Brown Ginger Hair Color Ideas

17 Amazing Brown Ginger Hair Color Ideas 2024

Looking for brown ginger hair color ideas? Check out our selection of brown ginger hair colors and get inspired!

The shade of ginger is absolutely gorgeous. Well, what’s not to love about this shade right? But what intrigues me, even more, is when the color brown and ginger come together. It makes a super lovely and extremely attractive and eye-catching shade.

As someone who is a hair coloring enthusiast, I am always on the search for shades to mix and match to find a new shade for each of my hair coloring sessions.

So if you are someone like me who likes experimenting with hair colors and are on the lookout for a lovely shade of brown ginger to color your hair with, I’ve got you covered.

This article will show you the top brown ginger hair colors for you to try out!

Top Brown Ginger Hair Color Ideas

Light Auburn Brown Ginger Hair Color

Do you want to get your hair colored brown ginger, but do not really want to bleach it with a higher volume developer because of the damage it can cause to your hair?

Brown Ginger Hair Color Ideas
Source: Instagram @elien_dhossche

Well, this light auburn brown ginger hair color can suit you perfectly! It keeps your dark hair to a considerable extent, giving you the perfect tinge of brown ginger.

Golden Brown Ginger Hair Color

If you ask me what my favourite shade of brown ginger hair color is, I’m going to be honest here; it would have to be this perfect golden brown ginger shade because it looks absolutely gorgeous!

light brown ginger hair
Source: Instagram @karlacastillo_hairdesigner

It perfectly reflects the shade of brown ginger, while having the glow of the color golden, making this hair color shade so perfect!

Light Brown Ginger Ombre

The light brown ginger ombre is a perfect shade for those who already have light brown hair and are looking for just a little switch-up in your hair color.

dark brown ginger hair
Source: Instagram @pk.kliffa

This hair color will require keeping half your hair the shade light brown, while the other half is colored ginger, forming the perfect brown ginger ombre.

Flaming Brown Ginger Hair Color

Talk about bold color, will you? This shade of flaming brown ginger looks absolutely royal. It really looks visually appealing while giving a person a bold look.

light ginger brown hair color
Source: Instagram

The reason I like this color is that it can really showcase a person’s personal preferences, because not too many people like to go bold.

Copper Shimmer Brown Ginger Hair Color

This shade is a rather uncommon shade of brown ginger. If you do not like the traditional brown ginger color, then adding a little dash of copper can give your hair an uplifted look.

ginger and brown hair parents
Source: Instagram @world_new_hair

It looks natural, but it can really bring out the best in you! It is a shade that can literally suit anyone.

Orange Toned Brown Ginger Hair Color

Copper is too dull for you? Then how about getting your hair dyed brown ginger, but with an orange hue.

honey ginger brown hair color
Source: Instagram @blackhairstylings

This shade of brown ginger is one that can really reflect the underlying orange color and is perfect for those who are looking to have a glamorous switch-up in their hair color.

Sun Kissed Brown Ginger Balayage

If you aren’t really ready to go all out and color all your hair brown ginger, then how about getting a lovely sun-kissed brown ginger balayage.

brown hair with ginger highlights
Source: Instagram @whisperinghair

The reason this hair color is called “sun-kissed” is that it perfectly adds just the right amount of brown ginger to one’s hair and still makes the hair look so radiant!

Autumn Brown Ginger Hair Color

Which is your favourite season of the year? Is it by any chance autumn? Well, during autumn there are so many shades of brown and one of them is brown ginger.

brown ginger hair color
Source: Instagram @_.lusi._

It looks absolutely gorgeous and is a shade that is neither too dark nor too light a shade of brown ginger. In my opinion, I’d say it is just the right shade for those who cannot pick between going dark or light with brown ginger.

Traditional Brown Ginger Balayage

If you are someone who likes the “traditional” look, then go for it! But what’s even better than the traditional look is the traditional brown ginger balayage.

light brown ginger hair color

This hair color entails having a darker shade of brown hair, while the balayage is ginger in color, thereby blending in perfectly into the brown hair adding just the right tinge of color!

Traditional Brown Ginger Ombre

If you do not want to go in for the traditional brown ginger balayage and are looking to go a little more bolder in your hair coloring pattern, then this one’s perfect for you!

ginger hair color on brown skin

This hair color can give you the perfect traditional brown ginger hair color but in the ombre pattern. The reason this will look lovely is that an ombre can showcase perfectly both the hair colors you’ve chosen to get!

Honey Shaded Brown Ginger Hair Color

Are you a fan of the color honey? I personally love it because it radiates a nice vibe. The color is soothing and is one of elegance.

honey ginger brown hair color

If you cannot decide on which shade of brown ginger to get, then let me help you decide, can I? I’d definitely say choose this shade because it looks good on absolutely anyone!

Dark Brown And Light Ginger Hair Color

The reason I like this shade of brown ginger is that it beautifully blends both colors in such a perfect manner.

ginger brown hair color dye

It reminds me of yin-yang, because you have the dark and the light, but they always come together in the end. The dark brown and light ginger hair colors are shades that can make the perfect light-dark blend.

Strawberry Brown Ginger Hair Color

Do not want the regular brown ginger hair color? Well, mix and match, switch up the shades or maybe even add a shade of your choice when you dye your hair brown ginger!

dark ginger brown hair color

This strawberry brown ginger hair color is one of the rarest shades of brown ginger, but is a super gorgeous shade and looks stunning.

Copper With Brown Ginger Hair Color

This one’s similar to the copper shimmer brown ginger hair color, but this shade has more of the shade of brown ginger and less of the color copper.

what colour hair does brown and ginger make

The color copper is added to one’s brown ginger hair just to just give it a little of an enhanced look.

Brown Ginger Fiery Copper Toned Hair Color

When you just look at this hair color shade, it definitely radiates a fiery vibe, doesn’t it? The reason this hair color shade appeals to me is the fact that it is actually more of a triple shade, rather than just the regular brown ginger color.

how to dye ginger hair brown

It has just the right amounts of brown, ginger, and copper to create this extremely beautiful all-new shade of brown ginger fiery copper-toned hair color!

Brown Ginger Reverse Ombre

We all know what an ombre is right? Dark hair at the top, with a lighter hair shade at the bottom, with of course a gradual transition from one color to the other.

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But this brown ginger reverse ombre is not the traditional ombre; neither it is the “right” way of even getting an ombre. 

how to dye your hair light brown with blonde highlights

Yes, this brown ginger reverse ombre hair color showcases both the colors brown and ginger, but with a stark difference between the two.

Besides, in this reverse ombre style, you find the lighter shade first and then the darker, making the contrast look stunning!

Caramel Brown Ginger Hair Color

While most of us love the flavour of caramel, some of us like the color or both! Well, I am one among the latter. I do love the flavour of caramel, but what I like even more is the perfect color it has.

what highlights go with ginger hair

The caramel brown ginger shade can give the hair the perfect glaze and make the hair look so vibrant. It also makes it so appealing in its appearance, making it hard to miss in a crowd!

How to Get Brown Ginger Hair from Dark Hair?

If you have darker hair shades like the darkest shade of brown or black and you wish to dye your hair brown ginger, well, it will definitely not show. So obviously, you will have to go a few shades lighter or maybe get brown ginger highlights, an ombre, or balayage.

Well, to get the perfect shade of brown ginger, you will first require to bleach your hair to get your hair a few shades lighter and then go ahead and color it a brown ginger color.

You will require to use bleach with a developer of at least volume 30 or 40, depending on how dark your hair color is and to what extent you want to lighten it for the brown ginger shade to show.

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A volume 30 or 40 developer will lighten your hair to around 6 to 8 levels (in just one session). Then dying your hair after, can give you a nice light shade of brown ginger.

If you want a darker shade of brown ginger hair when you dye it, then you can simply lighten your dark hair by just a couple of shades. So this means using bleach with a developer of volume 20 should be sufficient.

After you have bleached your dark hair and lightened its shade as per your desired level, give your hair a couple of days’ rest to rejuvenate before you dye it brown ginger.

The final takeaway

When I was looking up the internet for different brown ginger hair color ideas, little did I know that the shade brown ginger actually had so many variations to it!

I was pleasantly surprised but was then quite confused about which color would I have to choose for myself because of the number of different shades.

So you can also mix and match with these super pretty brown ginger hair colors and make a shade of your own if you wish to. All you need to do is an experiment and just have fun with it!

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