Top Easy Cowgirl Hairstyles

18 Top Easy Cowgirl Hairstyles 2024 | Super Easy Hair-Dos!

If you are on the lookout for one of the trendiest looks, then here you have it – the cowgirl aesthetic! 

I really love how casual yet fashionable this style is! The cowgirl hairstyles are stylish, casual, and surprisingly practical too!

You don’t need to own a farm or visit one to try out the top easy cowgirl hairstyles!

I just love how you can rock this style even at a casual outing. Or wear it on a drive along the countryside or maybe even for your next costume party, cause why not right?

I’ve found some of the easiest and best-looking trendy cowgirl hairstyles for you to try out and I’m sure you’re going to love these!

Easy Cowgirl Hairstyles Trending In 2023

Two-sides Braids with Side Bangs hairstyle

Cute cowgirl hairstyles

cowgirl hairstyles with hat

Well, I’m going to start with one of my favourites as the very first one! This one looks very cool and trendy. 

If you thought only school girls wore double-sided braids, well, think again because this hairstyle looks classy. 

All you need to do is partition your hair in the middle and tie loose braids on either side, while you leave out a few extra strands to fall over the sides of your face.

These will look like side bangs. To finish it off, add the cowgirl hat over your head to give you the complete look.

The Waterfall Braid with Simple Waves hairstyle

Cowgirl Hairstyles Easy

cowgirl hairstyles for long hair

This one in my opinion looks so angelic! Cowgirl hairstyles needn’t always have to have a cowgirl hat to complete the look. 

This hairstyle can be worn to both, a casual occasion or even to a formal one, as it is a very versatile hairstyle. 

This hairstyle is called the “waterfall braid” because of the way it looks. 

The braid falls almost horizontally half way across your head, while the rest of your hair falls down freely and enhances the look of your waves along the length of your hair. 

This hairstyle will suit those people with long wavy hair, to get the perfect look.

Classic Cowgirl Hairstyle With Hair

cowgirl hairstyles for short hair

I’d like to call this one the Cowgirl Classic hairstyle because it is classic and also simple.

It doesn’t require much effort or any additional time to “style”,  and it still can make you look gorgeous.

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If you are someone with long straight hair, then this one will suit you best.

All you need to do is toss on a cowgirl hat over your well-combed hair and then let some of your hair fall over your shoulders to give it more of a casual look.

Double Dutch Braids with a low Ponytail hairstyle

little girl cowgirl hairstyles
Source: Instagram@elizabethyateshair

This is yet another hairstyle that requires no cowgirl hat. It is simple yet elegant to look at and very easy to do it yourself at home! 

All you need to do is comb all your hair to the back and then using small portions of your hair from the top of your head on either side, tie double Dutch braids.

These will come together at your neck into a low ponytail, that will give it the complete look. 

For those of you who find leaving all your hair very unmanageable, then this hairstyle is the best one for you!

The Single Braid with a High Ponytail hairstyle

Ponytail Cowgirl Hairstyles

western hairstyles for short hair

Well, let’s talk about how cute this one looks! I absolutely love it because it is something unique, classy and also easy to style at home. 

This hairstyle entails simple braids at the top of your head, that opens out into a high ponytail at the back of your head. 

This hairstyle will give you the cowgirl look, without you even having to wear the hat! 

Also, this hairstyle is going to make it easy for your hair to be more manageable.

The One-sided Braid hairstyle

Cowgirl Hairstyles Braids

country western cowgirl hairstyles

This one is one of the original and classic cowgirl hairstyles, don’t you think? It is so simple, looks casual, yet refined. 

All you need to do is tie all your hair into a single one-sided braid that falls over one shoulder, while you leave out a few strands to fall over the side of your face on the other side. 

To complete the look and enhance the vibe, of course, toss on the cowgirl hat!

Middle-partition Waves hairstyle

Cowgirl Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

cowgirl hairstyles braids

For those of you with medium length hair, wavy or curly, this style is perfect for you! It entails one-sided waves which are simple to style and easy to manage. 

This style is befitting for any outfit, be it a casual look with jeans and a t-shirt or a short dress.

All you need to do is partition your hair in the middle and leave one portion of your hair to fall over your back.

The other portion of your hair is left to fall over your shoulder, thereby making your waves or curls look more enhanced.

Traditional Curls Cowgirl Hairstyle

cowgirl hairstyles easy

If your curly hair is neither long nor short, then the traditional look will suit you best. 

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It makes your curls look more defined and your style more refined, yet classy and elegant! 

Letting your curls fall over one shoulder, while the rest of your hair stays at the back, topping it up with the cowgirl hat of course.

I’m sure there is no other look you would want to go in for!

One-sided Dreadlock Cowgirl Hairstyle

black cowgirl hairstyles

Dreadlocks are becoming trendy nowadays and are formed by combing all your hair at the back and rolling them or braiding them to achieve the perfect dreads. 

This hairstyle may not be the most common among the usual cowgirl hairstyles, but definitely looks very cool. 

This one-sided dreadlock style entails letting all your dreads fall over one shoulder, with a cowgirl hat over your head to enhance the style. 

Now let’s just get into this for a moment, as if the cowgirl style wasn’t cool enough, you’re going to be adding dreads to it? 

Well, that is a whole new vibe you’re going to pull off right there!

Blunt Cut with Waves hairstyle

Cowgirl Costume Hairstyles

cowgirl costume hairstyles

Are you someone who loves short hair and finds it easy to handle? Then, try out this style.

Chop your hair short, just above your shoulders, take a middle partition and comb your hair towards the sides, letting your hair fall over your ears on either side of your face. 

This will make your waves look more defined for sure. You can then dawn your cowgirl hat and I’m sure you will rock the look!

Blunt cut with Bangs Cowgirl Hairstyle

Cowgirl Hairstyles For Short Hair

cowgirl hairstyles for short hair

Well, I love the way this one looks because it radiates a very trendy and casual vibe, while it looks absolutely stylish. 

This style can be worn over jeans and a t-shirt, over a summer dress or a beach outfit or maybe even on one of your countryside visits. 

You need to have your hair cut in the blunt style, short and just below your ears, while your bangs cover up your entire forehead. 

Lastly, throw on your cowgirl hat and you’re good to go!

Retro Cowgirl hairstyle

Cowgirl Hairstyles With Bandana

cowgirls hairstyles

Are you a fan of the retro hairstyles, but don’t want the complete look? How about try out this style? 

It is the perfect blend between the retro style with your hair being held up with a head scarf with a tinge of modernity as the hair is left and a center braid to complete the look. 

We can for sure skip the cowgirl hat for this one, because this looks cowgirl enough, don’t you think?

Anglo-Saxon Brooch Hairstyle

Western Hairstyles For Short Hair

western hairstyles for short hair

I honestly think that brooches look absolutely stunning on one’s hair and I’m sure not many of you would like to beg to differ, right? 

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Brooches date back to being used since the 5th century, while the fancy brooches began to be used in the 18th century being in fashion ever since. 

Looks like it never gets old then, does it? The brooch suits any hair type or any hairstyle, all you need to do is pin your hair up and style it with the brooch and there you have it! 

That is the whole style! Looks elegant and royal.

Centre Clip Hairstyle

Country Western Cowgirl Hairstyles

Top Easy Cowgirl Hairstyles

I’d like to call this one the “on the go” style and let me tell you why! All you need is a clip. You can practically get two styles in one. 

Let your hair down until you find it unmanageable and when you do, just pin it together with a centre clip, so your hair stands in place, but still looks lovely. 

You can leave out a few strands to fall over the sides of your face, while you let a portion of your hair fall over your shoulder to enhance the look. 

Lastly, the part we’ve all been waiting for, top it up with the cowgirl hat, to complete the look of course!

Face Framing Layers

cowgirl halloween hairstyle
Source: Instagram@vintagecowboy_store

Long Waves Cowgirl Hairstyle

christian girl autumn hairstyle
Source: Instagram@thecowlot

Money piece hair

women hairstyle with cowboy hat
Source: Instagram@thecowlot

Straight and sleek

cowboy hairstyle for women
Source: Instagram@thecowlot

The final takeaway

What I love about these cowgirl hairstyles is the fact that they are very versatile.

From hairstyles like braids to brooch styles to the traditional curly hair and dreadlocks, you can wear it all and complete the look with a simple cowgirl hat and voila! 

Even though there are certain cowgirl hairstyles that do not require wearing the cowgirl hat.

But in my opinion, wearing the hat adds a whole different vibe to the style. What do you think?

Well, if you’re someone who loves experimenting with different styles, then what are you waiting for? 

Try out some of these! Maybe even blend a couple of styles together and make one of your own!

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