Does Hairspray Kill Lice

Does Hairspray Kill Lice?

Do you know that hair spray can kill lice? Here’s a quick guide on how to get rid of them using hair spray.

can be super annoying is finding those pesky small creatures roaming around your scalp and hair – lice! They are undoubtedly a nuisance and what’s even worse is that they are super hard to get rid of!

Well, lately, something that caught my attention was an article that I came across which was doing the rounds on the internet.

The article was about how using hairspray can get rid of lice. I was absolutely intrigued and thought “Is this actually true?”.

Since hair spray is just a hairstyling product, I was quite interested to know how exactly it would work to kill lice. So I did my own research because I had to find out whether it was true and here are my findings.

Does Hairspray Kill Lice

Does Hairspray Kill Lice?

So straight off the bat, let me begin by answering the most researched question – does hairspray kill lice?

Yes, it does! Using hairspray can actually help get rid of lice, but there’s a catch, it will not get rid of nits (or lice eggs).

Therefore, you will have to use a lice or nit comb to get rid of the nits and dead lice.

does washing your hair everyday kill lice

How Does Hairspray Kill Lice?

So if you are wondering how, basically, hairspray can first and foremost ruin the breeding ground for the lice because of its waxy or sticky texture.

It makes it harder for lice to move around the scalp and hair and thus slows down the rate of infestation, as the lice cannot attach themselves to the hair follicle in order to lay their eggs, as the hair follicles are well coated by the hairspray.

Hence, when there are no new eggs on the head, the lice cannot lay eggs and thus, there won’t be a spread of lice.

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Hairspray in itself can cause the lice to suffocate and restrict their movement to an extent that can hinder their chances of survival.

Also, when the hairspray covers the bodies of the lice, their air passages get blocked and they find it hard to breathe hence, they die over time.

Making sure you use the hairspray the right way is very important. You will have to spray the hairspray closer to your roots than all over your hair.

Also, remember that your hair needs to be completely dry before spraying it on your head. Thus, the hairspray will have a better effect and coat the scalp and hair properly (thereby also coating the lice and nits).

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Do not overspray it; simply spray randomly, just enough to be able to coat your hair with an even layer.

Are Hairspray Ingredients Toxic Towards Lice And Nits?

Hairsprays most importantly contain polymers and solvents. Polymers are natural or synthetic substances that are responsible for giving the hairspray a glue-like effect that makes it hard for the lice to move around on the scalp and hair.

how to remove lice from hair permanently

Thus, you cannot conclude that the ingredients in hairspray directly affect the lice and kill them, but it is the restriction in the movement and also their inability to breathe due to their bodies being coated by the waxy substance blocking the air passages that actually kill them.

But we can definitely say that hairspray is in a way harmful to lice and nits on the scalp and hair.

Does Hairspray Damage Your Scalp Skin and Hair?

I’m sure many of you guys looking to resolve your pesky head lice problem will jump at the idea of using hairspray and lather it all over your head maybe. Well, do not ever do that, because while using hairspray can kill lice, excessive use of hairspray can also kill your hair!

So what’s dangerous here is overusing hairspray because some hair sprays contain certain ingredients like ethanol (which is a type of alcohol), that can be severely drying to the hair and cause terrible scalp irritation if used too often. Therefore, finding a hairspray devoid of this ingredient will be better.

Secondly, just the way hairspray coats the bodies of the lice with the gum-like waxy substance and blocks their air passages, this same gum-like substance can also settle on the scalp and block the pores.

will a hair dryer kill lice

Thus, when the pores (hair follicles) are clogged, it can lead to hindrance of hair growth and weakening of the hair root, causing hair fall over time.

This waxy substance can also cause buildup on the scalp leading to scalp conditions like dandruff, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis etc. Some of the chemicals used in hair sprays can also cause allergic reactions to the scalp’s skin.

Also, when hairspray settles on the hair strands, they harden to hold the hairstyle in place or set the hair in a certain way.

Well, if you brush your hair when it has hairspray on it, it can damage the hair and weaken the cuticles on the hair shaft, making your hair more prone to breakage.

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In addition to this, hairsprays coat the hair strands as well (like it coats the scalp) and they do not wash off very easily.

So, eventually, there will be some amount of residue after each use that remains after each wash and collects like a buildup over time that later forms a film on the hair strand. This film will make the hair look dull and will lack lustre and shine.

Therefore, using hairspray to get rid of lice should be done spaced out and during that period, it would be better if you do not also use hairspray for hairstyle settings as well (to reduce those extra uses).

Does Hair Gel Or Wax Reduce Head Lice?

Apart from using hairspray, some came up with using hair gel or wax for kill lice, and surprisingly, hair gel too works very well to get rid of lice.

When hair gel is applied to the hair, it gets stiff. Thus, when this same hair gel or wax coats the bodies of the lice, it hardens on them, in turn sealing their breathing pores and making it hard for them to breathe. Therefore, eventually, the lice get suffocated and die.

But if the lice have already laid eggs before you used the gel, then the eggs will hatch. So, this needs to be stopped beforehand thereby using a nit comb to get rid of the nits before they hatch is important. The best time to get rid of the nits is before you apply the gel.

does hair gel suffocate lice

Make sure to use the gel the right way, in order to get rid of the lice. The process is very simple. All you need to do is cleanse your hair using your regular hair wash shampoo.

Then while your hair is still wet, use a fine-toothed nit comb and remove all the nits possible. Thereafter, apply the gel all over your hair and scalp, leaving it to harden. Leave it on for at least 10 to 12 hours and then wash off.

You will require to repeat this process for at least a couple of weeks to be able to see the complete results.

What Shampoo Can I Use To Reduce Head Lice?

There are plenty of good lice reduction and prevention shampoos out there. Here are the top 6 best-rated lice reduction shampoos you can try.

RID Daily Defense Lice Shampoo and Conditioner

RID Daily Defense Lice Shampoo is a lice infestation inhibitor. While it will not get rid of existing lice on the head, it can be used by people who wish to prevent getting lice from another during a lice outbreak (like in case of school children).

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Lice Shield Shampoo and Conditioner

Lice Shield Shampoo is a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that replaces your regular cleansing shampoo and conditioner and is most often used on children (but can also be used by adults).

does salt water kill lice

Using this product will help prevent the infestation of lice and is mainly used as a deterrent that prevents the spread of lice. It will not kill the existing lice on the head.

Lice Combat Shampoo

Lice Combat Shampoo comes in a kit that includes a leave-in cream along with a lice/nit comb. This product is not only helpful in killing the lice, but can also help prevent the spread of lice from another’s head to yours.

does hairspray kill lice eggs

My Hair Helpers Lice Removal Shampoo

This product is yet another kit that comes with a nit comb, a hairspray, a hair mousse, lice removal oil, along with a shampoo and conditioner that all go together. It helps eliminate lice 

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Lice Logic Clear and Free Shampoo         

This shampoo is an enzyme-based shampoo that can help get rid of both lice and nits from the head. It is also safe for daily use. It can destroy lice without damaging the hair with harsh chemicals, as it has completely natural ingredients.

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Safe Solutions Lice R Gone Non Toxic Shampoo

This product is also an enzyme-based shampoo that is all-natural and can help remove both lice and also nits as soon as it comes in contact with this product. It can also prevent future lice infestation. It is completely pesticide–free as well.

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The final takeaway

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I hope that this article has been able to put an end to all those doubts about this “hairspray killing lice” theory by answering all your questions.

I’m sure there are many of you out there dealing with lice infestation issues and are having a tough time trying to get rid of them! Well, here’s the best remedy out there to help get rid of lice.

Make sure not to overdo the hairspray or hair gel application, because of its side effects, but use it the right way to get rid of the lice in the hair, in addition to using a good lice reduction or prevention shampoo.

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