Greek Hairstyles For Men

10+ Amazing Greek Hairstyles For Men | Haircuts To Make You Feel Like A Spartan!

Weren’t the guys in ancient Greece so cool looking? Here are some ancient Greek hairstyles for men, especially curly haired men that will make you feel like a Spartan warrior!

Ancient Greek hairstyles were influenced by religious activities, earlier cultures, and images of gods and emperors seen on sculptures and coins.

They were also influenced by lifestyle choices like sports, affluence, and the need to express one’s emotions. 

Greek Hairstyles For Men

Men’s Greek hairstyles are incredibly underappreciated. Many people overlook how attractive the men in the 300 films were. You should consider starting with your hair if you wish to resemble a Spartan warrior. 

These hairstyles appear straightforward, but they are actually incredibly challenging to pull off. If you don’t consult an expert, it can start firing back at you. If you try everything on your own, it may go horribly wrong.

However, if you follow the appropriate guidelines, you may design a fantastic Greek hairstyle on your own.

Men liked growing their hair. When a boy reached adolescence, he chopped his hair short (around chin or jaw length), and he kept it that way until he was older and more respectable.

A sign of distinction and vigour was the beard. Only after Alexander the Great ordered his troops to shave their beards so the enemy would have one less thing to grasp did the beard start to lose some of its grandeur, but it was still the sign of a philosopher or wise person.

ancient greek male hairstyles

Hairstyles of Greek Gods

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Many of the ancient gods can be recognised by their distinctive hairdos, which throughout antiquity served as templates for fashionable human hair. 

As a result, Zeus, the major god, is shown with his hair swept upward, which is then followed by a sweep down. His hair then radiates like a halo, making a corona of individual strands (Maestri, 1967). Only the healing god Asclepius sports hair that resembles Zeus’! 

He too has a mature bearded appearance, but his demeanor is more subdued (Graf, 1996). Hera, Zeus’ wife and a female deity of royal size, had glossy, fragrant hair that was covered by a veil (Il. XIV, 175). 

The city watchdog, Athena, had long, curly hair that peeked out from behind her helmet. Below are some examples of popular Greek originated haircuts.

Caesar Cut Hairstyle

bowl cut hairstyle men
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Straight-cut, very short bangs are part of the Caesar cut hairstyle. All throughout, the hair is layered to a depth of 2–5 cm (1-2 inches). 

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The side, back, and top are initially short, and the haircut is finished by brushing the front forward to emphasize the fringe.

Ancient Greek Hairstyles


The Krylon updo is an utilitarian updo that was beloved by Greek warriors. It involved gathering the hair into a sort of man bun and pinning it above the head.


The Kepos was a hairdo where the hair was cut extremely short all around, similar to the bowl cut of today, and was typically worn by very young Greek boys and slaves. The Kepos haircut was typically worn by younger males who were clean-shaven.


Greek males typically had their medium- to long-length curls brushed back and tucked behind their ears in the Hectorean haircut.

Man Bun

man bun hairstyle for men
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In 2013–2014, the man bun as we know it today first appeared. Hipsters as well as British and Its popularity was aided by American celebrities including Zayn Malik, Jared Leto, and Joaquin Phoenix, Harry Styles.

But the hairdo itself dates back to the 11th centuries, to Scandinavia and the Roman Empire. A man bun represents a turning point in hairstyle history. 

When it appears like nothing can impress us anymore, it is bold, daring, and allows you to stand out in the crowd. 

Given that both men and women can wear buns, it also has the significance of promoting gender equality. 

It might sometimes be difficult to achieve the perfect man bun so here is a Youtube video that would guide you through the process step by step.

Crew Cut

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The 1930s and 1940s was when the phrase “crew cut” originally appeared to refer to the Ivy League students’ crew team hairdo (rowing). 

To simplify their appearance, they gave their hair a longer top and shorter sides (and performance). 

You might encounter the crew cut frequently in daily life because it flatters a variety of face shapes. 

If you want to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, this is a terrific choice. You can start from nearly anything with a crew cut because there is so little hair overall.

Bowl Cut

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A bowl haircut can also go by the name of a mushroom haircut. A bowl hairstyle is fairly easy to cut, despite its distinctive shape and appearance. Both men and women can sport these medium length haircuts. 

Although the bowl style first became popular decades ago, contemporary iterations of the cut have given this one-length hairstyle greater complexity and variety. 

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Men with straight hair might also think about getting a bowl cut as their preferred hairstyle. Such a hair type will make style simple because your cut will seem tidy and shining. 

Just remember to constantly maintain the length if you don’t want your hair to fall over your face.


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Greek statues from the sixth century BCE reveal mullets were popular at the time of the development of western civilisation. 

They were rocked by Roman chariot racers as well. And in the 16th century, they were worn by Egyptian and Assyrian soldiers as well as Hittite warriors. 

The long mullet (i.e., a long body of back hair and short side hair) and medium-length front and top hair are the two characteristics that define the modern mullet. 

The shorter hair in the front is what makes this haircut “contemporary,” so you are free to style it anyway you choose. 

In 2022, the mullet will undoubtedly return, but with a contemporary twist. This time, the focus is on embracing natural texture and adding lively colors.

Buzz Cut

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In the past, a hairstyle for males known as the buzz cut involved cutting the sides, back, and top of your head to the same uniform length. 

The hair on top of your head, however, was typically shaved to a somewhat longer length while the back and sides were typically shaved to one uniform length.

In essence, this served as the foundation for a “fade” because the sides were shaved and then blended in with the top of the hair. A buzz cut is an extremely short haircut that is done all over the head with clippers, very near to the scalp. 

It is practical and simple to maintain. Buzz cuts, which were typically worn by slaves in ancient Greece, are hip and fashionable nowadays.

Half Up Half Down

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A half man bun is a simple hairstyle that you can create by dividing medium-to-long hair in half, then styling the top half of it into a bun. 

This hairstyle is well-liked because it enables you to keep your hair off of your face in a fashionable manner. It can be adjusted to fit any event and is suitable for all hair types depending on how you style it. 

Use the appropriate style products on your hair, and a professional hairdryer to fix your curls. 

The long, flowing hair of Spartan males came to be associated with the warriors of ancient Greece.

Shaved Sides

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Haircuts with a fade gradually get shorter until they reach the skin. These haircuts with shaved sides have mid-to-high fades.

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This hairstyle’s expansion is congruent with other understated yet edgy hair trends like hidden hair color (44.8 percent). 

Undercuts not only offer style, but they also make thick hair easier to manage, less frizzy, and lighter in weight. Additionally, they demand more salon upkeep, which results in more sessions.

Textured Bangs

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A stretch of hair that is styled and clipped above the front hairline covers all or part of the forehead is a fringe cut. 

Men can wear angular, textured, French crop, Caesar, side-swept, long and flowy, short and choppy, or curtain bangs among other bangs styles. Your choice of style will be influenced by your hair’s length, texture, current cut, and style. 

Textured bangs are a great and fashionable hairstyle if you want to go for a chaotic appearance. 

You may add extra texture and the desired sloppy look to your hair by adding a tiny amount of hair wax or pomade just to the tips of your locks. 

Side-Swept Curly Hair

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The side-swept curly hairstyle is your best option if you want hair that will instantly make you appear cool and laid-back. 

The appeal of brushing your hair to the side is that it makes a bold statement and puts your curls front and center. 

It’s all about volume and a terrific method to highlight your face. You may need to reposition your locks numerous times per day to prevent them from falling in your eyes, so it does require some care. 

However, using hair products to help tame your locks and have fun is what they are there for.

Greek Hairstyles For Men
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So that was the list of the top Greek hairstyles for men. If you’re tired of the contemporary hairstyles going around, you can take a look at the past for some inspiration.

Also, you can see how a lot of these so-called ancient hairstyles are so modern and fit in well in the 21st century.

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