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What Hair Color Suits Green Eyes The Best | 9 Ideas To Try Depending On Your Skin Undertones

Want to know what hair color suits green eyes the best? Well, check out my article below. I’ve explained what hair color accents green eyes and other best hair color and eye color combinations.

Eye color can be an important factor when choosing hair color, especially if you have green eyes. 

Green eyes are actually one of the few colors that are seen most clearly under different light colors. This is because green is the color that reflects the most light. 

So, if you have lighter skin tones, you might want to choose hair colors that are more light or neutral so they will not overpower your eyes. 

If you have darker skin tones, you might want to choose hair colors that are darker so they will not be too harsh on your skin.

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In this post, I’ll discuss how hair color accents green eyes, and which hair color to choose depending on your skin undertone. 

I’ll also give you a few tips on how to get the color that best suits your eye and skin color! So read on to learn more!

What Hair Color Suits Green Eyes the Best

Finding the perfect hair color for you can be daunting, but don’t worry! I’ve got all the info you need in this post to help you choose the right color for your eyes and skin tone. So read on to learn more!


Hair Color For Green Eyes And Fair Skin Tone

If you’re looking for a hair color that will look great on you and won’t clash with your natural skin tone, then you should consider going for a green-eyed blonde hair color. 

Not only does this hue look great on most people, but it’s also one of the most flattering colors for green-eyed individuals. 

Plus, if you have fair skin, then you can usually get away with wearing lighter colors without having to worry about any harsh clashes. 

If you have fair skin with freckles, red-based hues also go fantastically well with green eye hair colors.  

Copper Red Hair

hair color for green eyes and fair skin
Source: Instagram@kirstyb0bs

Butterscotch Hair

best hair color for green eyes 2022
Source: Instagram@elida.hairbeauties

Light Blonde Hair

best hair color for green hazel eyes
Source: Instagram@danielle_spencer_official

Hair Color For Green Eyes And Warm Skin Undertones 

If you have green eyes and warm skin undertones, then a good hair color for you is probably dark brown or black. These colors will make your eyes look more blue-green and the warmth in your skin tone won’t be lost.

Jet Black Hair Color

best hair color and eye color combination
Source: Instagram@diatalkofficial

Hair Color For Green Eyes And Olive Skin Undertones

I think the best hair color for green eyes and olive skin undertones will vary depending on your individual skin tone and eye color. 

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However, some common hair color recommendations for people with green eyes and olive skin tones include light browns, tans, and light browns with a slight red hue.

Chestnut Brown

brown hair green eyes
Source: Instagram@amber_rothberg

Chocolate Brown

best hair color and eye color combination
Source: Instagram@emioactor

Hair Color For Green Eyes And Cool Skin Undertones

If you have green eyes and cool skin tones, then you may want to consider dyeing your hair a lighter color. This can help to balance out the color of your eyes and give them some variation. 

Additionally, lightening your hair will make it easier to find products that match its tone and avoid looking washed-out or sickly overall.

There are many different shades of blonde that work well for people with green eyes and cool skin tones, so feel free to experiment until you find one that’s just right for you.  

I really like how ash blonde and platinum blonde colors look on cooler skin tones as it brings out your undertones. 

But don’t be afraid to go darker if you find your desired shade is too light!

Ash Blonde

what color hair matches green eyes
Source: Instagram@kittymichelecontent

Hair Color For Green Eyes And Dark/Tan Skin

If you have green eyes and dark/tan skin, it is best to avoid any colors that are too bright or intense. These colors will be difficult to achieve safely and may cause them to become more discolored over time. 

Instead, choose shades of light brown, caramel, grayish-brown, or black that will suit both your eye color and skin tone.

Caramel Hair 

what hair colors look good with green eyes
Source: Instagram@atelier_cdc_glamlab

Mushroom Brown (Grayish Brown) Color

What hair Colour suits pale skin and green eyes
Source: Instagram@hannah.asedo

White Color

How To Choose A Hair Color Based On Your Eye Color

It can be tricky to know what color hair to dye your hair based on your eye color. That’s because some colors may look better on one eye color than they do on another. Here are some tips that may help:

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1. Test a few different colors on your skin – This is probably the most accurate way to determine which color will look best on your eye color. 

Just mix a small amount of the dye with some water and apply it to a strand of your hair. After a few minutes, take a picture of your hair and eyes using your phone or camera. You can see if the dye will suit your skin’s undertone or not.

2. Consider a multicolor dye – If you’re looking for something more versatile than just one color, consider dyeing your hair in multiple shades of the same color. 

This way, you can always have something to wear that matches your eyes, regardless of what they’re doing! 

Getting a balayage that helps mix in different shades of say browns or blondes is a great idea. 

3. Consult a professional – A good way to find out which hair colors look best on you is to consult with a professional. Yes, that is a thing!

They will be able to take into account your skin tone, eye color, and other features that might impact your hair color choice.

4. Use a computer software – If you don’t want to go through the hassle of consulting with a professional, you can use computer software to help you choose a hair color that looks best on you. 

5. Experiment with different, random colors – Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors – after all, that’s what coloring your hair is all about! 

You may be surprised at just how different some of the popular hair colors look on different people.

Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the right hair color for you!

FAQs on the Best Hair Colors For Green Eyes

What hair color accents green eyes?

Some popular hair colors that go well with green eyes include blonde, light brown, and caramel. 
If you’re not sure what color will look best on you, it’s always a good idea to consult with a hair stylist or colorist to get advice on the best color for your eyes.

What is the best eye and hair color combination?

This is a difficult question to answer because everyone’s eye and hair color combination is unique. That being said, here are some general tips that may help you find a color that suits you well:
1. Start by testing out different colors – One of the best ways to find a color that suits you well is by testing out different colors. This way, you can see what looks best on you and find the colors that you love the most.
2. Be open to change – Just because one color doesn’t look good on you right now, doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future. 
If something changes in your life – your job, your relationship, etc. – and your eye or hair color changes, don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors no matter what your hair or eye color is!
3. Follow your heart – Ultimately, what looks good on you is subjective, so don’t be afraid to go with your gut instinct when it comes to choosing a color. If it feels right and makes you happy, then it’s probably the right choice for you!

Summary on Choosing The Best Hair Color For Green Eyes

To sum it all up, many people opt for a color that is not too bold when they have green eyes. 

For this, I recommend a deep brown shade like warm chestnut with just the right amount of copper if you’re looking for a darker color and shades of butterscotch, platinum and light blonde if you’re looking for lighter hair dyes. 

The result will make your eyes seem brighter and you’ll look stunning too!

Now that you know about the best hair color for green eyes, feel free to experiment with different shades and types. Keep in mind what suits your skin undertone and eye color, though.

Always consult a professional if you are not sure which shade to choose or what cut would suit your face shape best.

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