Hair Color Ideas For Dreadlocks

12 Fun And Eye-Catching Hair Color Ideas For Dreadlocks 2023

Want to learn about hair color Ideas for dreadlocks? We’ve got 12 unique color styles for your dreadlocks, and a few tips for how to do it!

The good news is that there are unlimited color shades that will look fantastic on your hair-whether you prefer statement extensions or vibrant streaks or just edgy all-over colors, adding a pop of bright color will make your hair even more unique and fun. 

It all depends on a few factors, such as your personal style and how you would like your overall look to be. If you want to keep things natural, then black or dark brown would be ideal for you.

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For a more vibrant look, consider chunky streaks or highlights in shades of pink, blue and purple. If you are fair just avoid very dark colors.

 If all this sounds overwhelming, here is everything you need to know to find the right shade for you-

Hair Color Ideas For Dreadlocks

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown is an awesome hair color that looks great with your dreadlocks and the best part of all there are a variety of brown shades to choose from, you can choose the best one for your skin tone and style.

Hair Color Ideas For Dreadlocks
Source: Instagram @dreadlockshare

Also, if you want to add some dimension to your locks, use lowlight or highlight in brown tones. If your hair is naturally black, you can even add bleach to get it to look on point.

Platinum Blonde

This shade is very unique and beautiful and it is sure to turn heads. If you choose to go platinum, make sure you consult with your stylist, to ensure your dreadlocks are healthy enough to withstand the bleaching process this is a cool look to try if you are a natural blonde already.

best hair color for dreadlocks
Source: Instagram @bur_rabbit

If you’re feeling bold, this shade is the one for you!

Pretty Pink

This is a very playful and fun color to try, and also it is a great way to add some personality to your overall look.

To avoid any damage from bleaching, I would suggest using a temporary hair color or dye that washes out easily.

hair dye for dreadlocks
Source: Instagram @miyagihair

No matter the length of your hair, hot or pastel pink will always make your dreadlocks look extra hot. 

Rich Gold

This shade is a perfect blend of edgy and feminine and will make you look like royalty. It will suit all kinds of skin tones. To get this look, you can even add highlights in blended shades of d brown, pink, and red.

dreads with color tips
Source: Instagram @hedhqhairdressing

Nothing can beat the luster of golden dreadlocks so if you fancy gold locs but do not want to use bleach then use friendly and temporary hair color wax to transform your hair safely and quickly.

Dazzling Silver

This shade is totally chic and sophisticated, and it’s the right way to make a statement. If you’re thinking about going silver, remember it does take up a lot of time to maintain its bright hue.

color dreads photos
Source: Instagram @hippy_hair_dreadlocks

You will need to use special shampoos and conditioners made specifically for silver hair. Also, you will have to touch up your roots more often than with other hair shades.

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You can even use a smokey gray color to complement this shade.

Stunning Black

They say black never goes out in style, and it’s a wonderful way to make your dreads look healthy and shiny.

Just make sure to use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner to help maintain your locks and keep them looking their best.

hair dye for dreadlocks
Source: Instagram @its.jstjay

You can also add pops of striking and vibrant colors to your black hair such as purple, blue, and green.

Royal Blue

Bold is beautiful and this royal blue-colored dread is here to prove it. Do you want to get more creative? Add a bright aqua-blue shade to your blonde locs, trust me you will not regret it.

natural hair dye for dreadlocks
Source: Instagram @shaoyafei

This look is perfect for all complexions and lengths of hair, so go for it girl.

Gorgeous Green

Among all the colors available, why not dye your dreadlocks emerald green? Combine it with hints of a jade green in between to look like a sassy goddess.

hair color ideas for dreadlocks
Source: Instagram @slimehairgroth_xo

Experiment with dark green highlights to create an ombre effect and flaunt your look with a fashionable accessory. Tada!

Yellow Yellow

This bright yellow with the colored dreads really pops and what I personally love about this style is the funky and fun yet earthy look.

what is the best hair dye for dreadlocks
Source: Instagram @alice_dreads

This style is simple, yet stunning. If you want to add an element of surprise to your locs, try out some bangs too.

Bright Rainbow

If you want to go all out with colored dreadlocks, then ladies here you go. This hair shade has got all the colors of the rainbow and is a very bold and bright look for the adventurous.

what is the best dye for dreadlocks
Source: Instagram @artedreads

You will look like a hot mermaid so why not leverage that with these hot dreads? This look also incorporates ocean-like hues with shades of the rainbow intertwined.

Subtle Purple

The contrasting shades of purple in your dreadlocks are just drop-dead gorgeous. It’s a fun and playful way to make you really stand out from the crowd.

how to dye hair with dreadlocks
Source: Instagram @ireneuncalart

So, all you purple lovers, go for this awesome shade that is taking the beauty industry by storm.

Red Velvet

Any shade of red will always make a bold statement so no matter how short or new your dreadlocks are, trust me when I say that red velvet will make your dreadlocks really pop and you will never regret being a redhead on any day.

what's the best dye for dreads
Source: Instagram @dreadshop

Is There A Natural Hair Dye For Dreadlocks You Can Use?

Henna is a natural hair dye that is made from crushing the leaves of a plant to form a thick greenish paste.

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Although it is limited in the range of colors you can use, you can get darkish to reddish tones and since henna has special properties that make it a strengthening conditioner, it promotes healthy hair growth and leaves you with a nourished scalp. 

It will last you a good four to six weeks and since the color isn’t permanent, the henna won’t penetrate the hair shaft and will only coat the stands without causing any harmful damage to your hair.

Henna is naturally more gentle than regular dye and as it coats your hair, it will leave your locks feeling much softer.

The one disadvantage of using henna is that since it is pulverized leaves, these tiny bits will get trapped inside of your locks and can’t be removed entirely.

What Is The Best Dye To Use On Dreadlocks?

If you have dark hair, you can use hydrogen peroxide which is a great agent to lighten your hair and absolutely safe to use on the scalp and hair.

Other natural options you can also use to apply to include Henna, Lime or chamomile for a blonde color and cinnamon for a chocolate color.

Indigo can also work with henna to achieve darker tones and to effectively cover all your grays.

However, if you wish to go for darker shades then opt for commercial black hair dye products 

For today’s unique and stylish colors, hair chalks and waxes are a wonderful option and can last anywhere from three to ten shampoos.

Coloring your locs can be exciting and it’s definitely possible to dye your locs without doing permanent damage.

How To Dye Your Hair When It’s Got Dreadlocks?

-First, part your locs into four sections. Once that is done, you can use a barrier cream to the skin around your hairline which is great to prevent hair color from staining your ears and hairline. 

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-Next, put on your gloves and mix your color. Remember, you will not be able to use a comb to evenly distribute the color so use a tiny brush instead. 

-You can even use the scrunching method to saturate your dense locs. Once that is done, apply a cap to your hair.

-For locs, I suggest leaving the color on for forty-five to fifty minutes since your hair is matted and it will take longer for the color to penetrate. 

-While you are waiting for your color to dry, get rid of all additional color from the skin without touching the color from your hair.

-Next, use a great shampoo and conditioner for washing out your hair color and follow up with a deep oil conditioner to properly nourish the hair. 

-Finally, go ahead and retwist your locs to style, be sure to take the extra step in properly moisturizing your hair daily to prevent any breakage.


Dreadlocks do not have to be boring, express your sense of style in some really cool ways by trying out some of the above dreadlock hair shades.

No matter what hair color you decide, the most important thing is that you love it, 

feel confident and comfortable in your own skin so I hope this blog gives you more styling ideas to support and that you found the best hair color for your dreadlocks!

Lastly, do not forget to do some research to find the best color for your complexion, you can even consult with your stylist to find the perfect shade for you.

With so many awesome options available, have fun experimenting with color! Good luck!

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