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18 Best Braided Mohawk Hairstyles 2023 | Hottest Styles For Women

The braided mohawk hairstyle is a look that has deep cultural rules. 

In ancient North America, the mohawk hairstyle was traditionally worn by the people of the Mohawk Nation. 

But now the mohawk hairstyle has been popularised by the grunge and rock and roll culture. 

Over time, the mohawk has evolved into a different look and has been worn by people of all cultures. 

One popular way of styling mohawk hair is by combining it with protective hairstyles that are popularly worn by African Americans.  

Even the crew cut that is worn by men today is an updated version of this uber-cool hairstyle. 

If you want to know more about these hairstyles, take a look at some of the best-braided mohawk looks on the list. 

Top Braided Mohawk Hairstyles 2023

Twisted cornrows braided mohawk hairstyle


This updo is literally a work of art. This is a very cool look that you can pull off easily. 

If your hair is too thin for this, you can use extensions to achieve this look. 

This protective hairstyle is perfect for making your hair more manageable. 

Ponytail Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

mohawk hairstyles for ladies with braid

The ponytail mohawk braid is one of my favorite hairstyles. This chic look will make you feel like royalty. 

You have to braid your mohawk up to the bottom of your head and then fasten it into a ponytail. A transparent rubber band can also be used to tie your hair neatly. 

Take a small section of your ponytail and wrap it around to get an even better look. 

Aligned Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

braided mohawk styles for black females

If you are looking to create a perfect aligned pattern on your hair, you can opt for these beautifully aligned braids. 

You can also opt to leave your mohawk as it is or braids them. 

Long braided mohawk hairstyle

braided mohawk little girl

This is the perfect braided mohawk for people with long hair. 

Long hair is often difficult to manage so you need an updo that will make sure that your hair remains in place without disturbing you. 

But if you find most of the regular braids boring and basic, you should totally try this long braided mohawk that stands falls beautifully. 

This gives a very bohemian look and you can even accessorize them with flowers, beads, or other embellishments.

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Bog braided mohawk hairstyle

braided mohawk hairstyles pictures

If you want to draw all the attention to your mohawk, you should definitely try the big braided mohawk. 

The basic idea behind this hairstyle is to make sure that the mohawk is larger than a regular mohawk so that it is highlighted in your look.

One way to achieve this is by teasing that part of your hair before braiding the mohawk. 

You can also use a volumizing spray to make it look bigger. Add a bun at the end of the braid to create a statement. 

Also, you can customize the size of the braids and bun according to your desire. 

One way to make your braids look bigger is by slowly pulling the sections of hair from the braid after tying it. 

Kinky braided mohawk hairstyle

braided mohawk hairstyles with shaved sides

A kinky braided mohawk is a very eccentric look that can grab a lot of attention. 

The contrasting textures on your head after getting this updo look beautiful. 

It is best suited for people with African American hair but people with curly hair can also give this a try. 

Usually, the mohawk is the part that is braided in most of the updos but in this look, it goes the opposite way. 

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The mohawk is let loose and the rest of the hair is braided in an organized fashion to give you a trendy look. 

French braid bridal mohawk

braided mohawk with beads

A mohawk is not a hairstyle that is only suitable for casual wear. You can also wear these looks at special events. 

This french bridal mohawk is such a pretty updo for special occasions. This unique twisted mohawk gives you a very edgy look. 

You can easily customize this look by adjusting the size of the mohawk and adding more braids around it. 

Front twist mohawk

braided braided mohawk hairstyles picture

If you are looking for a unique mohawk look, this is something you should try. This updo is not for the faint-hearted but it helps create a bold statement. 

To achieve this look, you should start braiding your hair from the bottom and the sides to gather it at the top near your forehead and twist it. 

Jumbo braided mohawk hairstyle

braided mohawk hairstyles natural hair

If you think that a braided mohawk takes too much time to do, you should get the jumbo braided mohawk. 

This does not really require too much sectioning and braiding of your hair which helps in finishing up things quickly. 

I find this look to be quite stylish, and it will look great on people with thick hair!

You can also use hair extensions to improve the look of this hairdo and give some volume. 

Mohawk braid with streaks

braided mohawk hairstyles for black hair

This is probably one of the coolest mohawk hairstyles on the list. 

If you are bored of your natural hair color and are looking to tweak things a bit, you should totally consider coloring your hair. 

These orange streaks have taken the hair to the next level. You can even add different colored extensions to get this look.

Rainbow colored braided mohawk

colored Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

If you are in the mood for something louder, this pretty rainbow-colored mohawk should definitely be on your list. 

This will give you all the attention you need and a very funky look. You will have to bleach your hair if it is not natural light before developing these colors on your hair. 

This mohawk is easier to tie up since you don’t have to divide your hair into small sections before tying it up. 

Bantu knots braided mohawk hairstyle

braided mohawk hairstyles for black hair

The Bantu knots were originally worn by the Zulu people of South Africa but it has become a part of the mainstream culture and is more of a fashion statement now. 

After sectioning your hair, you have to twist the section and wrap it into spiral knots. 

Make sure you do not twist your hair too tightly or you could risk damaging your hair. 

You can place these knots in different parts of your hair but my favorite is to place them at the center like a mohawk. 

Tied in braided mohawk hairstyle

braided mohawk hairstyles for african american hair

Some people feel like a mohawk look is not suitable for a formal look. 

But this tied-in braided mohawk is definitely an exception to that case and will make you look sharp and elegant. 

In order to achieve this look, you have to wrap the braids from the sides to the braids at the mohawk. 

This is a super stylish look that will also protect your hair. 

Stretched mohawk

braided mohawk hairstyles for ladies

The stretched mohawk is also known as a frohawk and is a very popular hairstyle of the rock and roll era. 

In this look, the sides of the hair are either braided or trimmed down to get a stretched look. This is a very popular hairstyle among African American women. 

Twisted bun mohawk

braided mohawk updo

The twisted bun mohawk gives you a sophisticated messy look. There are different ways of getting this hairstyle done. 

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You can section your hair at the center and braid the sections before twisting it to a bun. You can also simply twist these sections to pin them into a bun. 

This hairstyle takes very minimal effort and is a great choice if you are doing your hair on your own. 

Double braided mohawk hairstyle

braided mohawk hairstyles for ladies

If you are tired of the same old braided mohawk, it’s time for you to try the double braided mohawk. 

This hairstyle has a very edgy vibe to it and can totally increase your style quotient. I just love how sleek this hairstyle looks and it is very easy to put up. 

You do not have to add cornrows to the sides of your hair to achieve this look and it still looks so stylish.

Also, you can also try this hairstyle by layering the braids. 

Add another braid on top of the original braid to get a sleek-looking double braided mohawk. 

Bohemian braided mohawk hairstyle

braided mohawk styles for black females

This bohemian look has small braids that join the main braid at the center to create a beautiful updo. 

This is also one of the easiest mohawk braids that you can do yourself. 

The highlight of this bohemian braided mohawk, is, of course, the hair accessories that go with it. 

I love the chain on top of the braid in this one but you can always add more accessories and embellish your hair. 

You can also opt for shells, beads, and even flowers to get that true bohemian touch. 

Mohawk braid with undercut

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles,

This hairstyle can be easily achieved by leaving your hair at the sides short and shaving a design on it. 

This floral undercut is a perfect combination for a mohawk braid. This also gives a rock and roll vibe. 

Pair it with the right hair accessories and hair colors to get a stylish and edgy look. 

How To Create A Mohawk Hairstyle With Natural 4c Hair

Are you tired of the conventional hairstyles for natural 4c hair? Try the edgy and chic Braided Mohawk hairstyle! This style is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd and showcase their wild side.

To create a Braided Mohawk hairstyle with natural 4c hair, you first need to start with clean and detangled hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner and a styling gel to make your hair easier to work with.

Next, part your hair down the middle and create two sections on either side of your head. Begin braiding each section from the nape of your neck towards your crown, using a three-strand braid technique. Make sure to braid tightly and secure the ends with a hair tie.

Once both sections are braided, use bobby pins to secure them into a Mohawk style down the center of your head. You can also choose to add accessories like beads or cuff beads to your braids for an extra touch of glam.

Finally, use a holding spray to lock in the style and keep the braids in place. Voila! You now have a stunning and fierce Braided Mohawk hairstyle that is sure to turn heads.

Now that you know how to create a Mohawk hairstyle with natural 4c hair, don’t be afraid to experiment with different variations and styles to make it your own. Embrace your individuality and rock your new, unique look with confidence!

How Long Do Mohawk Braids Last On Natural Hair

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s edgy, unique, and eye-catching, you may be interested in trying out a braided Mohawk. This style combines traditional cornrows with a bold center strip that runs from your forehead to the nape of your neck.

However, before you dive into the world of Mohawk braids, you may be wondering how long this style can last on natural hair. Well, the answer is that it depends on a variety of factors.

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First and foremost, the durability of your Mohawk braids will depend on the health and strength of your natural hair. If you have weak, damaged strands, your braids may become loose and frizzed more quickly than if you have healthy, resilient hair.

Additionally, the type of hair extension or added hair that you use for your Mohawk braids can impact their longevity. Human hair extensions tend to last longer than synthetic ones, so if you’re looking for a longer-lasting style, you may want to invest in natural hair instead of synthetic fibers.

Finally, how you take care of your braided Mohawk can also affect how long it lasts. Be sure to wrap your hair at night with a satin scarf or bonnet to prevent frizzing and breakage, and avoid touching your braids too much or manipulating them too aggressively.

Overall, a well-maintained braided Mohawk can last anywhere from 2-8 weeks on natural hair, depending on the factors mentioned above. With proper care and attention, you can rock this fierce and edgy style for weeks on end.

Is A Mohawk Braid A Protective Hairstyle For Natural Hair

If you have natural hair, you know that finding the perfect protective hairstyle can be challenging. Well, fret no more, because the braided Mohawk hairstyle might just be what you need.

Mohawk braids have been around for ages, but they’ve recently gained popularity as a natural protective hairstyle. Not only does the Mohawk braid style protect your hair from breakage and damage caused by everyday wear and tear, but it also shields your hair from damaging weather elements like dust, wind, and the sun.

With this style, your ends are tucked away, reducing the risk of split ends or other forms of hair breakage. Another benefit of the Mohawk braid is that you can keep the style in for several weeks with proper maintenance.

Since the hair is secured in braids and tucked away, it creates a low manipulation style that reduces stress on your natural hair. It allows your hair to grow and rest without further exposure to daily stress.

Keep in mind that the key to a successful Mohawk braid style is proper installation and maintenance. Ensure that your scalp is properly moisturized, and your braids aren’t too tight.

Loose braids, on the other hand, can lead to tangling and damage. Overall, the Mohawk braid style is an excellent protective hairstyle for natural hair.

It not only protects your hair but also allows for easy maintenance and versatility in styling. Whether you’re going for twisted updos, curly afros, or sleek buns, the braided Mohawk is a perfect foundation for almost any natural hairstyle.


There is a popular notion that a mohawk hairstyle is not really meant for a formal or professional setting but that is absolutely not true!

Here, we have listed so many types of braided mohawk hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion. 

The mohawks were popularly worn by bikes in America and even became a favorite of celebrities. And now you can sport this look too!

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