Can You Wear A Durag With Finger Coils

Can You Wear A Durag With Finger Coils | Important Ways Preserving This Hairstyle For Longer!

Can you wear a durag with finger coils? Find out in this article below. Also learn how to preserve finger coils overnight.

Have you ever wanted to add an extra flair to your finger coils? Look no further, because a durag is the perfect accessory for the job! 

Durags, a common hair accessory, are hugely popular within black culture for providing a sleek and polished hairstyle that rocks an iconic street style. 

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The durag is much more than a cultural statement or piece of fashion; it also serves an important practical function, which is why it’s beloved by hair enthusiasts everywhere. 

Read on to learn all about how to wear a durag with finger coils and rock the hottest look around!

Can You Wear A Durag With Finger Coils

Can you wear a durag or a bonnet after doing finger coil hairstyles

Wondering whether you can wear a durag or a bonnet to maintain your finger coil hairstyles? The answer is an absolute yes! 

Durags and bonnets are great protective styles that provide benefits such as preventing frizz, maintaining moisture and keeping hair in place. That said, you should know that how you put them on is key! 

When wearing a durag or bonnet, it is important to ensure that the material of the protective style isn’t tugging on the coils. 

This can be done by gently sliding the material over your hair, instead of pulling it on and off. Additionally, resist the urge to tie your durag too tight, as this can cause discomfort and tension in the scalp. 

Another important factor to consider is the fabric of the bonnet or durag. Some fabrics may catch on the finger coils, leading to breakage and damage. 

To keep your hair safe, opt for a fabric that is softer and smoother in texture. Satin fabric is a great option, as it is gentle and soft, yet still breathable.

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Ultimately, the decision to wear a durag or bonnet after finger coiling is up to you. However, it’s important to take preventative steps and be aware of possible damage to your coils to ensure their protection and health. 

With careful consideration and the right materials, you can confidently keep your finger coils looking fresh and intact.

What are finger coils for African American hair?

Finger coils are one of the most popular natural hairstyles for African American hair. This technique allows users to create stunning, textured coils with their own two hands. 

It is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn in a variety of different ways, from air-dried with a light sheen to slicked back and high sheen, depending on the occasion. Finger coils are created by wrapping small sections of damp hair around one’s index finger. 

The coiled strands then have to be dried, either naturally or with the help of a hooded dryer. Not only can finger coils allow you to achieve an epic style, but they are also quite easy to maintain. 

A little oil can go a long way to keep your coils moisturized and refreshed. Finger coils can last for several days or even weeks, depending on your particular hair type. 

Durags can be used to help maintain the curl pattern as well as protect your coils from frizz and further breakage, as long as it is worn with a light layer of product in-between the durag and the hair.

How to create finger coil hairstyles for natural hair

When it comes to creating finger coil hairstyles for natural hair, the possibilities are truly limitless. 

For starters, you’ll need to make sure your hair is properly moisturized and prepped with oil, or a leave-in conditioner. Once your hair is prepped and moisturized, you are ready to begin styling.

To begin, separate your hair into small sections using a comb or your fingers, then use the index and middle finger of your dominant hand to twist the hair in the direction of your ends as you move up the section. 

The trick is to twist the hair as tightly as possible without breaking it or causing too much tension. After you’ve twisted the section, you can use a bobby pin, or braid it to keep it in place.

As you complete more sections and begin curling your whole head, add more oil or leave-in conditioner with each section you’re curling to ensure a smoother, bouncier curl. 

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To ensure more definition, you can also use curl defining gels, lotions, or curl creams to get desired coils.

Lastly, you’ll want to secure your hard-earned curl masterpiece with either a durag or a satin scarf for a sleek look. 

Durags are great for creating a more secure hold, however, keep in mind that if your durag is too tight, the pressure can interfere with your hair’s natural growth pattern.

Finger coils are a beautiful, unique hairstyle that not only looks good but can also create healthy curls. 

If you take care of your hair and use quality styling products while curling, you’ll have gorgeous, bouncy coils perfect for any occasion!

What are the benefits of doing finger coil hairstyle

benefits of finger coils hairstyles for natural hair

Wearing a durag with finger coil hairstyles is not only stylish, but it has some benefits that are worth exploring. Finger coil hairstyles are a great way to create endless looks and styles.

Also, finger coils are a protective style, meaning they help prevent breakage, as the individual coils help avoid excess tension. 

This type of hairstyle is also low-maintenance; styling with finger coils only requires you to re-wet and re-apply styling product, meaning you don’t have to worry about frequent long-term styling. 

Finger coils also give you more style options. When wearing a durag with finger coils, it gives you an edgy look that can make any outfit look cool. It’s a bold style and it can be just the thing you need to express yourself and make any outfit stand out. 

You can choose to keep coiled ends, or take them out for a curly-kinky look. Finger coils are also great for those who want hair length retention; when wearing a durag with finger coils, it allows the hair to grow straighter while keeping the coils intact. 

By doing this, it keeps your hair moisturized and it prevents split-ends and breakage. 

The combination of the durag and finger coils works great together as both offer an effective way of protecting your curls, which results in longer, healthier hair.

Tips to preserve finger coils hairstyle for a long time

It’s always important to invest in a good hairstyle, which is why finger coils are so popular. 

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But if you want your look to last for days, weeks, even months, it’s essential to use the right products and styling methods to ensure your hairstyle stays in great condition. 

One of the best things you can do to help your finger coils last is to wear a durag. 

This lightweight, breathable accessory adds an extra layer of protection to your hair while keeping it looking neat and tidy. Make sure you choose a silky durag that won’t pull your hair and cause damage.

Aside from a durag, it’s essential to protect your hair when you’re sleeping. Try using a satin or silk pillowcase which will reduce friction as you move during the night. 

Also, aim to sleep on your back if you can as this will also help keep your coils in place for longer.

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In addition, wash your hair regularly, but not too much as too much cleansing can strip any natural oils from your scalp. Another great tip is to deep condition your hair at least once a week. 

This will help keep your hair hydrated, regulate your natural oils, and, of course, keep your finger coils looking and feeling silky.

Finally, end your wash day by applying a tiny drop of oil all over your scalp. This will help soften, smooth, and restore shine while also protecting your finger coils from damage and humidity.


In conclusion, wearing a durag with finger coils is a great way to protect and maintain your hairstyle while creating a look that is stylish and unique. 

Whether you’re looking to jazz up your style or add a hint of edge to your look, the combination of a durag and finger coils could be perfect for you. 

So go ahead and give it a try – you might be surprised how much you love the look you create.

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