easy everyday hairstyles for long hair

17 Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try In 2023

You do not need to run to a salon for beautiful and easy everyday hairstyles for long hair. There are far too many easy and quick ways to style your hair right at home. Here is an list of the cutest hair looks for shoulder to waist length hair.

Styling hair can be a struggle for some, myself included. Finding the easiest way to look stunning is the only way to go. 

You can quickly master these hairstyles for long hair that can work for a date, casual day, even a red-carpet look. 

Your hairdresser may be able to create intricate styles and braids that look like they can hold up on their own.

But there is no bigger flex than an easy, at-home hairstyle that looks more complicated than it actually is. 

Regardless of the occasion, these looks listed here will surely make heads turn. 

Make styling your hair an absolute breeze with these quick and easy everyday hairstyles for long hair!

Easy Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair 2023

Double Buns 

easy everyday hairstyles for long hair

If you are past the messy top bun, this is the trendiest look at the moment. These are versatile, going from casual to cute to fashion-forward. 

You can choose to pull the hair up and create the buns high. This is the most common way for this hairstyle. 

Alternatively, you can also make low buns that look incredibly beautiful. This hair look is super fun but also very functional. 

These buns will keep your hair secure and in place throughout the day. 

You can add some product if you are going for a sleeker look to keep the flyaways at bay. 

For a more casual look, you can pull out some strands above the ear and from the back. 

I find this look works really well for dates when the buns are made lower.  

How to- 

  1. Brush your hair out or run your fingers through to detangle your hair. 
  2. Now you may part your hair in the middle creating two equal sections of hair on either side. 
  3. You can then take a section and tie it with a rubber band creating a ponytail. Do the same for the other side.
  4. You may choose if you want your buns high or low, depending on your preference create your ponytail at that height. 
  5. If your hair lacks volume, you can begin teasing your hair at this point. After which you can begin twisting the ponytails.
  6. Remember, the tighter you twist the sleeker the bun will be, this also means a smaller bun. 
  7. Once you are done twisting you can coil it at the base of the ponytail into a bun. 
  8. You can now secure this bun with another hair tie or with bobby pins. Go ahead and easily replicate this on the other side.
  9. If you are confident in your bun creating skills you can skip the first hair tie and just twist the section of hair into a bun without having to secure it first.  

Low Ponytail  

How can I style my long hair fast
Source: Instagram@e_litchihair

A low ponytail is a classic that will never go out of style. If you feel like it is nothing new, I understand. But I will urge you to reconsider. 

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A low ponytail can be elevated with volume and product. If you like to curl your hair or were born with it, a low ponytail can be such a beautiful look. 

There is absolutely nothing fancy to the hairstyle as just a low ponytail. 

But if you want, you can make give it body with backcombing or with a hairspray. 

It is also a very practical look for any hair type and for any occasion. 

This is an effortless yet put-together look!

To spice it up, you choose how to part your hair – side, middle, or not at all, of which are guaranteed to look great! 

How to- 

  1. Begin with detangling your hair. Maneuvering smooth hair is much easier. 
  2. You can go ahead and style your hair by curling or straightening if you like 
  3. Now take a hair tie and wrap it around your wrist before gathering all of your hair with your hands. 
  4. Once you have gathered all of the hair, hold it in the hand that has the hair tie. 
  5. Using the other pull the hair tie down your hand and over the hair to secure all of it at the base of your neck. 
  6. You can tug at some parts of the hair above the hair tie to give the style some volume. In case you wish to make this look more casual, you can pull out some of your shorter hair strands at the front. The look is complete! 

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Twisted Ponytail

what to do long hair
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A twisted ponytail is just a step up from the low ponytail hairstyle. This is just as easy too. The hairstyle looks more complicated than it is.

Simple and elegant is how I can best describe this one. 

In my experience, this style of ponytail is actually more secure and holds up longer than the regular ponytail.

This one is so easy you could get this done on the way to the event. 

How to- 

  1. Begin with detangling your hair. 
  2.  Tie your hair into a low pony at the base of your neck with a hair tie. 
  3. Make sure this is loosely tied. 
  4. With your fingers, create a small hole just above the hair tie. 
  5. This needs to be just big enough so you can pull your pony through. 
  6. Now you can lift the ponytail up and over, into the hole you made from the top. 
  7. Once pushed through, you can just pull the rest of the ponytail from under and you are done. 

Half up half down 

simple hairstyles for long thin hair
Source: Instagram@taniamarasbridal

This is an easy way to look like you have put in some effort into the look you have put together. This look is a celebrity favorite at the moment and I can see why. 

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The half-up half-down hairstyle is a casual look that can easily transition into anything more serious. 

This hairdo keeps the strands out of the face while you tackle the day. And you get to enjoy having your hair down as well!

I especially love getting into this hairstyle when I am putting off a wash day. 

If you like you can leave it as a half-up ponytail or a half-up bun. 

The half-up bun is on-trend at the moment and really does make the look more put together. 

I like to curl the hair that I let down but leaving it straight works well too. 

How to- 

  1. With this hair look, start with styling your hair if you like, such as curling or straightening. 
  2. You can now separate your hair by pulling it in from the sides of your forehead and the top. 
  3. Once smoothed this section of hair, you can secure this into a ponytail. If you like, you can stop here and call it a day.  
  4. In case, you wish to make this a half-up ‘bun’, you can begin twisting this ponytail and coiling it into itself.
  5. Then secure the bun with another hair tie or some bobby pins. 
  6. You can finish this look by pulling out some loose strands to give it more dimension. 

Rope Braid 

simple hairstyles for long hair
Source: Instagram@hairbyhailsdelee

Some might also call this the false braid. This is another one of those, easy but looks more difficult than it is to style. 

This is how I thought a regular braid was done when I was young, just two sections.

Braided hair is fairly common, and among the craze of French braids and Dutch braids, the rope braid is definitely a fresh look.

And in comparison, this is a far cry from complicated. 

This hairstyle can also be done to the side for a more elevated look and when done so, as pointed out by my daughter, has Elsa from Frozen vibes.

How to- 

  1. Comb your hair to smooth your hair, or you can use your fingers to separate your locks before beginning. The smoother the hair, the easier it is to part. 
  2. You may now tie the hair into a low ponytail. 
  3. At this point, go ahead and separate your ponytail into two equal sections. 
  4. Now begin by twisting the right section clockwise, the left section, anti-clockwise. 
  5. You will be crossing the two twisted sections over one another tightly a few times until you are close to the end of the length of your hair. 
  6. You can now secure the braid using a hair tie to finish the look. 
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In addition to the 5 easy everyday hairstyles mentioned, let me introduce you to a few more that may also pique your interest. 

Here are 5 more incredible simple looks that you can add to your collection of easy everyday hairstyles for long hair.

Simple Low Bun

easy everyday hairstyles for long curly hair

Bubble Pony

easy hairstyles for long thick hair

Braided Crown

easy hairstyles for long hair to do at home step by step

Scarf Braid

easy to do everyday hairstyles for long hair

French Knot

easy everyday hairstyles for long thin hair

Reverse Bubble Braid

How to Do Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Sleek Hair-Wrap Pony With Rhinestones

easy hairstyles for long straight hair

Twisted Coiled Up Bun

easy hairstyles to do yourself

Basket Weave Braid Bun

long hair hairstyles

10 Second Messy Bun with Clip

easy hairstyles for long hair for school
Source: Instagram@belleblondehair

Messy Twine Braid

hairstyle for long thin hair

Open Hairstyles For Long Hair Boho

Easy Open Hairstyles Suited for Long Hair

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Long hair may be difficult to manage in comparison to shorter haircuts but that should not mean a daily struggle for us. 

Like a cheat sheet, all of these listed looks are my go-to on days I have time, and on days I don’t.  

These being easy don’t take away from making you look stunning. These hairstyles done right can work with several looks. 

Each one of these effortlessly transitions from work to casual.  

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself because having long hair can feel boring as there are several easy everyday hairstyles for long hair that are as easy as a walk in the park. 

Don’t let any of your days feel boring. Let that hair shine. 

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