16 Amazing Dark Green Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin

Want to know about dark green hair color ideas for dark skin? Read on for some tips and ideas on how to get the perfect shade for you.

The shade green is one that always looks beautiful and the shades of dark green are numerous! So if you are someone who loves experimenting with different hair colors, but are worried whether it would suit your dark skin type, well, if you cannot seem to decide which one you should go in for next, maybe you could think of dyeing your hair a lovely and refreshing shade of dark green.

You could just dye your hair on your existing hairstyle or maybe get yourself an all-new hairstyle with green-colored hair and spice up your look like never before! Let the color of your skin, not stop you from getting the color that you love.

Well, while the choice is yours, we’d love to say that the idea was ours!

So check out the top 16 dark green hair color ideas that we have to share with you.

Top Dark Green Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin

Buzz Fade Shaded Toxic UV Green hair color

The buzz fade cut is one that can perfectly showcase the distinct color of the shade toxic UV. This shade is one that is neither too dark, nor too light, but a perfect blend of the color green.

Dark Green Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin
Source: Instagram @ uniquehaircreationsllc

When you dye your hair this color, along with this hairstyle, there is something cool you can do. You can use this color along with other shades of green, to give it a shaded effect.

Checkered Juniper Dark Forest hair color

The shade juniper dark forest is one that is a very rarely used shade when it comes to dyeing hair. Well, rare, is now in, right? Don’t you want to stand out from the rest?

Source: Instagram @ jjulietbeauty

Well, there is no better way than this to show off this beautiful shade of dark green by getting yourself the lovely checkered dyeing effect.

Alpine Green Color One-sided Locs

Don’t want to get rid of your dreads yet? Well then let’s make it work! All you need to do is keep a part of your dreads while shaving one side of your head to get the whole look.

Source: Instagram @ str8_stylin

Next, dye your hair a lovely alpine green color and I’m sure your dreads would have never looked better! This color is perfect for those of you who wish to get a dark green hair color, but not too dark!

Venus Envy with Forest Green Shaded Layers

I love any shade of green that looks vibrant! Yes, I love colors that make me feel positive when I look at them because they relax my mind.

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Well, if you are also one like me, then try out this shaded blend of the colors venus envy green along with forest green.

Source: Instagram @pravana

This can give your hair the perfect shaded effect, making your hair look absolutely vibrant. So, for all you long-haired folks out there, this one’s a great pick for you!

Dark Emerald Green Layers

Well, I may sound a little biased out here but I have to say that by far the dark green shade of emerald green is one of my personal favourites.

It looks soothing to the eyes and spells class! In my opinion, this color radiates a whole vibe by itself!

Source: Instagram @samihairmagic

If you have long hair cut into layers, I’d really think that this dark green shade can be one that is perfect for you to get.

Periphery Voodoo Green Hair Color

I’m pretty sure that the title gives away what exactly the style entails. Well, if you are a dark-haired person and do not want to go all out coloring your hair with a full shade of dark green, then try out this look.

Source: Instagram @breezyhairproductions

The color voodoo green is a super rare shade that is a perfect shade of dark green that is not too dark. It is one that can blend in with dark hair perfectly. All you need to do is simply dye the hair at the sides of your head the voodoo green shade.

Peekaboo Electric Lime Hair Color

I’m sure there are some of you out there who do want to color your hair green, but still have that thought at the back of your head, “Will it suit me?”.

Source: Instagram @hair_witchery

Well, the electric lime shade suits everyone and the best hairstyle to pair it with is the peekaboo hairstyle. You can get the most radiant shade of dark green out there and show it off only when you wish to!

Faded Alpine Green Hair Color With A Straight Cut

Want to get your hair colored a shade of dark green, but you’re not ready to have eyes turning in your direction just yet?

Well, the faded alpine green hair color is a relatively dark shade of green that can blend in with dark hair perfectly, while it will very mildly showcase a little tinge of color.

Source: Instagram @hairreinspaziert_36

If you pair this color with a straight cut and get streaks of alpine green, your hair will have just the right amount of color it needs.

Only-Edges Juniper Dark Forest Hair Color

If you’ve got long hair and are quite apprehensive whether the color juniper dark forest will suit you, then don’t worry, go ahead and try it out with the style – only-edges.

Source: Instagram @alhyfabeauty

Yes, all you need to do is get yourself the tip dip dyeing effect on your hair with this lovely shade of green and if you do not like it, you can still simply trim off the edges. Well, what’s not to like in the color juniper green though?

Pixie Chop With Alpine Green Hair Color

I love the pixie cut! It is one that looks super cool and funky. I personally think that the dark green shade of alpine would look super cool while paired with this hairstyle.

Source: Instagram @dyehardhairstudioftl

You could either go in for the fully-dyed alpine green hair color look or maybe just dye the tips this beautiful shade of green to get the enhanced tinge of this color.

Sheen Green Hair Color With Curtain Bangs

Sheen green is that shade of green that is considered a dark shade, but is one among the lighter shades of dark green. Sounds pretty confusing, doesn’t it?

Source: Instagram @allurebyz

Well, don’t let the confusion stop you from trying out this shade. The best way to showcase this color is by getting yourself lovely curtain bangs and probably only color your bangs sheen green for the ultimate classy look!

Smoky Green Blunt Bangs

Want to go dark, like really dark? Well, the smoky green shade of green is a fairly dark shade of green that looks green, while it still can maintain the essence of your natural hair color if you’re a naturally dark-haired person.

Source: Instagram @allurebyz

This color is one that looks charming and can rev up your style like never before! The best hairstyle that can undoubtedly suit this hair color is getting yourself blunt bangs.

Emerald Green Shaded Dreads

If you’re looking for a “safe shade” of dark green to get, then choosing the shade emerald green is a wise choice. There is nothing that can possibly go wrong with this shade because of how beautiful it looks.

Source: Instagram @allurebyz

No matter what hairstyle you have, the color emerald green will suit you. But if you have dreadlocks, this color will be the perfect one to suit this hairstyle. Just dye only half your dreads emerald green and check out how amazingly perfect it will look on you!

Alpine Green Buzz Fade Cut

This hairstyle and this shade of dark green are two of my ultimate personal favourites. The reason I like this hairstyle is because of how bold it makes you look and what better way to pull off this bold look than to get the bold color – alpine green?

Source: Instagram @youngestpopeeva

Getting your hair dyed alpine green and pairing it with this simple, yet bold and elegant buzz cut can make you look perfectly cool.

Voodoo Green With Electric Lizard Shaded Green Hair

Well, if you found this hair color idea interesting then you are for sure one of those people who want to cut the cake and also eat it. Well, let me tell you why!

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There are some of us out there who want to get a dark-shaded hair color, while we also think a lighter shade would look nice.

Source: Instagram @glamgoyle

So yes, if you are undecided and let’s take it as you want the best of both worlds, then just get two shades! Well, you need to get the best ones of course. So choose the shade voodoo green with the color electric lizard for the perfect blend of the dark and the light.

Yin-Yang Tropical Green Blunt Cut

This color and hairstyle is my all-time personal favourite! Well, if you are someone like me, who loves all the shades of dark green, but will still choose the rarest shade out there, one that hardly even looks like green, then the tropical green shade is the right one for you!

Source: Instagram @thedarkestdark and curlupndyelv

Pairing this color along with the yin-yang style can be a decision that you make and will never regret because of how stylish and classy it looks!

The final takeaway

I’m pretty sure that some of you might be quite surprised with the numerous shades of the colour dark green. Well, that gives you a huge color range to choose from and I hope that this article was able to give you some idea on how to implement it on your hair.

So, go ahead and get to the salon as soon as possible and spruce up the look of your hair, maybe even tweaking some of our ideas to make one of your own!

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