easy everyday hairstyles for thick hair

30 Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Thick Hair 2024 | Quick Styles For Long Hair

Is thick hair a boon or a bane? There are so many more hairstyles for thick hair than hairstyles for thin or fine hair. But the truth is that thicker locks are also hard to manage. 

So, it is best to select hairstyles that will make it easy for you to tame your thick hair. 

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If you are having a hard time trying to maintain your theme and are looking for some inspiration, you should read this piece. 

We have curated some of the easy everyday hairstyles for thick hair that will compliment your luscious tresses while making it easy to manage. 

Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Thick Hair 2023

#1 – Trendy Bow Hairdo 

Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Thick Hair

If you want to look like a doll, this updo is for you. I mean how cute does this bow hairdo look!

Yes, it takes a little bit of practice to perfect this one but once you get a hang of it things will get so much easier. 

Tie a low pony first and divide it into two different sections. Loop the sections and fasten with a hair elastic. 

#2 – Fast And Simple Low Bun

easy everyday hairstyles for long hair

The fast and simple low bun is one of the easiest hairstyles on the list.

This hairstyle is perfect for those days when you are running late because you can literally put this together in seconds.

The best part is you don’t even need any hair styling tools to do it as it will work well with any hair texture. 

#3 – Easy Formal Updo

easy hairstyles for long hair to do at home

An easy formal updo is a hairstyle that every thick-haired girl must master. This could be your saving grace for that last-minute meeting when your hair hasn’t been styled.

You can also add braids and other accessories to make it look more interesting

#4 – Cinnamon Roll Hairdo

roll hairstyles for thick hair

This hairstyle looks exactly as the name says. The Cinnamon roll is another formal hairstyle that is a great option for office wear. It has a messy, yet chic look that will carry you from day to night time. 

#5 – Quick Messy Updo For Wavy Hair

updo hairstyles for thick hair

This hairstyle is for all the thick-haired brides-to-be. This easy bridal updo can be quickly put together in a few easy steps and you don’t even need a hairdresser for that.

You can easily pair this updo with cute dresses to look gorgeous. 

#6 – Simple Bubble Pony Half-up Hairdo

ponytail hairstyles for thick hair

This bubble pony is so easy to do that it will most likely be a part of your regular styling. 

The thick hair allows you to gather a chunk of hair from the top of your head and fasten it with rubber bands to create a bubble-like illusion. 

#7 – Easy Everyday Braid And Pony

braided hairstyles for thick hair

Braids are some of the most versatile hairstyles ever and it goes with all hair textures. If you have thick hair, you can play around with braids a lot.

This hairstyle involves a simple pony with a side braid that makes sure that all eyes are on you.

#8 – Cute And Easy Long Boho Style

loose wavy hairstyles for thick hair

This bohemian hairstyle is perfect for summer days to pair with your cute dresses. 

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You can also pair hair accessories like hats while wearing this look. If you have naturally wavy hair, this hairstyle will look too good. 

But you can always resort to curling tongs to get these bouncy curls.

#9 – Low Messy Bun

messy bun hairstyles for thick hair

The low messy bun is a great updo for both formal and casual wear. This is one of those go-to updos you can resort to when you are running late.

Simply do a looped ponytail and wrap the ends around after making a bun with it. 

#10 – Simple Romantic Hairstyle

easy hairstyles for medium length hair to do at home

If you are a fan of Disney Princesses, you probably have seen this look. 

This soft romantic look includes tying a half ponytail and twisting it inside to get a soft feminine look. 

You can also embellish it with ribbons and flowers to get that rustic cottagecore look. 

#11 – Quick And Easy Braided Updo

easy hairstyles for thick hair for school

This neat and clean updo is perfect if you don’t wanna be bothered by your hair. 

If you are someone who spends a lot of time outdoors or doing physical activities like exercise and sports, this look will be your new favourite.  

#12 – Cheeky Half-up Buns

easy hairstyles for medium hair

These are one of my favourite vintage hairstyles and I couldn’t be happier that it is back in Vogue. 

This is a perfect updo for beginners since is a combination of loose hair and an updo. 

The best part of this is that you can easily learn to do it and it is sure to become a staple. 

#13 – Simple And Easy Space Buns

Space buns have been all over social media. These are super easy to do and will really spruce up your outfit and make you look adorable. 

This also helps in managing your thick hair by keeping half of it in a bun. 

#14 – Geometric Claw Clip Style

7 easy hairstyles for long hair

Claw clips are a thick haired girl’s best friend. These are classic hair accessories that everybody should have in their purse. 

You can easily manage your hair in a jiffy with this amazing tool. 

The messy claw clip updo with curtain bangs has become so popular now, thanks to Instagram models. 

These are available in all sizes and you can opt for a larger claw clip to keep your thick hair in place.

#15 – Loose Half-up Braid With A Headscarf

easy everyday hairstyles for long hair

A headscarf is a great accessory that not just protects your hair from the sun but also becomes a part of certain hairstyles. 

One of my favourite hairstyles is the loose half-up braid. Simply, add a headscarf to a section of hair when you braid your hair and fasten it with a hairband. 

#16 – Flower Bun Low-do For Long Hair

easy everyday hairstyles for thick hair

Flower buns are a sophisticated hairstyle that will add all the oomph factors you need. 

Although it might look a bit complicated at first sight, it might be easier than you think to put this look together. 

You can also add hair accessories like beret clips to upgrade the look.

#17 – Very Lazy French Knot

knot hairstyles for thick hair

The French knot is the hottest updo today. This hairstyle has been all over social media and has been adorned with beautiful claw clips.  

This is probably the easiest updo in this list. 

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You just have to gather your hair and loosely twist it before fixing it with a claw clip. 

It is famous for its practicality and minimal look that will go with a medium to long hair. 

#18 – Half Up Halo Braid Hairstyle

braid hairstyles for thick hair

The half-up halo braid style helps in channelling your inner Greek goddess. 

This elegant braided updo is too good for thick hair, especially if you have coloured hair. 

It is perfect for special occasions and events when you want to spruce up your thick hair. 

#19 – Down Hairstyle For Thick Hair

pony hairstyles for thick hair for girls

This is a great twist to your simple pony. The down hairstyle is perfect for thick hair. 

Take a chunk of your hair from both sides and ties the rest of the hair into a low ponytail. 

Wrap both the chunks of hair across each other and join it to the pony. 

#20 – Elegant Braid And Ponytail

hairstyles for thick hair

This beautiful haircut is a combination of braid and ponytail. Although it might take some practice to get used to this updo, it is totally worth the effort. 

This is a great updo for special events and occasions and you can embellish it with accessories like hair clips and flowers to upgrade the look.  

#21 – French Braid Inspired Updo

french braid hairstyles for thick hair

The most comfortable updos for thick hair is to tie it up in a bun. You do not have to worry about managing your hair or keeping it in place when you get this french inspired braid. 

#22 – Thick French Braid Bun

bun hairstyles for thick hair

French braid is one of the most beautiful hairdos for thick hair. It gets even better when it is combined with a bun. 

This is super easy to do and looks so gorgeous. Simply French braid your hair till the ends and roll it to make a bun. 

Use bobby pins to firmly secure your bun. 

#23 – Thick And Curly Chignon

wedding hairstyles for thick hair

This hairdo is the perfect look for summer dresses. It has a soft romantic vibe to it which makes it perfect for events like weddings. 

This is also one of those updos that make your hair look voluminous and you can finish off with a curling wand on the sides to get the perfect ringlets.

#24 – Dreadlock Bun Updo

hairstyles for thick hair for black girls

Dreadlocks and thick hair go well with each other. You can develop beautiful dreadlocks on thick hair. 

One of my all-time favourites is the dreadlock updo where you gather all your dreadlocks at the top and create a bun. 

Make sure to use the right hair products like oils or serums to get a good shine. 

#25 – French Twist

classy hairstyles for thick hair

The french twist is another great updo that you should be trying already. The best part about this look is that it will go with all hair textures. 

This is one of those looks that will let you manage your hair in a jiffy. 

Make sure you have a claw clip that is large enough to contain your hair while trying this hairstyle.

#26 – Classic Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid hairstyle
Source: Instagram@jaleesashhairdairy

#27 – Feathered Layered Haircut

hairstyles for thick hair and round face
Source: Instagram@thejameshairco

#28 – Long Crimped Hair

long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair
Source: Instagram@beautymarkedbysarah

#29 – Crown Braids

How do you style a lot of thick hair
Source: Instagram@beyondtheponytail

#30 – Shoulder Length Blunt Bangs

medium length hairstyles for thick hair
Source: Instagram@behindthechair_com

#31 – Short Permed Bob

#32 – Braided Hairstyles For Thick Hair

#33 – Feather Asymmetrical Bob

bob haircuts for thick hair

#34 – Half Open Fish Tail Braid

#35 – Pigtails for Thick Afro Hair


How do I style my thick hair during the summers?

Thick hair can be challenging to style during the summers. As the hair is thick, it will be prone to gathering a lot of sweat and trapping heat.
I would really suggest thinning out your hair a bit during the summers, if the heat is too unbearable.
However, if you don’t want to do this to your hair and are proud of it’s thickness, here are some ways you can manage it:
– Firstly, you can always wear your hair in a updo. Keep it loose so you don’t pull the hair at the roots as this can lead to breakage. Also keep the updos low and do not pile it high on your hair as the weight of the thick hair might become uncomfortable.
Some of my fave hairstyles for thick hair during the summer include messy buns, top knots, crown braids, halo braids, and of course the classic chignon.
– Another type of hairstyle you can create with thick hair is braids. A simple braid down your back will keep the hair away from your face. You can keep the braid low, make your hair in a middle part and slick it down to reduce flyaways.

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What is the best haircut for thick hair?

There is no one perfect haircut for thick hair, but there are some styles that may be more suitable than others. The most common mistake people make when it comes to haircuts for thick hair is not choosing the right style. This can include cutting your hair too short or getting too many layers that can thin out hair.
Instead, consider getting a cut that layers your locks and takes into account the thickness of your strands. Another good option is to get a bob! If you’re looking for something less formal or want to try out an experimental style, go with a quiff hairstyle – this combines length in the front and sides with graduated pieces around the back and crown.
Finally, if you have stubborn curls or frizziness problems, then opt for an easy-care style like a perm or semi-perm.

Is thick hair better long or short?

Thick hair can be beautiful in both long and short styles, but it may take a little more time and effort to get it done correctly. If you have thick hair that is difficult to manage, then a shorter cut might be the best option for you. Shorter cuts are easier to style and maintain, meaning that less time will need to be spent on styling your hair each day. Additionally, shorter haircuts are less likely to result in split ends or damage caused by heat tools like curling irons or flat irons.
Longer hairstyles require more care than shorter hairdos do – they typically need more frequent washes (at least twice per week), styled using products specifically designed for thick hair ,and occasionally trimmed.

That was my list of the easy everyday hairstyles for thick hair. Hope you found some cute styles and haircuts to inspire your next look!

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