How Long Will It Take To Go From Brunette To Blonde Hair Color

How Long Will It Take To Go From Brunette To Blonde Hair Color 2022 | Successful Blonde Hair Transformation

Learn how long it will take to go from brunette to blonde hair color and the realistic stages of lightening hair. Can you go from dark brown to blonde in one sitting, check it out below. 

Are you a brunette and looking for a change? Maybe a new look, with an all-new hair color? Well, changing your hair color from a darker shade to a lighter one will undoubtedly get eyes turning in your direction!

But the question most brunettes have is “Is going from brunette to blonde easy?”. Well, it is important that people with darker hair shades have to consider many aspects from their natural hair color to the type and texture of their hair to how healthy their hair is. 

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It could take anywhere between one to a few sessions for the transition. The darker your hair shade is, the longer will it take to transition. So, I’d like to think it is possible, for sure, but some may have it easier than the others.

Well ladies, how about you just go in for it and trust the process thereafter? I mean that’s the best way to find out for yourselves and who doesn’t want a good change right?

So, here are all the details about going blonde from brunette!

How Long Will It Take to go from Brunette to Blonde Hair Color

It’s probably going to take quite a few sittings to get from brunette to blonde. I’d say an average of 4-6 depending on how dark your hair is, how stubborn your hair is, and how well you look after your hair between each sitting. 

And as for how long each sitting will take, again, it depends on how long your hair is, how thick it is, and how long it takes your stylist to do your hair. But I’d say an average of an hour per sitting with a bit of time in between to let your hair cool. 

I’d say the max you go during the day would be a bit more than half a head at once. I’d say start off with a small portion, like your bangs and perhaps a few braids or some curls and then go back again a few days later and complete the rest of your head. 

The first time you go blonde, a good stylist will probably use a 30 volume developer. This is because it will give your hair more lift, and it works well with bleached hair. 

They’ll probably also have you come back a few days later and tone it with a toner or clear glaze, to remove any brassiness.

Key Considerations Before Going from Brunette to Blonde?

Your hair texture

This is an important aspect of consideration because hair texture definitely does matter in terms of how long and how many sessions will you require for the transition to take place.

For people with curly hair types or fine and more fragile hair types it may be easier to dye blonde as compared to those with coarse and rougher hair types.

Your hair history

Disclosing your whole hair history with your hair colourist is very essential because getting the shade you desire will include aspects like your hair health, your hair texture, whether your hair is virgin or not etc.

When your colourist or hair stylist knows your hair history, he or she will suggest the approximate amount of time and number of sessions you will require to get the desired shade of blonde you want.

going from dark brown to blonde professionally

Finding the right shade

While you may think that you would like to go completely blonde with the lightest shade possible, it is advisable to always match the shade as per your skin tone and the color of your eyes, in order to bring out the best look of the color shade you are getting.

realistic stages of lightening hair

Pursue the process

It is essential to remember that the darker the brown color of your hair is, the longer the transitioning process may take. Therefore, you may require more number of sessions with safe intervals in order to complete the process of going blonde.

For those who have virgin hair, hair that hasn’t been touched by any sort of hair treatments or chemicals before, will be able to transition quicker than non-virgin hair.

Another aspect of the process is the shade you want. If the shade of blonde you are looking to get is the lightest shade, then it can take longer for the transition.

Make sure to do a strand test of your hair

A strand test is an important aspect to be considered while dyeing hair. The reason for a strand test is to determine whether your hair will achieve the shade you desire at the end of the dyeing process or not. 

how many sessions to go from dark brown to blonde

Therefore, the stylist will section out a small portion of the hair and color it. Then, you will require to wait for some time (this could take around 15 to 20 minutes for the results to show) in order to see how long the color will take to lift off the hair.

Do you need to treat your hair before dyeing it blonde?

how long does it take to dye hair blonde at salon
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Yes! You most definitely do. Whenever you decide to dye your hair into any color for that matter, hair health plays an important role. 

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The healthier your hair is, the easier the process becomes. When your hair health isn’t good and your hair is already damaged, the dye will simply worsen your hair condition. 

So deep conditioning your hair, using hair masks and reducing the use of hair styling tools two weeks prior to dyeing your hair, is recommended.

It is also important to note that you should dye your hair only a day or two after it has been washed. 

Dyeing of freshly washed or clean hair may cause irritation to the scalp. That being said, do not dye your hair if it hasn’t been washed for more than three to four days as it will hinder the process of the lightening.

After-care Steps to Follow After Going Blonde

Just how your hair requires to be healthy and well-treated before you get your hair dyed, similarly, it is essential that your hair health is maintained even after your hair has been dyed because it is more prone to damage and breakage as it is very fragile after it has been dyed.

Here are some of the after-care steps you could use once your hair has been dyed:

Wait for 2 to 3 days before washing your hair

The reason you shouldn’t wash your hair for the first 2 to 3 days after your hair has been dyed is because the chances of the dye getting lighter and fading away is likely.

How can I go from dark brown to blonde without damaging my hair?

Making use of deep conditioners and hair masks

Hair that has just been dyed becomes more prone to damage because once the hair has been dyed, the cuticles are open. Therefore, using hair masks and deep conditioners will help keep the hair more hydrated and nourished. It will also help promote hair lustre and shine.

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 Root touch-ups

Once your hair begins to grow out, your brunette hair color will begin to show up at the roots. Therefore, root touch-ups have to be done once your hair begins to grow back.

 Use of purple shampoo

Using a purple shampoo will help reduce hair brassiness and act like a toner for the hair to keep your dyed hair fresh and vibrant.

 Reduce the use of heat and heat styling tools

Be it washing your hair with hot water or using heat styling tools should be completely avoided, not only because it will damage your hair but also because it will make the dye fade away.

In case you do have to use heat styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant spray on your hair before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about going from Brunette to Blonde

Can I use box dyes to change my hair color from brunette to blonde?

Yes, as a lot of people do find salon dyeing too expensive, they opt for box dyes. 
As mentioned earlier, box dyes have high chemical concentrations including ammonia, bleach, nitro dyes and other harsh chemicals and may have side effects as well as after effects once used. 
These effects could include scalp itching after coloring, hair fall, hair thinning etc. People with sensitive skin will have to be more precautious while using box dyes.

Can you go from brunette to blonde without using bleach on your hair?

Depending on how dark your hair color shade is, there are options of lightening your hair color without using bleach. You can try out natural methods or with the use of high lift hair dyes.
But it is essential to note that the color will lift only a little and not completely and this will result in your hair having a brassy look.

Should I go from brunette to blonde before an important event?

Well, salon dyeing your hair just a day or two before your event is something I would definitely not recommend and this is because it will cause excessive damage on the hair as you will not have time to give your hair the intervals between each session that it requires.
The chemicals used on the hair for dyeing are harsh and hence can damage the hair excessively. Therefore, the intervals will give the hair some time for rejuvenation and repair before the next session.
That being said, certain hair shades and virgin hair may require only one session to achieve the perfect brunette to blonde transition. 
But you will never be sure if your hair comes under that category or not, so keeping a week or two in hand before an event is always recommended, to be on the safer side.

The final takeaway

Before I close out this article, to sum up my answer to the question “How long will the brunette to blonde process take?”, I will have to say that there is no exact time frame or a specific number of sessions the process could take.

This means it can vary from a single session to even multiple sessions over a couple of weeks or months (if your hair type decides to act difficult).

Remember that no matter how long your transitioning process takes, it is essential to follow a good after care regimen of using hair masks, deep conditioning (with heat if required), maintaining you’re the color with purple shampoo and occasional salon visits (for root touch-ups)

This will ensure you not only get the best effects of the color you’ve transitioned to, but also to maintain the dyed hair color for the longest time possible.

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