How To Control Hair Fall After Smoothening Treatment

How To Control Hair Fall After Smoothening Treatment 2023 | 6 Important Tips To Prevent Damage And Breakage

Wondering how to control hair fall after smoothening treatment? Find out in my article below. Also check out what causes this hair fall and how to care for smoothened hair better. 

Smoothening treatments can be a great way to give your hair a sleek, stylish gorgeous look, but unfortunately the heat and chemicals used can result in hair thinning, damage and protein loss. 

But, don’t worry – you can help minimize hair loss after smoothening and you don’t have to go without your glossy locks – there are a few things you can do to help nourish and maintain your hair and cuticles. 

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In this article, I will be exploring the best methods for controlling hair fall and hair damage after smoothening treatment. 

It may seem like an alarming problem, but with the right advice and knowledge, you can definitely look after your hair in the best way possible.

How To Control Hair Fall After Smoothening Treatment

Here are some tips on how to control hair fall after smoothening treatment. 

Avoid washing hair with hot water

This might seem like a very surprising tip for hair care after smoothening, but heat from hot showers can open hair cuticles and damage it further. 

Also, this is a bad idea if you have colored hair and newly smoothened hair as it will strip hair dye from strands.

Hot showers can also dry out your hair and damage your scalp. Try to shower with lukewarm water, as it is gentler on your scalp and hair follicles.

How To Control Hair Fall After Smoothening Treatment

Deep condition regularly but avoid chemicals

Steer clear of heavy styling products with lots of chemicals. Natural styling products like aloe vera and coconut oil are better options.

Deep conditioning your hair regularly helps to keep it nourished and healthy. Try using products that are enriched with natural oils like coconut or almond oil

Massage your scalp with oil

 Massaging your scalp helps to promote good blood circulation and can encourage hair growth. Use a few drops of oil and gently massage your scalp using your fingertips. You can also choose an oil like the Olaplex Bonding Oil that is specially formulated to reduce damage due to chemical processes like smoothening. 

Avoid stress and eat a balanced diet 

Stress can cause hair fall and disrupt healthy growth. Try to practice meditation and yoga as part of your hair care routine.What you eat may have an effect on your hair health. Make sure you eat healthy foods full of vitamins, minerals and protein to give your hair its much needed nourishment.

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If your hair is already healthy because of these practices, it is less likely to be affected by a smoothening treatment. 

Avoid harsh chemicals treatments 

Chemical treatments like coloring, bleaching, perming, straightening should be avoided if you already have a smoothening treatment. It will compound the damage on your hair. 

What causes hair fall after a hair smoothening treatment

Hair smoothening treatments can offer you a dream-like transformation, granting you beautiful, sleek locks. Despite this, hair fall after these treatments is a common issue that many of us have to face. So what causes us to experience this awful aftermath?

The main culprit of hair fall after a smoothening treatment is the damage inflicted to our hair cuticles. 

This cuticle damage occurs when our hair is exposed to high temperatures, in the case of smoothening treatments. The heat damages our hair cuticles and weakens the bonds that keep them together. This results in our hair becoming more fragile, susceptible to breakage and consequently, hair fall.

What causes hair fall after a hair smoothening treatment

Furthermore, heat treatments can also strip our hair of natural proteins, vital for hair health. When these proteins that help keep our hair strong and healthy are lost, our hair becomes far more vulnerable. The result of this protein loss is weakened hair, leading to breaking and thinning.

Finally, another cause of hair fall after smoothening treatments is excessive brushing and styling. With our hair made more fragile by heat, over-brushing can be very damaging and result in hair thinning.

So, as we can see, the effects of smoothening treatments on our hair can be far from pleasant if not correctly looked after. We must be aware of the causes, effects and necessary precautions to take care of our hair and keep it strong, healthy and free from excessive hair fall.

What kind of shampoo should I use after getting a hair smoothening treatment

Finding the right shampoo after getting a hair smoothening treatment is key to controlling hair fall and ensuring healthy hair growth. 

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As harsh chemicals have been applied to the hair, choosing the right shampoo can help restore the hair’s integrity, reversing the protein loss and heat damage suffered.

The ideal shampoo should be one that is designed specifically for chemically treated hair. It should be free of sulfates, parabens and alcohol and contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Coconut oil which help nourish the hair and rejuvenate the hair cuticle.

A shampoo with natural ingredients helps bring life back to the hair without drying it out, allowing the hair to retain its moisture.

shampoo for smoothening hair

Look for a shampoo that is formulated with natural proteins and oils to effectively cleanse the hair without stripping it of moisture. 

A shampoo containing vitamins and antioxidants will help protect the hair from further damage as it nourishes and strengthens the hair from the core. 

For example, avocado or coconut oil shampoos will help restore the hair’s natural oils and proteins, thus reducing the amount of hair that thins with each wash.

Look for shampoos that are specifically designed to repair hair and provide the nutrients needed for optimal hair health. If the hair is already brittle and has a lot of breakage, look for a shampoo containing biotin and keratin, which helps thicken the hair and repair split ends.

A shampoo containing silicones/ceramides and polymers can also help prevent moisture loss and further damage.

The trick is to look for a shampoo with the right balance of natural ingredients that effectively cleans the hair while helping to rebuild the hair’s strength.

A bit of research and reading the labels will help you find the right shampoo for your post-smoothening hair that will help you control hair fall while restoring the health of your hairs.

How to prevent side effects after hair smoothening treatment

Hair smoothening treatments can be the perfect way to achieve sleek, smooth, and glossy tresses – but with any chemical-based procedure, it’s important to be mindful of potential side effects. 

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To prevent hair thinning, breakage, and protein loss, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your hair is healthy and happy after your smoothening treatment. 

Go to a reputed salon for the hair smoothening

Firstly, it’s important to make sure you’re using a reputable, professional stylist – someone who is experienced and can advise you on the best product and strength of the product for your hair type. 

Avoid blow drying or using heat styling tools before smoothening 

The day before and the day after your treatment, be extra gentle and avoid any sources of heat such as blow-drying, straightening or curling. This will help reduce the risk of heat damage to your hair cuticles and minimize the chances of breakage. 

how to prevent hair damage from smoothening

Use hair masks leading up to smoothing treatment 

Additionally, make sure you’re using a deep conditioning mask or other hair product specifically designed for chemically treated hair, twice a week. This will help keep the hair nourished and hydrated, maintain the moisture balance of the hair cuticle, and soothe any possible irritation.

Trim your hair before you get a smoothening treatment 

Finally, follow up with regular trimming. Hair grows between 0.5-1.5cm each month, and with regular haircuts you can help keep the length and integrity of your hair, as well as ensure that any split ends and breakage is cut away. 

Overall, following these steps can help tremendously with keeping your hair healthy and strong and help to prevent long-term damage after a smoothening treatment. Just remember to be patient and kind to your tresses, and they’ll thank you in the long run!


The effects of smoothening treatments on hair can be drastic, from hair thinning to hair cuticles being injured, not to mention protein loss and heat damage. 

However, with the right aftercare routine, we can counteract the damaging effects and limit hair fall for good.

Utilizing natural products in combination with tips like air drying instead of using heat can help strengthen our hair and manage hair fall in a safe and affordable way. 

So, arm yourself with knowledge, patience and the right products to attain healthy, shiny and strong hair!

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