best dandruff shampoos for curly hair

12 Best Dandruff Shampoo For Curly Hair In 2021 | To Control And Reduce Dandruff

Curly hair looks beautiful, but it comes with so many challenges. Dandruff being one of them.

As curly hair does not wick moisture, there is more build-up on the scalp while the hair remains dry.

Scalp product build-up and leads to dandruff and flaking! The solution? The best dandruff shampoo for curly hair of course. 

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A lot of experts will tell you that it’s best to wash curly hair just once or twice a week. Plus, curly hair which is usually of a high porosity needs more nourishment.

So you end up applying a lot more styling gels, creams, pomades, and hair oils. All of this can lead to excess product build-up, causing inflammation and dandruff. 

Dandruff Shampoos For Curly HairBest ForChief Ingredients
Maple Holistics Tea Tree ShampooMild DandruffKeratin, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba, Argan Oil
Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff ShampooSevere DandruffKetoconazole 1%
Head And Shoulders Anti Dandruff ShampooFlaking and Crusty ScalpPyrithione Zinc 1%
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing ShampooColor-Treated HairTea Tree, Lavender, Mint
Philip Kingsley Flaky Scalp Cleansing ShampooSensitive ScalpHydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Lanolin, Citric Acid
Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo Scalp Build-UpSalicylic Acid 3%
Wow Organics Anti Dandruff ShampooHair LossRaw Apple Cider Vinegar, Argan Oil, Almond Oil
Jason Natural Dandruff Relief ShampooFrizzy HairSalicylic Acid 2%, Sulfur 2.4%
Shea Moisture African Black Soap ShampooAfrican American HairAfrican Black Soap, Bamboo Charcoal, Tea Tree Oil
Christophe Robin Purifying ShampooDry EndsJujube Bark Extract
Dove Dermacare Scalp Anti-dandruff ShampooOily ScalpPyrithione Zinc 1%
Aveda Shampoo For Dry ScalpDry ScalpSea buckthorn, Coneflower, Sage Extract

The best dandruff shampoos for curly hair are those that cleanse your scalp while keeping the natural moisture of your tresses intact.

There are a lot of such moisturizing anti-dandruff treatments in the market, but if you’re confused about which to buy, you can check out our list below. 

Top Dandruff Shampoo For Curly Hair 2021

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

Best Sulfate Free Dandruff Shampoo For Curly Hair

sulfate free dandruff shampoo for curly hair

The Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo is the best dandruff shampoo for curly hair due to its natural and safe ingredient list.

You won’t find any problematic ingredients like sulfates, parabens, or silicones. What it does contain are a host of botanicals.

There’s jojoba oil and Moroccan argan oil that are rich in vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids and nourish your curls.

The tea tree oil-rich formulation is antibacterial and antifungal. It also helps reduce itching, inflammation, and redness on the scalp.

If you find dandruff in mixed or curly hair, this is the top product for you! 


  • Natural ingredients
  • Sulfate and paraben-free
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • Controls frizz


  • Can be too drying for 4c hair

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Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Best Medicated Anti Dandruff Shampoo

nizoral anti dandruff shampoo

The next on our list is the Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo.

If you’re curly hair is prone to severe dandruff and scalp conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis, you should try out this product.

The active ingredient in Nizoral is ketoconazole 1%, which is super effective (some experts claim better than pyrithione zinc) in removing all traces of dandruff from your scalp.

This clinically proven and medicated shampoo works by binding the ketoconazole to your hair proteins and reducing any inflammation or irritation.

With this shampoo you can see immediate results. 

But we have to warn you that this shampoo is a bit drying. For your curly-haired peeps, it’s best to use this product once a week only. 


  • Controls excess oil and dandruff
  • Removes flakes and build-up
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Powerful formula


  • Too harsh on sensitive scalps
  • Can dry hair

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Head And Shoulders Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Best Drugstore Dandruff Shampoo

head and shoulders anti dandruff shampoo

Need to get rid of dandruff on a budget. The Head And Shoulders Anti Dandruff Shampoo is just the thing for you!

This popular drugstore shampoo has been around for ages. And we won’t lie, there’s a definite reason for its popularity too. 

The shampoo contains a powerful antifungal agent in the form of 1% selenium sulfide that removes all traces of dandruff flakes from the scalp.

We did have one complaint about this shampoo – it contains sulfates!

So if you have high-porosity 4c hair or color-treated hair, we would suggest trying out another product from our best dandruff shampoo for curly hair list. 


  • Controls dandruff and flaking
  • Great for removing excess oil
  • Removes crusty residue from scalp


  • Contains sulfates
  • Can dry out curly hair

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo

Best Smelling Anti Dandruff Shampoo

best natural dandruff shampoo

Used by salons everywhere, the Paul Mithcell shampoo is next on our best dandruff shampoo list.

This product doesn’t contain any parabens, sulfates, or gluten. So it’s perfectly safe for color-treated hair.

And as the formulation is vegan and natural it doesn’t dry out coarse, curly tresses. 

The ingredients include tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, mint, and other botanicals that cleanse your scalp without drying it out.

We also love the natural scent this sulfate-free shampoo leaves behind. 


  • Strengthens britte hair
  • Leaves scalp feeling fresh
  • Pleasant scent
  • Controls inflammation and itching


  • Contains sulfates

Philip Kingsley Flaky Scalp Cleansing Shampoo

medicated anti dandruff shampoo

Best Dandruff Shampoo For Sensitive Scalp

Looking for an anti dandruff treatment for your oh so sensitive scalp? We’ve got just the product for you!

Try the Philip Kingsley Flaky Scalp Cleansing Shampoo. For one, it’s completely free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and gluten.

So there’s nothing here that can irritate your scalp. 

Curly hair already is more fragile, so the best dandruff shampoo for curly hair is the one which has a gentle formula.

This shampoo contains lauryl betaine that cleanses hair without stripping your scalp of its natural oils.

There’s also piroctone olamine, an antimicrobial compound that reduces inflammation and itching. 


  • Thickens thin, fragile hair
  • Smoothens frizz
  • Controls excess oil while keeping hair hydrated


  • Contains sulfates
  • Formula is too watery

Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo Original Formula

Best Dandruff Shampoo For Scalp Build-Up

medicated anti dandruff shampoo

Sometimes dandruff is caused due to conditions like seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. This could lead to the formation of thick crusts of dandruff on the scalp.

This scaly layer prevents shampoos or other products from reaching the scalp sometimes. If this is your story, then try the Neutrogena T/Sal Shampoo.

Unlike it’s coal tar-based T/Gel version, this product is milder and more suitable for curly hair.

It contains 3 percent salicylic acid that cleanses the scalp of dandruff and flakes without removing its natural moisture. 

This shampoo is also the best dandruff shampoo for curly hair if you’ve got an oily scalp problem. 


  • Good for curly hair with psoriasis and other scalp conditions
  • Unclogs hair follicles and removes build-up
  • Helps with seborrheic dermatitis


  • Can leave hair dry

Wow Organics Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Best Shampoo For Itchy Scalp And Hair Loss

wow organics anti dandruff shampoo

Dandruff isn’t just a pesky problem. It can lead to itching, hair loss, and other terrible issues that leave your confidence low.

So the best dandruff shampoo for curly hair is the one that treats all of these hair problems as well.

Like Wow Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo! It’s mild, sulfate-free formulation cleanses the scalp without stripping its natural moisture.

And the shampoo contains DHT blockers that prevent further hair loss. 

The apple cider vinegar detoxes your hair, repairs damage, and leaves curls soft, shiny, and bouncy!

Jason Natural Dandruff Relief Shampoo

Best Natural Dandruff Shampoo

jason natural dandruff relief shampoo

It’s best to not wash curly hair everyday.

But if you’re forced to shampoo your tresses multiple times in a week due to dandruff and psoriasis, we think you should go for a mild, plant-based shampoo.

And we’ve got just the one for you.

The Jason Natural dandruff shampoo is perfect for the job.

It’s got jojoba and olive oils that nourish and rosemary essential oil that leaves behind a pleasant scent and healthy hair.

There’s also 2.2 percent salicylic acid that removes dermatitis crusts and dandruff flakes from your scalp. 

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Shampoo

Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Frizzy Hair

sheamoisture african black soap shampoo

The Shea Moisture African Black Soap Shampoo isn’t just the best dandruff shampoo for curly hair. It is the best shampoo for curly hair. Period.

We absolutely dig African black soap for curly, type-3 and type-4 hair.

And coupled with tea tree oil and charcoal it’s one of the best remedies for dandruff. 

Your scalp feels clean but not dry after use as there’s shea butter to nourish it.

Plus, there are no sulfates, parabens, alcohol, or synthetic ingredients to irritate your scalp. 

Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo

Best Dandruff Shampoo For Curly Hair With Dry Ends

best shampoo for curly hair

Okay, so this Christophe Robin shampoo might not be the cheapest on our top dandruff shampoo for curly hair list, but it’s certainly one of the best.

Why? Firstly because it doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients like sulfates and parabens. 

The second reason is the gentle jujube bark extract formulation that removes oil and dandruff flakes without drying your tresses.

It is also a great pick for curly hair that has really oily roots and dry ends.

Aveda Shampoo For Dry Scalp

Best For Itchy Scalps

Aveda Shampoo For Dry Scalp

This shampoo isn’t just a quality anti-dandruff product for curly hair strands, it’s also an excellent dry scalp treatment.

The key ingredient here is burdock root extract, sage extract, along with several other botanicals that help in fighting flakes and relieving scalp of itchiness and redness.

The product nourishes hair follicles from within and moisturizers scalp over time.

It keeps redness, flakes, scalp bumps, and scalp dirt at bay, leaving hair manageable, soft, and dandruff-free.

Dove Dermacare Scalp Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Best Mild Shampoo

Dove Dermacare Scalp Anti-dandruff Shampoo

Curly tresses often have dry scalp types, and dandruff shampoos with ingredients like menthol, etc. can leave it even scaly and itchy.

What you need in this case is a gentle shampoo with natural ingredients. Enter the Dove Dermacare shampoo!

It’s got a blend of peppermint and tea tree extract that helps refresh your scalp. And if you’re worried about irritated scalps. The pyrithione zinc formula takes care of that.

This dermatologist-recommended shampoo is great for people who struggle with product buildup too.

But if you’ve got oily scalps, we suggest trying something more powerful.

Free & Clear Medicated Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Best Dandruff Shampoo for Curly Hair and Irritated Scalps

This is an affordable shampoo suited to a several hair types including coily hair and coloured hair.

What’s so amazing about this Free and Clear Dandruff shampoo is how great it is for sensitive scalp types.

Not only is it free of harsh sulfates, but you also won’t find any artificial fragrances or gluten-based ingredients here.

So your skin is protected from any form of redness or irritation. You won’t find other allergens like Cocamidopropyl betaine, lanolin, etc. which are common in other hair products.

The active ingredient here is the 2% zinc pyrithione which has both antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It’s perfect for ladies with dry hair and an irritated scalp!

What ingredients do I look for in a dandruff shampoo for curly hair?

There are several amazing hair products available for curly hair with dandruff. The best among them usually contain the following ingredients.

  • Zinc pyrithione and salicylic acid are some ingredients that help get rid of stubborn dandruff and flakes.
  • For curly hair with a severe dandruff or psoriasis problem, shampoos with coal tar, pyrithione zinc, or ketoconazole can be used. 
  • If you want to take a more natural approach, try using curly hair products with tea tree oil, peppermint oil or rosemary oil. They have antifungal properties and help control dandruff. 

FAQs – Best Dandruff Shampoo For Curly Hair

Is curly hair more prone to dandruff?

Yes. If you have curly hair the natural oils on the scalp do not reach till the tresses.

And as it’s recommended that you don’t brush curly hair the way you brush straight hair, there’s no way to distribute these oils too. This sebum build-up can lead to dandruff.

And as curly-haired folks are advised not to wash their tresses too often, they’re more prone to flaking, inflammation, and dandruff. 

How to get rid of dandruff on curly hair?

The simplest way to get rid of dandruff, flaking, and scalp build-up is to use the best dandruff shampoo for curly hair.

But always be sure to pick a product that caters to your hair texture and hair type.

Also, the shampoo should not dry your tresses out too much and have ingredients that nourish and condition your hair.

The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is the best shampoo for curly hair if you have dandruff and other scalp conditions. 

Can I use head and shoulders good for curly 4c hair?

Head and shoulders 3-in-1 shampoo is one of the best dandruff shampoo for curly hair.

But when it comes to 4c, kinky hair, we suggest you use products that have more nourishing ingredients.

While Head & Shoulders is good, it tends to leave your hair squeaky clean, so 4c hair might be prone to frizz after use. 

You can try a coconut oil shampoo for dandruff or something with African black soap or tea tree oil. These are more milder and do not dry out 4c hair as much. 

How often do I wash dandruff-prone curly hair?

As curly hair tends to dry out quicker, we suggest washing it 1-2 times a week only.

But if you’ve got a dandruff problem, you can do 3 times per week.

You can also try using your regular shampoo everyday and a medicated anti dandruff shampoo once a week. 

Dandruff can play spoil-sport to your curly hair. But thank goodness getting rid of it is easy with the help of a best dandruff shampoo for curly hair.

Just pick one from our list above that best suits your hair texture and scalp.

They not only make your scalp clear and healthy, but also leave your locks soft and bouncy.

So choose an anti-dandruff shampoo to say goodbye to dandruff today!

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Shea Moisture African Black Soap Shampoo

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