Glenmark Scalpe Pro Anti Dandruff Shampoo Ingredients and reviews

Glenmark Scalpe Pro Anti Dandruff Shampoo Ingredients + Review 2024

Here’s my Glenmark Scalpe Pro Anti Dandruff Shampoo review? Check it out below. I’ve also explained the scalp plus shampoo ingredients and listed out its benefits. 

I had been on vacation to a very hot country a few weeks ago. And the combination of the heat, dust, my headgear and a lot of physical activity lead to a nasty fungal infection on my scalp.

For a few days I was driven mad with itching, redness and dandruff flakes on my hair. 

I then picked up an anti-dandruff shampoo from over the counter called the Glenmark Scalpe Pro Anti Dandruff Shampoo.

I had heard rave reviews for this one and decided to bite the bullet and use it as my dandruff was getting unbearable. 

Here’s what I found. 

Glenmark Scalpe Pro Anti Dandruff Shampoo Ingredients + Review

Let’s take a look at the ingredients of this anti-dandruff shampoo first! 

scalpe pro anti dandruff shampoo review

Key Ingredients

Purified Water, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Propylene Glycol, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Zinc Pyrithione, Sodium Chloride, Perfume, Piroctone Olamine, Climbazole, Amodimethicone, Acrylates/​Vinyl Neodecanoate Crosspolymer, Menthol, Menthyl Lactate, Polyquaternium-10, C12-14 Sec-Pareth-7, Imidurea, C12-14 Sec-Pareth-5, Sodium Benzoate, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Disodium Edetate, Sunset Yellow Fcf

Ingredient NamesWhat It Does
Purified WaterSolvent
Sodium Lauryl Ether SulphateSurfactant/​cleansing, Emulsifying
Cocamidopropyl BetaineSurfactant/​cleansing, Viscosity Controlling
Propylene GlycolMoisturizer/​humectant, Solvent, Viscosity Controlling
Disodium Cocoyl GlutamateSurfactant/​cleansing
Zinc PyrithionePreservative
Sodium ChlorideViscosity Controlling
Piroctone OlaminePreservative
ClimbazoleAntimicrobial/​antibacterial, Preservative
Acrylates/Vinyl Neodecanoate CrosspolymerViscosity Controlling
Menthyl Lactate
Polyquaternium-10Viscosity Controlling
C12-14 Sec-Pareth-7Emulsifying, Surfactant/​cleansing
C12-14 Sec-Pareth-5
Sodium BenzoatePreservative
Butylated HydroxytolueneAntioxidant, Preservative
Disodium EdetateChelating
Sunset Yellow Fcf
Glenmark Scalpe Pro Anti Dandruff Shampoo Ingredients


Water in most hair care products (and other cosmetics) is the chief component of the formula as it’s the solvent which dissolves all the other ingredients. 

The water used in hair care products is sterile and deionized. This means there are no minerals in this water as they can interfere with the other ingredients. 

Water-based hair products, especially conditioners are lighter, spread easily and help hydrate your hair if there are humectants (like glycerin, etc.) present in the formula.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate (also known as Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate)

As far as surfactants go, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) is slightly milder and less irritating than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

Okay so think of this way, SLS is the worst offending surfactant which can lead to redness, dryness, irritation, etc. on skin. SLES isn’t as bad but it can trigger irritation if you have sensitive scalps, Ammonium lauryl sulfate is generally safer and mild. 

While most coconut-derived surfactants like cocamide MEA, etc. are known to be safe on sensitive skin as well.

However, SLES is fantastic for cleaning your scalp of debris, dirt, excess oil and product buildup, but it can strip hair dye so it shouldn’t be used on color-treated hair. 

Also, a strong surfactant can clarify your scalp, clearing the way for hair fall medication like serums, etc. to reach your follicles and help them get adequate nutrition. 

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Cocamidopropyl Betaine or CAPB is a type of cleanser that is derived from coconut oil. 

It’s often used in shampoos in place of harsh surfactants like Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Both of which can strip hair dye, remove moisture and irritate scalp skin.

CAPB however is milder and gentler and even has moisturizing properties. 

Most sulfate-free shampoos do not lather well or clean hair very thoroughly but as the Videri shampoo contains this natural cleanser, it’s very good for removing grease and dirt from deep within your scalp without stripping it of moisture. 

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol in hair care products can have the following functions. It can be used as an emulsifier, a thickening agent, a co-surfactant (substance used to cleanse hair) and a humectant.

It also helps dissolve all the other ingredients in a shampoo and can help hydrate your hair. 

This ingredient is water soluble and hence won’t cause buildup on your hair. 

However, Propylene Glycol can cause irritation in your eyes if the shampoo (or other cosmetic) accidentally reaches your eyes so a lot of natural hair care products avoid using it. 

 Zinc Pyrithione

 Zinc Pyrithione is an antifungal and antibacterial agent that is a common active ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoos. 

It reduces the appearance of flakes, redness, itching and other symptoms of fungal or bacterial-dandruff and scalp conditions. 

There was also a study conducted by the British Journal of Dermatology that concluded that use of 1% pyrithione zinc shampoo over 26 weeks can help increase hair growth.

scalpe pro shampoo benefits

Sodium Chloride

Do you wonder how your shampoos and conditioners get a thick consistency? Well, it’s all thanks to the sodium chloride or salt that is added to it. 

But using sodium chloride on the hair can tend to make the hair very dry over time and it can also lead to scalp itchiness and hair fall in the long run.

Apart from being thickening agents, sodium chloride can also be used as a cleansing agent.

Piroctone Olamine

Piroctone Olamine is an antifungal agent that is used in anti-dandruff shampoos as a replacement for Zinc Pyrithione or sometimes in combination with it.

It is highly effective on dandruff (a study showed that 0.5 percent Piroctone Olamine shampoo was better for reducing dandruff than ketoconazole).

This ingredient is also helpful in reducing inflammation and redness on the scalp and might help increase the anagen phase of hair growth, promoting the sprouting of new strands.

Piroctone Olamine can also thicken shampoo formulas and act as a preservative.


Climbazole is an antifungal agent that reduces dandruff flakes, scalp infections, redness, irritation, and is very effective in cases of seborrheic dermatitis. 

It is non-toxic and doesn’t cause any issues when used in cosmetics/hair care products at a concentration of 0.5 percent and below.

This ingredient is very effective on its own but its efficacy increases when used along with Piroctone Olamine and Zinc Pyrithione. 

scalpe pro shampoo side effects

My Review of the Glenmark Scalpe Pro Anti Dandruff Shampoo

I had a severe dandruff issue when I decided to use this shampoo. Due to the heat from the place I vacationed in and my active sporty lifestyle I got a bit of a fungal infection on my scalp too.

So when I heard about this shampoo I decided to give it a try. 

I got it for really cheap. This was about $3 for a 100 ml bottle which isn’t too bad. 

I picked the bottle up from a local store and it came in this small bottle that reminded me of calamine lotion. Unfortunately, the cap on this bottle doesn’t screw back well and the product leaked all over while I was trying to get it out.

It lathers well and that’s no surprise considering it has sodium laureth sulfate among other surfactants. 

And as expected it did a great job of cleansing my scalp but faded my hair dye slightly at the same time.

The bottomline is, yes the Glenmark Scalpe Pro Anti Dandruff Shampoo works! I could see the dandruff flakes reduced and the itching in control right after the first wash. 

As I’ve explained in the ingredients section above this shampoo contains 3 powerful antifungal and antimicrobial compounds – Zinc Pyrithione, Piroctone Olamine, and Climbazole. Most anti-dandruff shampoos contain just one active ingredient.

However, this means this shampoo is also very strong and can dry out your hair no matter what the packaging says about its conditioning properties.

What disappointed me however was the decision to add fragrance and artificial colorants to the formula. This was highly unnecessary.

It makes the product absolutely unusable for scalps with severe seborrheic dermatitis, etc. while its formula can heal the same issue very well. 

Pros and Cons of the Glenmark Scalp Dandruff Shampoo

What I Liked

  • This shampoo is extremely effective on dandruff and inflammation especially if it is due to fungal infections.
  • It cleanses your hair very well and removes any crusts/dandruff flakes/dead skin cells from the scalp. 

What I Didn’t Like

  • The Glenmark shampoo is too harsh on hair and will strip hair color
  • It contains synthetic perfume and colorants that can irritate sensitive scalp
  • The anti-dandruff ingredients can be too rough on tresses and leave them dry
  • Packaging is not good. The cap doesn’t fit properly and the wide brim mouth leaks the product. 
scalpe pro shampoo side effects

My Ratings For The Glenmark Scalp Shampoo

Design & Packaging3/5
Texture and Formula4.5/5
Ability to cleanse5/5
Fragrance & Scent2/5
Hydrating Ability2/5
Dandruff Reducing Ability5/5


The Glenmark Scalpe Pro Anti Dandruff Shampoo is very powerful. It reduces dandruff and inflammation on the first wash itself. 

However, it contains sulfates and is very harsh on hair and scalp skin.

I’d suggest using this only once a week while alternating with a gentler cleanser. 

Also it contains artificial perfumes and dyes. So if you’ve got a very sensitive scalp you might be better off with classic anti-dandruff shampoos like Selsun or Nizoral AD instead of this one. 

It’s cheap and affordable and is suited for people with moderate to severe fungal infections on scalp and whose scalp isn’t sensitive enough to be troubled by the surfactants and perfumes. 

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