Demi Moore Hairstyles

Cutest Demi Moore Hairstyles In 2023 | Her Best Iconic 80s, 90s, 00s Looks!

Demi Moore is one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. She is known for her strikingly dazzling features, much of which can be attributed to her incredible sense of fashion, particularly when it comes to her hair. 

Over the years, Demi has sported a multitude of different hairstyles, each of which looked absolutely fabulous on her. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best of Demi Moore’s hairstyles and explore the reasons why they make the actress so stunningly captivating. 

Demi Moore Hairstyles 

Demi Moore Hairstyle That Monica Wanted In Friends

demi moore hairstyles

Remember when Monica Geller begged Rachel to get her a haircut just like Demi Moore in the hit sitcom Friends? Monica had fallen in love with Demi’s iconic wavy hairstyle and was desperate to get the look. 

After a very awkward failed attempt to get the look, Monica was eventually able to transform her luscious locks with the help of Rachel.

Demi Moore’s glamorous ‘do from Friends was a classic middle part with a slightly side-swept look that added more body and volume to her long blonde tresses. 

The timeless style was effortlessly chic yet flirtatious enough to make a statement. If you’re looking to emulate this look, start with freshly washed and conditioned hair, using products specifically made for thick, wavy locks. 

To really get the coveted bounce, apply some mousse and blow-dry your hair in sections while utilizing round brushes. Finish off the look with a shinier finish and some subtle beachy waves.

Demi Moore’s iconic Friends hairstyle is sure to turn heads, no matter the occasion. Perfect for summer parties or evening dinners, this timeless wavy look is the epitome of chic. 

If you’re looking to re-create Demi’s style, or perhaps to experiment with an ultra-glam evening look, get it done right.’


Demi Moore Hairstyle In Ghost

demi moore haircut ghost

When thinking of Demi Moore’s iconic hairstyle from the movie Ghost, one cannot help but envision the alluring, romantic, and top-notch hairdo she wore for the highly acclaimed movie. 

Her sleek, side-swept curls put her character in an elegant state of love and comfort that was hard for audiences to ignore. 

The style was popular for a reason; it aptly highlighted what made Demi Moore’s character so special. 

Her bright and shining mane was pulled to one side, with the ends cascading along her neck, calling attention to her enchanting eyes. Her hair was styled with a voluminous curl, gracefully framing her face and culminating in layers that beamed with a luscious shine and perfect bounce. 

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The look was achieved with a curling iron, and the rollers were cooled for a few minutes before being released for the desired effect. 

What made this style so remarkable was the way it worked with Demi Moore’s features and helped her effortlessly bring out the personality of her character in the movie. The end result was a look that is still revered today.

Demi Moore Hairstyles Short

demi moore haircut short

Demi Moore is the epitome of a timeless beauty. She has had a variety of hairstyles over the years, but she always looks stunning. 

Whether you’re looking for an edgy cut or a classic look, Demi’s short style got it all!

For something classic and timeless, Demi’s often-seen cut is a medium length bob with subtle layers and long bangs. It’s the perfect look for a night out on the town or for a more refined day look. It’s glamorous and easy to style. 

If you’re looking for an edgier style, Demi’s asymmetrical crop is the right look for you. This unique cut has wispy bangs that frame her face and tousled layers that give it a stylish touch. It adds a bit of punk to any look. 

demi moore short hairstyle

Demi’s pixie cut is also another classic haircut. It’s sleek and effortless but still cuts an impressive silhouette. Whether you’re going to the office or visiting friends, you’ll look polished and chic. 

No matter what style you choose, Demi Moore’s hairstyles are sure to be a hit. Short hair looks great on everyone, so take a cue from Demi and try out one of her short hairstyle looks today!

Demi Moore Hairstyle Long

demi moore hairstyles long hair

Demi Moore’s long and stunning hairstyles have been turning heads from the big screen all the way to the salon chair. 

From classic, elaborate up-styles to soft, textured curls and everything in between, the actress’s haircuts could be considered works of art. 

Whether you’re looking for an effortlessly romantic or dramatic ‘do, the right Demi Moore hairstyle could be the perfect addition to your hair repertoire.

If we had to recommend only one of Demi Moore’s long hairstyles, it would have to be her cascading curls. With hair that falls just below the collarbone, this look is perfect for playful dates and special occasions. 

A light dusting of mousse and a few sections of hair separated by curling wand or flat iron will give you beautiful, natural-looking results. After, seal it in with a finishing spray and you’re ready to show off your voluminous mane.

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If you’re looking for a simple and elegant style, look no further than her shoulder-length ‘bob’. Volume is key for this look, so blow-dry your hair with a round brush and build it up with mousse as you style. 

The final look should be full of body and wavy ends. Finish off with a light mist of hairspray to maintain your look for the whole day.

Demi Moore is the queen of long hairstyle experiments, with her signature look being her soft, tousled waves. No matter what your hair type is, you can recreate this classic style. 

Beyond the basics of blow-drying, curling your locks with a wide-barrel curling iron and leaving your hair down, really focus on scrunching and braiding your hair to add texture.

For those days when you want to stand out, try out one of Demi Moore’s statement hairstyles. When in doubt, opt for an elegant updo, whether it’s half-up, braided top knots, or a chic French twist. 

Just keep in mind a few key things: use heat- protection tools and make sure to secure it with hair pins and hairspray. With these tips in hand, you can be sure to replicate her looks.

Demi Moore Hairstyle Indecent Proposal

Demi Moore’s iconic hairstyle in the 1993 classic Indecent Proposal has stayed in the limelight for decades. This was due to the captivating style of the chin-length bob her character Diana Murphy wore with beguiling finesse. Moore wore a timeless style that was both classic and modern – with minimal yet effective layering. 

Her flicky layered bob was cut with a deep side parting and softened around the jawline to lend her overall look a playful feel. The sleek and glossy locks were completed with a charmingly tousled style. 

The natural deep brown shade of virgin hair combined with the glossy glassy finish resulted in a glamorous and luxurious look. Adding to this beauty was the way the shorter front layers touched her cheeks, creating a soft and alluring silhouette around her face. 

This classic Demi Moore hairstyle in Indecent Proposal remains to this day as a timeless classic. 

It emphasises the importance of classic touches to enhance an already chic and sleek hairstyle, setting it apart and making it all the more renowned. 

Demi Moore 90s Haircut

Demi Moore’s flawlessly styled hair was a staple of her look in the 90s. Whether it was long, straight and elegant, or a tousled, beachy finish, Demi’s hair was always enviably on point. 

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Her classic 90s haircut was a shag-inspired style; with a graduated bob cut, longer layers and plenty of fullness along the crown of the head. The choppy layers were artfully shorn to frame the face and give it softness around the jawline. 

This timeless look was accentuated with a soft neutrals brown hue, lending an Old Hollywood glamour to Demi’s look. Her hair was often paired with vibrant red lips for a glamorous combination. 

This simple yet stunning hairstyle was perfectly suited for a variety of occasions, from relaxed family dinners to high-profile events. 

Former lovers and current admirers of Demi Moore of the 90s, can take inspiration from her signature haircut and make it their own.

Demi Moore Hairstyle 2023

demi moore latest hairstyle

The year is 2023 and Demi Moore is once again leading the way in the world of hairstyles. 

Her signature style, a stunning combination of voluminous curls, soft waves and face-framing layers, continues to inspire a multitude of fashion-savvy women all over the world to try out a taste of the hairstyle queen’s signature look.

What makes Demi Moore’s 2023 hairstyle stand out from the rest is her ability to put a unique twist on classic styles. 

She often starts with a deep side-part and then adds in her signature voluminous curls or soft waves. From there, she adds layers and fringes to create a modern, face-framing finish.

demi moore 2023 hairstyle

This year, Demi Moore has also showcased some fresh, new looks – from her relaxed, two-tone half-up style to her pretty Dutch knots, these new show-stopping looks combine the very best of contemporary and timeless hairstyles.

No matter how you choose to style your hair, you can always be sure that it will look fabulous and perfectly suited for any occasion. 

So if you’re looking for a new way to modernize your style and turn heads everywhere, Demi Moore’s 2023 collection of hairstyles is the way to go. 

With numerous options to choose from, you can rest easy knowing that you can stay at the burgeoning forefront of fashion, without ever looking outdated.


In conclusion, Demi Moore brings style and sophistication to any hairstyle she rocks. 

Whether it is a daring pixie cut for a night out or a voluminous, beachy wave for a casual day look, Demi Moore proves that she can pull off virtually any look with grace and ease. 

Her iconic looks are sure to inspire you to try something new, and to feel confident in any style you choose.

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