Conair Infiniti Pro Air Spin Styler Review

Conair Infiniti Pro Air Spin Styler Review 2023 | Is It Best For Styling Hair

In this detailed review, I review a favorite hair styler of mine- The  Conair Infiniti Pro Air Spin Styler. Check out the specifications and if it suits your hair type and texture

Do you want to put a new spin on your boring hair care routine? Get ready to experience smooth, frizz-free and luscious hair with the  Infiniti Pro Air Spin styler by Conair! 

 It’s a dryer, straightener, curler, all in one  easy-to-use beauty equipment to deliver the shiny, smooth results that you want.

I have always been that person who has a drawer full of hair tools, but I hardly ever style my hair so when I saw this air  spin styler brush,  I was hoping it would tame my frizz.

Basically make me look like a diva in less than twenty minutes. The Conair Infiniti Pro Air Spin Brush should be the latest addition to my hair tool collection. Here is why:

Conair Infiniti Pro Air Spin Styler Review

Product Overview & Specifications

The product claims to be:

  • A two inch two in one: dry and style tool infused with tourmaline ceramic technology to dry your hair safely and promote healthy hair.
  • It has an ion generator to enhance shine and reduce frizz.
  • It includes nylon bristles and a  tangle-free antistatic boar.
  • The styler spins in both directions or without a spin function.
  • Who is it suitable for?-Women who are looking for an easy way to blow dry their hair and also for women with bangs looking for a quick way to blow them out!
  • Major Pros-Ergonomic design, easy to use, tangle-free, easy to clean, versatile, adjustable heat and two in one function.
  • Gentleness on hair– Yes
  • Safe on colored hair?-Yes
  • Temperature control-Three temperature settings
  • Bristle types-Static free, nylon bristles
  • Wattage: 500 Watts
  • Power source: Corded Electric
  • Price-$69.99
is conair infiniti pro styler good for hair

Product Performance


It has an ergonomic design. While the handle of the styler is huge, it is quite comfortable for long styling sessions. It  has a few control buttons that allow you to set the heat level as well as the rotation. It also comes with a protective cover.

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It is  lightweight, allowing you to style your hair without hurting your wrists. It weighs around 1.12 ounces.


The Conair Infinity ProAir Spin Styler is 500 watts, and is compatible with the U.S. voltage system so if you use it on vacation or in other countries then you can purchase an inexpensive adapter.


I purchased mine in black on Amazon for around 69.99 dollars  and I think it is considered to be great value for money since it incorporates 2 tools into one: a styler and blow dryer.

One-handed use:

This is my personal favorite feature because you can simply style your hair with one hand while drinking a cup of coffee with the other. The styler  rotates in two directions, allowing both left and right handed use.

Versatile functions:

It does two things at a time- dries your hair and gives it volume and shine and the adjustable spin function allows you to achieve different styles levels too. Also, you can turn the heat level high or low to match your hair texture and length.

Feel on hair:

It feels great on hair, and it does not feel as hot as some other hot styling equipment.

Styler Rotation:

The styler has two buttons to rotate the brush backward and forward which allows you to customize the type of curls and waves you would  like to set into your hair. It will not rotate when it is on the cool setting, which gives you a stationary brush when you need one.


The bristles are tangle and static free nylon bristles , so you do not have to worry about hair becoming stuck in the rotating brush. 

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My Review of the Conair Infiniti Pro Air Spin Styler

Conair Infiniti Pro Air Spin Styler Review

Here is a little background information about my hair- I have straight and medium length hair with bangs. It’s color-treated, well maintained, and I like to keep the number of times I heat style my hair to a minimum. 

I was particularly excited to try this because of the many functions it offers. So, I basically sectioned my hair  into six sections of damp hair and started at the roots and then worked my way down to the middle section of my hair  with the dryer without using the rotating function.  

Then, I would turn the rotating function as I approached the ends, to style and make them curl in and frame my face.

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Make sure to go slowly when using this tool, there’s a good chance that your hair will get tangled on your first few tries, ( that is exactly what happened to me).

Once I got the hang of the tool it became very convenient and easy to use.  I could get my hair from looking weird to like a fresh blow-out in under fifteen  minutes.

I have bangs and love to blow dry them, so it can be a pain to manage with both a dryer and a round brush. I found this product super convenient because it lets you style and dry hair all at once and I love how easy it is to move around.

Although it claims to reduce frizz, I still felt it did not make any difference to my hair. However, I found a significant difference when I applied some  mousse to my damp hair, before styling.

A big shout out to styling products! You can use whatever works best for your hair.  But all in all, I’m super happy with the Conair Infiniti Pro Air Spin Styler.

 Using this tool is way easier than trying to do a blow-out with a big round brush in one hand and a bulky dryer in the other.

I plan on continuing to use this tool, and if you decide on trying it out then I would suggest starting to start learning to use styling products too , and practice, practice, practice! 

Pros & Cons


  • Two  heat settings plus cool setting
  • Protective brush cover-increase bristles life.
  • Two-in-one dry and style.
  • Soft boar & nylon bristles
  • Tangle-free
  • Gentle hair.
  • Ceramic heat protects hair against damage.
  • Easy to clean-removable filter.
  • Slimmer barrel makes styling easy
  • Easy styling for people who cannot handle a brush and dryer together.
  • Rotating mechanism 
  • Gives salon-like styled hair.


  • Learning curve with the rotating brush.
  • Expensive.

How To Use The Conair Infiniti Pro Styler?

When you remove the Air Spin Styler from the box, just plug it in to start using it so there is absolutely no need to charge the brush or leave it to heat before using it.

The next step is crucial. Make sure you dry your hair close to eighty percent dry before using the hot air styler because the motor does not  produce enough hot air to dry a person’s hair fully from soaking wet to completely dry and styled. 

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Next, it is time to add any  product of your choice like a mousse while your hair is wet, or any styling product while hair is  damp. 

You can also use a bit of hair spray as well. Once you have  partially dried your hair, comb and detangle hair.

Now is my favorite part. Section your hair  into small parts so you can add one inch sections to the hot air brush. 

If you are like me and would like to see more volume, allow the brush to rotate, grabbing the  entire section of hair around the barrel.

Keep in mind that the direction of the spin will influence the way your hair will fall. Release the rotate button and then leave the styler in the hair for a few seconds. 

Use the  cool style setting to set style and voila- your sloan styled ahir is set and ready to go!

Conair Infiniti Pro Air Spin Styler before and after

Parameter Wide Rating

Feel on Hair4/5
Versatile functions5/5

How to choose the right hair styler brush?

Heat settings: Multiple heat settings are the best to work on a number of  hair types and textures.

Bristles: Most hair dryer brushes are made with either boar type bristles or pin bristles or a combination of both.

Cord length: The length of cord depends on where you will be  styling and if there is an outlet nearby. 

Ease of use: Look for a tool that feels balanced in your hand, is not heavy and  easy to grip.


So, I am totally in love with this style which has totally made blow drying like cakewalk for me. 

All I do is damp hair section by section on the brush, apply the right heat setting and rotate it based on the styling needed for my hair.

And just like that, I am ready with salon-like styled hair in a few minutes. I used to even be afraid of the rotating brush that it would  tangle in my hair, but it never tangles. 

Overall, this styler has earned very high average reviews with majority of them being positive praising the product’s high level of performance and the quality results that it delivers.

Even though the product is expensive, I feel it is worth every penny. So, go for it and enjoy the benefits.

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