swept dimensional hairstyle, or curls at the end are so pretty and classy which will give you a fabulous finish. You are going to love your new look.

Sandy Blonde

You can choose this classic sandy blonde look that will keep you looking more natural. The great news is that you will not have to keep running back to the hairdresser as often.

black girl blonde hair braids
Source: Instagram

This shade can make you stand out of the crowd and is suited for those looking for a bold change. If you have black hair, then please it’s about for some good changes.

Turmeric Blonde

If you want to look like  Marylin Monroe, then this is the perfect example. This hair shade for black women was created to conquer the world.

black and blonde hair
Source: Instagram @eveshouseofbeauty

So, why not use it to its fullest extent? Turmeric blonde is one of the ideal blonde hair colors for dark skinned so you will look outstanding without much effort.

Chocolate Brown Blonde

Keep the base of your hair color a chocolate brown or simply add a lighter blonde hue for a perfect look.

blonde hair cut black girl
Source: Instagram @hairapyandaplan

Get bangs and flip them on one side or use a rotative brush to style the hair sections inwards for a super cool hairstyle. The beauty of this blonde shade is that it draws attention with a subtle flair. 

Walnut Blonde

This is another pretty blonde shade tone that works for black girls which are lovely and chic. To get this look, it is best to have hair about shoulder length, so that you can add pretty beach waves, to showcase the bright beautiful hue of your look. 

what are all the shades of blonde
Source: Instagram @voiceofhair

Vanilla Blonde

Vanilla ice has nothing on this spectacular blonde shade. Now you can opt for a classic vanilla blonde shade with dark roots to give you a more natural look.

can you put blonde on black hair
Source: Instagram @tammilashawn

You can even add in a few long layers and curtain bangs to shape and frame your face. If you want to channel your inner foxy and daring celebrity, then vanilla blonde is the way to go!

Golden Bronze Blonde

Here is a subtle blonde shade that will go with any skin tone. Just remember that golden bronze and blonde tones blend perfectly together and are a perfect marriage.

best hair color for black hair
Source: Instagram @blacc_lotus_soul_survivor

Perfect to rock out this look at any time of the year, and is enough to slay at all your parties and social gatherings.

Sandy Blonde Beachy Waves

Tired of tight and straight tresses? Then, here is the best solution for it all: Loose beachy waves with a sandy blonde finish is known for turning heads.

best color to dye african american hair
Source: Instagram @ebonishante

Get this hot look if you wish to be a true babe magnet and literally stop traffic.

Light Caramel Blonde

This natural-looking, low maintenance light caramel blonde finish gives dark-skinned females a fresh-from-the-salon appeal and looks good on women of all ages and with all hair types.

best hair color for dark skin male
Source: Instagram @makingshotsphotography

I would suggest getting a classic bob with light caramel highlights to help you achieve that level of sophistication.

Ombre Wavy Blonde

Ladies with wavy hair, this cool hair shade is for you. Leave your hair down with an ombre that starts off dark and gradually fades into a lighter shade.

best hair color for black females
source: Instagram @yeahitsbrie

In case your hair isn’t naturally waved, recreate this look with curling and other styling options.


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So what we have learned here is that black girls can totally rock the blonde shade look and black girl magic is on the rise and should not be limited.

I mean if you just Google- ‘Black girl blonde hair look’ there will be tons of amazing images that are bound to come up.

If anything, no matter what your idea is for your blonde hair, take my advice and just go for it. Just decide on what you want to do with your hair and which shade will suit your personality too.

Remember, the point here is to wear any color you want from golden blonde to platinum blonde to pink blonde to lavender blonde, the choices are endless.

So to every dark-skinned girl who believes that she cannot rock blonde hair, try any of these shades, you might surprise yourself.

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