Can You Use Purple Shampoo for Bleach Baths

Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Bleach Baths?

Can you use purple shampoo for bleach baths? And what is the best shampoo for bleach bath? Find out here. Also learn how to bleach bath hair to remove color.

Have you dyed your hair and it didn’t turn out anything like you expected? Or you’re someone who loves coloring their hair and now wants to dye your hair a new shade?

Well, it is pretty obvious that bleaching is not the best option out there. So, what do you do? Luckily enough the technique of bleach baths exists and are often used.

But what exactly is a bleach bath? Is it as effective as regular bleaching of hair?

Check out this article and you will find out!

This article will tell you what exactly bleach baths are, how are they different from regular bleaching and how to get it done as well. It will also discuss whether using a purple shampoo while bleach bathing would be a good idea.

Here are all the details!

Can You Use Purple Shampoo for Bleach Baths

What is a bleach bath?

A bleach bath is also known as bleach washing, which is a gentle approach as compared to traditional bleaching that helps lighten hair by lifting off the darker pigments.

Bleach washing entails using bleach, but in its diluted form as it is mixed with a shampoo and then applied on wet hair. 

Bleaching baths can help get rid of hair dye, reduce excessive brassy tones from hair that has been partially lightened, correct hair that is over-toned and also lighten the colour of the hair.

Bleach Bath vs. Bleaching: Differences

While a bleach bath also uses bleach to lighten the colour of the hair, it is considered to be a milder process and known to be lesser damaging to the hair.

Bleaching on the other hand is a chemical process that uses bleach in its undiluted form to lighten the hair colour before the dye is applied. 

Therefore, the harsh chemicals in the bleach like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide have a more damaging effect on the hair.

So, therefore, bleach washes for hair are definitely lesser damaging to the hair, but may not be as effective as regular bleaching.

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While bleaching may take just one session to lighten the existing hair colour, bleach washing may take one or more sessions based on how dark your existing hair colour is. 

Most often bleach washes lighten hair by one level during each session.

can i bleach my hair after using purple shampoo
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Bleach baths for brassiness: Does it work?

Well, unfortunately the answer is a no. So, you cannot consider bleach washing as a two-in-one process to get rid of brassy tones and also lighten your hair, as it doesn’t work that way.

Bleach baths can only get rid of dye or lighten one’s existing hair colour, but will not remove brassy tones from the hair.

If you wish to get rid of brassy tones, then you will have to use a purple shampoo separately. So, the question remains – can a purple shampoo used in a bleach bath work to get rid of brassy tones? Let’s find out then!

Can you use a Purple Shampoo for Bleach Bath?

Since bleach baths involve using a mixture of bleach along with shampoo, a lot of people often use purple shampoo. But does it actually make a difference to the hair?

Purple shampoo does help get rid of unwanted brassy tones from the hair, but one of the main reasons why using a purple shampoo in a bleach bath will not work is because the shampoo is diluted with the bleac.

And a purple shampoo when diluted, will not have any effect on the hair.

Also, the bleach is very strong and it will overpower and consume the purple pigments in the purple shampoo, thus making it just like any other regular shampoo.

So, the answer is quite clear – can you use a purple shampoo for a bleach bath? Yes, you can, but will it make any difference to the hair (in comparison to using a regular shampoo), no, it definitely will not!

Hence, the best thing you could do is – first bleach wash your hair and the next time, use a purple shampoo to wash your hair. 

This will be a better and more efficient way to get the best of both the bleach washing and also utilize the purple shampoo to its maximum effect.

How To Bleach Bath Hair To Remove Color

Step 1: The patch test

This step is very important each and every time you use bleach on your hair, because your skin reacts differently each time and it could end up in an allergic reaction if your skin doesn’t agree with the bleach.

Here’s how you can do the allergy test. (Wear a pair of gloves before you start the process) Mix equal parts of both the bleach and developer in a bowl (you can just mix a small quantity just enough for the test). 

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Then, apply this on the inside of your elbow using a cotton swab in order to check for any allergic reaction.

This patch test should be tested for at least 48 hours for reactions and if no reactions are seen you can go ahead and use the bleach on your head.

Step 2: Make the bleach bath

Wear a pair of gloves before you start the process, then, into a large mixing bowl, add in a generous quantity of your regular shampoo (double the quantity of shampoo you’d generally use). 

Then into a separate bowl, mix equal quantities of bleach and developer (follow the instructions given on the product label).

bleach bath recipe hair

Once the bleach and developer mixture is ready, you can add it into the bowl with the shampoo and mix it well. 

You can also add conditioner into this mixture, but avoid this step if you are planning to dye your hair once you have bleach washed it.


  •  Do not use a toning shampoo. Any regular shampoo will do.
  • Avoid using developers with higher numbers, as it can damage the hair.

Step 3: Bleach washing your hair

Remember that bleach washing works best on damp hair and not hair that is soaking with water. 

So, you will first need to rinse your hair well under running water (you can use lukewarm or warm water so that the cuticles of the hair strand open up and it will make the bleach wash work better and penetrate into your hair strand, having a quicker effect) and then dab it with a towel to get rid of the excess water. 

Once it is damp, you can then move onto the bleach washing process.

Make sure to wear an old t-shirt or cover yourself with an old towel, because bleach can stain your clothes. Also, wear a pair of gloves, because the bleach can cause skin irritation.

Then, apply the bleach wash mixture all over your hair. Start at the bottom of the hair and slowly move upwards until you reach the roots. 

After the application process is done, pour the remaining bleach wash liquid onto your hair and rub it in, just like you would when you shampoo your hair normally.

bleach bath hair before and after
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Next, clip your hair up and cover your head with a plastic shower cap, so that the bleach wash sets in and takes action on the hair quicker.

Leave the bleach in your hair for 7 to 10 minutes if your hair has already been bleached before. If your hair is a dark colour, then you can leave the bleach in for 10 to 15 minutes.

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The higher the developer number, the lesser time the bleach should be left on the head. Here’s a tip, you can spray a little area with water and rub off the bleach to check how much the colour has lifted.

Step 4: Wash off and cleanse your hair

Lastly, once the colour of your hair has lightened, you can wash the bleach out. 

Make sure to rinse your hair properly under running water, so that there is no residue left in the hair. Wear a pair of gloves until the first layer of bleach is washed off.

Caution: Remember to close your eyes when you are rinsing off the bleach.

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Once the bleach has been properly washed off, you can condition your hair as normal. If you plan to dye your hair after this, then skip the conditioning step.

Here’s a suggestion, you could condition your hair after bleach by washing it and then let it air dry. 

Then deep condition your hair the next day, so that the hair regains some of its lost moisture. Some days later, you can dye your hair, so that your hair is healthy enough to be dyed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about bleach baths

1. What do I do if the bleach bath gets into my eyes?

If any bleach has entered into your eyes, do not rub it or touch the eye. Wash your hands clean, so that there is no bleach on your hands, then you will have to flush out the bleach by constantly splashing lukewarm water on your eyes for at least 15 to 20 minutes. If any irritation continues, consult a doctor immediately.

2. Can I leave my contact lenses on during bleach washing my hair?

No, never leave contact lenses on when washing off bleach from your hair. Make sure to take them off and only then start off with the hair rinsing process.

The final takeaway

I hope that the answer to whether using purple shampoo for bleach baths would be effective or not, is now clear – it’s a sure no!

For those of you who do not wish to bleach your hair, a bleach bath is the best way out, even though it may take a couple of sessions since it isn’t as effective as regular bleaching of the hair. 

But the good thing is it is lesser damaging to the hair.

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