Do Short Hairstyles Make You Look Older or Younger

Do Short Hairstyles Make You Look Older or Younger | And Easy Hairstyles To Look Younger

In this article I’ll answer the question “do short hairstyles make you look older or younger”. I’ll also tell you which haircut makes you look younger.

Let’s start off this article with a few questions. Firstly, are hairstyles created to match people of certain age groups? Secondly, is it true that people of all age groups cannot get any hairstyle of their choice?

Well, in my opinion, hairstyles are created in such a way that anyone can get any hairstyle of their choice because a hairstyle is totally something that is person perspective.

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But let’s put this out there that there are certain hairstyles that aren’t linked specifically with “age”, but keeping your hair short can make a person actually look younger, especially by the way other people perceive a person’s looks.

That being said, it for sure doesn’t mean that a longer hairstyle will stop you from looking young.

So, let’s talk about a few details here and discuss more about types of short and long hairstyles that can make you look younger, which hairstyles usually make a person look older than their actual age.

Do Short Hairstyles Make You Look Older or Younger

Keeping your hair cut short has its own advantages, but most importantly it does contribute to making one look younger.

If you do wish to keep your hair long, there are various hairstyles that can even make you look young with long hair. So it is very essential to find the right hairstyle for yourself.

Short Hairstyles to make you Look Younger

If you are one of those people who like their hair kept short, but aren’t quite sure which hairstyle will suit you the best, then these hairstyles can be your first picks.

But if you are someone who always liked your long hair, then chopping your hair short will definitely be a bold decision, but you can be rest assured it will be worth it!

Here are the Top 8 Short Hairstyles to make you Look Younger

1.  Short Pixie Chop hairstyle

Do Short Hairstyles Make You Look Older or Younger
Source: Instagram @ kurzehaarstylenn

I’m sure you’ve seen Kris Jenner right? Well, she is 66 years old but for sure doesn’t look her age! Let’s just say that it is all because she keeps her hair short and is very often seen sporting a short pixie cut.

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This is an easy-to-maintain short hairstyle which can for sure make you look young!

2. The A-Line Bob hairstyle

which haircut makes you look younger,
Source: Instagram @ kavyasmakeover_

There is something super cool about bob hair cuts, especially if you are someone with straight hair or has straightened their hair. The A-Line bob is a trendy hairstyle, which is short at the back and long at the front. It looks quite sporty and can make you look younger than your actual age!

3. The Short Perm hairstyle

hairstyles that make you look younger and thinner
Source: Instagram @ permsfeed

Are you a fan of perms? Then get yourself a short haircut and then get your hair permed and it will make you look super young. If you are already one with curly hair, then you don’t even need the perm, just get a short haircut and you’re good to go!

4. The Beach Waves hairstyle

12 hairstyles that age your face,
Source: Instagram @ ateliersalonusa

The beach waves are a hairstyle that will never get old and will make anyone who has this style too look super young. The beach waves offer both a casual and formal look and is an every-so-trendy and youthful hairstyle to have.

5. The Bold Buzz Cut hairstyle

10 hairstyles that knock 10 years off your age,
Source: Instagram @ gabrielalesner

There is a reason why it is called the “bold” buzz cut and that is because as we age, not everyone is ready to go all out and try out funky hairstyles.

Well, the buzz cut is a super short chop, but can make you look young and look very cool, but only if you are ready to take the bold step!

6. The Short Feather Cut hairstyle

hairstyles that make you look older teenager,
Source: Instagram @ halohairdesign4

The best thing about feather cuts is that they can be got whether your hair is long or short and it is one of the most in-fashion hairstyles currently. 

It will not just make you look young, but will switch up your style as well!

7. The Simple Layered hairstyle

60 haircuts that make you look 10 years younger
Source: Instagram @ mrsmelissam1

If you do not want to chop your hair too short, then keep it just above your shoulders and get a classic layered hairstyle. It is simple, easy to maintain and will make you look young as well.

8. The Classic Bob hairstyle

hairstyles that make you look younger before and after
Source: Instagram @ ochosalon

Bob hairstyles are ones that are always trendy and are super easy to maintain and look lovely. No matter what your age is, a bob will suit you perfectly and make you look young for sure!

Long Hairstyles that can Make you Look Young

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If you still like your hair kept medium length or long and do not want to let go of your locs just yet, this shouldn’t stop you from looking young, right?

Just switch up your hairstyle, so you get to keep the length, with only just another hairstyle!

Here are the Top 6 Long Hairstyles that can Make you Look Young

1. The Classic Step Cut hairstyle

how to look more mature woman
Source: Instagram @ bravelygray

Well, not everyone likes their hair cut short, so keep the length of your choice, but get yourself a few steps in your haircut. The step cut hairstyle will give your hair volume and will still give you a youthful look, irrespective of your hair length.

2. The Simple Layers hairstyle

hairstyles to make you look younger at 70
Source: Instagram @ mariaaestevam

Layered haircuts are quite common, but look super fashionable. Layers in the hair suit anyone with any hair type and texture. It adds to the volume of the hair and can enhance your style like never before, making you look younger than your actual age!

3. The Curtain Bangs hairstyle

which hairstyle make you look younger
      Source: Instagram @ starunisex

If you like your hair length and do not want to shorten it, then how about style your hair at the top, Yes, curtain bangs will let you do that! Keep your length, but get bangs only near the sides of your forehead and it will up your look beautifully.

4. The One-Sided Flip hairstyle

Hairstyles that make you look older teenager
Source: Instagram @ hairandmakeupbyjane

If you are someone who doesn’t want too much of change in your hairstyle all at once, then you can start off with a slight change. 

Whatever be your haircut, it doesn’t matter. All you need to do is style your hair well and here, the style lies in the flip of your hair to enhance its look.

5. The Long Feather Cut hairstyle

10 hairstyles that knock 10 years off your age
Source: Instagram @ kriss_hair731

Feather haircuts are one of those ever-so-trendy types of haircuts that suit any hair length and can be got by anyone of any age group. 

They look the best on people with straighter hair types because the feathers stand out. This hairstyle is trendy and can make you look really young!

6. The Forehead Bangs hairstyle

do bangs make you look older or younger
Source: Instagram @ amhairartistry_

Just how we had the bold buzz cut, the one with the forehead bangs the version of a bold haircut when it comes to long hair. 

If you are up to get a bold hairstyle, then getting this stylish hairstyle is perfect for you and can make you look super youthful and fashionable.

7 Common Hairstyles that Make People Look Older

1.  The Bun hairstyle

Source: Instagram @ life_styledbyashli

While buns are hairstyles which are still commonly used, a bun can make you look older than your actual age. If you really wish to wear a bun, go in for a high bun or a messy bun hairstyle.

2. The Single Ponytail hairstyle

Source: Instagram @ uljanasblog

Let’s be honest here, ponytails are not just common, but are one of the most convenient hairstyles to use on the go. Well, low ponytails can make you look older than your age, so getting yourself a high ponytail would switch up your look!

3. The Single Braid hairstyle

Source: Instagram @ katiedidx5

Single braids are not “out of fashion”, but they definitely are one of the last hairstyles when it comes to making one look young or youthful.

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If you want to wear a braid, style your braid by getting fancy braids like a Dutch braid, a waterfall braid or a fishtail braid to enhance your look.

4. Long hair with no hairstyle

Source: Instagram @ haireather

Having long hair will not make you look old if you get yourself a good hairstyle. If you simply leave your long hair unstyled, that’s what will make you look old. The key lies in getting a good haircut and styling it well.

5. The Single Clip hairstyle

Source: Instagram @ yamazaki_accessory

Single clip hairstyles are common and yet another convenient type of hairstyle to use on the go. Well, as easy as it is to style, the single clip hairstyle is not one that can make you look young, as this hairstyle is not as trendy as it was in the past. 

6. The Banana Clip hairstyle

Source: Instagram @ thefinejewels.inn

Banana clip hairstyles were often used in the past and even though they are still being used, they can make you look older than your actual age. So avoiding this hairstyle if you want to look young would be ideal.

7. Medium length hair with no hairstyle

Source: Instagram @ carmenperuzzini

Having your hair cut into a medium length will make you look young to a certain extent, but unfortunately it won’t make you look youthful and trendy if it isn’t styled in the right way.

So even if you want to keep your hair medium length, remember to get yourself a good haircut and style your hair well.

The final takeaway

Well, as we conclude, it is quite obvious that shorter haircuts and hairstyles do have an upper edge when it comes to making a person look younger. 

So if you wish to look younger you can either get yourself a lovely short crop, or cut your long hair into a nice hairstyle

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