can you use purple shampoo for red hair

Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Red Hair

Can you use purple shampoo for red hair? Can you purple shampoo on strawberry blonde hair or copper hair? Find out here! Also learn can you use blue shampoo on red hair.

Maybe you’ve dyed your hair red and loved the vibrant red color, until over time it faded and now to your dismay, you have begun to spot brassy tones in your red hair! 

Is it normal? Yes, it definitely is and you aren’t the only one facing this problem, many others face this too.

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Well, all we know and have heard of is that purple shampoo can be used to get rid of brassy tones from blonde or light-colored hair.

So, can purple shampoo be used on red hair? What effect does using shampoo have on red hair? How does red hair get brassy?

There are a lot of unanswered questions that a lot of people who have dyed their hair red want to know and we’ve got all the answers you need!

Check out this article for all the answers to your questions about using purple shampoo on red hair.

Can You Use Purple Shampoo For Red Hair

What is purple shampoo?

can you use blue shampoo on red hair
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Purple shampoo is one that is used to get rid of brassy tones from hair that is either blonde or of any lighter shade like silver, platinum, golden etc.

Purple shampoos contain violet pigments which help neutralize the brassy tones like yellow or light orange from the hair and will make the hair look refreshed.

Hair Brassiness and the use of Purple Shampoo

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Hair brassiness is when unwanted warm tones like yellow or light orange begin to show up on naturally blonde or light-colored hair or even hair that is bleached or dyed blonde or any other lighter shade.

Some of the reasons why hair turns brassy is because:

·         The hair is overexposed to sunlight.

·         The color of bleached or dyed hair is beginning to fade.

·         The hair is being washed with hard water or water that is not filtered and contains a high quantity of minerals.

·         Your hair is often exposed to chlorinated water.

So, why use a purple shampoo and not any other one? Well, let’s get into a few scientific details here for a bit and talk about the theory of the color wheel.

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The color wheel is a representation of colors on a wheel that are placed in a certain manner. These colors are divided into two types – cool colors and warm colors. 

So, while purple is a cool color, yellow is a warm color and can thereby neutralize the effects of the yellow tones on the hair because the color purple is placed opposite to the color yellow on the color wheel.

Fact or Myth: Purple Shampoo can be used on Red Hair

If we consider the theory of the color wheel, then a purple shampoo is only supposed to neutralize yellowish or orange tones, right?

Well, here is the good news, it is a fact that purple shampoo can actually be used on red hair!

In red hair, there are times when yellowish or orange tones begin to show up as the color starts to fade. 

So, then the use of the purple shampoo will be the same – getting rid of yellow or light orange tones from the hair.

Irrespective of whether the hair is a light color or red color, the purple shampoo is going to target the aspect of getting rid of the brassiness from the hair.

So, for whoever had this doubt, the answer is clear, purple shampoo will absolutely work on red hair.

How to buy the right type of purple shampoo?

what does purple shampoo do

There are many brands of purple shampoo out there and it can be quite hard to choose the right one and there are times when you could end up buying the wrong purple shampoo and it will not have any effect on your hair. 

Why does this happen though? What could have gone wrong?

Well, there could be a possibility that the purple shampoo you have used wasn’t of good quality. 

Therefore, it is very essential to buy a purple shampoo that is of professional quality that is most often used in salons, even though they may be slightly expensive, they are sure to be good and effective.

You can also look out for purple shampoos that have a good and high rating by other users, if you decide to buy your shampoo online. 

Maybe you could also check out different brands and their reviews online and then buy the best-rated brand from a local store if that option suits you better.

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Lastly, there are two important aspects to look for not in terms of the product, but in terms of the shampoo itself. 

Make sure that the shampoo you are buying is free from harsh chemicals like parabens, silicones or sulfates. 

If you see that your shampoo has these ingredients, avoid buying it and purchase a different product, free from these ingredients.

Also, remember that consistency of the shampoo is key. If the shampoo is too watery or has a liquid consistency, then there are chances that it may not be as effective. Go in for purple shampoos that are thick in consistency and are opaque in color.

Correct Way to use Purple Shampoo for Red Hair

Even though using a purple shampoo is the same as using a normal shampoo, when you use a purple shampoo, it is very essential to use it the right way in order for it to have the best effect on your brassy hair.

Here are 4 steps to follow when using a purple shampoo:

Step 1: Rinse your hair

Let your hair be completely wet before applying the purple shampoo. So, you can gently rinse your hair under running water for a few minutes until your hair is completely wet.

Make sure to use lukewarm or warm water to rinse your hair, because this can help open up the hair cuticles. When the cuticles get opened, the shampoo can enter easily and work better and quicker.

Step 2: Apply the purple shampoo

Take a generous amount of shampoo, sufficient enough to be able to lather all your hair. So, you can use shampoo as per your hair length like you normally would.

Make sure to evenly apply it all over your hair and lather it in well.

purple shampoo on red hair before and after
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Step 3: Give it time to work

Well, “giving it time” will mean leaving the shampoo on your head, as per the instructions on the product or keeping it on your hair for 3 to 3 minutes. Do not leave it in for too long as it may stain your hair.

Step 4: Wash your hair and use a conditioner

After your purple shampoo has been left in your hair for sufficient time, then rinse it off well, at least two times. Ensure that there is no purple shampoo residue left in your hair.

Once you have completely washed off all the purple shampoo, then use a conditioner to condition your hair thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about using purple shampoo for red hair

2. Can I use a purple depositing shampoo on my red hair?

It is essential to know that purple shampoos are similar to regular shampoos and are used to get rid of hair brassiness, while on the other hand, purple depositing shampoos are those that are used to dye or color the hair purple.
They are two different types of shampoos which are meant for different purposes. Therefore, they cannot be used interchangeably.
If you wish to color your hair purple, that’s when you can use a color depositing shampoo. But if you want to get rid of brassiness from your red hair, then only use a regular purple shampoo.
When purple is mixed with red, the color it forms is magenta. So, if you use a purple color depositing shampoo on red hair, you will end up with magenta colored hair. Therefore, make sure to check the type of shampoo you are buying before you use it on your hair.

3. Can I use my regular conditioner or do I require to only use a purple conditioner after using a purple shampoo?

No, the conditioner you’re using after using a purple shampoo doesn’t require to only be a purple conditioner. It can be even your regular conditioner as it has got nothing to do with getting rid of brassiness and so it doesn’t matter at all.

4. How often do I need to use this purple shampoo to get rid of brassiness?

If your brassiness is excessive, then initially you could use it twice a week. Thereafter, you can reduce its use to once a week. 
Always make sure to switch to using a regular shampoo between each purple shampoo hair wash, so that the purple shampoo isn’t used for two consecutive hair washes at any point of time.

The final takeaway

I hope that those who were wondering whether using a purple shampoo on red hair will actually work out, well the answer is undoubtedly a yes!

It is important to remember that getting rid of brassiness will not happen overnight, especially if your hair has excessive brassiness. Therefore, be patient with the process.

Always make sure to invest in high-quality purple shampoo because it will make a huge difference in its effects and I’m sure you will have the results you’ve always wanted – fresh and vibrant red hair, without even visiting the salon!

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