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How To Get Beach Waves With A Flat Iron | And 6 Best Flat Irons For This Style!

How to get beach waves with a flat iron? And what are the best flat irons for beach waves? Find it here!

Are you looking forward to a new look?

How about adding some beachy waves to your boring everyday hairstyle? I’ve got a detailed guide on the best flat iron for beach waves right here.

In this article, I will discuss in detail all the right things you should be looking for in a flat iron so that it does not only straighten hair but also create amazing waves for your locks.

Let us first understand what beachy waves are?

A messy beachy look is new in look and we just can’t get enough of it. These are wavy and slightly curly hairstyles perfectly suitable for an everyday look. 

You can style your waves according to your mood. You can go for neat wave locks or a slightly messy look, that is completely up to you. You can achieve this look without a curling iron or hair waver.  

How To Get Beach Waves With A Flat Iron

If you’re looking to get beach waves with a flat iron, there are a few things you’ll need to do before you start styling your hair.

First, make sure that your hair is healthy and free of any products that could damage it. Second, heat up your flat iron to its highest heat setting before using it on your hair.

Third, section your hair into small sections and flat iron each section evenly. Finally, hold your hair in place while rotating the iron around your head to create waves.

how to get beach waves with flat iron

Getting beach waves with a flat iron can be a little tricky, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to get the look you want. Here are a few tips that should help:

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to achieve beach waves with a flat iron may vary depending on your hair type, hair density, and desired look. However, here are a few tips that may help you get started:

Choose the right flat iron

When it comes to choosing a flat iron, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to choose one that is specifically designed for beach waves.

Second, make sure the flat iron has a wide temperature range – this will allow you to achieve different degrees of heat without having to deal with scorching or freezing temperatures.

beach waves with straightener

Heat up your flat iron to the desired level

Once you’ve selected your flat iron and determined your desired heat level, it’s time to heat it up. Just like with any other appliance, you want to ensure that the flat iron is heated up before using it. This will prevent any potential damage or injury.

Start with dry hair

Wet hair will resist the flat iron’s heat and will result in frizz and tangles. Start by drying your hair completely before using the flat iron.

best size straightener for beach waves

Use a low temperature to avoid damage

The higher the temperature of the flat iron, the faster it will heat up and the more damage it will cause. Try to use a lower temperature to avoid overheating and damage your hair.

can you get beach waves with a flat iron

Use caution while using the flat iron

While using a flat iron can result in amazing beach waves in just a few minutes, be cautious – overheating can cause damage to your hair. Always use caution when using any type of heating appliance!

Experiment with styles till you get the best wavy style

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and techniques until you find one that works best for you. The more you try, the better you’ll get at styling your hair in a way that looks natural and stylish.

how do i do beach waves with a flat iron

How I selected the best flat iron for beach waves?

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After looking at several products in the market intended for creating wavy hair, I selected the top flat irons for the job and tested them on basis of the following parameters. It then rated them on a scale of 1-5.

  • Anti frizz technology – wavy hair can easily look frizzy and dishevelled, so a flat iron with ionic technology is a must.
  • Price – the flat iron for beach waves shouldn’t leave a dent in your pocket.
  • Temperature settings – multiple temperature settings ensure different hair textures can use the flat iron without fear of damage.
  • Travel-friendly and convenient– The flat iron for beach waves should have an erognomic handle, long cord and must be have a dual voltage that comes handy when travelling.

I know deciding on a flat iron for beach waves can be a huge task. And if you go wrong, well, this can lead to a lot of damage to your tresses. 

I mean the hair fall and split ends, it sounds almost like a nightmare!

How to select the best flat iron for beach waves?

What are the factors I looked at before deciding which flat irons would be great for beachy waves? Let’s look into it

Hair type: It completely depends on your hair type what would suit you better, be it straight or curly hair. The flat irons are sometimes designed specifically for a hair type.

Moisture lock: One of the most important factors has to be its moisture-retaining capability. This will help us decide on its use and how much damage can a flat iron cause.

Temperature settings: This is a great feature to consider as this will determine which temperature would be best suitable for you.

Plate material: Every material is suitable for a different hair texture, depending on if it is a ceramic plate or a non-ceramic plate.

Length of hair: You should consider the hair length before you decide on which flat iron would be best to make beachy waves for your hair.

Best Flat Irons For Beach Waves 2022

There are a variety of flat irons to choose from; I have made a list of irons that I have personally tested.

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I’ve made a calculative analysis on what would be best depending on your hair type and how often you would need it and rated them accordingly at a scale of 1 to 5. 

This will help you through the process for sure. Let’s get on with it.

BaByliss PRO Ionic Flat Iron For Beach Waves

best flat iron for beach waves

I brought this hair straightener as it is a titanium flat iron that is 1.75 inches wide, this works on all types of hair: curly, frizzy, thick or coarse.

With this flat iron, you can create amazing waves for your hair as this is also equipped with temperature control and is lightweight.

The controlled temperature setting prevents it from getting overheated for use.

What I liked about this was it adds amazing volume to the hair and makes it appear shinier.

For me, the drawback has to be that it is not very long in terms of its cord extension.


  1. Lightweight and easy to work with 
  2. Temperature control settings
  3. Wide plate for easy beach waves 
  4. Adds shine and volume


  1. The cord is very short


4.3 / 5

Conair Ceramic Flat Hair Straightening Iron

best flat iron for beach waves on long hair

When I got my hands on this, what excited me the most was the intelligent power off safety button, this enables you to have complete control of the temperature and you know you would damage your hair.

This comes with a 30 days return policy, so you try this out and check for yourself. In case you are not satisfied you can always return it.

This has a ceramic base which is great to curl your hair, this flat iron works for straight to curly hair types.

This also has a waterproof and dustproof function and is heated in just 15 seconds.


  1. 15 seconds heating with temperature control settings
  2. Intelligent power off safety
  3. Works on all hair types
  4. Comes with a ceramic base


  1. Hard to move it around as its wire is not long enough.


3.9/ 5

Remington Anti-static S5500 Flat Iron

Take a section of your hair, remember to apply a pre-set styling spray or serum before you take the flat iron and begin styling.

You can rollover your sectioned hair on the flat iron and you are ready with beachy waves for the day. 

This flat iron has titanium plates which makes it easy and safe for styling.

It also has has controlled temperature settings, to protect your hair from damage. This also has an auto shut off function.

It is designed with 5 precise digital temps options on the LCD screen which you can just touch the number on the flat iron for hair to find the right temperature quickly for your hair.


  1. Travel friendly because of its iron lock 
  2. Ceramic iron plates 
  3. Creates amazing beachy waves
  4. Auto temperature cut off
  5. Digitally equipped 


  1. Plates get heated too quick


4 / 5

TYMO Hair Straightener Iron, 2 in 1 

How this one is different is, this has a TYMO sway feature and nano titanium ceramic plates, which is great for quick heating and cooling.

Because of the TYMO feature, it releases a lot of ions while styling which protects hair from damage.

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This also has a gravity sensor, you can easily make beachy waves with this one.

This one can also be used for curling and straightening and works on all hair types, you must always use a heat protect spray before you style your hair.

The flat iron has a controlled temperature setting which prevents your hair from damage.


  1. Travel friendly 
  2. TYMO feature for great styling
  3. Adds shine to hair 
  4. Quick heating and cooling process
  5. Titanium flat iron.


  1. This isn’t so great if you have thick hair 


4.7/ 5

AmoVee Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener 1 Inch 

Achieve your desired waves with this “AmoVee Titanium Flat Iron”, designed with advanced ceramic tourmaline plates with negative ions which prevents your hair from damage.

This has digital temperature control settings which enable you to select the desired temperature for your styling.

It has an auto heating and cooling effect, you can style at ease, but remember to apply a styling serum before you start using this flat iron. 

With its advanced digital technology and iron lock feature, it makes it handy to carry and also gives you desired results with ease.

The locks get an extra ad on of volume and shine.


  1. Ceramic plates
  2. Digital control
  3. Adds shine and volume to hair
  4. Can be used to style beachy waves
  5. Travel lock features


  1. Not ideal for curly hair 
  2. Extensions are very short to carry around 


4.5 / 5

Sam Villa Professional Hair Straightener

This has 5 temperature control settings with temperatures from 104 degrees to 450 degrees.

The ceramic plates have an auto heating and cooling effect, you do not have to wait for the flat iron to be heated, it heats up as quickly as 15 secs.

Its 3D equipped plates make it super easy for styling and getting the desired beachy wave look.

It has a rotating cord which enables easy styling.


  1. Digital temperature control
  2. Heat protection 
  3. 3D equipped plates
  4. Easy to carry around


  1. Found it slightly heavy 


4.7 / 5

How to create beach waves using a flat iron?

When you are looking for a flat iron that should give you perfect waves, there are three important points you should always keep in mind. 

Firstly, you want your flat iron to be about 1inch or shorter in width as anything less than this will make your beachy waves lose.

Secondly, a round shape is a win-win as you will wrap your strand around this and create the waves and a loose curl.

Thirdly, You need something that comes in handy so it doesn’t damage your hair while you curl.

This read will help you select the perfect flat iron and you can go all out and go crazy with your beachy wave look. 

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Sam Villa SLEEKR Professional Straightening Iron

The best flat iron for beach waves helps create wavy hair without frizz. The Sam Villa SLEEKR Professional Straightening Iron suits all hair types.

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