Dark Root Platinum Blonde Balayage Color Ideas

16 Amazing Dark Root Platinum Blonde Balayage Color Ideas 2023

Want to know the latest dark root platinum blonde balayage color ideas? Check out our selection of Dark Root Platinum Blonde Balayage Color Ideas and find the perfect hue that flatters your complexion.

A foil highlight that is modern, and trendy, and gives you a prettier look reflects only on dark root platinum blonde balayage. This method of hair transformation is also referred to as the shadow root method. This trend is dreaded and looks immensely attractive.

Famous Hollywood actors like Kristen Stewart, and Diane Kruger took the full-blown blonde balayage look and found the experience great. 

To enlighten you more on blonde balayage with dark roots, icy blonde balayage, and caramel balayage we came up with this. We will also drive you through the highest trendy hairstyles that you can pick for your next look. 

Before picking up the look section, I wanted you to revise what blonde balayage is. Let’s get started without any further ado. 

Dark Root Platinum Blonde Balayage Look

Heavy Curls With Blonde Balayage

Heavy curls look tremendous on heavy occasions. Today this is the most opted look for the office. The balayage blonde platinum hair with heavy curls can be done with the help of a hairstylist.

Dark Root Platinum Blonde Balayage Color Ideas
Source: Instagram @lucas_hair_makeup

You can self-style your hair after getting it colored. But for the beautiful look like below, I will recommend you have an extra hand. 

Balayage Bouncy Curls

The bouncy hair looks misty with the dresses. The bright look that you will get from the platinum blonde balayage will add stars to your final look.

icy blonde balayage with dark roots
Source: Instagram @aaashleee

The hair will look best with some medium curls. Doll yourself with a small pin on the back for the cutest look. 

Platinum Blonde Layer

The layer in the front will give the airy look to the finest color combination. Dark roots with the grey platinum color and the right cut will make you the smartest in the room.

platinum blonde hair with dark roots
Source: Instagram @ev.bhair and

This look is the longest to live and fall in love with. The hair cut when grown looks even better. The hair color rightly complements the middle parting. People sometimes refer to it as “the Rachel Green look.”

Simple Curls Platinum Blonde Balayage

Simple color is your everyday pick. To make yourself a little updated, find this look. To add some level, curl it from the bottom. You can either keep the hair untouched with the clips or you can do the side parting for the finest face. 

platinum blonde with dark highlights
Source: Instagram @janicemayhair

Grey Balayage

Complete gray balayage on short hair is fit for all age groups. This look has opted for the ones who are more than 40s. There is no age group for this look but as per the recent trends, this look is picked by the aged ones.

platinum blonde with shadow root
Source: Instagram @monellebeautysalon

They get grey hair and want to look confident with it. turning all of it grey and having a good cut is the smartest solution I got to see. 

Straight Aluminum Balayage

Who doesn’t like straight simple hair? I would love to have 100% natural straight hair with platinum blonde balayage. I heard that straightening with the hair color will damage your hair.

platinum blonde balayage on dark hair
Source: Instagram @karaleexhair

When I opted for the look mentioned below, none of my hair got damaged. In fact, the after-effects of color made my hair better. For the ones who are fearing to get this look, don’t worry. 

Simple Mid-Size Balayage

The simple platinum balayage with the medium shoulder level is best for casual looking. The simple balayage with less purple effects and dark roots will give you the exact texture you want.

light blonde with dark roots
Source: Instagram @salon_moda

You can leave your entire hair open for the whole day and still capture the right texture. For the ones who need minimum maintenance after the hair color, can choose this.  

Icy Blonde Balayage 

This dreamy look you can have with minimum struggles. I got this look for my graduation party. The icy touch of this look has made me fall in love with greys. I never wanted a balayage with an icy texture.

dark root blonde highlights
Source: Instagram @feel_beautiful_with_chelsea

With this look and minimum curls, the hairstylist won my heart. The curls are very small and don’t even require heat. You can do it with your fingers and pin them for a few minutes. 

Brown Balayage Full Coverage

Full coverage will start from the roots and touch the ends of your hair. This look is one to go for. If you got impressed with balayage for the first time, this whole coverage look will make you fall in love.

balayage hair blonde dark roots
Source: Instagram @hairbynivein

This look is considered ideal for a party and wedding. You can book your session for this hair coloring and feel satisfied to the fullest. 

Caramel Balayage 

Caramel is the loveliest hair color. It gives the natural look to the root and the finest to the end. The transformation from caramel balayage to icy balayage is fanaticism.

blond hair black roots
Source: Instagram @hair_by_lucy_m

Both hair colors look splendid on every face. If you are looking for something casual don’t miss this look. You can go with the bottom curls or you can leave it natural. The final texture will give you the look you are looking for so long. 

Cute Clutch Look

The combination of simple curls with the clutch pin-up is the quickest look when you are busy. The texture of half black and half grey can be captured beautifully with this style.

All you need is the right clutch to form this look. If you have straight hair, you just have to curl the bottoms for the final heavy look. For the wavy hair ones, you got it naturally.

Cute Cat Ponies With Locks 

This cute cat look with the front locks is the boldest you can have with balayage. The right texture can be seen from this look. The two ponies surely made you miss your childhood and guess what the hair gets silkier after using the right hair coloring.

black roots platinum blonde hair
Source: Instagram @lydia_the_stylist

For the few days after the hair coloring, you can go for this look. The reason is hair got all settled up because of hair color. 

Front Curls With Short Hair

Deep rot aluminum balayage with front curls is the most sophisticated flowery look to doll up with. This look is for coffee-time meet-ups and casual outings. No huge time is required to form this look.

balayage hair color
Source: Instagram @iosonomeivisvastarelli

You can use the cold curling strips on the front side of your hair after getting it colored. Keep it overnight and enjoy the mesmerizing look the next day. 

Messy Curly Short Balayage

This short messy look is exactly what you need for your daily styling. If you like short hair that gives you a cute voluminous look, this is your go-to style.

balayage on black hair
Source: Instagram @swankysalonnsb

Show this to your hair stylist and get the exact coloring done. Also, the roots need to be a bit dark to bring out the right texture. 

What Is Balayage?

“To Paint” as expressed in French. Balayage’s coloring technique changed the world of hair coloring forever. This coloring technique gave the natural-looking sun-kissed hair.

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There is no problem with aluminum foils being wrapped around in a half-nap state. Rather a brush is used in a freehand technique to give the look. The pattern flourished in the 1970s and yet it gives promising effects to modern fashionistas. 

Hair stylists use their experience and gut feeling to style your hair with attractive transitions. To give a better understanding of balayage hair trends and looks we will further attach some of the loveliest balayage hair looks. 

Is Hair Coloring A Trend?

Balayage is referred to as a long-lasting hair-dying technique that doesn’t hype your hair much but gives the subtle look. But why is everyone dying their hair with Dark root platinum blonde balayage? 

Let’s figure this out fast below: 

  • Natural look: Balayage is not similar to highlight. It is a free-hand color styling given to your hair. It is more like experimenting with only the best outcomes. 
  • Options: Balayage has many options to serve every crowd. You can opt for soft blonde highlights, caramel honey balayage hair, and also the one that we are referring to here. The styles are very contemporary and are fit for every taste. 
  • Quick appointments: Balayage takes only 15 minutes to 45 minutes of your time. You can now say bye-bye to 2 hours of hair coloring appointments. 

My Experience

Dark root platinum blonde balayage is a brand-new experience of mine. All I could say is try it. Once you see the final outcome on your hair, you will find it worth it.

I got the balayage done by my regular stylist who offered me a home visit. I was once confused after hearing about home visits because for me coloring takes a lot of time and how could I manage it from my home? When she completed the whole process in 40 minutes I was astonished. 

  • My hair went absolutely beautifully.
  • It was the minimum thing to ask for something this beautiful. 
  • It was very quick. 
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I will highly recommend girls to try this. If you are a busy person like me and want to get dolled up, this treatment is what you should take. 

As for the final tip, don’t wash your hair too often. It will bring off the color too soon. You can also ask your hair stylist to recommend you the right color protection shampoo and conditioner.

With the usage of color protection shampoo and conditioner, the color will stay intact and the glam will not go off sooner.

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