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25 Cool Fade Haircuts For Women: Short, Faded and Tapered Styles

Looking for a style to spruce up your short hair? Try these top fade haircuts for women for a fashionable, edgy look!

Short hairstyles were not favored much by women in the early days because long hair was depicted as conventionally beautiful and feminine. 

But gradually, with the rise of pop culture, women have started rocking these uber cool looks. 

In fade haircuts for women, your hair gradually goes shorter from the top to the bottom. 

There are basically three types of fade cuts, low, medium, and high fades. 

These are differentiated on the basis of the hair that is being cut while getting a female fade haircut. 

Despite being known for being a low-maintenance look, you will have to get your routine trim at the barber’s to maintain the look of your fade. 

Top Fade Haircuts For Women

White women’s fade haircuts

White women's fade haircuts

Side Part high fade haircut women

high fade haircut women

Low fade for women with long hair

low fade for women

Short fade haircut with Pixie cut

short fade haircut

Buzz cut fade haircut for ladies

fade haircut for ladies

Cool fade haircuts with shaved design

cool fade haircuts

Medium Fade Haircut with Bangs

ladies fade haircut pictures

Short bangs fade haircut on women

fade haircut on women

Side shaved fade haircut styles for ladies

fade haircut styles for ladies

Fade with Modern bowl cut for female

modern bowl cut female

Short In-between fade haircuts for women

awesome fade haircuts for women 2021
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Fade haircuts for women are generally subtler than fade haircuts for men. The hair at the top is only slightly longer than the hair on the faded sides. 

You can add your own unique twists to the hair by shaving the faded part. 

This look with two parallel lines shaved is perfect for a minimal hairstyle. If you’re looking for a short fade haircut for females this close-shaved look is perfect for you!

The turquoise blue hair color has also helped in bringing out the beauty of the fade. You can even do this on your natural hair color to get smooth results. 

This is a look that you can do yourself at home using a blade or a sharp hair clipper. Just make sure to not over trim your hair or you would have to book an appointment with your hairdresser to fix it.  

Low Fade for a short pixie cut

low fade haircut for ladies
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Pixie cuts are usually defined by short hair on the back and sides with slightly longer hair on the top. 

They are also accompanied by small bangs in the front. Pixie cuts and fades are the perfect combinations. 

They can be colored in so many different colors which creates a whole vibe. I would love to experiment with pastel shades for this haircut. 

A pixie cut works best for people with round faces and oval faces. But you can balance the length of your hair to adjust it according to your face shape. 

Naturally curly fade haircuts for women

low fade haircut for black ladies
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Short natural hair is super cute and low maintenance. But the look can get too basic and boring sometimes. 

A great way to upgrade your natural hair is by trying out funky colors and of course, trying a sharp fade. 

You can customize the fade by adding shaved designs to it. I love how it’s among the easy short natural fade haircuts for black females like me!

The style is perfect for women with type 4c hair who do not have the time to groom it and maintain long hair. 

This haircut is perfect for summers when you want to stay away from anything that could possibly make you feel hot and uncomfortable. 

You can style it using a styling gel or hair wax to make sure that your curls are well defined. 

Faded buzz haircut

tapered fade haircuts for women
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Some of you might find the buzz cut a little too dramatic because of the drastic change it brings to your look. 

But I love the haircut for the practicality and the chic look it gives. 

A buzz cut really brings attention to your facial features. This cut works best for people with soft features since it helps in defining them. 

If you get a buzz cut with a fade, you will notice a smooth transition of hair from the top of your head to the neck. 

This is a cool hairstyle that will work for you if you are going for a casual look. 

A buzzcut is probably one of the lowest maintenance haircuts on the list so if you want to save a lot of time and energy, go for this one.  

Bleached super short hairstyle

bleached fade haircuts for women
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Bleached short hair is one of the coolest hairstyles today. Initially, it was popularly worn by men but now, the trend has grown on to women. 

If you ever plan to bleach your hair, you must make sure to take proper care of it. 

Bleaching your hair is a very damaging process and could lead to a lot of dehydration. 

So it is important to follow a suitable hair care routine that will provide enough hydration to your hair. B

Also, bleached hair shines a spotlight on your facial features and helps make your cheekbones look defined.

You can even try out other shades like ombre hair color, platinum blonde, or pasted colors on bleached hair. 

Mid fade taper haircut

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A taper haircut usually has longer hair on the top and gradually gets shorter on the sides and back. 

But in the case of a mid-fade taper haircut, there is not a lot of hair on the sides and back. 

Usually, the change in the hair length on both areas is sudden but when it comes to a fade, it happens gradually. This haircut leaves you with a sharp and fresh look. 

You can adjust the length of the hair on top to try out different looks. The best way to style this look is by having side-swept hair. 

Also, don’t forget to use a good holding spray or hair wax to keep this look in place. 

High fade mohawk haircut 

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A mohawk is a dramatic look that makes you look bold and rebellious. 

Although the traditional styles of mohawks are not really worn now, it has so many variations like the fauxhawk, undercut mohawk, etc, that can be popularly seen on women. 

But mohawk is not an effortless hairstyle and definitely requires a bit of maintenance from your side. 

The most important thing is to trim your hair quite often to make sure that the shape of the mohawk is maintained. 

This is a look that will work for all hair types, including natural and curly hair. You can use various styling products like holding spray, hair mousse, gel, etc to maintain the look. 

Highlighted mohawk fade haircuts for women

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A highlighted mohawk is another unique way to style your mohawk with a fade. You can let your imagination go wild and experiment with unique colors on your mohawk. 

This unconventional hairstyle has a rebellious origin so it only becomes fair to have some fun with it. 

You can even color your entire mohawk hairstyle instead of just coloring or highlighting a part of your hair. 

Creative fade haircuts for women

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A faded cut does not have to be boring as always. There are endless possibilities with a fade haircut and you can tailor it according to your style. 

This includes trying out different shaved patterns on the faded areas, maintaining various hair lengths at the top, and even coloring your hair in funky shades. 

You can even play around with your hair texture with a fade haircut. Looking for the best tapered black female fade haircut designs? This one’s perfect!

I would recommend you get these done by an experienced hairdresser since things could go seriously wrong if you decide to pick up the clipper or the blade. 

Stick fade haircuts for women

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The most important ingredient for this hairstyle is a strong holding spray. 

This look can be a little difficult if you have fine hair so you have to make sure that you have the right hair products to give your hair that much-needed hold. 

Make sure that your hair products give your hair that much-needed slick look and texture. 

This is a unique hairstyle that you can wear on special occasions to up your style quotient. 

It also has a grungy gothic vibe to it. This look is not something you might want to wear daily but it looks super cool. 

Bowl cut fade haircuts for women

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I’m pretty sure that some of you might cringe and the bowl cut or the infamous mushroom cut that we were all subjected to as kids. 

But this is an upgraded version of the look and is combined with a smooth fade to give you a neat and crisp look. 

You can adjust the type of fade according to the look you want. If you want a more lowkey fade, you can leave the hair longer at the top to cover most of the area. 

In this cut, you might not really get a perfect transition like the rest of the fade cuts since the hair falls from the top of your head to the sides. 

But the good news is you can customize the design to get a perfect cut that works for you. 

Unruly mohawk fade haircuts for women

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The unruly mohawk fade is a modern twist on the classic mohawk look. The messy look is something that has seeped into mainstream fashion and we see so many people rocking the messy-haired look. 

The unruly mohawk look is a messy version of the mohawk. This haircut can be elevated by using the right hair color. 

In this look, the fade can begin from the center of your hair instead of the sides for that edgy look. 

A fade haircut is a low-maintenance look but still looks super stylish.

Fade haircuts for women give a gradient transition effect to the hair which looks super clean and neat. This is a haircut that can be worn even at formal events.

 It was popularized by Ruby Rose who often sported this style. There are many other celebrities that rock this haircut as well!

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