Will ginger orange hair dye on black girl look good

Will Ginger Orange Hair Dye On Black Girl Look Good?

Will ginger orange hair dye on black girl look good? Well, why not? Find out the top ginger hair ideas for darker skin tones and whether you can get ginger-orange hair without bleaching. 

We have grown up hearing how certain colors won’t suit black girls because of our darker skin tone. I’m sure we’ve all had a concerned Aunt giving us tips about how to avoid brighter, colorful shades like orange and neon yellow as it clashes against black skin. 

Well, guess what? It’s time to throw all those rules to the wind. Yup! Ginger orange hair does suit black women and how!

Not convinced? Read on below to see how exactly you can get the right shade of ginger for your hair as a black woman – with and without bleaching. 

Also check out some of my favorite ginger hair color ideas for black girls to see what styles you can try next. 

Will Ginger Orange Hair Dye On Black Girl Look Good

So does ginger orange hair color suit black women? Well, there is no “correct” answer to this question, as everyone’s hair color is unique and will look different depending on the individual. There’s also the matter of personal style preferences and how well you can carry off any hair color.

However, some people believe that ginger hair color can be flattering on black women, as it has a warm undertone that can add contrast to their natural features. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide what color hair suits them best.

Also, if you’re interested in trying out ginger hair color for yourself, I suggest consulting with a hair color specialist first to ensure that it is the right choice for you.

Nevertheless, I’ve given some options of ginger-orange hair color ideas for black girls below and also explained how to go about it. Take a look! 

Will Black Hair Take Ginger Dye Without Bleaching

No, black hair will not take ginger dye without bleaching. Black hair is naturally darker than other colors, so it will see a greater difference in color when exposed to the chemicals used to make ginger dye.

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If you have dark black hair, you will have to lighten your hair up to 6-7 levels at least to get rid of all that pigment. 

Bleaching dark hair will naturally leave it brassy and orange because bleach leaves reddish undertones behind in our hair while removing most of the dark pigment on the outside. 

Some people prefer to leave this brassiness behind, especially if they’re using a color like ginger on top of the bleached hair. But I suggest removing these coppery undertones with a blue toner/shampoo first or else your ginger-orange hair color will look patchy. 

So are there any natural methods to make your black hair ginger without bleaching?

Yes, actually there are some methods that may help achieve a ginger hue without bleaching or harsh chemicals. Some of the most popular methods include using henna, red clay masks, and acidic fruit juice as hair dyeing agents. If you’re interested in trying any of these out, be sure to consult with a professional beforehand to ensure that the results will be satisfactory. Especially if you have colored or bleached your hair before as present hair dye can interfere with henna. 

Does Bleaching Black Hair Make It Ginger?


Technically, yes. Bleaching black or darker hair shades does make it orange. However, this isn’t the ginger hair color most women desire. 

What happens is that the bleach removes most of the darker pigment from the hair dye while lightening it. However, it leaves the more stubborn reddish and yellowish undertones behind as they don’t come off easily.

This makes your dark hair appear “brassy” or an orangish-coppery shade.

While a lot of people just leave this be, I personally think this makes your hair appear unattractive as the bleaching gives you patchy brassy hair and it also makes them appear dull. 

I strongly suggest using a blue toner to cancel out the orange and then getting a clean white-blonde sheet of hair to dye over. 

Then, you can control what sort of orangish shade you want without any interference. 

Does Ginger Orange Hair Color Suit Darker Skin Tones

Yes, ginger orange hair color can be a beautiful hue on darker skin tones. The warm undertones will mix well with any dark complexion and the reddish-orange highlights will brighten up your face.

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So anyone saying ginger hair isn’t for black women is so totally wrong.

However, whether a hair color suits you depends more on your skin’s undertones rather than how dark or light your skin is. 

So if you have a reddish undertone to your skin, then ginger hair might be a bad idea no matter if you’re white or black as it can make your face look more pinkish and bloodshot by bringing up the reddish undertones.

In the same vein, ginger orange hair dye is excellent if you have blue or green undertones to your skin as orange is a complementary color to blue and cancels it out.

So this hair color will bring out the glow in your face and stop you from appearing pale and washed out because of the greens and blues underneath. 

Ginger Orange Hair Color Ideas For Black Girls

Ginger Body Wave Hair

ginger body wave hair
Source: Instagram@blackhairology

Ginger hair? Good. Body wave wigs? Good. So why not combine them both and get that lovely mermaid like ginger orange hair.

Ginger dreadlocks

ginger dreadlocks
Source: Instagram@tiffany_chenelle

If you have black hair and want to rock dreadlocks, it’s important to consult a hairstylist or makeup artist who can help you create the look that you desire.

A good rule of thumb is to go for colors that contrast your natural hair color (such as darker reds than bright ginger), rather than using shades close to your own complexion.

Remember also not to overdo the dye job; instead, let the locks naturally fade in a beautiful reddish hue over time!

Brassy orange hair for black women

brassy orange hair for black women
Source: Instagram@nikki.velour

Depending on the style and color of your hair, Brassy orange hair might look good on black women.

However, before you go dyeing your locks a crazy new color, it’s important to test out the look first with a temporary dye job. This way, you can make sure that the colors will actually suit your skin tone and hairstyle.

Bright global ginger hair color

orange hair on light skin black girl
Source: Instagram@luvmehair

Most black women get highlights if they’re getting light hair colors like ginger. But how about going global?

If you are interested in trying brassy orange hair for yourself, make sure to go avoid any harsh chemicals or treatments. So you need to bleach your hair under the expert care of a hairstylist.

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You may also want to ask a stylist about color highlights or balayage – both of which can give your new ‘do the perfect boost.

Dark orange ginger hair color for black women

dark orange hair for black women
Source: Instagram@luvmehair

Orange ginger hair with red undertone

orange ginger hair with red undertone
Source: Instagram@thechampagnerene

Orange ginger hair for curly haired black women

orange hair color for curly hair
Source: Instagram@thekurbeauty

Ginger Afro

ginger hair color on afro
Source: Instagram@mua_ky

Ginger hair color on dark skin

Ginger hair color on dark skin
Source: Instagram@panda.pro

Ginger Hair Color on Black Girl Natural Hair

Will Ginger Orange Hair Dye On Black Girl Look Good
Source: Instagram@naturalhair.za

Dark ginger hair color black girl

dark ginger hair color black girl
Source: Instagram@c0mptonkitty

Short ginger hair black women

short ginger hair black women
Source: Instagram@meka_owethu

How Long Will Ginger Orange Hair Dye Last on Black Girl’s Hair?

To be completely fair, you cannot get a definite answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, including the hair care routine, the hair dye brand, and the natural hair color of the person using it. 
However, a general guideline would be that hair dye will last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks on average, with some brands lasting up to 12 weeks
If you have darker hair shades and have bleached your hair then you’d require more hair care to not just make your ginger dye last longer but also to keep your tresses damage-free.
But if you’re using a temporary hair color brand like Manic Panic or Arctic Fox that deposits hair dye on your strands rather than coloring the hair all the way through then it might wash off very easily and in just day if you’re using both hot water and a sulfate-based shampoo.


To sum things up, the color of your hair and skin will dictate the results you’ll achieve with ginger orange hair dye on black girls. 

That being said, some people who have used ginger orange hair dye on black girls say that it gives a beautiful light bronze/yellow hue, while others report that their hair turned out more like a brassy orange color. 

If you’re considering using ginger orange hair dye on black girl, be sure to read reviews and test it out in a small patch first to make sure that the color goes down smoothly and is comfortable to wear.

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