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I Found The Best Diffuser For Curly Hair | After Reviewing 11 These Products For Softer Curls!

Your regular hair dryer might be doing more damage to your curly hair. The best diffuser for curly hair can help your tresses remain soft and healthy, even if you use them everyday.

Curly hair benefits a lot from good styling products. You can keep that frizz away and really define the curls with a good diffuser for curly hair or a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer. 

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Finding the right diffuser can be quite confusing as there are so many in the market, so I’ve put together a list with reviews for you to choose the best diffuser for curly hair:

Diffusers For Curly HairBest ForPrice Range
Remington Pro D2042Extra Power$$ (Affordable)
BaBylissPRO Italian Series DiffuserEasy Detaching$$$ (Expensive)
Dyson Supersonic Hair DryerBest Splurge$$$$ (Very Expensive)
Lpinye Professional Hair Dryer with DiffuserShort, Curly Hair$ (Very Affordable)
Hairizone Universal DiffuserScrunching $ (Very Affordable)
Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe DryerFrizz Control$$$ (Expensive)
The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair DiffuserTravelling$$$ (Expensive)
Xtava Black Orchid Large Hair DiffuserQuick Drying$$$ (Expensive)
REVLON 1875W Infrared Heat Hair DryerDry, Coarse Hair$$ (Affordable)
CONAIR InfinitiproNatural Textures$$$ (Expensive)
Bed Head Curls In Check Diffuser Hair DryerCoiled Cord Diffusers$$$ (Expensive)

What is the best diffuser for curly hair?

According to my research and after using all these products, I’ve decided that the BaBylissPRO Italian Series Diffuser is the best diffuser for curly hair today. It’s affordable, lightweight and comes with a good warranty. It has multiple heat and speed settings making it suitable for all types of curly hair textures. I also liked how it controls frizz through it’s negative ion technology.

How I tested the top diffusers for curly hair?

I have 3b curly hair which requires a lot of care, so I need a good diffuser of it pronto! So I tested these top products in the market and then even rated them on the following factors.

  • Heat Settings – Not all curly hair is the same. So I like it when diffusers have a wide option of temperature settings that help you choose an optimum heat range for your tresses
  • Functions For Hair – I also noted if the hair dryer has functions that benefit hair like cool shot button, ceramic technology, negative ion technology, etc.
  • Power and Safety – I checked if the diffuser is powerful and if they have a good wattage. I also checked for safety options like automatic shut off, long cord, etc.
  • Price – Lastly, the price is also important. So I checked if the price is reasonable for the functions that are provided.

Top Diffuser For Curly Hair 2022

Remington Pro D2042 Professional Titanium Ceramic Hair Dryer

Best Powerful Diffuser for Curly Hair

best diffuser for curly hair 2022

I have a rule – when it comes to my hair and its health, I never compromise on the quality of the styling products I use. 

Too much heat can burn your hair and scalp, and that’s why I trust the professional brands like Remington for hair dryers that are powerful, yet safe on my hair. And of course, they give me amazing results. 

The Remington Pro D2042 Professional Titanium Ceramic Hair Dryer uses ionic technology which reduces frizz by a large extent. When coupled with the impressive diffuser attachment, you can be sure to have curls that turn heads.

how to use the best diffuser for curly hair

I like that the diffuser contains 3 heat and 2 speed settings that allow me to control the temperature and heating time. Useful if you have long hair or have multiple people using this diffuser.

But my favorite part has to be the cool-shot button that gives you a blast of cold air at the end for smooth and shiny hair. 

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Like many Remington hair dryers, this one is also quite light in weight. But I wouldn’t say that it has a very ergonomic design as the cord is very short and was quite annoying to turn sometimes.


  • Comes with 3 heat settings so it can be used for type 3a, 3b, and 3c curly hair
  • The diffuser is lightweight so won’t feel bulky in your hand
  • The ceramic material ensures even temperatures so you get even heating
  • Comes with negative ion technology that reduce frizz


  • Difficult to use as the cord is very short

My Ratings:

  • Heat Settings – 4.5/5
  • Functions For Hair – 4.5/5
  • Power and Safety – 4.5/5
  • Price – 4.5/5

BaBylissPRO Italian Series Diffuser

Best Removable Diffuser for Curly Hair

best hair dryer with diffuser

BabylissPRO is one of those preferred brands of hairstyling equipment and is widely used in many homes and salons across the world. So it was a no-brainer that I review their diffuser.

As their Italian Series hair diffuser attachment is meant for these hair dryers and comes highly recommended, I decided to try it out next.

 The diffuser fits most BabylissPRO hair dryers and is easy to attach with a simple slide and click.

I have very thick hair, and I liked that it has prongs that are long enough for medium thickness curly hair, and are quite effective in lifting them, separating sections of hair and combing through to dry them.

There are plenty of vents in the diffuser that disperse the air gently through the strands to help style my hair as I dry it, leaving me with soft, shiny, bouncy curls which are free of frizz. 

I actually have nothing bad to say about the Babyliss Diffuser expect that it might be a bit expensive. But I feel the price is justified as it so many features.

best hair dryer with diffuser,

I particularly liked the negative ion tech and the cool shot button as I have a lot of frizz. Also the cord is longer than the Remington one, so it was much easier using this particular diffuser as well.

The only issue I can find is that people with thin, fine curly hair might find the prongs a little larger for their hair. But this can be fixed by taking a bigger section of hair.


  • Comes with multiple heat and speed settings making it suitable for different hair lengths
  • Has negative ion technology that helps control frizz
  • The prongs helps separate and diffuse thick curly hair very easily


  • None that I could find

My Ratings:

  • Heat Settings – 4.5/5
  • Functions For Hair – 4.5/5
  • Power and Safety – 4.5/5
  • Price – 4.5/5

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Best Luxury Diffuser for Curly Hair

dyson hair diffuser

I am yet to find a hairstyling device that can beat the Dyson. With advanced technology and premium build, Dyson is always a luxury.

The Supersonic Hair Dryer is built to solve all our frizz issues with the diffuser attachment that clips on with the help of a magnet.

Though the surface area isn’t as big as many other diffusers attachments in the market, Dyson is very powerful, which does work on drying the hair pretty quickly. It’s one of the best diffuser for curly hair.

The air is gentle and you have no risk of burning your hair. Dyson’s USP is building machines that are light in weight and this hair dryer is no exception. The hair dryer is a pleasure to hold and use. 

I am not going to lie to you, Dyson is quite expensive but it also lasts forever, looks super stylish, and buying this hairdryer should be considered an investment. 


  • Absolutely great for damaged curly hair and natural hair as it doesn’t heat up your tresses
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of electrical power, so it’s cost saving
  • Very powerful, so it can dry thick hair or multiple sections at once
  • Powerful motor can help dry your hair in 5 minutes flat
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  • It’s breathtakingly expensive!

My Ratings:

  • Heat Settings – 4.5/5
  • Functions For Hair – 4.5/5
  • Power and Safety – 4.5/5
  • Price – 4.5/5

Lpinye Professional Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Best Hair Dryer With Diffuser For Short Hair

Will a diffuser fit on any hair dryer

We all love the Dyson, but if given an option, would you choose something similar for a fraction of the price? I know I would if I’m assured of the efficiency.

And of the most efficient diffuser for curly hair, is this one by Lpinye. Lpinye’s professional hair dryer is very similar to the Dyson supersonic hair dryer but for a price that is much lower.

 Lpinye hair dryer boasts of a powerful 1800 watt motor and blows air at a steady pace to avoid damaging the hair. 

It has a wide diffuser attachment that works very well for curly hair. However, one downside is that the prongs are a bit on the shorter side and while these are great for thinner hair, this attachment might not be the best for hair with lots of volume.

 The hair dryer comes with a removable filter for easy cleaning.

 The 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings are something you can choose from to suit your needs. 

Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser for curly hair

Best Hair Dryer For Scrunching Hair

universal hair diffuser attachment

If you already have a hairdryer that you absolutely love and hate having to replace, I suggest you get yourself the universal diffuser by Hairizone. This one is perfect for any kind of hairdryer that you own and it is easy to fit it in, thanks to the attached silicone straps.

 These straps are soft and ensure that the hairdryer does not get scratched or damaged. 

The diffuser itself is quite wide with multiple prongs, so you get some pretty good coverage of distributing the heat across your hair.

 This one does leave your curls looking pretty smooth but I did note that since the prongs aren’t too long, if you have thicker or longer hair, it might take extra time. 

The silicone straps are also a bit loose when fitted onto certain models of hairdryers and require a bit of effort while securing the diffuser onto the nozzle. 

Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Dryer

Best Frizz Control Diffuser For Curly Hair

What makes a hair diffuser good

Panasonic is a name that I am familiar with, as many gadgets from this brand have floated in my home from the time I was a child. Panasonic brings me the feeling that I am in safe hands with something that is very durable. 

The Nanoe Dryer with the diffuser attachment lives up to this expectation with its powerful 1875 watt motor and employing Nanoe technology.

 This ensures that the hair does not lose its natural moisture, instead, it retains the hydration. This automatically reduces the amount of damage that can occur by drying the hair, reduces frizz and frail ends. 

The diffuser has a wide surface area and long prongs that can reach even the thickest of hair. 

With the 3 temperature settings and 2 speed settings, you have the option of selecting what works best for you!

The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser for curly hair

Best Collapsible Diffuser for Curly Hair

what's the best diffuser for curly hair

I like it when gadgets and devices are built for convenience. After all, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? The Collapsible Hair Diffuser by The Curly Co. is an impressive attachment that can be fitted into your existing hair dryer when you need to dry your curls and get rid of the frizz. 

And when not in use, simply remove it, fold it and store it away. Made from silicone, this diffuser is durable and of premium quality. 

The prongs are soft and long enough to penetrate through layers of thick hair, so your hair has delicate air gently drying it.

 The one thing to note though, is that this is not a universal diffuser attachment.

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 It will fit only certain types of hair dryers, so be sure to check before you purchase it. 

Xtava Black Orchid Hair Diffuser

Best Pronged Diffuser For Curly Hair

Are diffusers worth it for curly hair

Most people who have curly hair require a diffuser that will work for thick hair. The Black Orchid Hair Diffuser satisfies this with its super long prongs that can reach long and thick hair to dry it without dehydrating your hair.

 This attachment is again not exactly universal, so you must check if it fits your hairdryer. 

However, if it does fit, this is an excellent diffuser for curly hair as it has a wide surface area, measuring nearly 17 cms and has close to 90 air vents. 

That assures you of gentle and soft well dispersed air to dry your hair and leave you with those shiny, well defined curls. 

The size and the large number of vents also reduces the drying time, so you can have your hair done in a jiffy. 

REVLON 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer 

Best Diffuser For Curly, Dry Hair

best hair dryer with diffuser for curly hair

The Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer is one stunningly stylish model. It works as good as it looks with its strong 1875 Watt motor distributing heat at an even pace for drying your hair gently and without frizz. 

The Infrared heat keeps the hair hydrated without stripping it off its natural moisture, leaving it smooth and shiny.

 It also helps dry it pretty quickly. The diffuser attachment has plenty of prongs that disperses the air evenly into the hair. 

It increases the volume of the curls, makes them bouncy and gives them a healthier look. 

The hair dryer has 2 heat and 2 speed settings that you can choose from. As a bonus, Revlon also includes 3 sectioning clips to make it easier to style your hair. 

CONAIR Infinitipro diffuser for curly hair

Best Hair Diffuser For Natural Hair

universal diffuser

Conair hair dryers are designed to style all kinds of hair and are widely used by professional hairstylists across the world. 

The Infinitipro is one of my favourite models of hair dryers as it is not only super efficient, sturdy and durable, but also makes use of ionic and ceramic technology. So I can be sure that my hair is going to be smooth and shiny, all the frizz is going to disappear and the natural moisture in my locks are retained. 

The diffuser attachment that comes with the Infinitipro is perfect for medium thick curly hair with its wide surface area and medium sized prongs. 

The width of the attachment covers a large area to dry your hair faster while the number of prongs disperses the air to make it softer and gentler on your hair. 

Bed Head Curls In Check Diffuser Hair Dryer

Best Hair Dryer With Coiled Cord

best travel hair dryer with diffuser for curly hair

Most diffusers are designed only for curly hair types, but not this one by Bed Head, this product is one of those hair diffusers that suit all hair types – curly or straight.

So if you have dry hair or frizzy hair and simply want to prevent any heat damage from occurring during the drying process, this is the perfect diffuser for you.

The product comes with 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings, and a cool-shot button that helps set your hairstyles in place. Also, the lightweight design is really easy to use.

A diffuser is a great way to keep your curls well defined. Your tresses are prone to heat damage when you use a hair dryer or mechanical damage when using a towel.

Using a diffuser can also help control frizz by making sure your hair’s cuticle isn’t exposed to direct heat.

In some respects yes, it is always better to air-dry your hair, but a diffuser can help define your curls, when you use a mousse or conditioner and scrunch it. Also, it cuts down your hair drying time significantly.

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BaBylissPRO Italian Series Diffuser

The BaBylissPRO Italian Series Diffuser is suitable for all hair types and thicknesses. It comes with negative ion tech and is very affordable.

Product SKU: H4GYUFTRGB475H6783

Product Brand: BaBylissPRO

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: $19.99

Price Valid Until: 2023-05-07

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • The diffuser has multiple heat settings
  • It has negative ion technology
  • It comes with an extended warranty


  • Diffuser will fit only Babyliss Italian series hair dryer
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