How to Dye Brown Hair Blonde without Using Bleach

How To Dye Brown Hair Blonde Without Using Bleach | 3 Simple Hair Coloring Tricks!

Here’s how to dye brown hair blonde without using bleach to keep your tresses healthy and damage-free after coloring.

I’m sure a lot of you out there love experimenting with new hairstyles and dyeing your hair different colours, but those with darker hair shades often have trouble getting the perfect blonde shade without bleaching their hair. 

The use of bleach has often been disregarded because of its harmful effects. 

But then, does this mean that people with darker hair types like brown or black cannot dye their hair blonde without bleaching it?

Well, there is a way out to everything and there are many hacks you could use to dye your brown hair blonde without having to use any bleach, so do not be disheartened!

In this article, I will tell you different methods to dye your hair from brown to blonde without using bleach.

So here are the details on how to dye brown hair blonde without using bleach.

But first let’s talk about bleach and why using it can be harmful for your hair. 

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What is bleach?

Bleach is a chemical substance that is used for lightening of hair colour during a process called hair bleaching. 

This process involves the complete removal of the colour pigments from the person’s hair strands and then lightening the shade of the person’s hair.

Now it is important to note that the longer you keep the bleach on your hair, the more the pigments break down and this will make the hair get lighter. 

So this means that people with darker hair shades will require the bleach to remain longer on their hair, as compared to people with already existing lighter hair shades.

Those with darker hair shades may even require a second application of bleach as the shade may not completely become lighter. 

Hair can also turn yellowish or into a golden hue after the first application and hair wash and will require a follow up and reapplication before getting the desired light hair colour.

How to dye brown hair blonde without using bleach

These methods of dyeing your hair without bleach can also be used for dyeing only certain sections of your hair as well.

The Natural Way

The Cinnamon and Honey Hair Mask

You will require:

  •  ½ tsp cinnamon powder
  •  1 tbsp honey
  •  1¼ tbsp lemon juice
  •  4 tsp hair oil (sunflower seed oil preferably)
  •  An applicator brush
  •  A shower cap
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Note: Increase or decrease the quantities based on the length of your hair. The above quantity will suffice for shorter hair lengths.

how to dye dark hair blonde without using bleach

How to make the mask:

Into a mixing bowl, add in the oil and lemon juice and mix well. Then, add in the honey and cinnamon powder and mix until it turns into a smooth paste without lumps.

How to apply the mask:

Step 1: Spray your hair with water until it becomes damp (do not wet it completely).

Step 2: Using an applicator brush, apply this all over your hair and make sure to apply it evenly, failing which some portions will become lighter than the other.

Step 3: Tie up your hair and cover your head with a shower cap and leave it on overnight or for around 8 to 10 hours.  

Step 4: The next morning or after 8 hours, wash off the mask completely with a regular shampoo and make sure to condition your hair.

Please note that people with darker brown hair will have to apply this mask two or even three times before they can get the desired shade of blonde as it is a completely natural method of hair lightening.

The Lemon Juice Hair Mask

Things you will need:

  •  1 cup of fresh lemon juice
  •  Water
  •  A spray bottle
  •  A blow dryer
how to lighten hair without bleach for dark hair

For every part of lemon juice, add half part of water. So 1 cup of lemon juice will require half a cup of water.

Combine the lemon juice and water in a spray bottle and shake it well before using it on your hair.

Note: This quantity is suitable for those with medium length hair. Therefore, those with longer hair will require to increase the quantities, but make sure to maintain the same proportions.

How to use the mask:

Step 1: On your dry hair, evenly spray this mixture all over your hair. You can use a brush or a comb to evenly spread out all the liquid over your hair.

Step 2: The lemon in your hair will lighten only when it is exposed to direct heat and therefore, you need to blow dry your hair completely or you could even sit out in direct sunlight until your hair has completely dried up.

Here are two important tips:

Make sure to condition your hair after every wash once this mask has been applied on your hair.

Lemon juice is highly acidic and can strip your hair off its moisture in the long run with frequent use of this mask and lead to dry hair, brittleness and breakage.

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People with darker brown hair may not see the best results within the first couple of applications as this is a natural process.

It will take a few reapplications before it can have an effect and lighten your hair shade considerably.

Using a high lift hair dye

how to dye dark brown hair blonde without it turning orange

High lift hair dyes do not contain bleach and do not strip the hair off its existing colour but instead deposit a new colour pigment on the strand and change its shade. 

For those who do not want to use bleach your hair blonde or find the natural methods not working in your favour, then this method will do you good.

While high lift dyes do not contain bleach, it is important to note that high lift dyes do contain ammonia and dye pigments. 

Another point to be considered when using a high lift dye is that they work best on virgin and non-colour treated hair. 

Here’s the process of dyeing your brown hair to blonde:

Step 1: This step is only for those who have colour-treated hair (the others can skip to the next step). 

For those with colour-treated hair, make sure to use colour removers to get your hair back to its natural shade before you start the hair dyeing process.

Step 2: For those with virgin and non- colour treated hair; this step involves testing the hair dye on your hair (usually known as the ‘Strand Test’). 

This step is just to ensure that your hair is going to become the desired colour before complete application of the blonde hair dye.

Therefore, apply the dye on a small and hidden portion of your hair and check on that portion by wiping off the dye after the first 10 minutes. 

putting ash blonde on dark brown hair without bleach

If you haven’t achieved the desired colour, reapply and recheck on it after 5 minutes and continue the same process for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Here’s an example, if you achieved the perfect blonde shade in 25 minutes, then you can use this time duration to dye your entire hair blonde.

So this is how you will have to time the duration you require in order to dye your entire hair from brown to blonde.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How To Dye Brown Hair Blonde Without Using Bleach

1. Why is bleach bad for the hair?

 Long exposure to bleach can make the hair very dry and brittle and therefore, those people with already weak and dry hair types must avoid bleaching their hair in order to protect their hair health.
 Every time you bleach your hair, the moisture in your hair gets stripped off and it can considerably reduce the protein in your hair strands. This means that your hair can be prone to damage like brittleness, breakage and split ends because the bleach dries up the hair.
 When your hair is bleached you will require to maintain it and do touch ups in order to avoid hair discoloration.
 Bleaching your hair often causes scalp itchiness, irritation and burning because of the harsh chemicals in the bleach.

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2. Do lighter hair shades require more maintenance?

Yes, most definitely! The reason behind this is that the roots require touch ups from time to time (I’d estimate a touch up every 5 to 6 weeks) as the hair begins to grow back, failing which the colour difference will become very obvious and prominent.

3. Can you dye colour-treated hair blonde without bleach?

You will require to completely get rid of all the colour and get your hair back to its original colour before trying to dye your hair to blonde without using bleach, in order to get the best effect. You could make use of colour removers in order to get rid of the existing colour.

4. What is ammonia and is it harmful for the hair?

Ammonia is a chemical used to dye hair by depositing the colour after breaking through the hair cuticle, which means there will definitely be damage to the cuticle and hair shaft during this process. But that being said, ammonia in hair dyes is still considered safer than bleach for the hair.

The final takeaway

Choosing to dye your hair blonde using natural methods is always the best way out. 

But if they do not work for you and if you decide to opt for methods like high lift dyeing or bleaching, it is important to take your hair health into consideration before starting the process.

Well, I do hope that this article came in handy for you guys and I hope you have got the answers to most of your questions!

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