Top greek goddess hairstyles for long hair

18 Top Greek Goddess Hairstyles For Long Hair 2024

Perfect for Halloween or a themed party! Check out these top Greek goddess hairstyles for long hair right here.

I’ve loved the whole ancient Greek look for several years now. It’s just so feminine and romantic.

The best part about these Greek hairstyles for women is that they suit many occasions.

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You can wear these looks to prom, to a themed party, or even a wedding. All you need is long, luscious locks and you can create any of these styles in minutes.

Some of the simpler ones are perfect for a date as well! 

So here is a collection of some of my favorite Greek goddess hairstyles for long hair. 

Best Greek Goddess Hairstyles For Long Hair 2021

Simple Braided Long Hair


If you’re looking for Greek hairstyles for women that are more modern or suited to a classy event then this simple style might be a good pick for you.

All you have to do is braid the front section of your hair and leave the rest open and loose down your shoulders. Simple right?

I also suggest adding some waves or texture to your loose hair to give it a more romantic appeal. 

Using a good texturizing spray or curling it lightly with a curling wand should do the trick. 

Loose Braid Long Hair


I just love this hairstyle! It’s simple, sophisticated, and stays out of the way.  Yet it’s so beautiful and feminine.

This is the perfect Greek bridal hairstyle. Or even something the bridesmaids can do! 

You’ll have to start off with giving your hair a lot of texture before trying this hairstyle. Then tie it very loosely in a braid and tease your hair to give it a messy look.

If you want, you can even curl your hair to give it a bouncier look. 

Simple Updo With Accessory


If you want a Greek hairstyle inspired by ancient times, but the braids and waves are not your deal?

You might be better off with something simple yet sophisticated like this bun updo.

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This style requires no fuss. And you’ll see that the resulting bun looks very modern and chic too.

It’s the accessory. The hair comb or barrette with an olive branch or flower crown that seals the “Greek goddess” vibe. 

Side Braids with Curly Hair


This is another bridesmaid or wedding function hairstyle inspired by ancient Greek goddesses. 

It’s simple to do on naturally curly hair, but if you have type 1 or 2 hair textures, there might be a need to use curl enhancing products to get the perfect ringlets to start this hairstyle.

Next, you need to braid the hair in the side as you would usually. You can switch things up by using a Dutch braid or a fishtail braid instead of the regular one. 

Updo With Messy Braids


This kind of updo is perhaps one of the most recognizable Greek goddess hairstyles for long hair as it’s been presented so many times in popular media.

It’s really reminiscent of the movies Troy or Spartacus. This hairstyle is also great for fine, thin hair as it adds an illusion of volume to your tresses.

Low Bun With Flowers


The floral bun is one of those Greek hairstyles for females that seem evergreen. You’ll get that Greek goddess touch in this look without it seeming ancient or theatrical.

It’s so simple and contemporary that it goes well on dresses with more modern cuts and silhouettes as well. 

Braided Half Up-Half Down Hairstyle


You’ll see this ancient Greek hairstyle has been so very popular in recent times. Characters in shows like Game of Thrones can be seen sporting similar styles.

This was also one of the frequently used hairstyles for Angelina Jolie in Alexander. 

The appeal of this hairstyle is simple. It’s very easy to do, yet looks amazingly traditional or festive.

You can use any type of braids for this hairstyle. I personally like the waterfall braid version of this style. This picture uses a combination of messy halo braids and regular braids for this look.

Grecian Bun


The Grecian bun is another easy-to-create hairstyle whose versions you can see everywhere. 

Remember Florence Pugh’s iconic flower crown and braids in Midsommar? One such variant of the Grecian bun.

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To get this look like I’d suggest adding a hair accessory called tainia which was worn by Greek women. 

If you haven’t got costume jewelry handy, you can try a hair comb or tiara or even a simple flower crown.

Curly Updo With Volume


This is another traditional Greek hairstyle that comes to mind when we talk about the fashion choices of Greek Goddesses! 

This look relies heavily on hairspray or pomades. So keep those styling products close by when getting your hair done this way.

The Curly Updo is a more dramatic style and might be fit for Halloween more than a date. But hey, you’re the Goddess. You do you!

Open Loose Curls on Long Hair


One of the easiest iterations of the Greek goddess hairstyle for long hair is the open curly hairdo. 

If you have type 3 or type 4a curls, you have to do next to nothing to achieve this style. 

Just keep your hair moisturized and healthy and add some curl definition with a diffuser if needed.

Oh and don’t forget some tiaras or hair jewels to give you that divine look!

Crown Dutch Braids 


If you have a heart-shaped face or oval shape face, then these crown dutch braids do a fantastic job of framing your jawline.

Even women with rounder faces can try this look. You can leave a few strands of wispy hair on your face to soften the lines. 

Updo with Rope Braids


Another hairstyle that seems tailor-made for long, thin hair is this rope braid updo.

As the rope braids go around the bun several times and the bun itself needs a lot of volumes, this hairstyle makes your tresses look thicker.

I would suggest using volume powders or sprays to keep your updo thick and bouncy.

Knitted Braids Half-Do


These knitted braids’ Greek hairstyle is very simple and very easy to create. It suits women with both thick and thin hair.

What’s more, this is one of the Greek hairstyles that go well with straight hair. 

I like to experiment with different styles of braids for this look. Usually knitted braids or rope braids work best for this half-up half-down hairstyle. 

Greek Goddess Hairstyle For Black Women


If you think women who only have type 3 curls or straight hair can get these Greek goddess hairstyles for long hair, you are wrong.

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These styles look great on black women too! And no, I don’t mean women with relaxed hair at all.

You can show off your type 4c coily hair in all its glory with this hairstyle. The gold circlet on the forehead adds to the beauty of the Greek goddess look. 

Halo Braids


What says “Greek Goddess” more than a halo? And no you don’t need a cheap plastic accessory to give you that divine beauty.

Just use your hair! Yes, just take the braids you usually create and wrap them around your head in a halo-like formation. 

Next, pin these braids to the side and tuck away any visible ends with bobby pins. 

Your Aphrodite-like halo is ready to make people swoon!

Voluminous Braided Updo


This simple and chic look is another of the Greek goddess hairstyles for long hair that is both modern and ancient.

You can start off by creating a regular bun with braids and then tease out a few wispy strands of hair to give it a more romantic greek effect.

If you want you can curl these strands as well.

Greek Goddess Inspired Hairstyle


This hairstyle will make you feel like you’re goddess Athena or Artemis themselves! It’s so totally dramatic and is perfect for a costume party.

You’ll need a head full of long, thick hair to manage this style.

To make it simple, this style is a combination of the modern “Space buns”, halo braids, and braided updos all in one.

It also leaves a bit of hair open for a more feminine effect. Simply divine!

Beehive With Front Braided Hair


These Greek goddess hairstyles for long hair are perfect for every occasion. What’s more this collection of hairstyles suits women with curly hair, straight hair, and beachy waves!

But for these hairstyles to stay in their place, you’ll need to try hairsprays or their alternatives.

Even when you’re starting out these styles, make sure you have all your accessories and hair products handy. 

All you need then is a toga and a flower crown to channel your inner Greek goddess! 

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