Emerald Green And Black Hair Ideas

25 Emerald Green And Black Hair For 2024 | Alternative Hair Color Ideas

Get inspired with these Emerald Green And Black Hair Ideas. Transform your look with the help of this beautiful color combination.

Emerald green hair color gives the precious gemstone look. This look is the trending hair look but still, people opt for this look very rarely.

The reason is the green shine it gives with the combination of black. The emerald and black hair look gives the inspiring diva look and makes the face glamorous. Naturally green and black hair combinations are the rarest to find. 

People love to change the look and to make it the most they opt for an emerald green and black combination.

Through this, we will let you explore the different emerald green and black hair looks and we will tell you a bit about the emerald green look. 

Without any further ado let’s explore what is the meaning of this magical term and a brief about why you should opt for dying your hair. 

Emerald Green And Black Hair Ideas

Green Tint on Black Curls

green and black color for curls

Neon Green tint on black hair

green streak in black hair

2010s punk green hair

alt neon green hair

Subtle green hair color ideas

subtle green and black hair color

Green dye on pixie

pixie with green tint

Green dip dye for curls

curly dip dyed hair

Neon green color for black hair

alternative hair color ideas green

One green streak in curly hair

black hair with green streak

Green dip dye for black hair

dip dyed green hair indian

Punk green hair color ideas

goth punk green hair ideas


The pixie hair look with the emerald green color will make you bold. This short hair look is enhancing appearance for everyone. This hairstyle goes perfectly for everyone.

Emerald Green And Black Hair
Source: Instagram @bvsalonspa

The bright emerald look with the right combination of black is apt for every outing and dressing. This look saves a lot of time and relieves you from trying different hairdos. 

Updo Bangs

The bangs give a much more satisfactory look. This hairstyle gives transformation to the face and brings out volume to the hair. This is the best hair feature.

black hair with dark green underneath
Source: Instagram @ksmall2436

The soft, wispy bangs with the emerald spark add more charm to the face. Styling the bangs with a small clutch will make you cuter. 

Green Ombre

A long ombre with a bit of curl is the right formal look to go for. The natural sophisticated look with the right color treatment is very frequent.

black hair with emerald green highlights
Source: Instagram @willbarrhair

The color almost goes wrong with the ombre look because the hair look gets voluminous here. I take over this look very rarely because it’s a lot to handle. 

Short Bangs

The short curly formal look is ideal for work-from-home video conferences. The emerald black combination hair look with the dangles of curls is very easy. Trying this bold look is not easy.

emerald green ombre hair
Source: Instagram @andreaasbeauty

A bit of maintenance is needed for the real look to come. Once the look is gained, it will give you a real classy face perfect for every photoshoot. 

Short Bob

The saying is right about the bob hair looks. This geometric appearance will flatter the jawline of your face. This Hollywood trend is blasting over every movie and series.

emerald green hair
Source: Instagram @colour.alchemiste

The hairstyle has been trending right from the 20s and still now ruling every day. Few people collect the wig of this look because this hairstyle is very tough to make.

Above that, daily maintenance of this hairstyle is tough, because the hair gets dry and uneven. If you have some time, try to tangle it with a heat-less machine. The lasting of the curls is great via heat-less mode. 


The baby looks I will call this hairstyle. The hair goes perfectly well with every face cut. The emerald green and black combination enhance the cute side of the face.

green ombre hair black girl
Source: Instagram @kuinbich

I fell for this look when I wanted to attend a meeting overseas. This changed my entire attire and the inclusion of green in it was magical. 

Short Texture

The short texture is the smartest look I could ask for. The warm emerald look with a black combination and short hair is what you will always ask for if you are a boss lady.

dark green ombre hair
Source: Instagram @ellie.carriere

This look is mainly chosen by the ones who are very busy. The tension to comb the long hair is resolved with this hair look. 

Bob-Pin Look

The bob-pin look with the green emerald and black combination is exactly what you need during the cocktail party. This look goes perfectly with a black body-fit gown.

emerald green and black hair
Source: Instagram @matibeautystudio

You can take up this look by tying the hair tightly the prior day. This look doesn’t take time to enhance with your outfit. 

Half-Up Curly And Straight Combination

The classy look will give you a princess vibe. I opted for this look while attending the wedding of my cousin. The simple hairpin of silver color goes perfectly well with the hair color.

emerald green eyes and black hair
Source: Instagram @gottcolor

Dolling up your hair with simple curls will give you the cutest back look. The lower pin look is a bit loose and keeps the hair easy to open and close. 


This look is loveable by both men and women. The braid can be styled with any dressing pattern. The emerald green look comes up front with the upper braid hairstyle.

does emerald green and black go together
Source: Instagram @jadegeehairstylist

If you are someone who likes to tie the hair tight and needs a clean look, go for this look. 

Dutch Braid

Dutch braid hairstyles are the oldest and the most modest hair look one can opt for. I opted for this look while having a vacation. This protected my hair and made it curly the next day.

does black go with emerald green
Source: Instagram @queenmercyhair

The Dutch braid I made was made with the help of two people. There are a lot of braids and with the emerald green color, the look went fabulous. 

Long Messy Ponytail

The smart messy ponytails are the smart sassy look. Short hair lovers usually style their hair like this. This will allow you to show off the hair color and keep it tied.

green tips on black hair
Source: Instagram @wickedsidstyles

You can style yourself while having a casual meet-up with friends. No heavy dress-up is needed for hyping this look. Simple wearable works fine with this hair styling. 

Dark Green Long Curls

Curls always show the volume. Half curls and a half straight make the look heavy. You can style this look during the winter with woolen wear.

how to get dark emerald green hair
Source: Instagram @livefastdyegnarley

For daily styling, you can use your hair curler. As mentioned before, don’t use it much as it will damage the hair.

You can opt for some layer cut to bring the natural curls to look. Try having the hair cut while you are going for hair color. 

Straight Half Green And Half Black 

This straight emerald and black hair combination look is ideal for simple daily wear. The hair will look casual here the ones who are looking for something simple and different can get this color done.

how to dye your hair emerald green
Source: Instagram @allcutupsalon

You can keep the hair completely open and style your attire with a simple tee and jeans. Don’t forget your classy shades to complete this smart attire. 

Emerald Green Look And Tips!

This color sounds like prosperity and growth. The vivid and vibrant color is believed to bring in goodwill and opulence.

Women are restricted from opting for this look because it is different. People fall more for brown looks. With experience, I am saying the look is beyond beautiful. 

how to get emerald green hair
Source: Instagram @_hairbydanielle

Combining the emerald green with the classic black makes you look daring and gutsy. This unique hair color with the right combination demands high maintenance. If you are opting for a hair color like this, you need to maintain the hairstyle all the time. 

This hue is trending across both fashion and interior. To enjoy this trending hair color look you can follow some of the tips that I used.

The tips helped me maintain the look and kept my hair healthy even after getting it bleached. The tips follow by: 

  • Include shampoo and conditioner that specializes in colored hair. 
  • Include recommended hair masks once or twice a week after using the shampoo. Don’t condition the hair when you shampoo them. 
  • Book your appointment with the hair stylist for removing the hair splits. 
  • Don’t use heat treatments like hair dryers and hair straighteners much. 
  • Avoid chlorinated water on the colored hair because it will fade the look faster. 
  • Try for spa treatments to maintain the hair shine. A hair spa or keratin treatment rejuvenates the hair. It will treat hair issues deeply. Some hair salons recommend keratin before hair color for better response. 
  • Don’t recolor the hair with different hues. This will only destroy the original look and make the hair untidy. 
does emerald green go with black
Source: Instagram @hair_niamhc

I followed the above-mentioned tips and it kept my look just like the first day. The color stayed for almost 4 months and all I needed was a touch-up for the grown hairs.

If you get in touch with the right hair stylist, the journey will not be tough for you. 

Now that you know about the emerald green and black hair color let’s figure out some of the latest hair looks that you can opt for.

Below I will mention some of my opted hair looks. You can figure out your look and let me know what you opted for. 

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The main reason to choose the hair color option is because of grey hair turn. Almost 60% of my hair turned grey and my closest connection recommended this look.

I shared all the glamorous looks that have the right combination of emerald and black hair color. I got the Emerald and black hair color combination look from the top saloon at my location. With the help of the right hair artist, I got the long curls attire.  

We are waiting for you to opt for the look that brightens up your face. You can choose the hairstyles from the options I listed here.

Don’t forget to recommend something to us via the comment section. Remember the tips shared by me. It will enhance your look to an unexpected level.

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