Flat Hair Causes, Fixes & How To Add Volume

Flat Hair Causes, Easy Fixes And How To Add Volume

If you have flat hair here is a guide on what could be its causes and how to add volume to flat hair, fixing it! Check it out!

Every time a hair care advertisement airs, the model’s soft, voluminous, shining waves inspire envy.

Who could blame you, though? 

It’s not like you have a skilled hair stylist grooming each and every hair on your head for a flawless crown. 

I can relate to your situation because I have thin, dry hair. Flat hair may not necessarily imply a lack of curl or wave, but rather that your hair is close to your head, particularly in the crown area. 

Fighting flat hair can be a constant struggle, even if you use every method in the book to preserve bounce in your tresses.

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Flat Hair Causes, Fixes & How To Add Volume

Flat Hair: Common Causes

For various reasons, your hair doesn’t appear as vibrant as you’d want. Hair that has been weighed down will appear flat. 

Over time, buildup in oil, dirt, product residue, and other impurities can cause your strands to get weighed down. There is typically more than one component at play, further complicating the situation. Here are a few common causes of flat hair.

Oil from the scalp:

Oily hair from the roots to the ends is common in people with fine hair.

Fine hair strands’ structures allow natural oils to go freely down the hair shaft, as opposed to curly hair and coily hair types, which tend to twist and zig-zag, functioning as barriers for those oils. 

This makes your hair look flat by weighing it down from top to bottom.

Product accumulation:

Another serious consequence of lifeless, flat hair is product accumulation; sticky hairspray, dried foam, and dry shampoo are just a few examples. 

The weight of product residue can mount up dramatically in addition to giving your hair a greasy appearance and feel. 

Several composites used in hair care products, such as deep conditioners, resist water and cause hair to become heavy even after shampooing. Less bounce and increased dullness are the outcomes.

Hair care products that are inadequate:

Any hair texture can lose volume and structure if the wrong products are used or if the right ones are applied improperly. 

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Hair volume can be diminished by using incorrect hair care products. For instance, rich, hydrating shampoos and conditioners could make sense. However, they may not be providing your hair with the necessary volumizing effect. 

Ensure that you wash out shampoo and conditioner and apply them correctly. For instance, too close of a conditioner application to the roots can result in flat hair. 

Using too much styling product or not fully cleaning your shampoo or conditioner can also be damaging.

Nutritional deficiency: 

Your food may impact how voluminous your hair seems since you are what you eat. Nutritional deficits can result in brittle, dry, and breakable hair. A healthy diet aids in using natural supplements designed to fight weak hair.

Improper haircut

Longer hair tends to lie flatter on the head and pulls more heavily on the roots. The appropriate haircut for ladies with flat hair can significantly alter their appearance. 

Over brushing

The biggest error someone with flat hair can make is over-brushing it. Your hair may appear even limper than it is if you do this. 

How to fix or prevent flat hair?

If you desire to create a huge masterpiece out of your limp, lifeless hair, here are some techniques you can use to prevent or treat flat hair:

Scalp care:

Adding volume from the roots is the key to bringing life to lifeless hair. But only a healthy scalp can support healthy roots. 

The natural oils in your hair can travel down the hair shaft instead of remaining at the roots by taking care of your scalp.

Use the appropriate products:

If you want to fix your flat hair problem, choose products designed to increase volume rather than pick the first shampoo and conditioner you see. 

Without needing to add many products, a powerful shampoo and conditioner pair ought to be sufficient for excellent long-lasting effects. 

However, A separate conditioner can give weak and lifeless hair a light sheen and a smooth finish.

The bottom two-thirds of your hair strands are the only ones that should use conditioner. The excess moisture will weigh down your roots if you use conditioner on every inch of your hair.

Rinse the product buildup:

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Ensure that you thoroughly rinse off all of the product from your hair when you’re in the shower when washing your hair. 

Particularly with conditioner buildup, your hair can become weighed down and appear lifeless.

Water pressure and temperature might also be factors in this situation. Even if you lower the water temperature and pressure for most of the shower, ensure you rinse your hair with warm water running at a higher pressure.

Proper nutrition:

To help your hair retain volume fraction, getting the correct nutrients is crucial. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits, veggies, and lean protein sources. Each food category is important for maintaining the strength and health of your hair.


Get a haircut:

Layering is an excellent choice for a haircut since it makes your hair appear thicker. Bangs are also an excellent option if your hair is thick in the front but limp in the rear. Maintaining your hairstyle over your shoulders gives it a fuller appearance.

Use good brushes:

After showering, use a wide-toothed comb to remove the tangles. You can also use it to gently comb your hair when it’s time to style it for the remainder of the day.

You’ll be able to transform your appearance in only a few days, whether you choose to try a different drying process, alter the way you wash your hair, or completely change the way you look with a new cut.

How to add volume to flat hair instantly?

Likewise, you might have to stay late to attend a lavish party. After desperate attempts, you left the house having selfie-worthy, voluminous curls only to return home with flat hair a few hours later.

My hair lasts roughly 2 minutes when I try to volumize it before defying. 

Here are some quick ways for rapidly volumizing your hair:

Do cleanse your hair:

As we previously stated, accumulation is the primary reason for flat hair. Make sure to cleanse your flat strands to help them grow back. Together, shampoo and conditioners thoroughly clean the scalp of oil, product buildup, and grime.

Employ volumizing conditioner and shampoo:

You might also give your flat hair the boost you want by using volumizing shampoo and conditioner. The two products are designed to add bright shine and long-lasting volume to restore fine, flat hair.


Tease your roots:

Flat hair frequently looks worse near the roots. Your hair’s body and roots can both gain volume and thickness by being teased. 

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Section off the back of your hair at the crown and backcomb down to the roots. To soften the effect, lightly brush through with your fingertips. 

Although this is a great look for special events, constant teasing may eventually harm your hair cuticle.

Change your part:

Your hair can get used to how it falls when you consistently part it in the same way for a long time. 

A minor part alteration can improve the appearance of flat hair. If you switch your portion, your roots will be brushed in a different direction than they are accustomed to. 

The arch-effect that results will strengthen your roots. Do it while your hair is still damp if you are concerned about looking uneven.

Dry your hair upside down:

This enables gravity to pull your hair back from your scalp. Drying hair upside down causes it to pull away from the scalp, giving fine hair more volume.

how to give hair volume at roots overnight

Employ a volume spray:

We enjoy volume sprays as a heat-free option. You can apply it as necessary or concentrate it at your roots for a focused boost.

Use dry shampoo:

You already know that having oily or greasy hair can make you look weighed down. Dry shampoos lift fine hair and provide volume by absorbing extra oil from the scalp. 

They also enable you to wash less frequently, reducing the risk of overwashing. Spray some dry shampoo through your mane for an immediate cure. 

Your strands will have new life until your next wash because they absorb any excess oils that could cause flat hair.

Prepare in advance:

Before bed, twist damp hair into tiny buns to give it a natural wave. Instead of using elastics to secure your hair, use bobby pins to prevent damage and unwelcome crimps. 

Using a headband made of flexible material is another simple method for increasing volume while you sleep. In the morning, unwrap your hair, fluff it up, and set it with a light hairspray.

Wrapping up on how to fix flat hair!

Hair sets up the entire attire for everyone. Flat hair is natural, and in some attire, it looks good. 

If you need some volume in your hair, you can with this article; I did. 

The tips mentioned here helped me a lot and will help those who will maintain consistency. 

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