Cute little girl haircuts

50 Cute Little Girl Haircuts 2024 | For That Stylish, Adorable Look

I have listed out the cutest little girl haircuts suitable for ages ranging from 5 to 10 years old. I have also given tips on how to maintain your kids’ hair.

There’s no reason why your little girl can’t look her best! With these cute little girl haircuts, your tiny diva can girls can indulge her inner fashionista! 

To get the perfect look for your little girl, you’ll need to keep in mind her hair texture, hair length, and thickness of hair.

It’s always best to ask the child if they’d prefer a particular style or hair length. Trust me the tantrums afterward are not worth it! 

There are haircuts that add volume, haircuts for curly hair, and haircuts that make thin hair appear thicker.

Cute Little Girl Haircuts 2024

Cute Little Girl Haircuts for Short Hair

Straight Bob Haircut

cute little girl haircuts
Source: Instagram@Soniasmillburnnjsalon

If you’re looking for haircuts for girls with short hair, then this is the perfect one. The bob haircut is a classic style.

The best part is that you don’t have to maintain it much unlike layers or bangs that require regular trimming. 

It’s a comfy haircut for girls as they can play to their heart’s content without their hair getting in their way.

Tomboy Pixie

baby cut hairstyle for teenage girl
Source: Instagram@hairdobymarissawilliams

I personally love the pixie girl’s haircut. This style is so punk yet it won’t let your child come under the school’s dress code radar.

During the summer holidays (or if your kid’s school won’t mind) how about getting a colorful little streak on their pixie with kid-friendly, washable dyes?

Bob With Side Part

baby girl hairstyles for short hair

baby girl hairstyles for short hair
Source: Instagram@becca_barber_stylist

This is another cute variant of the bob cut. If your child’s hair is thinning out or if they naturally have fine hair, this haircut will be a good pick. 

The side part gives the hair some volume. And also frames the face in a cute way. Side parts are also the better option for heart-shaped faces.

Short Angled Bob

5 years baby girl hair cutting style
Source: Instagram@h.ari.ygodmother

Bobs are the go-to cute short little girl haircuts. But they don’t always have to be the classic styles that you’ve got in your childhood. Let’s mix things up a bit with this short angled bob.

The hair is kept longer at one side and shorter on the other. This angled look suits little girls with round faces as it helps elongate their facial features.

Short Inverted Bob

haircut for girls short hair
Source: Instagram@danitygr

Another fun version of the classic bob, the inverted bob haircut helps thin hair appear more bouncy. 

However, this hairstyle might not work with wavy or shaggy hair. It looks best on girls with straight, sleek tresses.

Curly Bob with Bangs

8 years baby girl hair cutting style

If your child has naturally curly hair, then this is one of the best little girl haircuts for her. 

The bangs help frame her face and can be wispy, blunt, or short depending on your kid’s facial structure.

You can also decide to forego the bangs completely and just try a vintage-style curly bob.

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Little Girl Haircuts For Long Hair

If your little girl is a princess who loves her long hair, then I’ve listed out some perfect little girl haircuts that suit longer hair lengths. 

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These are stylish but are also easy to manage. They can also be easily tied or braided out of the way when your child is playing. 

Straight Long Hair with Side Bangs – Little Girl Haircuts With Side Bangs

cute little girl haircuts for thin hair
Source: Instagram@sharleneguzman

This classic long hairstyle for girls is easy to manage. 

It looks great left open and the best part is you can use hair clips to keep the bangs out of your kid’s face easily when they are playing a sport or doing any physical activity.

And you can braid or tie the locks in a ponytail too! So you don’t have to worry too much about maintaining this haircut.

Wispy Bangs with Long Layers

cute little girl haircuts for wavy hair

This is one of the little girl haircuts that’s perfect for round faces and also for fine, thin hair. 

The wispy bangs and long length of the hair frame your child’s face in an attractive way. And the layered cut helps add volume to thin hair. 

Feathered Layers For Fine Hair

cute little girl haircuts for short hair

Another haircut that suits fine and straight hair is this feathered cut. The feather-like wispy layers add much more volume than regular ones.

Straight Hair with Blunt Fringe

cute little girl haircuts for thick hair
Source: Instagram@claudia_cochina

If your child has thick hair, then you can try this hairstyle. Just ask your stylist to take a few inches of your child’s hair and leave it straight and even at the back.

In the front, you can ask for a blunt fringe which are essentially thick, straight bangs. You can keep these bangs eyebrow-grazing length or shorter depending on what your little girl feels comfortable with.

Wavy Bohemian Hair

cute little girl haircuts for curly hair

A simple haircut that looks best on wavy and type 3a (slightly curly) hair textures.

Face Framing Layers

cute little girl haircuts for thin hair

These layers do not just add volume to fine, straight hair they also frame your face in an attractive way. 

The best part about these layers is that depending on the cut and length of the layers, it can be adjusted to suit almost all face shapes.

Long Micro Braids Hairstyles

Long Micro Braids Hairstyles for kids

This is one of the best hairstyles for little black girls as the braids are a protective hairstyle and prevent type 4c natural hair from being damaged. 

It also helps if you’re trying to grow your hair longer. 

Little Girl Haircuts For Medium Length Hair

These little girl haircuts are the best if you’re planning to grow out your little girl’s hair. If your child’s hair nearly touches their shoulders, you can try these styles. 

Medium Blunt Haircut

baby girl hair cutting
Source: Instagram@ashleymcclintock1

If your child has straight, thick hair try the blunt haircut. It’s a classic hairstyle and won’t ever go out of fashion.

This particular haircut is for girls with medium-length hair but you’ve seen the bob version of this style above and it also suits girls with longer hair. 

When you’re at the salon, just tell the stylist to give your little girl a straight cut and keep the hair near shoulder-length. And also remind them to keep the ends blunt and free of any textures or flicks.

Wavy Lob

cute little girl haircuts for wavy hair
Source: Instagram@hair_by_nancy_

Most parents think wavy hair is difficult to manage, however that’s not the truth. The texture of the hair makes it appear unruly.

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So you can cut off a few inches of your little girl’s hair and keep the hair just above shoulder-length.

This length is perfect for the wavy hair texture to shine through without making it difficult to style.

Medium V-Shape Layers

cute little girl haircuts for fine hair
Source: Instagram@becca_barber_stylist

Another hairstyle that’s perfect for medium-length hair is the classic V-shape cut. 

This keeps the hair shorter in the front and longer at the back. 

Sleek Straight Haircut

haircuts for straight hair
Source: Instagram@thisisrossana

The best little girl haircuts are the simplest ones! 

At least that’s what I believe. If your kid has poker-straight hair then it’s best to simply trim a few inches from it now and then and leave it as it is.

Unless the hair is too unruly or damaged, this simple haircut is all it takes to make your kid look adorable.

I prefer this hairstyle straight and sleek, but if you want you can ask the hairstylist to bump the ends on your little girl’s hair to give it more texture.  

Medium Curly Haircuts

cute little girl haircuts for curly hair
Source: Instagram@manda.pardee

The goes for curly hair. Remember the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! 

You can ask your stylist to cut the hair in a way that highlights the curl definition. But that’s about it! This is a no-fuss hairstyle.

Angled Lob

cute short little girl haircuts

The angled lob is a much longer version of the asymmetrical bob. But the longer hair length makes the sloping angle on hair more pronounced than in very short hair. 

This hairstyle is best suited for little girls with curly hair, but you can try it with wavy or curly hair as well. 

Shoulder Length Shag

cute little girl haircuts with bangs

This haircut helps your little girl embrace those wild beachy waves of hers! The shoulder-length shag is fun, cute, and frames her little face beautifully. 

Side Shaved Haircuts For Little Girl

cute haircuts for little girl with thin hair
Source: Instagram@unikhairdesign

Body Wavy Little Girl Haircuts Shoulder Length – (baby cut hairstyle for teenage girl)

baby cut hairstyle for teenage girl
Source: Instagram@karla_behindthechair

Lob Haircut With Wispy Bangs

bob haircuts for little girls
Source: Instagram@bokaosavedpasadena

Blunt Bob Haircut For Little Girl

short little girl haircuts
Source: Instagram@Jsalonstudios

Curly Little Girl Haircuts

curly little girl haircuts
Source: Instagram@deb_of_studio_9

Layered Medium Baby Girl Haircuts

Layered Medium Baby Girl Haircuts

Girls Short Haircuts with Curled Ends

Girls Short Haircuts with Curled Ends

Little Girl Haircuts With Bangs and Wavy Ends

Little Girl Haircuts With Bangs

Pixie Haircuts For Little Girls

Braids and Beads For Little Black Girls

Classic Mushroom Cut

Graduated Bob With Side Bob

Asymmetrical A-Line Bob

Bubble Braid With Side Ponytail

Messy Pigtail Braids with Butterfly Clips

10 years baby girl hair cutting style

Half Updo Hair With Crown Braid

Sleek Low Ponytail with Hair Glitter

girls hairstyles 2023

Bubble Pigtails with Side Braid

girls haircuts 2024

Basketweave Braid For Thick Long Hair

10 year old haircuts girl

Box Braid Hairstyles For Little Girls

hair cut for 8 years girl

Side Braid with Low Chignon

haircut for kids girl

Low Braided Bun with Bow

baby girl hairstyle

Loose Boho Braid with Messy Hair

girls hair cutting

Simple Looped Pigtails with Floral Clips

5 year girl haircut

Side Scarf Braid Pigtails

8 year old haircuts girl long hair

Long Choppy Layers Haircuts

5 years baby girl hair cutting style simple straight hair

Long Bob Haircut with Choppy Bangs

बेबी गर्ल हेयर कट स्टाइल

Full Blunt Bangs With Long Hair

little girl haircuts with bangs and layered

Mushroom Haircut For Girls

mushroom haircut girl baby

Apple Haircut For Little Girls

girl baby mushroom haircut

FAQs about Girls’ Haircuts

Does cutting little girl’s hair make it grow?

Not exactly. Cutting hair won’t actually contribute to new hair growth. However, trimming hair regularly can prevent damage, split ends, breakage, etc. So it can reduce hair loss, making hair look longer.

As a mum, what is the easier haircut to maintain for little girls?

Every little girl is different. However, if you want your hair to look good and last longer, it may be best to go with a style that is Byrne-friendly. This means that the haircut falls below the collar bone on both sides and has some length on top. It’s also important not to trim too much off of the ends – letting them grow out will give you more natural texture and volume.
If you’re looking for something more traditional or classic, then going with a pixie cut might be a better option for you. Pixie cuts are shorter in the front and back but can be styled into many different styles such as waves, curls or sleek bangs. They typically require less maintenance than other haircuts since they tend not to snag or mat overtime like long locks do. Ultimately it all comes down to what looks good on YOU! So take some time to experiment with different hairstyles until you find one that fits your kid’s unique personality perfectly!

So that was my collection of cute little girl haircuts for long, short, and medium-length hair. 

These haircuts help your kid look their adorable best while making styling less difficult for you as a mom! 

Here’s a little tip, pay attention to your child’s face shape before you select a haircut for them. 

Some styles suit round faces better than heart-shaped ones. This point is especially important if you’re trying out bangs for your little girl.

Also, make sure your child is always involved in the process of selecting their haircuts. After all, hair grows back but what matters is your mother-daughter bonding time. 

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