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Does Custom Shampoo Work | Here’s My Opinion If It’s Worth The Price!

Does custom shampoo work? Is it more effective than store-brought shampoos? Do they help with hair loss? I’ve answered all your questions here.

I often say that customized items are not new to the market, but they are becoming more popular as more companies include customizable features in their products. 

Businesses, from start-ups to major brands, provide customized product options to diversify their product offerings and encourage people to buy. 

I’ve also noticed that clients are more satisfied when they can customize things to their liking since they get exactly what they want. They consider the thing special, valuable, and created to satisfy their particular requirements.

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Over the past several years, people have been attracted to personalized makeup kits, skincare products, and even supplements, as personalized beauty has been all the rage. But now, the personalization craze has spread to the hair care industry. 

The statistics demonstrate that hair care is essential to customers and is becoming increasingly important. 

According to recent market research, the customization trend is playing a significant role in the expansion of the worldwide hair care industry, which is anticipated to reach $116.33 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 3.35% over the next five years.

I’ve noticed that customized shampoo has recently become much more popular in the hair care industry. In fact, I’ve actually tried out one myself. 

Traditional hair care products, whether high-end or from the store, focus on a particular issue like color protection, dryness, or volume. As consumer preference grows, brands face increased pressure to implement social sustainability offerings. 

This is primarily manifested in the hair care industry as heightened social consciousness and demands for firms to serve a larger spectrum of consumers by being more accepting of diverse and textured hair. 

As a result of the appealing packaging and the curiosity generated by the “customized” label, many media organizations and influencers immediately began testing and praising customized shampoo brands.

Does Custom Shampoo Work

There isn’t a concise “Yes” or “No” answer to this question. However, the product has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, which may assist you in determining if you want to purchase it or not. 

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So let’s down to it and let me give you all the details on customized shampoos! 

What Is Customized Shampoo?

The personalized shampoo is simply normal with adding a customer’s choice of components, scent, and packaging. Depending on your preferences, these shampoos can also be prepared without silicone, color, or scent. 

Custom hair products are generally subscription-based and generally cost more than retail prices. People who prefer more control over the components in their shampoo due to allergies may benefit greatly. 

So how do you get a custom product? Well, customized haircare brands typically ask customers to respond to a brief online survey, after which the finest formula and ingredients are chosen based on each customer’s hair type. 

I’ve answered questions regarding my hair texture, dandruff, oily scalp, customizations, and daily maintenance in these surveys. You can even select the fragrance from several choices. 

While most of this process is similar across brands, some businesses may inquire about the consumer’s location or the location where they will be utilizing the product to ensure that it is appropriate for that region’s weather and water conditions.

Ordering A Customized Shampoo

When you’ve found a reliable website for customized shampoo, you’ll have to follow just one step:

Create Your Hair Profile Or Take The Hair Quiz:

This is where you answer a few basic questions regarding your hair type (texture, thickness, color treatments, and so on) as well as select a number (usually five) of your top hair goals, such as “shine,” “volume,” “damage repair,” “oil management,” and so on. 

You can even pick your desired fragrance and the color and shape of your shampoo. Customized formulas depend on the information after the survey or hair profile has been received and analyzed. 

The computer uses an advanced algorithm created just for this purpose to develop a hyper-specific shampoo generated for you and your unique demands using all of this information.

You’ll need to wait a few days after payment. Your preferred freshly filled bottles are packed into an adorable package with convenient pumps and sent to your house.

The box may occasionally include a printout of your hair profile and a suggested individualized hair care routine to ensure the items are as effective as possible.

With appealing packaging and the customer’s name on the bottled mixture, haircare products may now be tailored to meet individual hair and scalp demands. All of this sounds nice, but how effective is customized shampoo? 

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In this write-up we will be discussing in detail the advantages and disadvantages of having a customized shampoo in your hair care routine. By the end of this article you will understand in depth about the customized hair shampoo and whether to have it or not. 

Before digging into the details, let me share some of the customized shampoo that I used and highly recommend. 

Some of the Customized Shampoo that I highly recommend

Lusta Biotin and Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner is best for thickening the hair. It promotes natural hair growth and is made from natural ingredients. It is used by both men and women because it is chemical, sulphate and paraben free. 

OLAPLEX is No. 4 Bond Maintenance Customized Shampoo. This is highly moisturized and reparative shampoo. It made my hair manageable, shiny and healthy. Must recommended product. 

Tea Tree Special Shampoo is a vegan product and maintains the shine of the color. It was best for my hair due to the paraben free ingredients and tea tree additions. 

why should i choose custom shampoo

Advantages Of Using Customized Shampoo

Resolve specified problems: 

I feel like your shampoo should be tailored to your specific needs, and in this regard getting a customized shampoo is unquestionably a massive bonus. People find it difficult to get a shampoo that contains all possible hair-fixing solutions. 

Switching between multiple shampoos to get results obtained with a single shampoo is a never-ending cycle. 

Interestingly, the personalized shampoo will include elements unique to the concerns you specify in the survey. It’s time to test a customized shampoo if you haven’t already found the ideal shampoo for you.

benefits of custom shampoo

Exclusion of harmful chemicals:

I’ve noticed that many hair care companies advertise glossy, luscious locks, their products frequently contain harmful substances like silicones, triclosan, sulfates, and parabens. 

These substances deplete the natural oils in your hair, severely harm the hair shaft, and may even be cancer-causing. 

They have been judged unfavorable due to their consequences on the environment (ingredients don’t biodegrade properly), the user’s health (phthalates may affect the production of hormones because they have been related to endocrine disruption when ingested), or even the effects on hair (sulfates can be drying).

So in this case, you can order customized shampoo that can be made without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, oil products, and artificial ingredients. 

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They are often “cruelty-free” and “vegan” when desired, which means they don’t use any ingredients obtained from animals or undergo animal testing.

Fragrance option:

Everyone enjoys smelling pleasant and new, so customers typically choose shampoos that are heavily scented to make their hair smell nice. 

However, regular shampoos have chemically produced fragrances in them. In the case of shampoo specially made for you, the fragrances will be added from natural ingredients like essential oils and will be particularly special to you. 

Individuals who are fragrance sensitive have the option of choosing a formula with no fragrance at all.


Because it is personalized, the item has fewer potential allergens than other items on the market, making it less likely to trigger a reaction. The consumer will be provided with information about the components of their shampoo.

custom shampoo for curly hair


Having efficient yet appealing packaging gives products a competitive edge in the market, considering the large variety of shampoos available. The materials used to make these shampoo bottles are available in various colors to make eye-catching shelf displays and improve the shopping experience. 

Style and shape are things that customers take into account when ordering a custom shampoo bottle. 

For instance, transparent bottles are typically preferred to display vibrant and eye-catching semi-liquid or viscous contents. 

I, for one, am very clumsy and often request round-base bottles to provide additional stability and reduce fall spillage.

Using customized shampoo undoubtedly has other advantages depending on the customer’s needs. 

Disadvantages Of Customized Shampoo

disadvantages custom shampoo


The product’s pricing is undoubtedly the first drawback, and one of the chief reasons why I discontinued ordering customized shampoos. The custom shampoo does run up a bit of a bill because of the individualized characteristics of the product and packaging. 

Each item is designed to be used a few times per week and is also offered as a monthly subscription service, which may run upwards of $10,000 per year.

Inadequate effectiveness:

Personal shampoo brands have garnered mixed evaluations, which counter the entire idea of the product’s performance. If shampoo is developed precisely to target specific difficulties, it should work wonderfully for the individual it’s suited to.

It is pretty uncertain if they will fulfill their promise to modify chemical components according to each person’s preferences. 

Although these products contain a variety of substances that are good for hair, it’s difficult to understand how much the formulas vary from one another, making it unclear just how “personalized” they are. 

Sometimes a brand will state that a certain ingredient is in the composition, but the ingredient concentration is so low that it rarely provides any noticeable benefits.


If you are willing to pay money to support your hair, customized shampoo is worth a try as it provides many benefits. 

I suggest that if you’re satisfied with your hair regimen and have no serious difficulties, switching wouldn’t be advised because you can usually find a different brand or recipe to treat a certain issue.

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